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Sadda Haq 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to adda i gave you time till three. Now see consequences of your carelessness. Ranawat says sohani give them what they want. Randhir says her tome ins over and yours too. Randhir stabs Ranawat on his thigh. Randhir says i thought you actually love her. Randhir hits ranawat with a hammer. Adda says i am ready to do what you want.
Adda calls on center and says we have to postpone school blast. There is a a tight security in that area. He says your performance is getting low. Get ready to answer in meeting today.
Randhir says you will record that meeting. Adda says i can’t do that.

Randhir says i am sorry sir we didn’t have another option. sanyu says we are sorry thank you for helping us. Ranawat said to them i will help you. Ranawat says i had

no idea that you are both so brave. He says I am proud of you. They ruined your lives they will have to pay for it. Sir says we are sorry about your brother.

Sanyu and randhir come to adda’s cabin. She says have you forgotten who i am. Randhir sits on her chair and says lower your tone. she says when you realize your mistake you wont even get time to regret. Sanyu puts a mic in her collar. Randhir gives her lenses that have camera in them. Adda says i am doing this for abhy if something happens to him I can ruin your plan. Adda leaves for meeting.

Adda comes to the meeting. Randhir says i want to see everything carefully. Adda sits in her chair.
Adda says to randhir and sanyu your game is over. what you thought you were blackmailing me? I was just pretending.
Adda says you both were convinced that i would sacrifice yourself for thata abhay. Your game is over. Secret group’s members come there. Sanyu and randhir are scared. Randhir hugs her. The board members say we are proud of your loyalty adda. Adda comes in and says two great minds of FITE.
Adda says now tell me where is abhay ranawat. Randhir when you were my student i wasn’t lenient. Now you are my enemy so imagine what can I do. She hits sanyu. Randhir screams. she says i dont’ understand this thing called love. Randhir says you never can. Sanyu says please dont hurt him. Adda says now open your mouth and tell me where he is. adda takes out a pistol and says it has only one bullet lets see who takes this. Sanyu says please dont shoot randhir. Randhir says don’t beg her sanyu its better that i die. She points it at sanyu. Randhir says stop. You wanna know where abhay is. He tells her. Adda says two commandos stay here rest go and bring him. The commandos go to take ranawat. Randhir hits them. They catch him. A commando calls adda and tells her that ranawat is with them. Adda says perfect you all three will dance together. The commando comes in and says abahy fled. Adda says he wants to die with my hands. Abhay shoots the commando. Adda says drop your gun. Abhay shoves adda. He releases Randhir. Randhir tries to release sanyu. Adda presses a button on remote it makes randhir fall. Adda shoots sanyu. Ranawat and randhir are takes aback. Randhir runs to sanyu. Ranawt grasps Adda and says your game will be over. Adda says i wont leave you. Ranawt says your final destination is police station. She says you have no evidence. Randhir says there is an evidence. Randhir shows her a drive and says this has all the evidence. you are finished. Ada says to ranawat i didn’t have another choice. I am sorry. She kisses her band and dies. Ranwat says no dammit. she dies there.

Precap-Randhir calls sanyu, she wakes up there are flower patterns on the floor. Sanyu comes to the room randhir has deocrated for her. He says we will enjoy these last three months. she says what about team? Randhir says i am not in dream team.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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