Sadda Haq crazy analysis Part -1

Heyy ya guys it’s Richa again and this time I am here with ‘Sadda Haq’ title segment and some opinions about the characters of the show, I hope you will like them and will not get offended by any of my views and blabbing about the characters. You are welcome to contradict , but in a good way…….

So let’s start….
#1 Randhir aka Sanyukta’s Mr Khadoos , lakhoon dilon ka raja (king of hearts), a bit emotionally challenged , but Mr. cool , Mr.intelligent , Sanyukta’s lover boy, good friend and carries his own attitude .
Well for him I dedicate song “Badtameez” so yeh badtameez iski aadat khraab hai…….. 😉
Title is Mr.Perfecttt khadoos……
#2 Sanyukta aka Randhir’s miss Farzi, emotional ,helpful, intelligent, always ready to fight, always says that girls are none less than boys and will fight to prove herself , she is quite hardworking but her work full of mistakes and carries a sense of competition , a born leader and complex attitude
So I dedicate the song “I am the best” modified to ‘Girls are the best’ ???
Title is Miss Farzi Fighter…..

#3 Vidushi a fighter who knows how to tackle life’s problems, can call her Jugadoo because she always has a way in and mostly out of the problems too, she is a bit spoilt girl but ready for friend’s help , considers money as priority , loves Parth ………..
So song for her is “Phir Hera Pheri” because she bluffs a lot for money…………
Title is miss Money fighter
Because she is a fighter and loves money
Parth another of tall muscular and handsome guys , short tempered , good friend sometimes shy too what more to say for him……. You already know…..
I dedicate song
“Dost dost naa rha” in context to vidushi
Title is Macho man

Well sweeties that’s all for now stay tuned for knowing S2 and our sweet teachers (mentor’s )titles
hope you liked it do comment 🙂

kushu karu thanx for ideas i will put in couple analysis one 🙂

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  1. Lol ??. That was really gud

  2. Super nice analysis my crazy Richu…i totally agree with u…keep it up 😉

  3. Nice analysis. SanDhir and VidArth are my favourit couples. I think u should write an ff on them coz u have great skills.

  4. Richa

    Thanx karu and aniya keep reading and cmnting 🙂 😎 ☺

  5. Richa

    Thanx a lot sh.lover keep reading and comenting nd i m thinking about that but if i wil that would be after xams

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