Recap: Reason for sending Parth on his birthday revealed….Aryan and Tanya’s relationship truth out.
“Are you guys out of your mind…”
“From when did Aryan become my boyfriend?”
“We were never in any kind of relationship other than friendship.”
“Tanya and Aryan love e-o from 3 years…then what is wrong in all these?”
These words are like bomb to everyone.
All makes a ‘o’ shaped face hearing Sanyu. They can’t get anything what she just told them.
All they knew that Aryan loved Sanyu and wanted to propose her. But from the next day they saw Aryan and Tanya together and making romance. So, they thought that Aryan is cheating Sanyu. Though they hated her for her attitude but they thought to reveal Aryan’s betrayal for humanity. But now the words of Sanyu made them all numb.
Though everyone was shocked like hell but Randhir’s face starts glowing.
Randhir gives a idiotic smile to Sanyu and shows his whole 16 pairs of teeth.
Aryan who was frowning all the while gets confused with Randhir’s behaviour.

Aryan’s POV
Why this idiot is smiling like kid who gets his choclates after a lot whinning.
Tanya, Yoyo and Parth notice Randhir smiling…they look at each other and giggle softly. Sanyu looks at them and glares angrily and they zips their mouth.
Sanyu again look at others and says “If your queries are done…I think you all should go back to your work….lunch time is already over.” Saying this she starts going but again turns and says “And yeah…stop poking your noses everywhere an specially when you don’t know anything.” She glances Randhir for a while and sees him smiling still now and goes from there shaking her head a little. Sanyu goes in lab and recalls the whole incident. A small smile creeps into into her lips remembering Randhir’s action.
Here everyone comes back into senses hearing Sanyu’s words. They at first look at each other then look at Tanya and Aryan giving dumb expressions. While Aryan and Tanya give them death glares and goes from there fuming.

Yoyo and Parth couldn’t control anymore and laughs out loud.
Parth says while laughing “Hahahaha…you guys ar really impossible…what was the need of doing all these without knowing anything properly?”
“But Aryan wanted to propose Sanyu the day berofe you came…he himself told us…and..”Shanaya says.
“Does that mean that Sanyu and Aryan are in relationship…are you guys that much dumb…listen blaming is easy…but keep one thing in your mind…before you accuse someone…please ensure that what you are thinking that is all true…because if you find wrong then you only have to regret.” Saying this Parth goes from glaring Randhir.
They all looks on embarrased seeing Yoyo looking at them grinning.

Randhir’s POV
Oh god! Why I always make everything a mess…Randhir you are really a big idiot..without knowing anyting properly I just blamed Aryan. But now one thing is clear that Aryan and Sanyukta are not in any relationship but how? Aryan loved her right…this is so confusing…but never mind…thank god! Sanyu doesn’t love this idiot…what if she would have accepted him…then what would have happen to me?
Randhir is thinking all these with a pout on his face while others confusingly looks at Randhir. Vidhushi understands the reason of Randhir’s happiness and shakes her head.
Vidhushi’s POV
This Randhir is really impossible…why is he smiling like this? Here he doesn’t want anyone to know about him and Sanyu and on the other hand he himself is behaving such a way that would make anyone confuse.

Precap:Sandhir moments and some task.

Sorry guys this is a short one…actually my laptop is having some problem…so I write it from my mobile and I don’t have hanit to write with mobile.
I will get my laptop by tomorrow and I will post another one by this weekend this is too a big one. Thank you all for commenting.

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