I am not going waste time by blabbering,so, here is the next episode.
Sanyu goes in the lab thinking about Ranawat’s words and the changes in her life post the accidents.

Sanyu’s POV
Though you are my teacher, my mentor but you have turned into a father figure for me after Vardhan sir…after losing him, I lost my idol, my guide but you again fill that place with your presence..Sir, you motivated me like he used to do…you gave me confidence…you made me self dependent again. For you I am here again…I know…apparently you left the day but you only gave me a reason to fight back. I don’t know how much I was of use to you both…but if you really think that for me you and Vardhan Sir could get over from your past then I am happiest person of the world coz today whatever I am only coz of you two.

Her trance breaks by the sound of some annoyed footsteps, which are quiet fast than normal. Sanyu smiles seeing them.
“I think we should start our work, I don’t want any kind of delay…from tomorrow you will get the schedules of your morning workout.” saying this she handovers everyone papers regarding their project. “You have your breakfast within half an hour coz after that you will not get time for work pressure.”
“You don’t bother about anything other than your work na” Shanaya asks.
“No, for me it’s my dream” Sanyu says smiling.

“It’s useless to talk to you…who don’t value life how she can value other’s comfort.” Randhir says angrily.
“Even after yesterday’s incident…you are smiling like this! Don’t you bother what other think about you?” Joy exclaims.
“No, I have stopped bothering about other’s thinking…it’s useless” Sanyu says like before.
“No wonder! You didn’t even feel guilty for Parth’s accident” Arjun taunts.
“For you Parth lost two years of his life but it never affected you. You are so selfish.” Vidhushi says angrily.
Sanyu calmly says “Go and have your are wasting your time only.”
Everybody leaves from there angrily thinking about Sanyu’s attitude and smile. But little did they know that how much pain is hidden behind that smile. This is not from a satisfied heart rather it’s from a heart which is wounded deeply.

Sanyu starts thinking about these new challenges which have come in her life within a night gap. Till yesterday her challenge was to lead the team and some other regarding her own life but now winning the trust of her teammates again joins in the list.
Sanyu’s POV
Why can’t I get anything properly…whenever I get something a new problem adds. In FITE, I took over the leadership when sponsorship problem started…after competition I thought to have a peaceful life with Randhir…instead of that I lost everything. And now after two years when I thought to relive my dream and I get close to it again a new problem came.
Suddenly she remembered that how once Parth motivated her in FITE when she was upset. He started to sing for her.

Aashaayein , aashaayein, aashaayein

Kuchh paane ki ho aas aas,
koi armaan ho jo khaas khaas
aashaayein, aashaayein, aashaayein

har koshish mein ho vaar vaar,
kare dariyaon ko aar paar
aashaayein , aashaayein, aashaayein

toofaanon ko cheer ke,
manzilon ko chheen le

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh

ud jaye leke khushi
apne sang tujhko vahaan
jannat se mulakat ho
puri ho tere har dua

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

guzre aise har raat raat
ho khwaishoon se baat baat
aashaayein, aashaayein

lekar suraj se aag aag
gaayeja apna raag raag
aashaayein, aashaayein

kuch aisa kar ke dikha
khud khush ho jaaye khuda

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

aashaayein khile dil ki,
ummeedein hase dil ki
ab mushkil nahin kuch bhi, nahin kuchh bhi

Sanyu smiles-I wish you would have been here Parth (in heart).
Here, Nirmaan and Ranawat are standing there after the team’s leave. They give each other attitude look.
“Don’t you feel that you did the biggest mistake by making Sanyu captain?” Nirmaan asks.
“Then why did you make her leader even after knowing her truth?” Ranawat snaps him back and goes out.
Ranawat – That was the best decision of my life. She has already proved that none can stop one who has real talent. You did the biggest mistake of your life by making her captain (in heart).
Here Mrs. Subramanium comes in Nirmaan’s and finds him in deep thought.
She also has several questions in her mind regarding Nirmaan’s decision.
She asks “Sir, can I ask you something?”
“I know what you want to ask” Nirmaan “Okk, I will tell you”

“I never wanted Sanyukta to be the captain of my team…infact I never wanted her in my team. That’s why I constantly tried every possible way to eliminate her. But she always did something unexpected. For the first time in my life someone made me so confused that I started to think that whether I am right. In the task where everyone had to be in cold storage, I eliminated her by tricking with medical reports. I thought that she will do nothing but she again surprised me. She challenged me to make her out logically. She triggered my ego. When I challenged her to be there for one hour, I thought she will plead me to leave her as she didn’t even have jacket. But she didn’t….and I forgot about her due to meeting. When next morning I saw her in cold storage..I got scared thinking that something may have happened to her…she was there for almost 20 hours. I took her to doctors and they gave her CPR…she started to breathe again…I was standing outside. I was really worried. When doctor came out he told me that she is alright. That doctor also told me that she got saved only due to her mental strength and determination. As if she didn’t want to quit. Then I realised I was wrong about her. I remember once my teacher wrote three words…determination, dedication and devotion. He told me that a talented person can do what he can but determined person can do what he wants to do” Nirmaan pauses and again started
“Sanyukta may be not that much knowledgeable like Randhir…but she is no less than him. Randhir is a true genius..he is a true scientist…but he is only a talented person…he can do many thing but he can’t do everything..and he is not a born leader either…he is always ahead than others..”
“But Sir…a captain should be ahead than other teammates na” Mrs. Subramanium says.

“Yeah…but when it comes to the team’s matter he always have to walk simultaneously not ahead. Even Sanyukta is much more ahead than others…even ahead with Randhir. Don’t surprise…A captain shouldn’t be knowledgeable only…he have to understand his team…he have to understand their strength and weakness…he have to be manipulative but for benefit…he have to dedicated, devoted…he should have common sense. Randhir lacks all these qualities…he is talented only…but Sanyukta is different..she can easily judge others…her common sense, practicality, situational judgement is unbelieveable. She knows to manipulate others like she manipulated me when I get to know about her fake degree…she triggered my ego…she even understood that I was using Randhir against her…I am instigating him. She understood all my plan. She is not just talented or genius….she is far more innovative than others…and all above none can overpower her brain…she even come up with new plan to prevent the asteroid falling.”
“ knew that Sanyukta did all these!” Subamanium exclaims in utter astonishment.
“Of course..I even know that you, Aryan and Sumit helped her.” Nirmaan smirks.
Mrs. Subramanium bows down her head.

“Then Sir, why did you leave her” she asks.
“Let me tell you properly…you will get your every answer” Nirmaan says.
He continues “After that task I already decided to make her leader…coz I understood that it’s hard to get someone like Randhir but it’s impossible to get another Sanyukta. Randhir depends on knowledge but she doesn’t. I checked her background and talked with her father. I came to know that he never approved her engineering till the accident. He never gave her any space or chance to pursue her dream but still she secured the place in entrance. Randhir’s childhood also a troubled one but he got enough space to learn. After getting that much space, he reached here. But, Sanyukta didn’t get even 10% space than that of Randhir. With that also she is here. That is her speciality. She is a rare talent. I checked her college projects, performances….and I can easily tell that she is much innovative than others. She understands the need of the time. She doesn’t need full space, opportunity. She knows it very well that in every situation we can’t have every equipment but still we have to overcome it. And she knows how to do that.” He pauses “Randhir also loves engineering very much…but for Sanyukta, it’s her’s her first love, she can’t live without it.”

“But Sir, asteroid..” she says.
“Let me complete” Nirmaan says “After the task that asteroid problem came…i wanted to test all…that’s why I made Randhir captain. I wanted to see how comfortable the team feel with him…and they were disliking his attitude…Randhir’s biggest problem is his ‘I am the best’ attitude. I wanted a part of asteroid for my research so I asked them to calculate everything to divert the asteroid. Everybody get into my words but Sanyukta didn’t. Her target was to destroy the asteroid as only diverting will cause some destruction also. I already made back up plan to destroy it but I didn’t say it to anyone coz I wanted to see how far my team can go. How much they can think their ownself. It was their secret task. I wanted to see how much their brain work in trouble. I wanted to choose a real leader.” Nirmaan smiles while Mrs. Subramanium looks shocked, “Everybody just obey me…they just did what was needed to divert it. But Sanyukta thought much aheadn than others. She decoded the chemical structure and finds the hole in asteroid and understands that it can be destroyed. She came to me at night and told me that. But I pretended not to believe her and asked her to come up with a proper plan. And next morning she gave the demo. It was not 100% correct but it was almost perfect. I was really shocked. But I rejected her claiming that dangerous. But her presentation already gets in military’s mind. Though I knew that they will not go against me as after all I am the Director of ISRC. But she took Aryan’s help and later Sumit also joined her. She came to you and asked about back up missile but you disagreed with her. But she made you remember your promise during joining ISRC and manipulated you to tell her. You told her about it, she and Sumit went there and stole the circuit with the help of Aryan’s hacking knowledge. Then she found it difficult to solve the equation. She knew that if she tries to learn it, it will take time, so she manipulated Randhir and uses his knowledge. Then she took help from the military man convincing him and gets the exact place of launcher. But it was difficult to steal the launcher from central security system. So she came up with a new plan. She and Aryan together hacked the system and failed the trial round of missile launch. Thus she made me ready the backup missile cleverly. But Randhir doubted her as he was already aware of Sanyukta’s nature of not quitting. Randhir told her plan in front of the whole team. She understood that if she denied they will not agree with her, so she confessed doing it. She made everyone believe in her plan. But Randhir came to me. I asked him to as she say but launch missile 1 instead of the backup one. Randhir then went back and told about supporting. They agreed and get releaved. Aryan doubted him but other supported him. Sanyukta told her whole plan to Randhir. On the time of action, according to my plan Randhir launched missile 1 in last moment. But you all got confused as the asteroid destroyed fully.”

“Sir, it means missile 1 also could destroy the asteroid as you were testing the team so ypu didn’t tell it anyone” Mrs. Subramanium speaks.
“Yeah..missile 1 could also have destroyed the asteroid even if it was launched according to my plan.” Nirmaan says smiling while she boggles.
“Randhir and I both underestimated Sanyukta…she never believed Randhir…she just acted to trust him as she understood my plan. She shared her plan with everyone but that was not her real plan. Actually she planned to use missile after Randhir agreed. I know you are thinking why she plaaned like this? Actually she changed the oil which was used in missile. She put the oil which she invented actually. As that oil was much powerful than our increased the kinetic energy of the missile thus the power of the missile increased. Due to the 2 times increased the missile destroyed the asteroid. But nobody understood what happened as she practically didn’t do anything.” Nirmaan completes while Mrs. Subramanium look at him with utter shock as she didn’t even thought in her wildest dream that Sanyukta can plan to this extent.
Here, a person is seen talking with Sanyukta and she is telling him not to disclose about some truth.

Precap: the person revealed his identity and Aryan proposes Sanyu.

You can guess who the person is.
Note: I made Sanyukta’s plan of destroying the asteroid successful as I didn’t like the fact that in serial they showed so many people’s life is destroyed just because Nirmaan wanted to make his experiment successful and in my ff Nirmaan is not negative till now though I don’t know about future. I don’t like to destroy common people’s life so in my ff I made Sanyukta successful. And I also didn’t like Sanyukta’s dumb act of trusting Randhir so easily that time especially when she knew Randhir was against her.
And finally thank you so much for commenting and appreciating. I know this episode is too long and specially the conversation part. But I didn’t get any other idea to reveal the mission part. So..I am really sorry guys to bore you.

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