Sadda Haq crazy analysis Part -2


Heyy ya guys it’s Richa again and this time I am here with ‘Sadda Haq’ crazy title segment Part n-2 and some opinions about the characters of the show, I hope you will like them and will not get offended by any of my views and blabbing about the characters. You are welcome to contradict , but in a good way…….

And thank ya (you) for good response last time keep reading and commenting
Here we go>>>>>
Lets start from S1 again here is
Yo YO!!! Aka Y OYO SHER SINGH? Khushvant sing well known mainly as Y OYO!! Our Punjabi no Haryanvi whosoever but our gabbrooooo jawan , wo raps awesome and the comedy king ofSH his PJ’s are as funny as his deeds , a good friend his Sanyukta bhabhi’s spy and Rd’s chamcha, invites trouble himself by staying with Sandhir as cant favor any one of them at the time if a fight….. kind hearted, soft spoken……
Y OYO !!!!!

OK MAY BE THIS FITS HIM “ koyal si teri Boli”
Title is Senior rapper
Because from six years he was sitting in the college passing for him was……..

Professor PKC for me golu molu sir, another of comedy I mean comedian in SH his best achievement is that troubling students like Rd. mostly almost slept in his class which he liked as he couldn’t teach anyone, he was the one of the most favorite targets for students pranks as bhola bhala bechara he was easily fooled 😉
Song dedicated is: “all is Well” because for him teaching at FITE was not at all well
TiTTlE is : Prof.cute fool

Jiggy Randhir’s friend and roommate. He was a very intelligent and polite guy who committed suicide after he was framed in the drug case.
Well **no more Comments for him***
Song is ‘Saari umar Hum mar mar ke jee Liye”
that’s all for now stay tuned keep reading and commenting for more hope you like it

Richa out…….
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  1. very good dear…keep going 🙂

  2. Richa

    Thanku karu ☺♥ keep reading lov u

    1. love u too my crazy Richu 🙂 stay safe 😉

  3. Nice richu di

  4. Richa

    Thanx a lot ragini keep reading and commenting m glad u liked it .☺

  5. Sheena

    Nice..n yup the song dedicated to jiggi fits…

  6. Richa

    Thanx sheenu dr ☺ keep reading

  7. Devga

    I hate this thing abt u …. my creature …. one u don’t inform wat u write and another u don’t complete wat u start … ??????

    1. Richa

      arrey that turnouts i said m ending andddddd informingggg i dont wanted to forceee u ma minnal lov u :heart_eyes:

    2. Richa

      minnal gussa mat ho plssss

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