Hey guys back with the story here it goes

Randhir reaches the medical room where sanyu is lying. He slowly goes there and kisses her forehead, she immedeatly wakes up and sanys-” randhir its just that i caught a cold n nothing else” when randhir shows her the file and hugs her tight sanyu starts crying and says-i dont want to die randhir plzz do something we got togehter just now i dont want to go away from you”randhir replies-sanyu i wont let anything happen to you trust me, everything has to face me first before it harms you”.

vidhushi in is curiouse to know what has happened and ties to sneak a look in the file when parth says-you have inly one work and that is spying,randhir what has hapened to her plzz tell us also.”
yoyo- haan paji plzz tell us what has happened to sanyu ji
kausto-sanyu you wil be fine god is not that cruel that he will seperate you and randhir
rd- she has a blod clot in her lung, doctor how can we cure this plzz tell
doc-clot in lung ius very dangerouse and needs to be removed,she can be treated in AIMS you can go there and meet mr trehan for the work further details only he can tell.
vids- even i will go there i m her bhabi i need to go there
parth- you wont go there you always trouble others so plzz stay away from her randhir come all can go there exept for her.
vids-main uski bhabi hon
parth-so what i dont care u will not go n thats final
vids- i ll go or else i ll tell my hubi n father in law abt this n thats something you dont want
randhir goes back to sanyu and gently wakes her up-baby wake up ,we wil go to the doc
sanyu-no randhir no doc he will give injection n i hate injection
randhir-ok il tel him not give any injections giving hr a smile
sanyu jst like a small kid holds him tight and stays behind him in front of the doctor
sanyu-why is this doctor looking so serious i dont want any injections tel him very wel or ill run out from here
randhir-nhi dega baba, trust me n yes be a liitle seriouse i dont want to loose you now n i wont even loose you


precap-randhir shows doctor everything and tells him evrything that had happened doctor says-it is life threatening but proper treatment need to be done

Credit to: Ragini

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  1. Awesome dear…keep writing:-)

  2. nice sweety…keep writing

  3. Dear…..Rd nd sanyu ws really cute!!
    Luvd it..epi was awzom… Hope sandhir become more n more closeeeee…..

  4. thnxx liya will try to make them more close in the story

  5. Ragini sandhir was awesome. Loved the update. Rd and sanyu together finally. Wow! Pls update another fabulous update soon.

    1. thnx Vrutika glad you liked it

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