Sanyukta enters ISRC and checks in. She hears about a new boy joining there group who is a genius. In last task where everyone failed, he saved their life. Sanyukta says in heart that so the competition is going to be tough.

A boy is shown talking with Shanaya who was irritating him from quite a long time. The boy starts feeling little weird and Shanaya calls him ‘Sadoo Sheikhu’. The boy suddenly remembers someone calling him ‘My Sadoo Genius’. He boy at once asks Shanaya not to call him ‘sadoo’.
Shanaya asks him why he always remains like this, he should enjoy his life. The boy smiles faintly and says ‘you know my life; I have nothing for which I enjoy’. Shanaya asks him to make a wish to get his life back. He says that it’s impossible for him and he never prays to god for anything, (whispering) except for one.

Shanaya continues to pressurize him, so with no option left, he agreed to do so. Shanaya says he don’t have to pray god, her style is different.

She plucks one of his eyelashes and puts it on his closed fist and asks him to pray something closing his eyes then blow it out. Having no other option, he does so and opens his eyes.
He looks on stunned and looking at his expression Shanaya looks back and finds Sanyukta standing there with numb expression. Sanaya shouts ‘Oh..hi..Sanyukta, you are back’ and introduces both of them to each other. Hearing Shanaya’s shout both comes into sense and just shakes their hands and goes from there. The boy reveals to be Randhir.

Shanaya looks at Randhir and gets surprised as she sees some spark in his eyes. She never sees this and asks him about it. Randhir excuses himself and goes to a lonely place and sits there.
So many emotions are visible in his face. He himself is not understanding what he is feeling right now.
Randhir says in his mind-‘Was that true what I saw there? Sanyukta…here? Why? Oh! How can I forget this is ISRC and obviously she has come here to pursue her dream only….otherwise for whom she will come? What the hell are you thinking Randhir? ……. but I am seeing her after two long years…yeah I am seeing my Sanyukta after two long years!’

Very next moment he freezes on his thought …how can he say her his Sanyukta?
He again says to himself ‘ can she be mine? She is not for anyone…the person who can even take anyone’s life just for her ambition can’t be of anyone…How can you be so stupid Randhir? I am sure that my presence is not even bothering her. Her presence also not bothering me…I have no such feeling for her.’

Randhir’s heart and mind is just going in totally opposite directions. He doesn’t want to feel anything for Sanyukta but at the same time his heart beating is raising gradually on her name. Somewhere he is happy that he sees his Sanyukta after two long years. If his mind is telling him Sanyukta is not his..his heart is telling she is his only. Somewhere Randhir is feeling as if he gets his life back but the accident is preventing him about thinking so. Randhir is just juggling between his mind and heart coz somewhere he is feeling guilty for leaving her.

Here Sanyukta directly goes to her room and sits in her bed in thud. She condition is also same like Randhir. She is also in big dilemma. One side she is facing her past again and on the other side her is getting restless seeing her first and as well as last love.
Both Sanyukta and Randhir start pacing here and there. Still their condition remains the same so both of them think to go out and end up bumping into each other in canteen as both wanted to come in canteen.

They start feeling awkward. They don’t get from where to start. But Sanyukta suddenly remembers something and asks Randhir to talk to Parth as Parth wanted to meet him. Randhir doesn’t get anything so Sanyukta explains him about Parth’s survival. Randhir gets happy and hugs her in excitement. At the same moment both Shanaya and Aryan enters for Randhir and Sanyukta respectively and gets surprised. Here both Sandhir get embarrassed but composes themselves.
Shanaya understands Sandhir’s college connection and Randhir’s excitement for Parth. Suddenly, an announce is heard and all four rushes in their lab cum cabin and finds Nirmaan awaiting them.
Nirmaan discuses about their upcoming task for choosing ‘Lead Astronaut’. He tells that the tasks will be tough and only that person will get the title who will be able to prove that he/she is eligible to take this responsibility. Nirmaan insults Sanyukta indirectly by saying the one who has come here by fluke will soon realise his/her real position. However Sanyukta ignores that completely.

Nirmaan goes to his cabin and thinks something.

Nirmaan’s POV:

This girl is too much arrogant. Now I am confirmed that she will not go like this. Never mind, she will never be able to prove me wrong. I will prove through the tasks that she is incapable.
The next day starts with tasks. Everybody is asked to unscrew a screw from a box which is wrapped by wires. Nirmaan gives a demo and warns that a blast can happen if a small mistake is done.
Nirmaan asks Sanyukta to go first and smirks. He increases the electric supply so that it gets difficult for her. But Sanyukta manages to do that properly. Nirmaan gets surprised but again considers it as her luck. Later Shanaya, Aryan, Joy, Kritika, Sumit complete the task perfectly.
Later, Randhir’s turn comes and he goes. Suddenly the light goes off but he manages to complete it. Nirmaan says in heart “You are my choice Randhir…I know you are the best. The moment you breached the security I understood that you are a genius.”
Nirmaan gives a victorious smile.

This is it for today. I am not adding my imaginations right now; I am just shuffling the stories of serial. Actually, I myself want to relive the moments of SADDA HAQ, so I am delaying. But I will start it with in 6 th or 7 th episode.

Thank you guys for your valuable comments.

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