Recap: Sandhir’s breakdown…Parth’s birthday celebration.
Next morning, everyone gathers at lab and starts to work. But, Parth is still absent. Everyone steals glances at each other and looks at Sanyu. They make disgusting faces thinking about Sanyu’s act in previous night.
Aryan, Tanya and Yoyo notice all these and gets angry but doesn’t react as they know very well that if it was required then Sanyu herself would have reacted till now. Though they don’t even know that where Parth is, still they had full faith in Sanyu that she wouldn’t have spoil Parth’s birthday if it was not that required.
They also noticed one thing that Sanyu only send him after the party got over and when they were just chit chatting casually. So, they also understood one fact that Sanyu didn’t spoil the party whatever the reason was.
They decide to wait till Parth returns as they know it very well that Parth will definitely support Sanyu after coming back.
Aryan goes towards Sanyu and starts talking with her. They two start talking smilingly. Seeing Sanyu’s happiness with Aryan, Randhir’s blood boils. He recalls how Sanyu denies to believe that Aryan is cheating over her.
Randhir recalls that both Tanya and Aryan went towards the secluded place of ISRC during lunch time and romanced. Randhir decides to take Sanyu there to show her Aryan’s reality.
Shanaya notices him looking at Aryan and says “Why are you bothering about Aryan cheating on Sanyu?”
Randhir doesn’t get what to answer coz he can’t tell her about his past with Sanyu.
Randhir answers “Coz I want to prove her wrong.” Saying this he goes from there.
Shanaya and others looks at him confusingly.
But then Shanaya shrugs off as she knows that how much Randhir hates Sanyu.
Others also think the same and concentrate on their work. Aryan, Tanya and Yoyo don’t bother about any of them.
Sanyu has already heard them and smiles a little.
Randhir goes to his room and starts thinking.

Randhir’s POV
I’m sorry Shanaya…but I can’t tell you the truth. Yes…yes..I do care for her. But I can’t lose your friendship…you were my only friend in these two years. I know that you think that you know everything about me…you are my closest one and I want you to believe that. I don’t want you to know that you don’t know the biggest secret of my life or say that you don’t know my biggest attachment ….what the hell…why I’m saying like this…She was my biggest attachment and now…she is nothing to me…just nothing.
A lone tear escape from his eyes but he wipes it and goes to lab again.
He again finds Aryan close to Sanyu and feels the same pinch in his heart.
Shanaya and others notice him and Shanaya goes to him and holds his hand assuring.
Others also come to him.
Joy exclaims “You are such a good person, Randir…you still want to prove Aryan’s betrayal even after our captain’s distrust.”
Arjun says “Yeah…and we all will help you…its just because of our humanity.”
Kritika also says “And of course to make our captain understand that she can’t be right all the time.”
Becky supports “And I hope she understands the real meaning of a teammate.”
Vidhushi snaps “It’s not that easy…she always thinks about herself…I’m sure..sure that she doesn’t love Aryan either…she is also using him as her support.”
Shanaya calmly says “But we will do it as we want to be right at our own place.”
Everyone agrees with the fact and decides to do the same.
But Shanaya feels something very different in Randhir.

Shanaya’s POV
Why Sheikhu is behaving so different…it seems that he wants to do it at any cost…not to prove Sanyu wrong but something else…but I’m not getting anything.
Shanaya softly says to Randhir “It’s okay…Sheihku..I know you can’t stand betrayal…we will do it.” Randhir simply nodes.
Vidhushi says in rage “Oh…come on Randhir…stop worrying like that…she is just your pas…”
“Stop it..Vidhushi…I respect woman…that’s why I’m saying like this” Randhir says in a rage.
Vidhushi gets everything and nodes simply.
Everyone gets a little confuse but brushes of their thoughts and goes to their respective desks.
Randhir goes towards Vidhushi in the lieu of work and whispers “Don’t you dare to say them about mine and Sanyu’s past…I don’t want them to know about it…keep that in your mind.”
Vidhushi whispers “I’m really sorry…I just said in a are my friend now…I know how it feels to see your love in front of your eyes when you are already cheated. I also want her to suffer. I lost Parth only coz of her..I know I marry Ankit on my own wish…and for his bank balance…but I started realizing my mistakes during competition…but Parth’s accident changed everything…I thought she will help me in adjusting…in getting freedom but she didn’t even care a bit…she was busy in her own world..and I thought her to be a very good friend…but I was wrong…she also cheated me in friendship.”
“What you used to love Parth?” Shanaya’s question brings back bth of them to world.
Randhir understands everything and says “Yes…Vidhushi and Parth used to love each other…but Vidhushi wanted to marry Ankit for her safe future as she struggled a lot from her childhood..but she started realizing her true love for Parth during ompetition and wanted to break her engagement with Ankit..but Parth’s accident changed everything..Vidhushi got married to Ankit…Sanyu’s family is conservative…they don’t allow woman’s work or freedom…Sanyu ran away from her house to continue engineering..she used to say about woman’s freedom.she always disobeyed her father regarding her career…so Vidhushi thought that Sanyu will help her after marriage to get her freedom…but she just thought of establishing her own career…forgetting about Vidhushi’s life.”
“No wonder…you also hate her, Vidhushi” Kritika says feeling sorry for Vidhushi.
Sanyu was listening all these from back while Aryan, Tanya and Yoyo are out of room. Sanyu smiles faintly herself.

Sanyu’s POV
Again misunderstanding…Vidhushi doesn’t even know why I couldn’t look into the house matters in these two years..but still I tried my best…Vidhushi forgot that she used to go with bhai in business trips and offices often…she still thinks it’s only due to bhai…she doesn’t even know that I convinced papa to give her works slowly…papa couldn’t involve her fully as she wasn’t trained enough in that ground. So, papa was training her slowly so that she can get habituated…and then he thought of giving her surprise by declaring her to be a partner..but seeing me joining ISRC, she wished to join here and I convinced papa again to let her join…but I asked papa not to mention my name as I didn’t want to make her feel in debt..but she misunderstood the whole thing…I know I couldn’t give her enough attention as I got busy regarding Parth…and he became my first priority over everything…but wished that she will not take me this much wrong…but she also misunderstood me like she even complicated her and Parth’s relation…I can feel their love…but what can I do now? If she took the semester seriously then may be all these problems may not have crept in…during training session she neglected it…complicated her career…so it was taking time to make her habituated..I wish at least she would have tried to understand me.
Sanyu lets out a sigh and concentrates on her work.
After some time Aryan, Tanya and Yoyo return and resume their work.
Suddenly Sanyu feels a jolt and when she stands up, she just feels a bone crushing hug.
Sanyu laughs a little and before she can tell anything, the person almost shouts “You know what…you are a genius…just a genius…how came you get this type of surprises…how did you know that I was missing maa…I wanted to meet her badly?…you always…”
But Sanyu interrupts him “I will explain but leave me first,Parth…my bones aren’t made up of iron.”
Parth makes a puppy face with sorry look.
Sanyu smiles and says “Actually, you told me some days ago na…that you don’t want to keep aunty in Lucknow any more…you want her to be in Mumbai…but you aren’t getting proper opportunity. So, I thought to surprise you by this on your birthday. Now, aunty is in Mumbai..that too near my house and I told Ramesh uncle…he will help her in adjusting here…so don’t worry…and before you start…let me tell you..this is not rented…it’s my own apartment…so, don’t think about paying and all.”
Parth looks at Sanyu through tears and says “You know what…you are the best friend anyone can ever get…you give my best birthday gift ever…and you are really impossible…you troubled Ramesh uncle also for those cakes, gifts and all rations. Why did you do that? And I don’t understand why he don’t get tired fulfilling your these type of demands.”
Sanyu – Actually Aunty came yesterday noon itself…so from where will she buy after she will get time, so she will manage I know.
Parth – I know you are not going to accept my thank you…so I will not say that…but still this was the my best ever birthday gift.
Sanyu – Okk.ok…but now spare me…and get ready for your pending work. I’m not gonna spare you for that.
Parth laughs a little and says “I know captain…I’m coming back just within two mins.”
Sanyu smilingly nods.
Parth turns to go and sees that others looking at them in astonishment.
Parth understands everything…he gets a little angry remembering Vidhushi’s yesterday night’s words. He understands that everyone thought that Sanyu sent him for her own work.
Parth couldn’t help but taunts “But Sanyu, don’t give surprise like this…it becomes shock often.” Saying this he goes out in rage which is easily sensed by Sanyu.
Sanyu sighs a little as she knows it very well that why he taunted them like this.
Tanya comes and says “You are really impossible…Parth is right…your surprises often become shocks.”
Sanyu smiles “Is it? Then I should change my way…right?”
Aryan laughs and says “But still…it remains the best…as always.”
Yoyo supports “So..don’t change those…Sanyuktaji…sometimes shocks are required.”
Sanyu laughs and says “But now resume your work…and I think you all should resume it as well (looking at others…but specially Randhir).”
Randhir, Vidhushi and others look down with guilt.
They don’t get what to say and how to apologise to her.
Ranhir feels a flinch in his heart.

Randhir’s POV
It means, she send Parth to meet his mother…she arranged flat for Parth. Oh god! Without knowing I again blamed her. What if that accident also…what bull shit I’m thinking…that happened in front of our eyes. She herself accepted.
Forget it…but I have to tell her Aryan’s truth…I can’t let Aryan hurt her anymore.
As lunch comes everyone goes out to have lunch. But Sanyu and Parth remain in lab for their work.
While taking lunch, Randhir notices Aryan and Tanya absent. He gets where they can be. He signs Shanaya and Shanaya talks to others.
Randhir goes towards Yoyo and asks him to come with him.
Yoyo gets confuse and asks for the reason…but Randhir convinces him to come with him.
All of them go towards the back of ISRC…which is practically very secluded area.
They all finds Aryan and Tanya kissing e-o passionately. They feel disgusted.
Yoyo instantly closes his eyes and asks Randhir “Randhir paji…why you take me here to watch free movie..let’s go.
Randhir says “Are you mad…we should tell it Sanyu…Aryan is two timing with her.”
Saying this he rushes towards Aryan before Yoyo can say anything.
Others also rush there.
Randhir holds Aryan’s collar and bursts out “You bastard…how dare you…you are two timing with both Sanyu and you talk about loving Sanyu(his voice automatically chokes but he covers) and here you are romancing with Tanya. (turning to Tanya) What kind of friend you are? You are cheating your friend along with this bl***y idiot. You….”
Tanya interrupts in rage “Stop it..Randhir…don’t you dare to use these type of words against Aryan…and don’t speak when you don’t know anything…you are insane…how..”
Randhir boils in anger and says “I am insane…may be…but what about you…you cheating your own friend…betrayar…”
Aryan jerks Randhir “Hold your tongue..Randhir…you are talking with a girl…and which kind of cheating you are …why the hell you think that I am cheating…”
Shanaya says in disbelief “You asking the reason…are you mad..”
Yoyo hits his head seeing all these and calls Sanyu asking her to come immediately.
Their argue continue and Aryan and Tanya are quite blank regarding all these.
Sanyu comes and gets shocked seeing the scenario.
She interrupts “What the hell…why you are arguing like these?”
Before anyone can say anything Randhir groans “Look at your best…he is romancing with Tanya…and it is happening from the day Tanya came here…and there he talks of loving and proposing you (his voice chokes again).”
Everyone starts supporting Randhir…makes a pandemonium.
Sanyu shouts “Stop it…just stop it…are you guys out of your mind…from when did Aryan become my boyfriend? We were never in any kind of relationship other than friendship. And Tanya and Aryan love e-o from 3 years…then what is wrong in all these?”
Everyone makes and utter shocked face
Yoyo and Parth starts giggling silently…while Aryan and Tanya frowns.
Sanyu makes an utter irritated face…while Randhir face starts glowing hearing Sanyu’s words.
When others are embarrassed…Randhir feels like dancing around but somehow controls himself.

Precap: Whole truth out…some Sandhir moments…may be accident part also.

I am really very sorry…I wanted to write but I was really unable….Actually at first I had a series of exams in last week…then again one departmental seminar and another iner college seminar…so I couldn’t make it happen…I have another exam in this week too…but I somehow manages to write…plz..plz spare me for that.
And thanks to all of you for reading my ff…though I’m getting that much comments but still I’m happy that you guys are reading…it matters to me a lot…I’m sorry I couldn’t comment back.

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