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“I have already chosen the lead astronaut of Mars Mission 2020 and she is Sanyukta. I don’t want any other discussion or tasks. My decision is final. Coz it’s useless to give you guys task. So, it’s better to stop all these. Hence, I have decided to choose her only who is worst for me as there no is no best here”
“I thought you to be capable of his post, I thought you to be the best. But you proved me wrong. You are no better than others.”
All these words are coming in his mind and he is punching continuously on his punching bag.
“Today I have arranged a party to celebrate Sanyukta’s success. I know you and Sanyu don’t share a good rapport but still I will be really if you come. Just show some sportsman spirit, Randhir.”He hears a voice from his back.
He is about to shout but stops and thinks something.
“I will obviously show that, Aryan. Don’t worry, today is the best day of your friend’s life and I will surely keep that in my mind. I will try my best to make the day more beautiful for her.”He says smirking.
Aryan doesn’t get anything but says him again to come and goes from there.

Randhir’s point of view
Just before ten days, all these were mine Sanyukta Aggarwal. It was me who going to become lead. Everybody including Nirmaan sir considered me as lead. But you changed everything. All these things happened to me in college also. I was the most deserving team member of Dream Team. I was the most deserving for the post of captain and Dream Team Driver. But you snatched everything from me. You manipulated the whole and become the captain and driver. And what you did, you almost took Parth’s life for your dream. This time also you did the same. You again manipulated everything and became lead. You are a big manipulator and nothing else. I will make sure that you get to know your real position today. From today everybody will hate you. Everybody will know the real face of you. Everybody will know how ruthless you can be for your own benefit. I can never forget how you used all of us in the team for your own purpose. You never cared for anyone in your life then why should I care. Today also you kept your dream over your maa. But never mind today will be the last day of your smile. I promise you will curse this day. You will curse yourself. I know you and your so called best friend are very happy. But today will be the last day of your happiness. From tomorrow you will have to answer everyone. You know who will help in all these, Vidhushi, your so called bhabhi. Today Vidhushi is joining ISRC. I promise Sanyukta Aggarwal, with her help I will make your life a living hell.
Randhir smirks evilly. But somewhere he starts feeling restless as he is going to lose something precious.
“Why I am feeling like this. No, I shouldn’t. I hate her and I just want her to suffer. I don’t have anything to lose then why I am feeling like I am going to lose something very precious.”
Randhir shrugs his thought off and starts getting ready.
A girl wearing jeans and top enters ISRC. She sees Sanyu coming from another side and smirks.

The girl’s POV
I thought that I will get the treatment like a daughter in your house, but I was wrong. Your father who used to hate you doing engineering suddenly starts liking that. He let you doing job but made me complete house wife. But now I again get the chance of enjoying my life. I will enjoy it fully. But I will make your life difficult for sure. And I know Randhir will help me in that. For you Parth has lost two years of his life. I had to get married to your idiot brother. Now I will take my revenge for sure.
“Hey, Sanyu, look I am arrived.” She exclaims.
“Oh! Vidhushi, I was going to call you only. Did you have any problem to reach you here?”Sanyu askes.
I didn’t have any problem but soon you will get into it, Vidhushi says in her mind.
“No Sanyu….how can I have problem, you know na how much Ankit loves me.” Vidhushi says trying to show herself happy. “Lets go to our room”
“Ya, Lets go” Sanyu says feeling something wrong.

Sanyukta’s POV
God knows how a girl like Vidhushi can be happy with my idiot brother. I don’t know why but I always felt that she was never happy. But she always shows herself happy. I also didn’t get along with her properly in these two years due to the mess in my life. But something is wrong. I know Vidhushi is a little bit materialistic due to her past life but still she loved Parth unconditionally. I somewhere always felt that she still didn’t forget Parth fully. God knows what is happening. Everybody’s life has become a complete mess.
“Ohho Sanyukta, did you forget that Aryan threw the party on your behalf. Why are you standing like a statue? Will you not get ready” Shanaya yells.
“Yeah yeah …I am coming” Sanyu replies shrugging off her thought.
At sharp 8pm everybody reaches at the party venue and sees the place beautifully decorated with white and red balloons. The pool is also decorated. Aryan managed everything well. The party venue was looking all perfect.
Everybody cheers and starts enjoying. Aryan suggests dancing and starts to dance on ‘Ladki beautiful kar gayi chull’ and everybody joins him. Even Sanyukta joins them after Aryan’s request.
Randhir smirks and says in heart- enjoy as much as you want Sanyukta Aggarwal coz after sometime you will meet your hell.
Randhir looks at Vidhushi and goes to her.
“You should enjoy na..why are you sitting like. See your friend is enjoying so much” Randhir says.
“That also goes with you..your ex is dancing with her new best friend and you are watching this so calmly.” Vidhushi replies smilimng sarcastically.
“Don’t you dare to tell anyone about our past relationship. Nobody knows here about me and Sanyu.”Randhir threatens.
“Yeah I know..she already told me..but you should enjoy her success na” Vidhushi smirks.
“I know you very well..I know what you are trying to you really think I will get into your words?” Randhir says smirking.
“You know what I also know you very well…you are sitting here calmly and enjoying the party without planning anything against her it’s quite hard to believe” Vidhushi sarcastically says.
“You are still same, Vidhushi” Randhir laughs.
“Even you won’t still that same egoistic. You want my help and make me your partner for today’s plan. But you will never say that directly” Vidhushi says laughing.
“You are really intelligent. So can I share my plan without wasting time more.” Randhir says getting serious.
“Yeah, otherwise your ex will get doubt on us” Vidhushi replies.
Randhir says something and then says “Don’t do anything more than that. Otherwise Sanyu will get doubt. You just do this, I will take care of the rest.”
“Ok..done” Vidhushi says while going.
Everybody gets exhausted after dancing.
“I can’t dance more.”Shanaya say while sitting.
“Yeah ..lets do some other thing” Joy exclaims.
“Yeah.. Joy is saying right” Kritika says looking at Arjun who is busy in romancing with Becky stealthily.
“What about truth and dare game” Vidhushi exclaims.
Everybody agrees with her but Sanyu denies.
“Come on Sanyu..why are you you have any secret which you don’t want to get out” Vidhushi says smirking.
This idiot will spoil my plan for sure-Randhir says in mind.
Though Sanyu gets confused with Vidhushi’s words but agrees on other’s insistence.

Precap: Sanyu broken and someone’s entry.
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