Sorry…guys. I couldn’t write during these days. So, I am giving a teaser by now and I will upload the next episode by tomorrow.

Scene 1:
Randhir: Oh god! Why I always make judgement without knowing anything properly. I always make everything complicated. Was I wrong regarding the accident matter?? I still love her. Should I give a chance to my relationship with Sanyukta again?
Scene 2:
A boy is seen drinking and blabbering continuously. The boy revealed to be Randhir.
Randhir- I hate you, Sanyukta Aggarwal…I hate you from the core of my heart…now I will show you what is called revenge.
A girl is shown sitting in darkness and she is none other than Sanyu
Sanyu- Again the same thing….but now I have enough of your nonsense. Loving you was the biggest mistake of my life..but now I will rectify it fully…I hate you …Randhir Singh Shekhawat,

Scene 3:

A person wearing black tuxedo is seen who is drinking and a satisfactory smile is shown in his face while the room is dark.
You are my best student and intern Sanyukta Aggarwal….you are the person who can make me reach my dream…but you are the biggest threat for me too….no one can do anything to me but you can..for everyone I’m the best mentor but you know my each, I HAVE TO FINISH YOU…I HAVE TO…I’m sorry…but I’m helpless…being your mentor I have to lead my best student to death. Your nature is your biggest enemy…You will never take anyone’s life…but for me my goal matters the most…and for that I don’t care the way…I have chosen. I know you respected me a lot but I also know from the moment you came to know my truth, you hate me. So, YOU HAVE TO DIE SANYUKTA AGGARWAL.
Outside the room the name plate ABHAY SINGH RANAWAT is shown.
The person laughs evilly.

Scene 4:
A dark room, full of dirt is shown.
A girl is laying on the floor whose hands and legs are tied.
Blood is oozing from the corner of the right of her back head and dripping slowly yet continuously through the back of her ear. She is totally unconscious.

Scene 5:
The same girl is sitting in the floor and with the help of the nearby sofa…she stands slowly. She holds her head feeling extreme pain there. She goes near the mirror and notices dried blood marks on her neck. She recalls someone heating her head with iron rod.

I never thought, sir you can do something like this…you can even take someone’s life for your own benefit..but you know me…I will never let you success in your mission.

So, how is it? Why Ranawat wants to kill Sanyu? What truth Sanyu knows?
When Randhir wanted to mend his relationship with Sanyu then what happened that he started to hate Sanyu again? Why does Sanyu hate Randhir also? Why she told ‘same thing again’?
Keep guessing.

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  1. SidMin

    Why did you do this ????????
    So much suspense I can’t take it I really want to know what happens Please try posting soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  2. now this is wat a plot is…
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow..

  3. What kind of suspense is this????????????????????
    Why Ranawat want to kill sanyu…he adores sanyu so much then???
    plzzzz post the next one soon

  4. yaarrrr….my head is spinning…then how can I guess anything????
    you confused me totally….post the next soooon

  5. if you don’t post tomorrow na then i’m not gonna read your ff….you gave me such a head ache…now free me from it.
    just joking…plzzz…plzzz…plzzz…post the next one

  6. hats off yaarrrr….seriously… put the stry in such a susppense…
    but give this poor soul little peace yaar…you left the last one in suspense also…1st aryan tanya relation mystry…that’s not slved properly now this….what will i guess always does different than i thinnk….
    i remember whenevr you used to give hint of new entry i always think of parth but you always bring anyone else…if i guess something …next moment i will come to know tht i ‘m tottally wrong….but i think ranawat changed due to soome reason but don’t know anything….
    post soon yaar

  7. nice one

  8. Super

  9. Pritha

    Sorry guys I couldn’t write the whole chap today…but I promise I will post by tomorrow…pacca promise

  10. Pritha

    thank you so much for your precious comment

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