After Kishore Aggarwal’s departure, Sanyukta again starts from where she left.
Sanyukta’s POV:

Maa, now I am telling you the rest of the story. You know that day I understood one thing, I may want to forget him but still somewhere I am still worried for him like before. When I checked the details of that person and got sure that he was not that sadoo…I felt happy.
Oh god….I again start my stupid talks. Don’t get angry, I am telling you about ISRC.
That same night Aryan called me a 2 am and informed me that I could submit it in ISRC as the fuel I made that was not for domestic use. So, on his saying we both, I mean Aryan and I went to ISRC. But that is a high security area and we didn’t have an appointment so they refused me to Nirmaan Sir.

Oh…you are thinking na who is this Nirmaan Sir….well…he is the Director of ISRC, NIRMAAN NAMBIER. You know when I entered his cabin without any permission he got angry but you know me, you used to say na I am too stubborn. So, I somehow managed the situation and made Nirmaan Sir see my project. I was sure that he would like it but to my surprise, he called campus police and handed me over them saying that was their project and they cracked it a week ago. He accused me about theft and told that they were upto this project from three months. I was shocked as it was mine in FITE and I didn’t get that how could the Company sell it to ISRC on their name. He refused to listen to me and when I was outside Aryan assured me making everything fine. They took me police station and asked me accept it.

But I refused and papa came there. I thought that papa would scold me for this but he supported me and showed his trust on me. Later, I didn’t why they released me and let me go. When I came back home I got to know that ISRC was going to recruit new scientists for Mission Mars 2020 but post graduate is required for that. I didn’t understand what to do but later an idea popped in my mind. I straight went to Aryan and asked him to help me by making a false certificate. He looked at me in a shock but made that. He made a certificate of Masters in Aeronautics. I know that it was wrong but I had no other way to reach there. I wanted to get in through my invention but all went wrong.

So, next day I got chance to go there and give entrance exam there. I went there and that very night acid got spread in our room. One of the applicants informed us during our sleep and we all started to go out of our room. But one of us mistakenly stepped on the floor so Aryan and I helped him to get out.

Next day, Nirmaan Sir informed us that incident being a test for us. When I asked him about that applicant’s state he asked me not to get emotionally attached to anyone if I want to become something big. Then he informed about our next task where we have to decode a chemical formula through some questions. When I started to answer I understood that those questions were post graduate questions. I panicked as I didn’t know those answers. Suddenly I remembered that Nirmaan Sir told that those computers were being used from years. So, I took a tissue paper and start to rub it on the keyboard and I got to know which keys were used the most. That’s the way through which I got the answer.

I qualified to the next round. I was nervous as the next task was in space chamber and we had to repair the machine within 3 mins while the oxygen label of the chamber will drop constantly. When everyone succeeded and a girl named Shanaya assured me, I became confident but while doing the task, I felt suffocated. I didn’t understand what was happening with me and I fainted there.
Later when I came in sense, I felt that something was wrong but I was already eliminated but still I went to Nirmaan Sir to talk about that matter but he refused to listen anything. I came back home disheartened. But, as was feeling fishy and Papa also supported me, I tried to hack the system of ISRC. But as it was higher security zone, it became very tough for me. Though Aryan wanted to help me and quit ISRC, I stopped him but I took his help to hack the system as he is too good in it.

I found out that Nirmaan Sir opened the Carbon di oxide pipe so that I faint and loose the task. I indirectly sent that video to Nirmaan Sir to blackmail him. I asked him to say that I lost that task due to mechanical failure and he did that as he had left with no other choice. You know Maa, today I went to ISRC for rejoining. You know, I drove car from here to Pune myself ater two long years. I am so happy today. I know Maa, I did wrong by doing but I had no other option.
Yeah…I forgot to tell you…Parth has gone to America for his future, I am so happy for him. After all he deserves much better life. But he is in contact with me.
I need to go now, you sleep, I have disturbed you for so long. But Maa, from tomorrow I will not be able to be here but you don’t worry, I will talk to you daily through Papa.
But Maa, I miss him so much, I wish he had been here with his Sanyu. Other than you only he knows me that much. You know na maa, he is my hero.
Good night…it’s already 2 am now I need to go. Tomorrow I am going to start my life afresh. Love you maa.
Saying this Sanyukta goes to her room and sleeps.

I am done for today…don’t worry from next episode you will get twists slowly…please wait till then.
Thank you so much guys for your comment.

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    Randhir kab aayga uske bina padhne ka maan nahi karta .vaisei think you’re story has sanyu as central character that’s why you elaborated her feelings

  2. Waiting for next episode. Keep writing

  3. SidMin

    wow loved it waiting for the next episode 🙂

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