Sadda Haq crazy analysis Part -3

Hello again here is the third part well here we have seniors…..
>>>I m not trying to mock or insult anyone just fun purpose , all with due respect to all actors……
PLSSS BURA MAT MAANNA 😉 (pls. don’t feel bad or get offended)
#8 Renuka Sanyal she was Randhir’s mother who was a good money maker and a successful business woman loved Rd. but took wrong ways , troubled Sanyu. Chote baal wali aunti I mean had short hair , Khadoos to Sanyu hated her for….. she only knows her only love according to her family was Money….. emotionally challenged like her son , clever and knew how to use people for her benefit…….. in one way another Vids.

Song dedicated is- “money hai toh honey hai”
(if you have money you have Honey)
Honey is Rd. here her husband naaa 😛
Title is Mumma Khadoos Money

#9: Harshvardhan Singh Shekhavat ………. Huff!!!!! Name name suchhh a long name and nothing much to say about him just a big drunkard , emotional fool like Rd, supportive than Renuka towerds his son but easily manipulated and took wrong means to gain Rd’s sympathy ……….
Song dedicated is : ‘main Ho gya shraabi’
Title is Daddy Desi Wine
Well for him only wine hai khaas baaki aur bakwaas…. Clear hai 😉
(only wine is important rest all waste)

#10 Ranawat sirrrrrrr a genius, crazy, Drunk mentor who took up drinking after bad past, well FITE main inhe kaun nahi jaanta ( who doesn’t know him in FITE) , he had eagle eyes quite paarkhi you know I mean………… could see inside of people …. Not in X-ray vision sense , I think he didn’t hated Rd. for his over confidence and attitude but took him as a good competitor , the equation between him and Rd. was…….. not at all good , at S1 end he started drinking again Poor next FITE batches if he continued I think FITE princy. And Sanyu were his only handlers……….
😛 won’t talk more as he has a longgggg list
Song dedicated is “ Talli”
Because he was always Talli (Drunk)
Title is Talli genius

So cheer for Rd’s dad and Ranawat sir Who shraabi kyaa shraabi jo nashe main naa rahe……… 😉
#11 Vardhan sir what to say words are less inhe kaun nahi jaanta ( who doesn’t know him) but Best mentor at FITE , also had a paarkhi nazar many people had complexes with him and his achievements……kind and best….
The cause of his death……
Song dedicated is “aasma se aage”
I know that it’s that type of song but those words Aasma se aage (beyond skies) goes with him…..
Title is Prof. Famous…..

#12 Nimbu mirchi I mean nirmaan sir………. Nimbu mirchi because he is sore as nimbu (lemon) and always heated, and works as fuel in fire in breaking Relationships, so for ISRC he is mirchi (Chilli) , he is one of unpredictables with crazy ideology may be from past exp. But seriously sometimes his reactions his injection thing psycho actions indicate that he need counseling urgently……..
Song dedicated is “yeh kahan aa Gaye hum”
(where have we landed)
In context well not to him but his every student or Apprentice in ISRC might sing that
Another is on his exit “socha tha kya kya Ho gya”
Anyways he and his thinking is complicated so dedicated song is English song “complicated”

#13 Becky she walks like a penguin, quite clumsy
Song dedicated is from her to arjun is Sanam Bewafaa
# 14 Arjun muscular freak , bully but bhigi billi ( coward) in front of his dad
Title is “Muscular Mouse”
Song dedicated is “dil vil pyaar vyaar main kya jaano re”
#15 Joy cute innocent , easily fooled guy
Title is “Prank Target”
Songs are :
From him to kritika “Zara si dil main de jagah tu”

#16 Sumit looks innocent but clever fox
Song is Pappu cant dance AND CHUPDI CHUPDI CHAACHI
Title is “bada chaturnaar”
#17 Aryan aka DS hacker boy clever intelligent knows his wayb in and out as well as his limit but too obsessed to the virtual world
So0ng dedicated is “andheri raaton main sunsaan rahon par”
Title is MR. creepy quite
#18 Sanaya cute bubbly psycho don’t even knows her actions mentally challenged
Title is Chulbuli Chuhiya
Song is “I don’t know what to do”
#19 Kritika cute girl looking for love life

So guys hope you liked it stay tuned for more madness and random coupling
And rest characters like Rehan,ada, kaustuki, kabir, karan,Sahil (dream team member),Tanya , ankit, sanyu’s parents, maya and Vishad
Well no comments
GUmnaam hai koi…… 😉

So guys one activity can you fit SH cast into three idiots cast 😉 I will post that soon stay tuned keep rocking…………..
And few song I dedicate to few cast members without taking name…
Idhar chala main udhar chala 😉
We will rock you……..
Tc cu soon

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