—————————–HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017——————————-

Precap: Randhir and Vidhushi’s POV

Vidhushi irritatingly looks at Randhir. Then she stamps on Randhir’s foot suddenly to bring him back in the reality.
Ramdhir screams a little then looks at Vidhushi wide open eyes. When Vidhushi glares him, he gets everything and says “Wastage of time and effort…now come guys let’s go otherwise ‘farzi’ will start giving lectures.”
All looks at him shocked while Vidhushi looks at Randhir in disbelief.

Vidhushi’s POV
That means Randhir is lying…he still loves Sanyu madly…he was so desperate to expose Aryan and now when he came to know that Sanyu doesn’t love Aryan..rather than being embarrassed, he is getting happy..he loves her like hell. Still now she is his farzi.
Randhir understands what he said so tries to cover up “What? She is farzi come.” Saying this he goes from there.
All gathers in lab. But in each second they starts looking at Arya (Aryan+Tanya=Arya) and Sanyu.
The three of them understand others confusion but keep quiet as they were enjoying their confused faces and to some extent stupid antics like eavesdropping their conversation or trying to talk with Parth and Yoyo.
The three are laughing in their mind and Sanyu is somewhere little happy.

Sanyu’s POV
I will never be able to understand this ‘Sadoo’. He was so happy today after knowing Aryan isn’t my bf. From that moment only…he is so happy..still now he is making himself a show piece by continuous smiling which nobody has seen till now other than we FITEans. He doesn’t want anyone to know that we were in relationship but now his activities itself prove that he has interests with my life. My decisions, my relations still bothers him like before. I wish that incident wouldn’t have happened between us then everything would have been so perfect.
Like this the whole day passes. Randhir remains happy whole thinking about Sanyu’s words but still whole incident confused him totally. He desperately wanted to know what actually happened between Aryan and Sanyu. He decides to wait for night.
At night everyone gathers at canteen and all gets hold of Arya. They start shooting their questions.
Shanaya says “We are really sorry for morning incident Aryan…but you only confused us. That day itself you told us that you love Sanyu and you want to propose her…and today…”
Arjun interrupts “Yeah…you even made arrangements..right..then how came..”
Again Joy interrupts him “Sanyu even went there…then..”
Like this they all starts shooting their own questions at the same time and makes a complete chaos.
Aryan feels irritated and shout “Stop it…just stop it…if you guys continues doing like this then how will I tell haan?”
Everyone gets quiet. Then Aryan tells “Okk…listen then”

Aryan’s POV
I was waiting for Sanyu desperately…when she came I couldn’t control myself and I proposed her. But she stood there answerless for sometime and I thought it to be negative. She made me get up from my knees.
She told “Aryan I know for you our relationship is not just friendship for you. I knew it from long before. I want to ask you some questions and you have to answer me .”
I nodded and she asked “Don’t you have any kind of confusion with your feeling..Aryan.”
I couldn’t answer her at once and I was going to answer her she interrupted.
She told “Just do one thing Aryan..close your eyes..and say whom you find.”
I just followed her and closed my eyes. And after a second I opened my eyes with a jerk.
I found her smiling.
“Whom did you find Aryan?” She asked.
And I couldn’t answer.
She made me sit and said softly “Let me tell you…you found Tanya Rathod..right.”
I looked at her shocked. I didn’t get that how come she knew about Tanya.
She said “Don’t get confuse Aryan, I know about you two…remember Tanya was my college mate in 4th year and we got in a good bond of friendship…I knew about Tanya’s failed relationship from that time only.” She stopped from some time then said “ Look Aryan..that day when you told me that you liked me…I sensed your feeling…but I don’t know why I felt that you are little confused..And I never had this love feeling for you…and I didn’t want to break your heart…I somehow felt that you know the pain of love….that day I found Tanya’s picture in your laptop…and I understood that you were Tanya’s bf. I also got that you still love Tanya.”
“But she doesn’t love me” I said.
“ are wrong” she told “She asked you to not get involve in that as your life gets in risk and she was afraid to lose you. She loves you till now. You know what she got into relationship with Visarth to forget you but she couldn’t. She loves you..only you.”
I looked at her shocked. Now, I got a clear picture of my heart…yes I love Tanya…my love for Sanyu is just an infatuation…and it came may be due to my loneliness..she understood me, my point of view…so I took it as love…it’s just a friendship..but yeah one of the most worthy relation of my life.
I look at her apologetic but she said “Don’t get embarrassed or feel bad..It’s just a mistake…and it will never our friendship.”
I smiled seeing her understanding nature.
But then something struck in my mind and I said “ But Sanyu…I can’t quit my job now…I want to help them..I know it’s risky but still…”
Flashback ends
Joy interrupts “But what is your job…I mean what is risk in Mission Mars?”
Everyone looks at Aryan confused.
Aryan says “I am ‘Dark Shadow’..”
Everyone looks at him in utter disbelief.
Aryan smiles and says “This is the truth. Now let me complete and you will get to know everything.”

Aryan’s POV
Sanyu said “You are doing a good job…really a good job…but have you ever think if anything happen to you..then the person who loves you to the core…what will she feel.”
I looked at Sanyu shocked and now I got I took Tanya wrong.
Sanyu again said “You took her wrong, Aryan…I wanted you to stop all these but that doesn’t mean she don’t care for those victims whom you helped. She cares for them but she cares for you more as she loves you madly.”
I looked at Sanyu with guilt.
She said “Listen to me carefully,’s true that you help others. But you can do it in other way do the process of gathering evidence like before but stop confronting them personally. Just handover the evidences to police or reveal it in media. Like this you can help them and can be safe too.”
I just looked at astonished. Because every word of her is correct. She told me the easiest way to have both Tanya and passion at the same time.
Then one thing came in my mind again and I said to her slowly “But she will not forgive..I misunderstood her concern as selfishness…how will I get her…I lost her year back.” Tears start forming in my eyes.
She smilingly said “She will forgive you coz she loves you still now..and about getting her back then…see your back.”
I looked at my back and froze there itself.
My love, my life, my obsession was standing there with tears in her eyes.
I couldn’t resist myself and ran to her and hugged her tightly.
She hugged me back.
Sanyu came to us.
She said to Tanya “I know you listened to our fully..that’s why I asked you to come here…and one more thing, Aryan didn’t left coz he thought you selfish or something like that..He left you because he felt your life will be at risk for him…and he couldn’t afford to lose you.”
I looked at her in disbelief.
I didn’t get one thing that how come she knew all these…as I didn’t tell all these to anyone.
Sanyu told “I am going to ISRC and you two solve everything right now. If you don’t do that you will see the worst of me…and I promise that.” Saying this she left.
I and Tanya were crying by then. We remembered our which we spent three years back. We solved our problems that night itself.
I came back late and massaged Sanyu that everything was sorted between us.
Sanyu called me and told that she had a surprise for me and next I found Tanya at ISRC as additional IT Expert.
Flashback ends.
All looks at Aryan with shocked expression.
Aryan says “I hope that you guys will never tell anyone my truth…and yeah today if I and Tanya are together..then that is only because of Sanyu.”
Everyone feels embarrassed as they always thought Sanyu to be selfcentered but today Aryan talk moves then to the core. They find another Sanyu in Aryan’s wods who is mature, understanding and helpful.
Tanya says “Sanyu is the best friend anyone can ever get.”
Aryan says “I just don’t get one thing. Sanyu always says that she doesn’t believe in love and all but she understands love so well…she is so mature, so caring, so understanding.”
Parth snaps “But it is not obvious that everyone will think like you.” And he looks at Randhir curtly.
Randhir feels a sheering pain in his heart. He wants to be with her. But his ego isn’t letting him do that. He again starts juggling between heart and mind.
But “Sanyu always says that she doesn’t believe in love and all” these word are continuously revolving in his mind.
Tanya says “Forget all these guys..tomorrow is new year and we should enjoy it right.”
Everyone nodes and goes to their room.
Next morning everyone gathers in lan and find Ranawat there.
Ranawat says “Happy New Year everyone. But as you know this is ISRC so you can’t get any leave here. But a new guy is going to join you. And today your working is only till lunch. That’s your gift only.”
Saying this Ranawat leaves.
A guys wearing blue T-shirt, blue jeans and black leather jacket enters there.
He says “Hello Guys..I am Rishav..Rishav Khanna(You can think him as Yuvraj Thakur)..your new teammate.”
Sanyu comes front and says “Welcome…Hi..I’m Sanyukta..Sanyukta Aggarwal.”
Rishav gets mesmerised looking at Sanyu. She is in her normal jeans and shirt, but still she is looking gorgeous in that.
Sanyu confusingly looks at Rishab and snaps her fingers in front of him.
He comes into senses and says “So, you are our captain..nice to meet you.”
While others greet. him, he continuously steels glances of Sanyu. Randhir notices this and fume in anger and jealousy.
Parth and Yoyo also notices this and chuckles as they know what will be Randhir’s reaction now.
Randhir stamps his foot in anger and leaves from there.
Everyone looks at Randhir confused while Sanyu smiles a little.

Randhir’s POV
Not again! Now only this Aryan chapter got over and from nowhere this idiot came.
Whether Sanyu is the only girl in the whole world! That every boy falls for her. And this idiot was looking at her like he is gonna eat her. Huh! I know she is beautiful but she is mine na..(pouting)…oh god! What I’m doing here…what if that gets stick to her…I should be there.
Thinking this he just rushes towards the lab almost running leaving others in his way totally confused.
Here, in lab Rishav is continuously staring on Sanyu rather than reading the pepers given by Sanyu.
Rishav’s POV
I was cursing dad for sending me here….but now I think dad took the best decision. Oh god! How beautiful she is…she is not even wearing short or so called gorgeous dresses but still she is just looking like an angel. Thank you so much god…I just fall in love in the very first sight with her…and now I will be with her each moment. She doesn’t seem like others rather she seems to be very professional and I just like her attitude. Now I will have to spend maximum time with her so that she also falls in love with me. And I will have to put efforts for that coz she seems tought nut to crack. And I will do it to get my love.
Rishav goes to Sanyu and says “I read the whole thing and but still I will need your help to get comfortable.”
Sanyu says “Yeah…sure…you start and I will obviously help you when it’s needed.”
Rishav forwards his hand and says “So, friends?”
Sanyu shakes hand with him and nods smilingly.
Rishav goes to his desk and kisses his hand.
Rishav’s POV
So, the first step is complete…now I will make sure that the friendship turns into love.
Parth sees all these.

Parth’s POV
You have fallen in love with a wrong person Rishav. Sanyu is easy to be loved but she can’t love anyone other than Randhir and I know this truth. May be Sanyu is angry with him but doesn’t hate him and neither she has forgotten him. Deep inside her heart her love is hidden. You are giving water in a barren land, Rishav and no fruits can grow here.
Randhir enters in room and sees Rishav sticking to Sanyu. He fumes and goes to Sanyu.
He says “Sanyukta, actually I need something to clear…so I need your help. Come with me and help me.”
Saying this he almost drags Sanyu to his desk and starts showing her some papers and asking useless questions.
Everyone looks at Randhir open mouth as they were not getting how can Randhir need some help while Parth, Yoyo and Tanya giggles understanding Randhir’s jealousy.
Sanyu looks at Randhir amused as she didn’t notice Rishav’s feeling till now.
Like this the lunch time comes and everyone goes from lab immediately as they didn’t want to work more on New Year Day.
They gather in canteen and shouts HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 together. And starts gossiping.
Though they were sad that they can’t celebrate it grandly but they decide to spend time with each other.
After some time Sanyu also joins them and Rishav goes to her and sits with her.
He starts chatting with her. Others notices this and understands that Rishav likes Sanyu.
Randhir comes back as he was out for some purpose.
That time Rishav was serving Sanyu her black coffee. Randhir fumes looking at this.

Randhir’s POV
Idiot…arggg…stop sticking on her like this. Look at yourself and look at her. How can she accept a monkey as her bf. Think about it. Duffer…he is tryng impress Sanyu like this….wait stupid monkey, I will show you your right place.
He intentionally numps onto Rishav making the cup fall. Randhir makes an apologetic face and says sorry.
Rishav doesn’t get anything and nods simply.
Randhir takes another cup of coffee and gives to Sanyu saying her sorry.
Sanyu jaw drops down seeing Randhir this much jealous.
Rishav starts to talk with Sanyu but Randhir again comes in between. He starts asking Sanyu questions regarding future projects which are actually very silly as those are really not related to it.
Rishav feels irritated but remains silent as he couldn’t understand anything properly.
Others look on confused while Sanyu starts chuckling.
Rishav gets frustrated and gets in between saying he needs Sanyu’s help.
Randhir enrages and asks for tea from canteen. After getting tea he comes to Sanyu saying one last question. After asking question he starts going back and slips intentionally making the whole cup of tea falling on Rishav.
Rishav angrily looks at Randhir while he makes a cute apologetic face. Rishav goes from there cursing Randhir under his breath for spoiling his time with Sanyu.
While Sanyu looks at Randhir shockingly and bits her lips to control her laugh.
Randhir makes an excuse and drags Sanyu from there.
When Rishav comes back changing his dress, he doesn’t find Sanyu there and gets sad.

Precap: Teaser part.

So guys, as yesterday is New Year, so I didn’t write anything much emotional. I tried my best to write in funny way but I am very bad in it. So, the episode is not that funny also.
And yeah one more thing…thoguh I didn’t like Aryan with Sanyu but I liked Aryan. I felt that in Sadda Haq Aryan deserved someone who will love him. As I can’t even think other than Sandhir, so I found it to be best way to pair Aryan with someone else. That’s why I brought Tanya’s character in my ff.
I didn’t drag the new celebration part coz in some institute like this…celebrating new year grandly is really impossible.
And I wanted to post it on 1st Jan itself but TU didn’t accept any new submission on 31st Dec and 1st Jan…so I had to post it today.

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