Recap: Nirmaan’s POV, Yoyo’s entry…Aryan proposes Sanyu.
Here is the next episode.
Next day everyone gathers at gym as their fitness training is about to start. They wait for Sanyu. After some time Sanyu and their trainer come together while discussing on some matter. Aryan and Sanyu both smiles seeing each other. Both Yoyo and Randhir notices them. Yoyo gives a tight smile to Aryan while Randhir frowns.
“What the hell..yaar..why this Aryan is giving closeup addwala it that much required to show his teeths..huh” Randhir murmurs while frowning “And my farzi engineer…she is also smiling like she has reached in heaven itself seeing him…she never smiles looking at me like this. Oh God! I wish I could punch this Aryan’s face and make him look like a monkey…then my farzi would have laughed and make fun of him looking at his face instead of smiling like this.” He continues his murmuring but suddenly gets a push.
Randhir looks at his other side and sees Yoyo. He understands Yoyo pushes him and gives him a death glare. He stops his murmuring, understanding the reason of yoyo’s pushing.
Yoyo gives him a tight smile and looks at other direction and finds Sanyu looking at both of them with confusion. He immediately runs away from there giving an excuse of some important work.
Meanwhile, Randhir looks at Sanyu and smiles idiotically without understanding what to do. While Sanyu gets more confuse but shrugs off her thought and concentrates on gym instructor’s words. But she smiles a little recalling the recent incident which is left unnoticed by everyone.
Actually when Yoyo sees Randhir glaring Aryan, frowning and murmuring, he tries to listen his talks as he was standing beside him. But he was not getting anything so he bends a little towards Randhir and starts hearing him carefully. He starts giggling silently hearing Randhir and bends more to listen more clearly. He was so engrossed in listening him that he didn’t notice that how much he bent and falls on Randhir mistakenly. When Randhir notices Yoyo after getting pushed, he understood the whole thing…whereas everything was noticed by Sanyu. That’s why when Yoyo sees Sanyu noticing them he ran away from there.

After discussing everything with Sanyu, the trainer teaches them some basics and gives them some asks related to their fitness. At first everyone runs through the tyres and then they are asked to do push ups.
Randhir and Aryan are paired together. Randhir gets irritated seeing Aryan along with him. He puts all his strength to do better than Aryan. Both Randhir and Aryan get exhausted but Randhir somehow manages to do more than Aryan. After that, he gives Aryan an attitude look though Aryan gets confused with Randhir’s behaviour.
There after other teammates do the same.
At last Sanyu’s and Shanaya’s turn come. They start doing it but Sanyu stops after a while. Sanyu finds it too difficult for her so she quits.
Arjun taunts that being the captain she couldn’t do it. Randhir smirks but when Aryan goes towards Sanyu, he feels a burning sensation inside his heart.
Everybody goes from there after completing session. Sanyu asks them to gather in lab and start their work. But she leaves telling that two new members are going to join their team. She handovers Aryan some papers asking him to give those to them in she doesn’t return.
Aryan asks confusingly “Who are going to join now, Sanyu? And are you fine…you don’t seem to be fine at all.Tell me what wht happened” he asks with concern.
“You will get to know in sometime” Sanyu says smiling and goes from there hurriedly.
Sanyu goes outside of ISRC and calls someone.
“I forget the name..can you please massage’s really urgent..sorry..sorry.. don’t tell papa..plz..plz..plz..yeah..yeah..I will take care of myself..this is the last time.. I promise ..thank you so much” Sanyu huffs and goes from there.
Randhir hears Sanyu and gets confused (in mind) – What happen now? This girl is really impossible…don’t know what did she do now..forget it why should I care..Aryan is there na.

After sometime a girl and a boy enter ISRC and goes to reception. They show their ID and goes to the directed room. Both gets shocked finding Ranawat there. Ranawat takes them to lab along with him.
Ranawat – Guys,,here are your new them.
Randhir exclaims in utter excitement “Parth! are joining ISRC” saying this he almost runs towards Parth and hugs him tightly “I can’t believe yaar…I am seeing you…how are yoy…why didn’t you contact me should have tell na.”
Parth calmly “ you relly think that not contacting you was my fault..I guess you are the one who left from there without informing anyone…so that’s not my fault..okk..and I was in would I contact only didn’t try to know how I am…and now you are blaming me.”
“Sorry..yaar..Extremely sorry..I thought that…leave are here that’s the good thing” saying this Randhir hugs him again.
Vidhushi looks at Parth through tears in her eyes. She feels an urge to him. She didn’t know anything about Parth. She just knew that Parth got fine and he came to Sanyu’s house when she was in Dubai with Ankit. Parth left from there before her return. So. Vidhushi just knew about Parth getting well.
Parth notices Vidhushi but doesn’t react anything..Yoyo comes and hugs Parth.
“Welcome Parth bhai..and welcome are you..I never expected that you will join ISRC” Yoyo says.
“Even I also didn’t expect it Yoyo” Tanya says.
Vidhushi gets irritated seeing Tanya there.
Everyone greets them one by one.
“She is joining as additional IT expert and Parth is joining as a scientist…now stop your introduction and start your work..don’t waste your time” Ranawat says sternly.
“Sir, our captain only is absent here..we all are working only” Arjun says.
“That’s not your problem…I guess Sanyukta already gave you needful materials..and Yoyo is also here..the schedule is ready you shouldn’t bother about your captain’s presence…every time your captain will not be with you…and if you are telling about her own part which she have to prepare…then for your kind information, she has already completed it…so stop your own work fast.” Ranawat snaps and goes from there.
Aryan comes forward and handovers both Parth and Tanya some papers and says “Guys these are your schedule…you go and change and take some rest…till then read all these…you will get to know about the progress till now…everything is given here in details..Sanyuka personally made it…so you will not have any problem.”
“Thanks Aryan…but where is our captain?” Parth says.
“She has gone for some work…she will come back after sometime…I called her a while ago…so don’t worry” Aryan says smiling.
Randhir fumes hearing Aryan words and feels like punching him.
Tanya says “Okk…we will go and change…we are joining you after sometime” saying these both left.
Tanya enters her room and sees an empty bed. She keeps her things there and thinks about her meeting with Aryan.

Tanya’s POV
Oh god! His Aryan is so cute yaar…how cutely he was talking…I just love it.
She starts blushing unknowingly and changes quickly and goes to canteen,
She sees Aryan entering canteen while sipping coffee. She goes to him and says “Hello
Aryan know..when I saw you coming with papers after the greeting I thought you
will be rude…but you talked so sweetly..I liked it very much…can we be friends?”
“Are you trying to flirt with me?”Aryan asks.
“I like to flirt with handsome boys…you are cute too…and I think that healthy flirting is
not that bad” Tanya says smiling.
“Oh god! Tanya, plz stop your nonsense…..What is the need of flirting, my girl” saying
this Aryan pulls Tanya and she lands in his lap. Aryan pecks her lips slightly and says
“You how much your bf missed you..he was dying to see you and are flirting
here” Aryan says with a pout.
“Haww..but I guess we met last night itself” Tanya chuckles.
“So…you are not interested…well very good..I am going” saying this Aryan gets up.
Tanya instantly holds his hand and pecks his lips and says “Don’t you dare…don’t you
dare to go leaving me…I will kill you then”
“ you wish.” saying this Aryan laughs and hugs Tanya tightly.
“But don’t dare to flirt with any other here” Aryan warns her.
“Oh! Sure my possessive bf” Tanya laughs “How can I flirt with someone else..haan..
After all I come here only for you na.”
“I love you Tanya…I love you so much..No one can take your place in my life..three
years have passed of our love..but you still seems new to me.” Aryan says smiling.
“I love you too..Aryan” Tanya says while hugging him.
“Wait..wait” Aryan breaks the hug and goes from there abruptly.
Aryan in mind-I have to call Sanyu..where is she..why doesn’t she turn up yet.
Thinking Aryan calls her immediately.

Precap: Randhir: Didn’t you get any other than that Aryan…he is cheating on you
Sanyu leaves from there.
Randhir drinking “Why are you not believing me..I hate you, Sanyu”
What do you think..yesterday only Aryan proposes Sanyu then why he said that he loves Tanya from three he really cheating on Sanyu? Then why he is caring for her? Is he cheating Tanya?
Sanyu being fit always..why she couldn’t do the task? With whom she was talking?
Thank you all for your valuable comments….. and sorry for being late. Actually my Classes were going toopen from 10th Nov but due to urgency it started from 2nd Nov I was not getting time to write. I am really sorry for that. I will try to write as soon as possible.

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