Sorry again for being late but what to do I am not getting time at all. And moreover, this week my dadu got admitted in hospital as he had suffered a cerebral attack. So, I was stuck in all the happenings. He got discharged on Wednesday, so I managed to write. Usually I always take two or three days to write but this time wrote the whole episode within one day. So, it may have several mistakes; please ignore those and I am really sorry for those unwanted mistakes.
I think now should stop here. So, I am continuing with today’s episode.

Sanyu remains under the shower for half an hour then comes out changing her cloth. She lies down and starts thinking about her life in these two years. Her life changes drastically. Though she always had to fight for herself in every phase of her life but still these two years were a living hell for her. She lost all her support in this time period. Her love, her maa, her best friend, her everything.

Sanyu’s POV

Life is unpredictable, it’s not a bed of roses….I heard all those things and also read those. These two years of my life really proved how apt these phrases are. Whenever I thought that my life will peaceful, happy…always something happened. When I lost my family’ support, Randhir forwarded his helping hand…supported me unconditionally…protected me. But his ego, it always came in between our love. He loved me that’s true but he never understood me. He always considered engineering as my ambition. I wish he could understand the difference between passion and ambition. He always considered my passion, love for engineering as ambition, an urge of reaching to a height. Whenever I used to say that engineering is my first love, he took it as a mere joke. But it was indeed my first love. It’s not necessary that we have to love a human only.

Sanyu sees Shanaya and Kritika entering the room so acts as sleeping coz she doesn’t want to answer their questions which are really unwanted for her.
“I guess Randhir is right….I thought Sanyukta is a very good friend and good person but she really doesn’t bother with the recent happenings. Here she is sleeping peacefully.” Kritika exclaims in astonishment.

“Sheikhu is little short tempered and sometimes gets angry on little things but he loves his friends very much. And specially Parth. He will never lie regarding his matter.” Shanaya says “I really can’t believe what is happening….how someone can be so cold hearted! Or I should say stone hearted?”
“Leave it we should sleep….we should talk to Nirmaan Sir tomorrow… can we accept someone as our captain who doesn’t even bother about other’s life for success.” Kritika tells while Shanaya nods.

Vidhushi is entering the room and smirks hearing their comments.
“I think you will not be able to do that as Nirmaan Sir is on her favour.” Vidhushi says.
“We can try atleast….and if every teammate will be against her then how she will lead us” Kritika says being confident.
“Yeah…but let’s sleep by now” Shanaya says yawning and goes to bed.
So does Vidhushi and Kritika.
Both Vidhushi and Sanyu’s bed are attached.

“Now you will know how it feels when you left all alone…no one will believe and accept you after today” Vidhushi murmurs and sleeps.
Little did the three of them are aware that Sanyu is awake all the while. She is least bothered with the other two’s thinking as she already expected this from them. But Vidhushi’s last words make her little shocked. Now she gets a clear picture of Vidhushi and her brother’s relation.
When she gets confirmed that all has slept, she gets up from her place and goes outside.
Suddenly her phone beeps and she sees a massage from Aryan.

Aryan’s massage:
I know you are hurt with today’s incident but I know very well that it might be a mistake. You didn’t do anything intentionally. I trust you. Don’t get sad and sleep peacefully. If you are not getting sleep, I can give you company.
Sanyu smiles seeing the massage and replies:
I am fine and thanks for your support. I am really sleepy. You also sleep.
Sanyu’s POV:
You are wasting your time only. You deserve far better what you are getting. I promise you will get what you will need.
She collides with someone who holds her through her waist.
The person “You are really impossible Sanyukta Aggarwal! I have never seen a stone hearted person like you before. I thought you will be sad about today’s incident but I was wrong. But one thing is sure, from now you will not get anyone’s sympathy, anyone’s trust.”

“Well done….I must say marvellous planning. But you did a little mistake Randhir…..I will not get weak by all these…neither it will affect me. And thank you so much for making me stronger.” saying this Sanyu leaves.
Here Randhir clenches his fist with anger. But more than anger there are guilt which occupies his mind. Though his brain is saying what he did is right…but his heart is denying. He feels suffocated with the continuous juggling between his brain and heart. He goes to his room and starts punching in his punching bag. But to his surprise, the most effective work which used to calm him is not working at all. Today the continuous punching also can’t suppress the storm which is going inside his heart.

Here Sanyukta comes out and stands under the sky. Though it can be seen easily that she is not crying vigorously but there are drops of tears which make her eyes moist. Actually her heart is crying badly as it is aching and bleeding. She is broken totally but she is not showing it to anyone. In front of others, she turns herself into a ruthless, cold hearted, emotionless person but it can never suppress her reality. But still she remains firm on her decision. She doesn’t want anyone’s sympathy. She wants to face everything all alone. She wants to overcome all the hurdles of her life alone.
She feels someone’s presence and turns. She gets surprised seeing the person.
“You! Here.” Sanyu says in astonishment.
“I told you earlier that if you can overcome your problems yourself, I will meet you again. Though you are quiet behead from your goal but still you cleared many stages so I came back as you fulfilled your promise.” The man says quietly “Now go and sleep and be ready for upcoming struggles.”

“Thank you so much” Sanyukta says smiling with moist eyes.
“You did it Sanyukta Aggarwal…you did it. I know today you are much hurt with the happenings…but still your today’s reaction prove that you will be able to do what we couldn’t” the man says with utter satisfaction.
Next day morning Sanyu comes to lab but finds none there. She understands where the other can be.
She directly goes towards Nirmaan’s cabin getting his massage.
“We can’t really accept her as captain, Sir” Shanaya says.
“Sir, she doesn’t bother about anything…not even anyone’s life” Arjun says.
“What if she also does the same this time?” Joy asks.

“Come in…I want to talk to you” Nirmaan says seeing Sanyu standing there.
Other gets shocked understanding Sanyukta heard their talk. They get ashamed a little but again shrug of thinking yesterday night incident.
“Sanyukta….what you want to say about their allegation?” Nirmaan asks Sanyu.
“Sir..all I can say that it was a accident…it just happened…I could not control the car as the third engine was used and it reached to extreme speed. But it’s just an accident and it could have happened with anybody. That was not any sin.” Sanyukta says coldly.
Nirmaan gets a little confused. Though he knows about the accident from long ago but he thought that Sanyu might have felt guilty for that. Because he already understands the fact that Sanyu cares about human life more than anything. She risked her career for those villagers. Now, Sanyu’s cold behaviour confuses him.

Nirmaan’s POV
As far as I understand her she values for human life more than anything..then how come she is not guilty about Parth’s accident. This girl is really confusing. I wish I didn’t make a mistake by making her captain. I know she will not listen to anyone…she will only do that she will think right. There is much more in this girl than I understand. There is something missing regarding this accident case but what! I have to find that out as soon as possible.
His trance breaks with some noise.
“Sir….I think you should reconsider you decision…nobody will like to work under someone who doesn’t value life” Randhir says grinning.
“But you can’t help it …Randhir Shekhawat…it’s a rule of ISRC that once a captain is chosen…he or she can’t be replaced within 3 months.” A voice comes from behind.
Randhir and Vidhushi find the voice to be very familiar and turn. Both of them get astonished seeing the person.

“Ranawat Sir…you here!” Both of them exclaim in utter disbelief.
Ranawat is standing there wearing black tuxedo with his usual swag.(Ranawat was the one who entered ISRC in last episode.)
“Yeah…let me introduce myself…I am Abhay Singh Ranawat…chairperson of ISRC and special officer in charge of MARS MISSION 2020 and your new mentor. (I really such post happens in reality or not but I used this post as I have heard that in case of special missions such special posts are given which are quite powerful.)
Each of them looks on shocked as they knew Nirmaan as their mentor.
“Don’t worry…Your Nirmaan Sir and I, we both are mentors of this mission…now go and continue your work.” Ranawat says firmly.
All goes from there to lab.

Nirmaan confusingly looks at Ranawat and gets surprised that Sanyu is not at all astonished seeing Ranawat there.
Nirmaan’s POV
Now I am sure that there is much more regarding that that accident and Ranawat knows about it. I will find it out for sure.
Sanyukta goes from there smiling.
A Fb is shown
“Sanyukta, I hope you know what you are doing. You still have time, you can prove yourself innocent.” Ranawat says.
“Sir, what are you saying, I am not getting it.” Sanyu asks Ranawat lowering her head.
“What do you think, I don’t know the truth..I know it was Parth’s mistake.”Ranawat answers.
“Sir, you only told that whatever happens in a team that will be captain’s responsibility….”Sanyu is cut by Ranawat.
“Yeah..but what are you trying to do that’s not done…today you are thinking that you will make it..but one day will come when you will feel suffocated…the world will blame will be left all alone…will that day you be able to keep yourself strong. Me and Vardhan, we two were innocent but when everyone blamed us..we lost ourself…I lost ten years of my life…Vardhan also felt dejected….and the truth is through you Vardhan got over from his curse…you first driving success freed him. Later when I joined your college…it’s true being a student your pressure…that stupid blast to make me stay there…make me face engineering again…helped me to get over it…being a student you helped me to get over my past…what if you don’t find anyone like Vardhan and I got you. Will you be able prove that a wrong blame, allegation can never stop a real talent to flourish…We both lost Sanyukta..will you be able?”
“I will Sir…I will. I know…proving this was both of your dream…you both wanted to prove it but the situation was not in your favour” Sanyukta answers.
“Situation will not be in your favour also…fine then, if you have decided then do that…remember this will be most task of your life…you can overcome it, I promise I will myself come to you..but till then you have face it alone.” Saying this Ranawat goes from there.
Fb ends
Sanyu’s POV
Thank you so much Sir….those words of you give me strength…it motivated me till now …I promise I will fulfil Vradhan Sir and yours dream. I know I am quiet behead but I will do that. Yesterday, when you came back and met me at night, I again got my courage back within a moment..otherwise it may have taken sometime. Thank you so much.
This is it for today.
Note: I know you may think why I used Ranawat so close to Sanyu..don’t think that I only did it to give Sanyu’s character more importance…actually I found that in Sadda haq both Vardhan and Ranawat was really close to Sanyu. For both of them she was problem solver. Whenever the team used to get in trouble both used to make Sanyu leader. Whenever they felt the team need something both used ask Sanyu to do that. Like Vardhan made Sanyu captain during the fest when the team was broken apart, asked Sanyu to be Randhir’s friend when Randhir lost himself in his problems…Ranawat also made Sanyu captain when they was not getting sponsors.That’s why I did it and I want to give Sanyu a reason to fight back.

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