Sandhir were sleeping in each others shade they both were igniting a kind of fire. While randhir thought that sanyu was fast asleep sanyu was stil wide awaken and was continuously thinking that if she died she wont be with randhir anymore and if she wont be with rd he wold be left alone again and wil break. sanyu held a tight grip on rd and started weeping,she was not bothered about loosing herself but loosing him her love, the person for whom she could do anything.
Soon it was morning and sanyu and randhir woke up to be seeing everybody in mission mars team staring at them

KRITIK gigglingly saidd- omg srry srry we should not have disturbed the newly wed coupleduring their honeymoon oh srry u r not a newly wed one but the new patched up one right
sanaya-oh sheku v bad lost al edicates and sanyu our lead astronaut not epenctited from you(starts laughing which she was controlling)
Kritika i think i should ask nirman sir to arrange a private room for both of you coz both r his favoutrite
sanya -Y a kritika u r right wats say u both

Rd and sanyu both were in their own world. randhir was thinking about last night he was not sleeping whn sanyu was crieng and was listening alwhat she was saying, he recalled the time of sanyu’ s mother’s death when sanyu had gone into dipression and he id not want that to happen again, on the other hand sanyu was thinking of the same thingof her death it was as if sanyu had decided that she was going to die and was going to loose her love randhir for ever and ever.
Kritika joy etc had gone back to their work after not getting any reply.

on the other hand aryan was still upto something mischeviouse, he was planning to open up the secret of sandhir’s marrige and sany’s illness infront of sanyu’s dad.

vidhushi was roaming in the house with a tensed expression as she knew she was hiding two big things from everybody that will actuall cost he high if the family members get to know . Prth who was living there just for a few days on Mr A ggawal’s insistennce saw her and dragged her to a corne
vids-Oh hello have you forgoten im mrried n now even if you want to romance me u cant (with a smirk)
parth -who wants that , ijust want to tel u thatplzz stop making such faces anybody wil make out that you r hiding something. As such hwen u have a tensed face you look even ugl;ier then you usually look .
vids-what you said i look ugly if i complain to papa ji or to my dear hubby they wil throw you out of here
parth- oh really ,dont forget that sanyu has more waitage then you andplz nobody should get to know about sanyu or else
Precap -arrgerwal gets to know about everything from aryan n he comes to ISRC. sanyu’soperation will be done which wil go succesful but suddenly her heart rate states falling and she stops brething. Randhir is shoked.
srry for updateing after a very long time n yesterday’s epi was muaah , when snayu said, evrybody goes leaving me alone Mom,randhir and now aryan.
hope u like the FF n from now on il try to more quick in updating it srry again

Credit to: Ragini

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