Sandhir were still dancing,lost in each other when they heard parth say-Stop now enough of dancing, the song was over years ago. Sandhir blush at it.

now parth vids kaustu sahil yoyo and sandhir started talking about college again, Prth said-you guys wont imagine sandhir were so special for the whole college even the proffecers adored them,they had supported each other in the worst situtions also. Snyu hated radhir and randhir hated her too but because of the dream team competetion they became frnds and then fell for each other. sanyukta hid randhir’s mom n dad’s divorce letter from randhir so that he does not gets upset and also took randhir’s mistake to be hers in front of vardhan sir,this led to randhir love sanyu.

Sanyu has always been besides randhir,she saved him from poisonouse gas,when the college was captured by rana she risked her life for randhir. She had dicided that she was going to die but was happy to die with randhir but at last our sherni found a way out n saved randhir and herself,there are many such things happened

Randhir has also saved sanyukta many times from fire and many other things. Once sanyu was kiddnapped by randhir’s parents,at that time also randhir saved us and when his step brother had put sanyu in a car with bomb even then randhir saved her.

then parth said-the most memorable one was when sanyu hiding from her mother came to meet randhir in the college at night and they had spent such a great deal of time but at the ned sanu’s mom got to know about randhir.then yoyo began-Paji n sanyu ji’s marrige was awsm, we did not find a pandit so parth learned the mantras n did the marrige rituals. They all enjoyed the chit chat when sanyu started feeling restless n got up, went to a corner and then started coughing and blood came from her mouth,she started feeling dizzy and fell on the floor.
Randhir and everybody else rushed to her .randhir tried to wake her up by patting her face and then rushed to the medical room,the doc just by seeing her face said-uff this girl never listens to me i told her thaat she should have a proper treatment. randhir heard it and started questioning him but the doc did not tell him anything as sanyu had instructed him not tell anyone. Randhir thought of checking her cupboard .

He was moving as qiuck as wind toward her room. He started examinig her cupboard and then finnaly found a doc’s file in her cupboard. After reading what was written inside it he jst brokedown on the floor. He thought to himself-“you are the only thing left with me sanyu and i dont want to loose you,i will die without you .Y dint you tell me but now i wont let anything happen to you even god cannot take you away from me you are mine n no body accept me has a right on you no one’

Hope you guys liked it here is the precap

Precap-Randhir goes to the medical room n sees sanyu counghing again,she tries to console him by saying-im fine randhir i jst have a little cold, when randhi shows her the fileshe tries to explain but randhir hugs her tight ans sanyu starts \cring saying i dont want to die randhir we came together jst now i dont want to leave you.

Credit to: Ragini

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  1. Oh dear…it was so nycc to refresh the old sandhir memoris,tnx fr including that…
    Dear,really I want to knw what happens to our sanyu!waiting for the nexg epi…
    precap was also sandhirious!!!
    Luved it dear and thnx fr posting it fast…..(p.s:vidharth will b there or not in this ff??)

    1. Yes darling i will be writing about vidharth also n thnxx keep loving it

  2. Ragini its just amazing. All the scenes appeared before my eyes. it was wow! rd cares for sanyu soo much

  3. Superb dear…its really nice 🙂 keep writing

    1. thnxx karina would never have done this without your suport

      1. ur most welcome dear 🙂

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