The girl enters in that building and finds a boy waiting for her.
The boy says “How can the Captain cum Driver of FITE Dream Team be so late? As far as I know Sanyukta Aggarwal, she never misses her time. I guess you are her twin sister.”
The girl makes faces and says “Very funny but you are forgetting one thing Mr. Aryan, Mumbai roads are not any race track. So, I think you should thank me that I came so early.”
Aryan: Ok, baba, sorry…sorry. But you should hurry up, Sanyukta.
Sanyukta: Yeah, I am going…you go to your work. I will inform you, bye.
Saying this Sanyukta leaves from there itself and went in front of a cabin.
A nameplate was hanging there with the name NIRMAAN NAMBIER, DIRECTOR OF ISRC. She knocks the door and enters there hearing the permission of coming in.

A man facing his back towards her wearing black formals says “Welcome back Sanyukta Aggarwal, I was awaiting you so badly. You know, in my life I never awaited anyone so much. You should feel honoured”
Sanyukta doesn’t say anything and this irked Nirmaan more.
But he continues “Nobody ever dared to blackmail NIRMAAN NAMBIER but you did that. So be ready to face the consequences. I will make your life hell. You don’t deserve to be here and I will prove it. Nirmaan Nambier can never be wrong.”
Sanyukta calmly says: I will prove my worth to you, Sir. But one thing I believe that everybody makes mistakes.

This boils Nirmaan anger and moreover Sanyu’s confidence astonishes Nirmaan. For one second he thinks that she is somewhere very different than others but he shrugged of it due to his ego and says “You know what, if you have gone from here then nothing would have happen to you, your would have a better career anywhere else but you chose this way, so one thing will happen for sure that your whole career will be destroyed. Be ready for that. You know go now.”
Sanyukta just thanks Nirmaan and comes out from his cabin. Outside she meets Becky and she calls her mad and says that she did wrong by challenging Nirmaan and she is gone now. Sanyukta smiles and texts Aryan that her work is done, she is joining ISRC from tomorrow.
Sanyukta goes back to her home directly and packs her bags then goes to her mother’s room. Her mother had been in coma for two and a half years and still she is in that same state. She starts to talk with her.

Sanyukta’s POV:
Maa you know na how much I have tried to achieve this after Parth’s recovery. I am really thankful to Aryan for this. You know Maa after taking Parth in our home I also made him meet Aryan. He and Aryan tried so much to convince me. Later that idiot Aryan deliberately made a dispute in Parth’s body support machine….that stupid…

I mean Parth also knew this and when I repaired the machine they started their questions. And you know maa, papa also joined them. I somehow escaped by saying that might be a fluke. But you know in the next day that Aryan blackmailed me by saying that if I continued being stubborn then he would reveal his identity as ‘Dark Shadow’. He asked me to complete that fuel project which I left after making 96% stable and he gave me three days. I left with no other option so I again started to make the fuel. I really cracked it within those three and you know maa, I literally started to jump in happiness and went to his house to tell him the good news and he congratulated me.

Later we went to a stall to eat something where he landed in a scuffle with some cheap boys due to their comment on me and I really felt a protected friend in him. He also got shot by one of them. But what he told next that made me dumbstruck.

Maa, I know what Randhir did, after that I can’t forgive him but I can’t love anyone else also. You know the day when I first came to know that Aryan is dark shadow and I went to his house to know the procedure of his working, I saw the name ‘RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT’ on list of those person who died taking wrong drug. I don’t want to feel anything for him but I felt immense pain and got scared thinking of him. I still have a soft corner for him. So, that day when Aryan confessed about liking me I could not answer him but I have decided to continue our friendship coz I know that he is true gentleman.

Oh, Maa I forgot to tell you the most important thing, I am going to ISRC again tomorrow. You want know na how? Wait I will tell you.

Saying this Sanyukta drinks water and again starts to tell her mother everything.
Her father comes to her room and smiles seeing Sanyukta talking with Anju happily. He recalls how Sanyukta used to come to Anju every night in these two years though she used to come back late after meeting Parth almost every day but she never missed meeting Anju. Whenever she had to stay in hospital in night for Parth, she used to come home once and met Anju and spent some times with her and later went to hospital. He tells in his mind that we are very lucky Anju that we have got her as our daughter, she is more than a son and she loves you more than anything. He smiles and goes from there.

Guys, today I am stopping here…I know these two episodes are similar to SADDA HAQ but please wait for some time. I will take a little time to get into the real story. But for that these episodes are needed. So please wait patiently.

And thank you so much for your comment, though comments are very less till now but I hope it will increase after some time. Those who have commented here, their comments are very valuable to me.

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