Sadda Haq 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is working. Entire team comes to work on time. kritika says good job sanyu. Aryan says everyone is here except randhir. Sanyu says you said one step at a time. He will understand. Aryan says to hell with him. At least you are happy. He says there should be a party today. Sanyu says there will be grand party once mission is complete. Nirman says in heart, my leader shouldn’t depend on anyone alone.

Sanaya comes to randhir and says you are walking too much do you wanna lose weight? You must be busy thinking how to harrass sanyu more. Randhir says I am not in mood to joke. She says you are behaving as if she is your enemy. Randhir says she is my enemy. Sanyu says no the fact is that you miss her. Here there is only one face that I hate. Its sanyu’s and if you don’t

stop then I will be hating two faces.

Becky comes to arjun and says am I disturbing you?He says if I say yes? She says so I will say you are not focused enough. He says there can be destrution. She says in that case I am glad I disturbed you. Nirman comes there. They hide behind the shelf. Becky says thank God when he leaves.
Randhir says blo*dy attention seeker. Will become lead? He sees sanyu fallen asleep on the table in ab. Randhir recalls when she slept in FITE. He says you can’t manipulate me like them. Sanyu is about to fall. Aryan holds her. They sit and talk. Sanyu starts working again.

Scene 2
Next morning, Randhir says there is a bomb in ISRC, everyone move out of building except for mission mass team. You have to find the bomb and defuse it.
They all get busy in finding the bomb. Nirman says you have 60 seconds. They check everywhere bomb is no where. Sumit comes and says its in lab. Only 2 seconds are left. The bomb just sparkles. It was a fake bomb. Nirman comes out and says thank God wasn’t real bomb. Thank God you are not security of ISRC. Some papers come out of fake bomb. Sumit reads it, its their paychecks. SAnaya says wow. Girls lets go shopping. Joy says Kritika I will come too. sanyaa says only girls will go shopping. sanyu says we should inform our parents first. Sanaya says yes this belongs to them.Randhir is there too. He leaves. Randhir looks at the check. he recalls everyone talking about their parents. Sanyu comes there and sees him.Sanyu says in heart you don’t deserve but no one deserves this either. Randhir is about to tear the check. Sanyu comes and says hi randhir. Sanyu says I am the lead what are you drinking for? What are you so happy about? Or have you given up? There is nothing left. Randhir says what did you say? Sanyu says when nothing works you come to physical stress. I cracked the super computer you were expert in it. He says I will crack it in 5 minutes. You will never be as smart as me. he goes to lab. Sanaya comes to sanyu and says only you can handle him. sanyu says lets go shopping.
Girls come back from shopping. Kritika says should take boys next time to carry our bags. Sanaya says lets go eat I am so hungry. Sanyu says I will come after some work. I am not that hungry. Aryan comes in room. Kritika smiles.
Sanyu says they are stupid. I was calling you. Let me show you what I brought. She shows kurta for agarwal. She says papa will love it. This perfume for vid. This shirt for ankit. She checks the size on him. It tickles him. Sanyu says it tickles you.. He says no no. Sanyu says yes yes. She tickles him. They fall on each other. Sanyu stands up. sanyu says so dark shadow has tickles. She says what did you buy? He says its secret. I will tell you. On a condition? Dinner? Sanyu says okay.

Sanyu and Aryan are having dinner in cafe. Sanyu says now tell me what you bought, this not fair. you said you will tell after dinner. She says I am sure you must have bought some gadget. He shows her a box.Its a necklace. he says this is what I bought for someone special.sanyu says its really pretty I can’t take it. Its very expensive. You spent your whole salary on this? Ayran says you spent your whole salary on your family. sanyu says they are speical to me its different.They are my only family.Aryan says exactly. SAnyu smiles. He says won’t you try? it has a chit a star for a star. sanyu wears it. Aryan helps her locking it, Randhir sees them together.

Precap-Sanyu is asleep. Radnhir sits next to her. he tries to take off her locket. Sanyu moves. He stops. he tries again.

Update Credit to:Atiba


  1. Ranaji

    guys i am new here who is leads??becoz in my house this channel won’t work and pls leave short update about last 10 epi so that i can read updates pls

    • karina

      Hey dear…Randhir and Sanyu are the main leads and Aryan is the parallel lead…its kind of a love triangle…but the leads are Sanyu and Rd…
      About the updates of the last 10 epis is kind of hard to write but i ll try to give it to u later…i ll try to remember what happened in the last epis…now im a bit busy…but later i ll post the updates for u…and once again welcome to our group.

      • Ranaji

        ohhh thnx karina for guiding me so nice of u……….HOw many of u watch ek duje ke vaaste here???

      • karina

        So here is the summary of the past epis…Sanyu finally succeded in gaining Nirman’s respect when she acomplished that task to stay in a chamber with low temperature for more the an hour…actually she risked her life coz after that task she was taken by Nirman himself to the medical room…after that Nirman made her lead astronaut much to Rd’s frustration…Rd is now trying to ruin her careear and he tell that he hates her but actually he loves her more day by day…he is continuously trying to be around her by the pretext of his so called revange…after Sanyu was made lead astronaut Aryan throw a party for her in which both Rd and Sanyu tryed to made each other jelouse by dancing with other ppl…Rd with Sanaya and Sanyu with Aryan…Now Sanyu has to prepair the team for the Mars Mission and as u can see its almost like in season 1 with the dream team competition…the team isnt really focused a 100% and Rd is still trying to make Sanyu fail…Sanyu’s dad is supporting her dream now and he is really proud of Sanyu…Vidushi married Ankit but now the CVs unfortunatelly arent showing her character much…and Parth’s character as well 🙁 Parth went for a job abroad…im a fan of both SanDhir and VidArth so i hope the CVs will bring Parth and Vids back in the show…Sanaya is in love with Rd but she admitted that they can only be friends coz Rd and Sanyu still love each other…Aryan is in love with Sanyu but she sees him only as a friend…Becky (Nirman’s secretary) has an affair with Arjun…Kritika is in love with Arjun but he doesnt love her back…and Joy is in love with Kritika but she doesnt love him back coz she loves Arjun…so thats what i remember 🙂 hope it helps u…

    • Sheena

      Meeeeee…i mean i dont watch it everyday as i have to study, but i sometimes read the updates

  2. Super episode randir jelouse and try to take off the necklace so sweet of u. I love that and waiting for tomarrow. Sorry hello every one.

  3. dhruv

    Hey shivu first of all.ur parents love u more thn anything else.
    Secondly if ur parents,say u r good for nathng then it’s obvious they r just angry now tht dosnt mean thy dnt love u.
    My dad alwys says me u r good fr nathng whn I play guitar dear so’s not like thy dnt love u..
    N abt relationship yes sometimes relationship fails bt if u dnt let go the wrong person how wil u get new one??
    So give,anothr chance..n Dnt Blme urself. the person concerned don’t deserve u..he Dnt love u.thts why he do this dear..

  4. dhruv

    N yes dear as nisha said true love is alwys,there dear..Bt it requires,sincere feelings frm both sides..
    When both people r loyal n care for each othr true love blossoms…
    U r loving a wrong person now u hv came to kno abt. It let tht person leave…he is not worth it..

    • dhruv

      No need ofthnx shivu..
      N dear. In kalyug fake people r everywhre so take care of urself…n remember dear this is a life time lesson for u..when we r,sad n dnt know wht to do experience helps..
      SO take it as a great experience which will help u in future..when similar thing happens this experience wil help u sweetheart.:-)
      N u can share ur heart dear ur bhai,wil alwys be their to guide u..lvu sweet Sis.

  5. karina

    Hey my lovely friends im missing u all badly but im really busy so i cant come…but im missing u guys…love u all…take care..

    And yeah the epi was awesome…Rd is jelouse…i like it…

    • dhruv

      Miss u to My karu.take ur time..:-)
      Hey shinchan u r frm which state??
      U,said u want,admsn in mumbai thts y asking u shenu

      • Sheena

        I’m from Raipur, Chhattisgarh..earlier i used to live in mumbai but my dad had to expand his business so we shifted here..

      • Sheena

        U live in mumbai right?
        Which college? N which stream r u from?
        I hope u don’t mind me asking this…

      • dhruv

        Ya I live in mumbai..doing I can’t tell clg dear cz here everyone reads na..sory hope u dnt mind shinchan:-)

      • Sheena

        Ya ya bro…ofcourse i don’t mind…its the matter of safety na..i understand..
        How is our little reva?

  6. Sheena

    I’m so sorry akshay…maybe i didn’t notice..pls dont mind…
    For me, sandhir will always be the perfect match for each other..

  7. Princess :)

    Hello every one. Hi akshay welcome to our group
    Hi dhruv. Thanks for your kind words. Sorry for asking. But uknow that your sister is a short temper princess thats why i ask u keep smiling
    Hi Nishu I had watch Turkish most popular serials eshke-mamnoo and mera sultan. Must watch their title song especially mera sultan tittle song please Nishu for once watch mera sultan u will really love it. Love u
    Hi shivu. If u bear all the hardships with patience from parents u will definitely get a big riward. Beleive me. There is no big things than parents
    Hi Karu take care
    Hi liya love u
    Hi sheena how ru
    Hi ranaji,
    Hey himanshi,aparna and swarna missing u come back early
    Hey rakshi where r u today come lets chat
    Hi ayeesha see rakshi and me r asking about u again and again now come na
    Hi rits,richu,vishal mayuri how ru all
    Gud night to u all
    And today ep was gud. And precap looks interesting


    • dhruv

      Afcousre dear..u knoe snow white Cinderella Jasmine n all are,short tempered so my sweet sweet litle princess need to be short temperd..
      Lvu dear.parents teacher’s kaise hui?

      • dhruv

        U r my true,sis.. :-P:-P
        In scl I too nvr took my parents to scl…cz I was last bencher:-P:-P

      • Sheena

        Haha? even i try my best to prevent my parents from attending ptm..i laugh at the teachers na sometimes thats why..i mean not all of them but i laugh on the physical edu. teachers n arts teachers..?u know, i have to maintain a good impression on the mainstream teachers so that thay give good grades in internals…but our school is the most reputed one in the state so they always want that their students must be attentive n all…so they usually text the parents regarding ptm n all..

  8. Sheena

    Hey shivu !! I’m not big enough to know what exactly love means..but i know that true love definitely exists…ur parents love u, ur frnds love u, we love u…and when u’ll find the “right” man for urself, he will also live u..maybe u didn’t find the right one yet..if one person is wrong, it doesn’t mean that there is no love in the whole world…dont lose trust on love..otherwise, u may not get over that person..
    N yes, parents will always love u the most…they maybe angry on u for sometime but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love u…
    Now u shld forget that person, n move on …just enjoy ur life, lighten up n do ur favourite things..

  9. hey guys !! 🙂
    how r u all ? missed u guys ! i had fever soo i couldn’t comment here ! but i’m fine as ever now ! 😉
    the epi was superb ! rd is jealous !!! i love sanaya !! ♥ ♥ ♥
    she is right sanyu is the only 1 in this world who can handle rd !!! made 4 each other !! but i feel kinda bad 4 aryan cuz sanyu n rd r the main leads so obviously aryan ko toh out hona padega …. i love to see them together … but i ♥ sandhir more !

    n hello to all the newbies ! 🙂 welcome !!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    luv ya !!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    take care !!! good ni8 !!! sweet dreams !!! 🙂

  10. Guys I don’t know why but my comment r going to delete again and again. I wish this one will post
    Hi sheena I m fine dear. Gud night
    Hi aparna how r u now

  11. it’s a kind of Jerk.Now nobody will say That RD is getting Obsessed.
    Who watches Ds show nowadays.i am hating this now.?? bakwas.u guys wanted this sandhir together, right?
    Get well soon??

  12. Hatted to see dark shadow with sanyu becoz it lacked charm of a pair and rd was looking dam cute while taking the necklace in promo and till end will only want sandhir

  13. Bishakha

    Yaar, why the makers want to show randhir as villain i hate this aryan love only sandhir

  14. Hellooooo my sh family. ……
    First I didnt like sanaya but now im luvin her.I thijk she is the one who will reunite SanDhir. …..
    The byk ride…..I think she was not forsed but was majboor………
    Hii dhruv bhai akshay princy karu jaanu ill miss u..
    Hey shivuuu aparna sheena luvya……
    Ayana evn we r waiting for reunion…I watch sh only for sandhir….
    Nishuuuuuuu luv u dear…………..

    Dhruv bhai sanyu ka to koi aata pata nahi hai….I tthink not only I u all must be missing her…kyu bhai aalu karu……
    Bhai sheena thnx to make us understand imp.of family nd luv……………

    Proud to be a mmbr of this family…….
    Proud to be ur sis……
    sry I was busy yesterday so could not wish….
    GUD MRNG..
    Sh rokxxx

  15. richa (titli)

    well tat Arryukta sene was emotional aaryan’s gift family….
    anyways tat pre rd lookd like a tief iding LOL
    niswaaa uuuu grll TTYL just a bit busy in funtion LOL nd maari bainsiyaaa firr moti igiii 😛 nirmaan ko bolna padega
    karu prinu LO’s t bbyy

    sooo soirry i dn’t reply u alll just got busy 🙁
    m fyn priness darling 🙂
    tanks liya
    Deepsika it’s ok dr
    @ sara m from deli nd tanxx 🙂

  16. Dear we say it only to grls…nd sweetheart nd al is ok…….but dont cross ur limits….
    We r sisters nd bros so this lang dosent suit u

  17. hey guys !
    richuuuu !!!!!! hi dear will never forget u ! like nishu says once a frnd always a frnd ! 😉
    liyuuu ! how r u ?
    karuuu ! how’s ur project going ? miss u dear !
    nishuuu, sheena,princess,dhruv bhai , rajani,mayuri,revathi, rakshi,chanchal,bk,rits,aaliya,mukthi …… hope u all r fine guys !!!

    himanshi,noopur,parsh ….. where r u ?????

    AKSHAY … we r all lyk a family over here … and we defenitly don’t call each other words lyk u used ! of course we say luv ya , sweetheart n all but urs that’s tooooo much … ok u said these words but no one here is comfortable wid that ! u get that ? really just don’t create a drama here plz ! u said that no one is bro or sis over here … well u r wrong atleast we r friendly wid all unlike u ! if u say smthing better make sure that the person u addressed it to is comfortable wid it ! we r friends but don’t cross ur limits …that’s it !

    • Sheena

      Hey Aparna !! I’m fine 🙂
      Akshay pls…dont use such language…i thought that u r a nice person ..pls don’t force me to think bad about u…u cannot abuse any of our frnds here..say sry n end this matter right here..
      Now pls dont fight n cheerup everyone!

    • karina

      Yup guys…Nishu is right…go on that link and vote for Sadda Haq coz it deserves a better position coz its an amazing show…very unique and inspirational…
      Ranaji thanks for telling about this poll.

  18. nisha

    Mr akshay

    I am not going to say so much

    just that stop using wrong words for anyone

    I have sent ur information to telly updates

    Please stop using those words from now on.

  19. nisha

    hey richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dear my sweetheart I am with u dear

    and we all friends are with u

    dear STay smile be happy

    we all are together here

    NO need to be alone

    LOve u richu keep smiling

    and yeah vote for sadda haq too.

    go hurry

  20. nisha

    Aparna sheena

    Sweethearts no need to be angry

    just stay calm

    I hope telly update will help us

    I have told them to help

    I have full faith in team

    they will help us to get the resolution of this .

    just stay calm till then

    and yeah keep voting

  21. nisha

    so many votes for ishq ka rang safed and for suhani or vishkanya

    do you all want that show to win

    choice is yourssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss frineds

  22. nisha

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how r u

    such a short comment

    I thought more of it

    after a long time u came did u see our behensiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    colgate use karat hai

    go and see last comment u will knew

    and also where were you dear

    I reallly miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I too love aryukta as well as sandhir

    but sandhir more

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm function lots of enjoy there and haan bhenseeyan ke liye gift zaroor lana

    love u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  23. Aaliya

    Suprb nishu….I voted jst now….??

    And yaa Mr AKSHAY!!! Jst stop using this nonsense language!!! And
    How far u r talking abt DHRUV Vai,,,, he never uses such rubbish language and always cares fr us…that’s why we all love him… So it’s better not to compare u with dhruv vai….

    Shivani,,pls dnt mind.. I m using ur relationship as an example…. Pls dear dnt mind pls…..
    All of u guys supported shivu but her bf…..and it’s normal….. Then why u cheer fr sandhir????? Rd also never respects sanyu!!!!!
    Where Aryan loves her crazily!!!!
    I think ARYUKTA rocks…. ??????

    Hi Jasmin!!!! We both r fan of aryukta!!!! ????????

    • karina

      hey dear dont get me wrong but itsnot the same…this is only a show andnot real life…what happened to Shivania is something worst and Shivu dear im with u…i hadnt time to comment but u should stand up for urself girl…u can do it ..noone has the right to humiliate u…u can take the example if our Sanyu…she always stood up for herself….
      And Aliya dear i always said that Aryan is behaving as a true friend and i hate how Cvs turned Rd’s character in a villain type….but if u watched Sadda Haq from the begining u could see all the things Rd did for Sanyu…from always helping her in all that she needed with collage, her father’s factory, paing her the rent of a house to the extend of risking his life for her many times…im not saying that Aryan isnt good for Sanyu…he is a sweet and caring guy and every girl will be happy to have him by her side but Rd and Sanyu’s story its just too intense…noone can ever match what they ve been throw together…and all their memories that they share…their story goes too long back…hope u didnt mind my words…keep smiling sweety…

    • Sheena

      Sry aliya dear to cotradict u…but rd respects sanyu..he just wants her badly n is angry on her..but he always respects sanyu n cares for her…
      But its ok…u can always share ur point of view here… 🙂

  24. nisha

    hey karu love u dear how r u

    I miss u so much dear hey ur assignment done or not
    Have u submitted it
    Love u karu

    3 words for u Friends of hearts Love u forever.

    Keep smiling
    Tight hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for u

    Once a friend always a friend

    • karina

      hey my cutie pie…we are almost done with the project…but now we have to make the presentation of it…so i think in about a week or so…we will finish it completly…love u sweety 🙂

  25. dhruv

    Ye she is my real sister n dnt u dare to evn utter her name…
    N I nvr askd u to say sory to me bt if u tlk abt my sister u will feel very sory for u…dnt u evn thnk of taking revati name…look at ur own sis1st..n whtevr u said to aprna suit u..

  26. Sheena

    Ok now akshay apologized so everything is fine ..
    N yaa, i’ve voted for sh ..i request everyone here to mplsmvote for rocks!! Sandhir rocks!!

  27. Sheena

    Ok now akshay apologized so everything is fine ..
    N yaa, i’ve voted for sh ..i request everyone here to pls vote for rocks!! Sandhir rocks!!

  28. ria

    Hello everyone I’m New here..can I join.Richu mishap aaliya alarms karina shrub can I call u what everyone call.
    Richie don’t worry dear I hav seen many like akshay..

  29. My bro dhruv nvr uses such language ok……….he nvr addressed is like that…….bhaiya he dosent kno revati so chill…she’s still small…..plz get her nap here..she’s zoo cuteeee

  30. rits

    Hey richu dear chil:-)Wht ria said is corect..
    Hey akshay y talking abt revati?the prblm is btwn u n dhruv why bringing his sis??

      • Revati

        Heyy richu di I m back..I went to shirdi n all. Cz I miss india so much na. Thts y I couldn’t now back…:-)
        Aur mai kya kisiko darte hu kya kisne mera nam liya to dar jaungi…hat pet todke ulta latka denge:-P:-P

        Kyu rits di n mukti bhabii ap bhi to meri jaise ho na…

        Richu di chill aise pgl sab jagah hote hai..inhe handle karna sikh lo..
        Aur aise logo ko dear mat bolo wo genuinely sorynae blte dar ke mare bolte hai…
        Aur manme gandi bate karte hai so aisa logo ko unke traekese line mai lana…

        Ohh Sheena di ap jante ho usmai English bolke bor ho gai yaha hindi bolke ketna acha lgta hai.

  31. Revati

    Akshay bhai apko bata hai hmre yaha jab koi ladka aisa blt hai hum usko sandal se pitate hai…bahot insult hoti hai uski ki mu dikhne layak nai rhta…
    Agar apko exmple dena ho to mere bhaiya sheena di karu di nishu di apu di richu di dekha denge:-)

    Aur mai to unki bosss…so ap nxt Tim comment krte samay 1 st aid box leke Bethna…
    Aur bhaiya ap jant ho kya hm apke mind ko itna affct krnge ke apko thane mentl hospital mai jana hoga.
    Maine apko pehle hi bata diya ab bki ap socho..

  32. karina

    Liya where are u my little friend ? missing u…come back fast 😉
    And also wher is Shreya ???

  33. Aaliya

    Vai ,,,ignore this AKSHAY!!!! Pehle aisa ghatiya word use karta hay,,,,, aur ab bol raha hay,,, he wl not apologize to you!!!! Huhhhhh!!!

    Oooo,,,, revati apki bahen hay!!!! I didn’t know!!!!

    Hi revati!!!!!??

  34. ria

    I think everyone is e u all.I don’t kno everyone here.Hey richu chill dear but I didn’t reply my msg

    • karina

      They are our friends dear…u will meet them when they ll come here…and Sanyu is a friend of ours…we are not refering to Sanyukta from the show 🙂 they have the same name 😉
      And Liya and Shreya are also our friendsm..they both are very nice girls

    • Lots is our friend..she’s vry cute.
      Shreyu dii is a professor..
      Revati is dhruv bhais small sweet sis
      Sanyuu is one who luved to comment here….but don’t kno where r they

  35. richa (titli)

    heeeyyy Aparna dr hw r u?? LOL tc
    haan dekha niswaaa her teeth best even ur c’gate teeth r no match 😛 😳
    aalllsooooo it’s rainingg 🙂 😀

    • Aaliya

      Revu,,,, I saw u addressing mukti as bhabii!!!!! I didn’t know abt Vai nd mukti!!!! Pls don’t mind Vai nd mukti…. I m jst asking.,…. If u have problem to share thn don’t….it’s OK…..

      Good afternoon guys!!!!!

  36. Hey I was checking last updates comments…Who is this baby dare she talk about us like this…that too only 11years….?

  37. Sheena

    Hi ria !! Welcome to the sh family..
    N revati, dear u r back with a blast…wow u r cute also n bold also. U gave a nice reply to akshay..i hope he realizes his mistake…i missed u soooo much…u went to shirdi? How was it?

  38. nisha

    hey ria welcome dear and share ur heart dear always keep smiling

    I wait for today episode eagerly

  39. nisha

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eekaa

    tohraa commentwaa dekhkee toh bhainseeyaa bhi chakraa gayee re

    aur boli

    jaanat ho kaa boli

    Tu, lagawelujab lipistic,
    hilela arra distric
    jila top lagelu ho
    jila top lagelu

    Kamaria… Kamaria…

    kamaria kare lpa lap, lollipop lagelu -2

    Galiya pe Bhaiseeyaaa jhume

    uske peechee bhais bhi ghoomee

    phir bhi haath naa aawat

    phir bhi kuch naaa laagat

    kyunki o tohri bhainseeyaa hai re

    itni jaldi haath naa aawat

    Kamaria… Kamaria…

    Kamaria kare lpa lap, lollipop lagelu-4

    kuch bhi bolte ho …hai naa

    sach maa bhaiseeyaaa bhi kuch bhi bolat rahee

    richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kheep esmiling


  40. hey… everyone .. how r u all…. randhir jealous…. lovely…

    hi ria welcome dear….
    and hello everyone.. karina , nisha richu, richa,dhruv , revati ,Aaliya, sheena and all…. sorry I don’t remember all the names…
    howz life going on…..

    keep smiling

  41. nisha

    hey vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear

    yeah true even me too missed u a lot dear

    how r u

    thank god exams over

    EVerything is cool here except the hot weather need to bear it dear

    and offcourse even shivu knows we are here for her always dear

    hey vishu I didn’t see u today where ar you miss u dear buddy

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

  42. nisha

    hey shivu

    we had heard this quote earlier

    if you want to shine like a sun first burn like a sun

    if fake people are there in the world then we need to be strong in front of them just like as rock

    Don’t make shown your weakness in front of them Keep standing like a rock

    and Keep forward in life ahead and the persons just fade away then . they left

    and you also get happiness by going forward in life ,

    and if you want to chase something than chase your career dear this is thing what you need to remember

    YOu need to set your goals and tried to reach to them.

    and your family is always there to support in ur process

    and if other people friends and bfs are not fake who supported in ur journey to get shine

    love u shivu always with u keep smiling

  43. zara

    hey sara heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo howr u dear
    life is good and sd is going to be more good
    after a long time where have u been this time dear
    keep smiling

    hey shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u dear always keep smiling sweetheart.

  44. zara

    the above comment is mine

    as zara by mistake typed it and god knows howcome dp colour changed

    writiing to comment to sara and by mistake write zara in it .

  45. nisha

    love u shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu keep smiling

    hey sara helooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear me fine what s up how ru .

  46. nisha


    16 votes for ikrs

    and 13 votes for sadda haq

    you doesn’t like sadda haq at 6:30

    or you like vishkanya suhaani si ek ladki or ishq ka rang safed

    coz sadda haq is gonna loose in the list. there are just few for sadda haq.

  47. Hey everyone thanxxx for supporting me….
    This time coz it was a matter of self respect……not only for me for all the girls…
    Dhruv Bhai sry bcoz of me u had to listen so much………
    Nishuuuuu sheenu apu shivu aalu ria Karu dhruv Bhai revati nd all really thnxxx for support…….luvya….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.