Recap: Clash amid Sanyukta and team regarding her past and Nirmaan’s POV
The episode starts with Nirmaan and Mrs. Subramanium’s conversation.
Mrs. Subramanium looks at Nirmaan with horrified expression. She only knew that Sanyu planned to destroy asteroid along with Aryan and Sumit. But when Randhir launched missile though Sanyu’s plan was to launch missile 2 in the last moment, she thought that Randhir intentionally did it due to ego clash with Sanyu. But when the asteroid destroyed, she thought it happened accidentally or some unwanted mistakes had happened in calculation which turned into benefit. Coz when she noticed Sanyu, at first she saw astonishment in her eyse rather than any kind of winning expression. And moreover when everyone expresses their shock, she also did so. She acted boggled so though Randhir doubted Sanyu being behind the whole incident, nobody believed him. Actually she never thought that Sanyu can plan so smoothly that none can doubt her.

“But sir, by only changing the fuel, how come the energy get doubled…I mean our team also made the fuel..then…” Mrs. Subramanium asks.
“Do you remember when Sanyukta came here with her fuel project..I made her arrest thinking she stole our project as the company told me that it was their fuel project. But the truth is…that fuel…I mean 96% stable fuel was made by Sanyu only…she did it when she was in 4th year…she started the project for herself but when their team wasn’t getting any sponsor, she sold the project to the company and got sponsorship in return. After two years, she again started it and made the fuel 100% stabilized within 3 days and came here to show me as per Aryan’s advice. But she didn’t know that that company had already sold the patent of the oil to ISRC. I misunderstood the whole fact and made her arrest.” Nirmaan pauses.
“But sir, how do you know that..” Mrs. Subramanium tries to ask.
“When the missile 1 destroyed the asteroid, I got confused and I checked everything…I understood that the missile was launched according to normal plan…actually I planned to hack the system and project it from an angle so that the missile hit the asteroid but the starting speed made me realise that Sanyu’s plan is successful…so I didn’t hack that. I started to think why she launched missile 1 coz I also thought that she will hack the system and launch missile 2. But she thought quiet ahead of us…she thought about every possible problems and chances. I bet she also thought to hack and launch missile 2 and I am pretty sure that when Randhir agreed to help her, she doubted him. But she didn’t show it, not even to Aryan and smartly execute her plan in a total different manner. When I analyzed everything, I understood that the fuel was changed as the initial speed was doubled. Then I remembered Sanyu’s project file and it was with me. So I read everything and got sure that it was Sanyu’s project. And moreover I confirmed it through on her professor.” Nirmaan completes.
“That’s why you chose Sanyu as captain..but she also failed in last task” Mrs. Subramanium says.
“Are you sure that task was not manipulated?” Nirmaan says smirking.
Mrs. Subramanium gives Nirmaan an unbelievable look.
“I knew that if I don’t manipulate the task Sanyu will obviously win…and I don’t want her to get satisfied. That’s why I gave her such an equation which can’t be done in 15 mins even if the person remains in proper condition. And there was a poisonous gas to distract her. I also increased the intensity of the gas during her time. I wanted her to lose so that she tries more and more to reach my expectation. But I again judged her wrong. She doesn’t need any reason or target to flourish…she herself always sets a target for her..that’s her nature. And I also want her to be equal with other’s as that will help her to manage the team well.” Nirmaan says.
“But sir, the team is against her..and her past incidents is not even clear…she has so many allegations.” She says.
“I don’t care about her past…past is past…but I have doubt about that incident. I don’t know why…but I feel that she wasn’t responsible for that incident. She values life but in that accident she is behaving too cold…I’m damn sure that truth is something else and I will find that out.” Nirmaan assures her.
“The team needs her the most…she is like a racing horse who just know her goal and nothing can stop her” Nirmaan says and signs her to go.

Ranawat POV
I know you consider Sanyukta a racing horse but you didn’t understand one thing that she herself is the rider…you can never control her…none can control her..she will do only that what she will think right. Only she can make you understand your mistakes. She can change your thought as she has already changes you to some extent. She is 1st one who has proved you wrong.
Nirmaan’s POV

I always used to think that I’m always right but you proved me wrong. I couldn’t judge you properly. I don’t know why. But maybe you are different.
Here, Sanyukta is seen talking with a person and the person hugs her.
Sanyu- Come with and let me introduce you to all. She says while grinning.
Sanyu takes the person with her to canteen where everyone is present.
“Guys meet him…he is joining the team of mission Mars as a helper and supplier. As you know, in this type of mission always some materials are required in emergency situation and it gets hard to get that in the time, so our mentors have decided to appoint a person who will stay with us and supply us the needful materials whenever it’s needed and will also help us in our work.” Sanyu says to all while everyone gets excited to see the person.

“Hello ji…myself Kushwant Singh. Everyone calls me Yoyo with love, so you can call me Yoyo. I am here to help you. Woh..actually the matter is I do business of the stuffs which are related to these type of mission and also do small projects. But this is my biggest chance till now. Oh ji..though I passed graduation from FITE but it took six years to pass the 1st year only. So, I found it better to do a business rather joining some office. Toh ji…this is all I can say about me. Now…you can also say about you.” He says all these in a go. (I don’t think it happens in real but I didn’t get any other idea.)
Others look at him with amused expression.
“Why are you looking at me as if you have seen a ghost…I don’t look that bad. My papa and tauji only used to say me donkey…and Sanyuktaji and Randhir paji also used to call me idiot don’t know why…but you are staring me as if I’m a ghost. I know I’m not that handsome but don’t insult my look like this” Yoyo says with a pout.
“You can’t change what may happen….” Randhir says hugging “How are you…where were you…you know how much I missed your blabbering.”
“It’s not my fault Randhir paji…you only didn’t contact any of us in these two years…so don’t blame me” Yoyo also snaps back and hugs Randhir.
But Randhir doesn’t feel the warmth in Yoyo’s hug and gets quite surprised.
“Okk…baba I am sorry, now don’t get angry for that.” Randhir says smiling.
“Yeah” Yoyo says but still that warmth is missing in his voice.
Sanyu glares at Yoyo and goes from there asking others to report in lab.
Sanyu’s POV
Don’t know what this mad will do now…but I also can’t say him anything…after all he is angry on Randhir only for me. He supported me in these two years whenever I needed him like a true friend. I wish the situation doesn’t worse anymore.
The scene shifts to lab where everyone is working. Sanyu enters and handovers some papers to everyone.
“Study these papers. It contains the basics of upcoming tasks.” Saying this she goes to her desk and starts her work.
Aryan sits in opposite desk of Sanyu’s one. He stares at Sanyu lovingly. He recalls the incidents what happened since yesterday night.
Aryan’s POV
I know Sanyu…you are trying hard to show that nothing has happened. But I know very well, how much hurt you are. I want to sooth your pain. But I can’t. I know you will never like my interference. So, now I have decided Sanyu, today night only I will propose you so that I can share your pain. And I think this is the only way through which I can go that much close to you that you can share everything with me.
Yoyo enters lab with some materials and notices Aryan staring Sanyu. He goes to Aryan.
“Aryan paji, why are staring Sanyuktaji like that? Staring is rude na.” Yoyo says smirking and a little loud.
Aryan gets embarrassed and tries to leave.
“Do you have something in your mind? I can help you if you want.” Yoyo says smirking while Aryan blushes.
“Yeah…I want to propose her…can you help me?” Aryan says in excitement then gets embarrassed.
“Why not…why not? Of course I will” Yoyo assures him and looks at Randhir with corner of his eyes.
Randhir’s POV
What the hell! How can this stupid Aryan even think of proposing my Sanyu…and this Yoyo, he is trying to help him. How dare he?
While thinking all he mistakenly touches the wires and gets a shock. He yells in pain. Shanaya tries to see his hands but he jerks her hands and goes from there fuming. Yoyo smirks looking at Randhir.
Yoyo’s POV
Ohho Randhir paji…now you are jealous ha…not bad..not bad…you should be.
However Shanaya and others get confused with Randhir’s behaviour. But they confronts Aryan first about proposing Sanyu.
Arjun-Aryan, are you mad? You want to propose her even after knowing that…
Aryan interrupts and angrily says “Keep your stupid suggestion with yourself. I don’t need it. Let me decide what I should do. I know her and I am sure that it was just an accident and it would have happen with any other also.” And he leaves from there.
Yoyo looks at Aryan and says in heart- It’s good that atleast you believe her but still you don’t know the real truth. She was not responsible for that accident.
Aryan makes the needful arrangements for proposing Sanyu and asks her to meet him in XYZ cafe at sharp 8 pm.

Sanyu understands everything.
Sanyu’s POV
I know you want to propose me…and I promise I won’t disappoint you Aryan.
Sanyu gets ready and goes to the scheduled place.
Here Randhir is continuously punching his bag recalling Aryan’s word.
Randhir’s POV
What the hell yaar…why can’t I concentrate on anything…there is no relation between us…then why I’m not getting peace..I hate her…yes..yes..I just hate her. She doesn’t deserve my love…she is selfish…one day this stupid Aryan also understand what he has done….he will also regret that day. Forget it, Randhir, forget it.
But still he can’t calm himself and continues punching.

In XYZ place
Sanyu gets in and gets mesmerized seeing the decoration.
Aryan comes there wearing black tuxedo. He is looking quiet handsome. (But not that much good as Randhir looks)
Aryan- Sanyukta..I don’t want to yours and mine time. So I’m saying all these directly.
He sits on his knees and forwards an elegant diamond ring.
Aryan- Sanyukta, from the day I saw you…I felt attracted towards you…then I befriended you…I get to know you. I really don’t know when and how…neither I want to know….but I fell for you completely. I fell for that person who you actually are…I fell for your loving, caring nature…I fell for your everything. I can’t say more than these. All I can say that I love you and you are the best thing happened to me. And I promise you that I will never ditch you..I will never cheat you. I will be always with you what may happen. I want to spend my entire life with you. Will you spend your rest of the life with me Sanyukta? Please, answer fast ha…my knee is paining.

Precap: Sanyu and Aryan in canteen, talking happily with e-o…Randhir fumes seeing them together. Again an entry.
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