Helllo guys..

Iam new here, n my name is Abhi.

Iam gonna start a new ff on ishqbaaz,my favourite serial.
I will give the character sketch along with their entries.
In this ff,iam focussing more on shivika,omrushi,shisahil…


Tears are flowing down from her eyes continuously.But she ignores it as she is busy packing her bag.
A photo gets struck to her hands between her packing.She starts looking the photo painfully.
Someone enters the room.The girl completed her packing and starts going out of the room without the the person.He stops her holding her hands.
He:Iam sorry…please dont go away from me.I cant live without you..please. She pushed his hands and left from there…. He looks at her painfully.

Bethasha dil ne
Tujhko hi chaaha hai
Har duaa mein maine
Tujhko hi maanga hai
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..

That’s the prologue.Hope you guys liked it cannot post this ff i will post on every Sunday,Wednesday and saturdays.Hope you guys are convenient with the days.I would like to make all of u ,my friend.So will you accept my friend request?

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  1. Friends!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming to the ff…… nice starting!!!!!!! Loving it more coz main focus is on Shivika and of course ShivOmRu and ShiSahil!!!!!!!! Waiting for next part…….

    1. Abhi142

      Hiii…thankyou so much fr accepting my friend request……???

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey r u r the same abhi
    Like the one who wrote ff on Ragsan, EDKV , dehleez?
    And if yes then wow and if no then also wow ?
    And well coming to ur ff it’s awesome i think the girl is Anika and guy is Shivaye right! As you said it focuses on Shivika
    Well I am more of an ishkara fan but i like Shivika too so i would love to read ur ff ?

    1. Abhi142

      Yes jo…its me Abhi…after a long time right….so happy knowing that u still remember me…ishkara is also there in my ff…?

  3. Dobhsh

    Nice ff starting. I love this new twisting and unique start off. This ff is going to be interesting.
    P.S. Friend request accepted.
    P.S.S. Welcome to the Ishqbaazian family.

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so so much?
      wil try my best to make it a unique ff..?

  4. Good dr .continue writting

    1. Abhi142

      Thanku so much

  5. Plz try to post asap

    1. Abhi142

      Yeah..i wil try my Best

  6. Akshaya

    Nice buddy

  7. Ketaki19

    awesome start… waiting for next 🙂

  8. Very nyc . ……n ofc frnds dear…..

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so much?

  9. Friend request accepted!!??
    As 4 the ff, it was a rocking starting..

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so so much..????

  10. Raksha.manan

    Friends… OK
    And ur ff great
    Waiting for next

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so much..wil post asap..?

  11. Shaza

    Freind request accepted ???
    I’m more of ishkara fan , but shivika is also awesome….
    And ur start is rocking …yea the girl maybe Anika and the boy shivaye …like u said ur focusing on shivika more ?…waiting for the next part ..pls post it ASAP…and yea in serial also I’m waiting ShiSahi …but happy to see it here …

    1. Agreed to shaza … Abhi now I ask the same question I guess I don’t know you well and bit confused with abhiha and abhi anyways good start…

      Will you b my friend???

      1. Abhi142

        Thankyou so much yaar….. ?
        no,iam not abhiha….Ofcourse i wil b ur friend..?

      2. Sorry for the confusion dear and thanks

      3. Abhi142

        Its ok yaar…no sorry in friendship.?

    2. Abhi142

      I will make ishkara scenes too…thanku so so much..wil post next episode asap…??n ha,i like shivay sahil combo much…

  12. Yazhu

    The prologue is really nice abhi…friend request accepted…waiting to read your next part soon…

    1. Abhi142

      Thankyou so much…?
      wil post soon..?

  13. Haii guys I’m ur new friend and a fan of ishqbaaz. Abhi the starting is nice.

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