Sadda Haq 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tania says keep your ideas to yourself. Vid says better than your stupid ideas. Vid says I am going out. Tania sneaks out as well. Tania says to vid cant you stay quite? Vid says you were speaking in full volume. Vid says you could ruin our plan.

Sanyu comes and sits with parth and yoyo. They act weird. Sanyu says are you sure you are studying? Parth says yes. Yoyo says parth lets go to library. Randhir pretends in front of snayu that he is talking to another girl.

At night, sanyu comes in the lab with a hokey. She says randhir how did you even think.. Everyone is there. Sanyu says what are you all doing here? Randhir says nothing I.. Vid says its our last year. We wanted to go for a fun prank. Tania says you always lecture so we didn’t tell you. Sanyu laughs. She

says you could me. Anyway I am sleep, continue with your plans. Let me tell you the fire crackers you people are using wont take you anywhere.Randhir says no way, you are way more genius than me. Sanyu says lets go.

They are leaving at night, PKC says i ke where where you are goin?
Tania says we were goignt o canteen, you make fun of me for having food and making fun of me. He leaves.

They all go to buy special firecracker. He shows them. Randhir and sanyu are mad at the keeper for making the young kids work. Sanyu says this is illegal. The keeper says they come here themseleves. sanyu says lets buy crackers. Randhier says are you mad? Parth says this is not the solution. Tania saysw we should do something.
Randhir says to the keeper are you done? Randhir says we will buy all the crackers here.
sanyu says we should solve this problem. Lets sell them with a different style.

PKC says I have to cover rest of the course this is why I have scheduled the extra classes. He comes to the class and sees no one there. Peon says i placed it on notice board too. PKC screams students. They are all asleep. PKC goes to hostel. He says to warden go turn fire alarm on. Everyone rushes out. PKC says to them all come to my lecture or I will fail you. Randhir says how can you do this. PKC says you have to work hard in this time. Randhir says we worked hard all our lives. Parth says 80% of subject is completed. PKC says whoever gets less than 60 will be failed. Now come to my class in 15 minutes.

Prepcap-Randhir says how can they change the rules. Parth says they keep annoying us. Sanyu says this cant happen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanxx atiba fr da quick update
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    D epi was just awesome. Lyk always 🙂

  3. Kerrthi aishwarya

    Awesome episode

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