Sadi Love Story (part 15)

“You are going to wear this for the party?” Heer asked as she gave a look to Ragini’s suit.

“Haan wats wrong with the suit.” Ragini said looking at her simple yet elegant suit

“Wrong? Please tell me what’s right in this? For god sake Ragini you are not Ragini Gadodia anymore, you are Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari now and to cry out loud this is for the first time after your marriage that you and Jiju are making public appearance so at least dressed according to that.” Heer chided her nave friend and Ragini’s cheeks turned into darkest shade of red as she realized wat Heer was saying is true and the mere realization has made her heart danced in joy. The thought that today the whole world will recognize her as Sanskar’s wife was enough for her to feel butterflies running in her stomach. Heer rolled her eyes seeing her best friend hopelessly in Love that by the mere name of her husband she started blushing

“Ragini, for heaven sake come out from your dream world and let’s select what you are going to wear today.” Heer loud voice broke Ragini’s thoughts and she twisted her lips seeing Heer breaking her thoughts regarding her Sanskar to which Heer just rolled her eyes and started searching something best for her.

After an hour of searching both agreed on a net Turquoise-Blue Saree with light work of embroidery. The Saree was with simple work yet it looked elegant and Ragini instantly agreed on it knowing that how Sanskar like simple and elegant things. And anyways she herself doesn’t believe in artificiality so she decided to be simple. She just applied a layer of Kohl in her eyes and Lip gloss on the name of Makeup. Her own natural beauty was enough to make her look out of world. She puts Diamond danglers on her ears on the name of jewelry. And finally she puts Mangalsutra round her neck and Sindoor on her forehead which just added more charm in her beauty. After all her Sindoor and Mangalsutra are the symbol of her relationship with Sanskar. It indicates that she belonged to her Sanskar and only Sanskar, therefore it had to make her look more beautiful. No other jewelry in this world could make her look this beautiful as her Mangalsutra and Sindoor did no matter how much expensive they can be.

She looked herself in the mirror only to find the most beautiful woman in this world looking back at her. She smiled after giving a scrutinizing gaze to herself making sure that she had dressed well and Sanskar would like it when he’ll see her. She blushed hard when she thought how Sanskar would react when he’ll see her like this. She still hasn’t forgotten the day after her marriage when Sanskar was looking at her unblinkingly when she was dressed in a blue Saree for going to her house. How her heart did a summersault when she felt Sanskar’s intense gaze on her. At that time, she was too nave to understand her own feelings but now she knows why Every time she felt different whenever Sanskar was near her and the mere realization made her heart skips its beats million times. The mere mention of Sanskar’s name was enough to make her heart flutter. And here she’s going to make a public appearance with Sanskar for the first time after their marriage. From today whole world will recognize her as Sanskar’s possession and the mere thought was giving her goosebumps in her body.

She didn’t realize for how long she stood in front of mirror staring at her reflection until her cell phone beeped breaking her trance. She looked at the caller only to find “Laksh” Calling.

“Hey Bhabhi! All ready to go with Bhai.” Ragini heard Laksh’s voice from the other side as soon as she answered the call making her blush.

“I am ready Laksh. Are you guys ready?” Ragini answered after a while calming her racing heart.

“Ready? We are already on our way Bhabhi.” Laksh said as a matter of fact and Ragini gasped in shock.

“You guys are on your way? But how will I come then. You all should inform me before leaving.” Ragini said in panic not giving any chance to Laksh to speak.

“Bhabhi Relax! How can you think that we’ll leave you alone? I just wanted to say that me, Heer, Uttara, Nikhil bhia and kavita Bhabhi are on our way. You are going to come with Sanskar Bhai ‘alone’.” Laksh explained giving stress on the word ‘alone’ and Ragini instantly blushed hard as she realize wat Laksh had just said.

“Wat Bhabhi? I thought that you’ll thank me for giving a quality time to you Love Birds but instead of praising me you misunderstood me. It hurts.” Laksh said mischievously in a faking hurt voice while Ragini just rolled over her eyes.

“Shut up Laksh! Just wait until I meet you den see what I’ll do.” Ragini said sternly while Laksh just chuckled

“We’ll see that Bhabhi. Till then enjoy your time with Bhai ‘alone’. There will be no one to disturb you guys. Bye See you in the party.” Laksh said and cuts the call before Rgaini could say anything else.

Ragini just stood over dere motionless for a while trying to register Laksh’s words. Did he just said that she and Sanskar are going together ‘alone. O God! Already she was feeling nervous to go in front of Sanskar like this and on top of it she has to go with Sanskar ‘alone’. She doesn’t have to guess whose master mind it could be behind all this. It could be none other than her best friend Heer who must be now dancing in victory making her stuck up in this situation. Ragini closed her eyes and took deep breaths in order to calm her racing heart explaining herself countless times that this is not the first time she and Sanskar are going somewhere alone. They had gone alone many times before therefore there’s nothing to worry about it yet her traitor heart was beating like it just did a marathon. She kept her hand on her heart to calm down its erratic heartbeats but nothing is working.

Finally, she managed to compose herself a bit when she realized that Sanskar must be waiting for her downstairs and she was standing over here in front of the mirror for god knows how long. She mentally whacked herself for her foolishness and immediately headed outside her room taking her purse and mobile calming down her racing heart.


Here Sanskar was waiting for Ragini near his car from past 30 mins but it seems that his wife was taking her own sweet time to get ready. It’s strange because knowing Ragini he knows that she never took this much time to get ready. Is she ok, he thought as worry start to cloud over his heart. He still hasn’t forgotten the office incident in the noon. How much scared she was due to that leech Shaurya. Probably she must be worried or scared due to that. He must go and check to see if she’s fine. Thinking this he just turned to go inside the house when the sight he saw in front of her made him rooted at its place. He saw Ragini stepped out of the house adjusting her Saree and den every other thing didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Sanskar just stood over dere mesmerized looking at the epitome of beauty in front of him clad in a Turquoise-blue Saree coming towards him. “Beautiful” was the first word that came from his mouth which was more as a whisper. All the while her eyes were just fixed on the ground as if it was the most fanaticizing thing in the world. she had done minimal make up and had just wore her Mangalsutra and diamond Danglers in her ears on the name of Jewelry yet she looks breath taking and she had definitely taken his breath away with her simple yet scintillating beauty. But wat caught his attention was the pinch of Sindoor on her forehead marking her as his possession. He didn’t realize when Ragini came near him and stood in front of him with her eyes casted down. World around Sanskar doesn’t seems to exist anymore as his gaze was just fixed on the beauty in front of him.

To say that he was numb at that moment would be an understatement as he was totally spellbound with the beauty in front of him. Ragini lifted her eyes for a while and Sanskar saw her eyes covered with just a layer of kohl highlighting her already Deep hazels. Sanskar’s gaze moved to her quivering lips from her eyes which were decorated only with Pink Lip gloss making her rosy lips even more beautiful. Apart from these two she didn’t apply anything as a makeup yet she was looking out of this world with her simple and natural beauty. To say that she was looking Beautiful would be an understatement as she was looking divine in her simple yet breathtaking attire. Today definitely the whole world is going to get jealous of him as the most beautiful thing in this world belongs to him.

Ragini had just casted her eyes down since the time she had stepped out from the house. She didn’t have it in her to look at Sanskar as she could feel his intense gaze on her which was burning each and every fiber of her body. Her heart was urging her to raise her eyes and look at the person in front of him but she was too conscious to look at him due to his burning gaze which seems to see through her soul. Finally, she gave up in front of her heart and looked up only to find her husband clad in black tuxedo looking handsome and hot more den he used to. He was not looking less than a Greek God with his clothes sticking perfectly to his perfectly carved body. She had this sudden urge to touch him, feel him and she could have done this also if she didn’t noticed Sanskar’s gaze which has now travelled down her lips from her eyes and her cheeks turned into a darkest shade of Red realizing where he was looking at. She didn’t need any words from him to know how she’s looking. His looks said it all to her. It told her that she’s looking beautiful may be more than that.

They keep on looking at each other for what seems like eternity wen Loud shrill of Sanskar’s phone broke their staring session. Sanskar immediately looked other side and took out his cell only to find “Laksh” calling.

“Haan Laksh!”

“Bhai where are you both. We all had already reached to the party. Did you guys left from there also or not?” Sanskar heard Laksh’s voice with the noise behind her he understood that Party had already started.

“Laksh we are on our way only. Will be there soon.” Sanskar said and cuts the call before Laksh could say anything else

“Wo I think we should leave now. Everyone had already reached over dere and waiting for us.” Sanskar said looking everywhere but her to which Ragini just nodded slightly and move towards the car door. Sanskar took a deep breath to calm his bated breath due to his stunning wife before getting inside the car and drove off towards his destination.


After a drive of whole 45 mins they finally reached the venue. Hole drive towards the venue was silent with Ragsan stealing glances of each other time to time but then immediately looked other way when they found other one caught them staring. No matter how hard they tried but they couldn’t able to take their eyes off each other. Ragini was continuously fidgeting with the edge of her Saree pallu in nervousness while Sanskar was finding it hard to concentrate on road than on Ragini. Everytime her bangles tinkled Sanskar felt like someone had played the sweet cords of the melody. Many times he found her pushing back the strands of her silky hair behind her ears and his hands itched to do that for her and feel that soft skin of her cheeks and ear but somehow he control his urge to do that nd as a result his grip on the steering wheel gets tightened in order to control the desires coursing in his body. The faint and mesmerizing scent of her body filled the whole car was just igniting the flames of Desire in him and he just tightened his jaws to get a grip on his emotions so that he won’t do something stupid.

Ragini’s condition was not less. She never found this much difficult to sit beside him like she was feeling now. An unknown sensation was coursed through her veins whenever she found him staring at her and she immediately looked other side in order to hide her blush which crept Everytym he looked at her with his intense gaze. His masculine scent hits her nostrils making her thoughts go wilder and wilder for her own husband. She immediately remembered of the Advertisement of that famous Men’s Doe which just drives every girl crazy and currently her condition was not less than those desperate bimbos in the advertisement as she wanted to hug Sanskar tight and feel each and every part of his body breathing his strong Masculine scent in the process. She immediately whacked herself mentally for thinking so erotic for her husband. Literally her thoughts had become very much shameless now-a-days for him. But what can she also do when the Greek God is sitting just beside him and all she could do is just to stare at him. In process to calm herself, she sometimes fidgets with the edge of her Saree pallu and sometimes push her strand back to calm all the wild desires coursing in her body.

Their world of desires for each other broke wen Sanskar stopped the car with a sudden jerk as they reached the venue. They both looked at each other and gave a faint smile to each other and then immediately looked other side so that none of them could know what was going in other’s mind. Ragini took a deep breath and turned to get down the car. The moment Ragini turned to get down the Car Sanskar’s Throat went dry looking at the sight which was not less than a treat to his eyes. Ragini was wearing a sleeveless blouse which was almost backless from back and just a small strip of cloth was holding it from back revealing the milky white skin of her back as she had moved her hairs to one side of shoulders giving a clear view of her back.

Sanskar gulped down his saliva as he felt a sudden urge in him to touch and feel that velvety soft skin of hers. His wife had definitely planned for his death today with her innocent yet s*xy look and the worst part is that she herself is unaware of the desires she was arousing in his body with this look of hers. Sanskar cursed his shameless libido umpteenth time as he felt himself getting all hard just by looking at her. He was afraid that today he’ll definitely do something stupid if he won’t keep his emotions in check. Wasn’t what was happening till now was enough that now he have to fight with himself more to keep his hands off her, he thought as he kept gaping at her direction even after she got down from car. His trance was broken when Ragini knocked at the window pane bringing him back in the real world and this is when he realized that he was drooling over his own wife. He pushed back his hairs and gets down from the car giving car keys to valet to park it.

Every eye in the party turned to look at them as they made their grand entry inside the party hall stealing the limelight. Laksh, Heer, uttara and Nikhil turned to look at the door only to find the most beautiful couple standing on the door. They admired them as they looked perfect with each other while the other women in the party were feeling jealous of Ragini for her simple yet scintillating beauty while the men were getting envy of Sanskar for possessing such a beautiful angel which is a dream of every guy.

At that moment only Sanskar realized that every eye in the party was on them while men were drooling over his wife. He didn’t like the way they were looking at her and a sudden sense of possessiveness took over him. And as a result Sanskar wrapped his arm possessively around Ragini’s waist and pulled her closer to tell the whole world that she belongs to him and no one had right to drool over her let alone take her away from him. Ragini gasped with this sudden action of Sanskar. She turned to look at Sanskar only to find him looking ahead. The look on his face said it all to Ragini what was going in his mind. She was surprised to look at his possessiveness for her but she can’t deny that she was feeling good being in his arms, therefore she didn’t protest and let him hold her as they made their way inside amongst the crowd towards the couple of the evening Mr. and Mrs. Shivaay Singh Oberai

“It’s good to see you in our reception party Mr. Maheshwari.” Shivaay said while shaking his head with Sanskar’s while Ragini just passed a smile to them.

“Hey I am Mr. Maheshwari for whole of the world but just Sanskar for you. Hope you haven’t forgot that Shivaay.” Sanskar said while chuckling a bit making Shivaay smile widely too.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten but since you are hell bent in stealing the lime light so even I thought to play along. Anyways meet my wife Mrs. Anika Shivaay singh Oberai.” Shivaay said while introducing Sanskar to his wife to which Sanskar just passed a warm smile.

“Of course I know her. Anyways meet my wife Mrs. Ragini Sanskar maheshwari ” Sanskar said as he proudly introduced Shivaay to ragini which didn’t went unnoticed by her. She felt like being in top of the world wen Sanskar proudly and affectionately introduced her as his wife.

“Nice to meet you Ragini.” Shivaay’s voice broke her trance and she just smiled at them.

“Same here. Congratulations to both of you. You both are just perfect with each other.” Ragini complimented the couple in front of her

“Ya, but not more then you and sanskar.” Anika complimented back only to earn a blush from Ragini. Tum dono ki Jodi ekdum khidki tod haan.. said Anika…
Kya tod… khidkitod? Ragini said being confused and I didn’t understand. Rgaini just ignore her.. it’s her habit. Iski aadhi se jyada baatien toh mujhe samajh nahi aati so just chill said Shivaay and Ragini just smiled.

Ragsan congratulated to both of them once again and den left them for other guest too. All the while Sanskar’s hand was protectively around Ragini’s waist giving goosebumps to her body but she didn’t protest neither did she want him to remove his grip as it was giving her a sense of protectiveness. But they had to pulled apart though reluctantly as they were soon joined by Laksh and others who were just complimenting both of them together. Sanskar just excused himself wen Laksh, Heer and Uttara literally pounced on them asking why they got late, where they were stuck up etc etc. leaving Ragini alone to handle the situation which she did tactfully making everyone believe that they got stuck up in traffic and everyone got convinced also except Heer who was smirking mischievously at her.

“So, how was the ride? Hope you didn’t get a hard time with Jiju around” Heer spoke mischievously when she was sure that Laksh and Uttara were not noticing them only to earn a glare from Ragini.

“You Devil. You had planned all this Na. You knew it very well that I was supposed to go with you and Laksh while Uttara was supposed to go with Sanskar but you changed everything and didn’t even let me know. Do you had any idea how hard it was for me to sit beside him when he was looking so hot and handsome and and………” Ragini trailed off as she was trying to find a perfect word to describe her husband’s features

“And s*xy” Heer completed her unfinished sentence hiding her smile from her

“Ya s*xy. He was looking smoking hot and I was…….” Ragini stopped in mid as she realized what all she was blabbering about her husband and looked at Heer who was getting hard time to control her laugh.

“O My My! Someone was really checking out her husband. Do you mind giving me more details about Jiju?” Heer said teasingly and winked to which Ragini just pouted and looked other side but soon started laughing only to be joined by Heer later.

Sanskar though was busy in talking with his other business associates but his eyes never left Ragini. He found her talking with Heer and den laughing at something with her. He didn’t know wat they were talking about that’s so funny but he was happy to see her smiling and laughing from her heart. The way her facial expressions changes time to time from pouting to cribbing to twisting her lips to smiling and laughing just made Sanskar more and more attracted towards her. She was truly an angle who could make anyone fall for her innocence, he thought as he looked at her before getting beckoned by one of his client breaking his trance.


Throughout the party Sanskar was busy with his clients and other business associates while Ragini was busy in having good time with Laksh, Heer and Uttara. But they didn’t stop to steal glance of each other time to time. They just passed a warm smile to each other whenever their eyes met and den immediately looked other side feeling shy. God knows wat got into both of them today they just can’t keep their eyes off from each other. it seems that someone had drugged them with each other’s essence that they didn’t seem to notice any other thing but each other.

While Sanskar was talking to one of his client a waiter came to them to serve some hard drinks. Sanskar instantly looked at Ragini as he reminds of something who was already looking at him trying to comprehend what he’ll do.

“Do you drink?”

“Sometimes, I mean when I’m in a party and all”

“You have to quit Drinking. Becoz both me and Di hate drinkers and smokers”

Sanskar smiled as he remembered their conversation when they met for the first time and dis is when he understood why Ragini was looking at him. He chuckled inwardly seeing her perplexed face and politely refused to the waiter for the drinks even after insisting by his clients. Waiter just shrugged his shoulders and left from there and Sanskar got busy with his clients but not before passing a knowing smile toRagini and she instantly looked other side blushing hard. Her heart danced in joy wen Sanskar refused for the drink which indicates that he still remembers wat she had said to him when they met for the first time. But what made her happier was that he didn’t have hard drink because she doesn’t like it; because she told him that she hates Drinkers and smokers. She felt so touched and special with this gesture of his that she can’t express. She felt falling for this man more and more who just made her feel special with every gesture of his. She just kept on looking at him lovingly as he continued talking with his clients and den goes towards the direction where Ragini, Heer, Laksh and Uttara were talking.

Yeah!!! Done with one more part… please guys do comments and hit like button. And please guys suggest some romantic song for Ragsan… from now on I’ll try to be regular and I’m putting my Dil vil pyar vyar on hold for few months. But I’ll try to give Ragsan OS.

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shinning, keep smiling and be yourself!!!

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