Sadda haq- love rebounds (episode 1)

It’s 3 years from now, I said in my mind, that my life has come to a standstill. My dreams, my goals, my ambitions are now all.. Lost along with someone whom I regarded my guardian soul.. Randhir. No phone calls, no message from his side. As if I had committed a whole lot of crime. That feeling kept hurting me, painting me till the roots.. The feeling of being separated from one. Parth had recovered well, although he lost all his memory. He somehow remembers me, but FITE and Vidhushi, dream team… Long gone. I didn’t wish to remind him anything about dream team, as I myself didn’t feel uncomfortable to discuss about it. I looked out of the window. No wind blowing.. Everything around was absorbed in dead silence. I compared the weather to my own life, nothing left of it, everyone left. I closed my eyes.. Air gushed in,.. And there came Randhir with his angry face, ‘U r just a mind-boggler Sanyukta. U know how to use others for ur own benefit. U r a manipulator.

How did I commit this mistake of being in relationship with you? What did I see in you in the first place? I regret myself more that I chose you. Good bye Sanyukta, all the best for your life. I hope u find a person who can completely come under your influence ‘. I opened my eyes and groaned.. Eyes filled with tears and anger and I began throwing things here and there. Papa came in and said,’ Sanyukta, Sanyukta! What is the matter with you? Calm down beta. Please ‘.. Papa hold me back tight while I struggled to get free and mad with fury, toss things here and there. I finally calmed down and was having tea with Papa. He said with a wave of concern flashing over his face,’ Sanyu I know u r disturbed. But trust me.. I am responsible for all this. I should have understood your dreams long back, I should have got to know what my daughter desires. I cared for myself.. I deserve this’.

I replied, ‘No Papa, it’s not your fault. It’s my destiny. I shouldn’t have disobeyed you. I am going out for a walk’. I left sadly and Papa looked at me, blaming himself for my condition. I kept walking, not knowing where I was. Suddenly I came to a halt on seeing a familiar figure.. The poster of Randhir Singh Shekhawat, as the CEO of Sanyal Group of Companies. I glared at his poster and looked for something.. A stone. I used it to scratch his face off the poster. No Randhir… Anymore

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  1. Nice

  2. Sheena

    Hey!! Nice one…
    But is it gonna b a sandhir or an aryukta ff?

    1. U will c..

  3. nice

  4. Richu

    Nice on Rochelle

  5. Ananya pandey

    Nice one it’s really interesting…

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