Sadda Haq 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu says to randhir you will go to track as representative. He says I can’t stay away from you for 3 days. She says I have given your name. Randhir says take it back. Sanyu says I am the captain I have decided. He says you are doing this deliberately. Sanyu says I don’t owe you any explanation. You will go thats final. He says okay 7 days, I will not contact you at all. Now you will know what mistake have you done.

Sanyu wakes up next morning. Sanyu sees Anju’s picture and says I really miss you. Its your birthday, happy birthday. Ankit calls sanyu and says are you coming for pooja? Sanyu says yes i was leaving. He says then after pooja we are going to launch party. Its after maa’s name so we thought we should launch it on her birthday. Sanyu says I am

so excited just coming.
Sanyu distributes the pamphlets of the new company. They all take selfies for sanyu. PKC says what is all this? Sanyu tells PKC about the new initiative of her company. He says oh this is a very good venture. PKC takes a selfie as well.

Agarwal does the press conference. He says the money collected will be given to farmers. Reporter asks why you named it after your wife? He says she is my strength whatever I am today is because of her. Sanyu comes in. Reporter says can we ask her some question. Agarwal says no you better ask me. Reporter says but we want to know her views. Agarwal says she is not part of this project, she us busy with her college.

Vid comes to parth’s room with a bag. She says I want to talk. He says don’t want to. Vid says here is everything i bought from that money. He says burn it or throw it away. She says you do that, this is all not important for me, you are. I want to give this relationship another chance. Parth says but i don’t want to. Vid says I am really sorry. You can’t forgive me. He says yes I cant and I don’t want any relationship. Even if i kill you that wont repay for what you have done. Vid says i wont leave you. He says I have someone else in my life, he shoves her out of room.

Sanyu gets a call and says no i don’t want any credit car. Sanyu says to Ankit its a really good idea. Its mind blowing. Your life would be settled if this works. Ankit says I wanted to do something different. Sanyu says how did you arranged rest of the things. Ankit says there are my friends in this field. It was very easy. Sanyu says did you tell them all details? What if there is some problem. Agarwal says there wont be any problem and we are here to rectify it. Akash has rectified the report, read it and sign it Ankit. sanyuu says to ankit was it akash’s idea? Ankit says no. Sanyu says show me main reports. He says I’ll show you later, we will handle it don’t orry.

Sanyu hacks the system with Parth’s help. Sanyu reads the reports and gets worried. she comes downstairs and says this is all fake papa. Agarwal takes her to side and says what are you saying. Sanyu says this is a scam. Agarwal says i don’t have much time. Sanyu says those NGOS are all fake. Agarwal says who told you? She says I read the reports. He says with whose permission? sanyu says please papa review the reports. Agarwal says you are saying i dont know how to read reports. SAnyu says akash will take all the money. Agarwal says he has done so much for us. Sanyu says this is fraud thats all i know. How could you sign without reading reports. Agarwal slaps her and says now you will tell me how to work. I have asked you 100 times not to involve in business. We don’t need you here. Get lost. Sanyu leaves in tears.

Precap-Sanyu recalls agarwal’s slap. Everyone sees reports on media about the fake funding scheme by agarwal industries. Ankit says to sanyu this is all rumors. Agarwal says we will handle everything. Everyone in college is after sanyu. Parth and yoyo save her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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