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Sadda Haq 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says sanyu wait, you are misunderstanding. That girl.. sanyu says that girl? You can’t say anything because you can’t say anything. I will tell you what i feel i love you, that is why maa wants to meet you. He says please don’t create drama, she says drama that you will end. you can leave me with expectations or you can come and meet maa tomorrow, its up to you now. She leaves. randhir says i wish i could tell you truth.

Vidushi comes to room and asks sanyu are you okay? is your mom okay? sanyu says yes she is fine. are you crying for that randhir? Don’ cry for him. tell me what happened? sanyu tells him about raghini. Vid says i knew it there is something between her and randir. i know such girls. I will find out what is going on between them, sanyu

i don’t know what is right. Vidushi says what you are thinking is right. sanyu goes out.

Sanyu is working in the lab, ranawat comes and says what are you doing here? sanyu says i..he says i can’t hear you. She says the engine, he says the same thing again. The loser question again. There is no place for losers here. There should be no place for losers, you don’t deserve me but forced me to stop. you can’t force me. What have you done in these four years? Do you know what will happen when it leaks? it can kill people. It will be zero, you know.

parth comes to room and slaps randhir. He says everyone can see it? can’t you? randhir says you wanna fight? since that new girl has come you can’t see anything. randhir says mind your tongue don’t spy on me. parth says i can see it. Randhir says you own gf is taken by your borther and you are telling me. parth says yes this is it, you stubborn people ruin everything. Everyone doesn’t have a girl like sanyu. she is rare.
Raghini comes in room, vidushi makes her slip and takes her bag. Raghini says how can you take my bag? vid says what is it between you and randhir? Raghini says its not your business. Warden comes in and says leave her vidushi. Vid says if sanyu ever cries again because of you i wont leave you.

Sanyu is standing at the window she says i told you what i felt like, i hope your reciprocate it. Randhir says i can’t ever meet up your expectations. randhir says you are so upset with me i dont know what to say. sanyu says just stay with me, that is all i want even if you are quite. they are both in tears. Sanyu recalls when he said i love you to her.
Next morning, sanyu and randhir come to class, they stare at each other. PKC says go take your seats. sanyu passes a chit to randhir, PKC sees it amidst he says give it to me, show me what is it. yoyo says sir look rat. Everyone creates panic, yoyo exchanges the chit with another one. PKC reads it focus on the class or i will beat you. PKC says this is good that you want him to focus. After the class randhir says what was it? she says i just wnted to know if you are coming on dinner, i hope you are coming. She gets a call from thruv, randhir gets a call from raghini. Randir leaves.sanyu is uspet that he left again.

Thruv comes home, he says so many stuff, is some special guest coming? SHe says randhir. he says who randhir? she says i love him. He says of well. She is making beetroot. sanyu says i am not sure if he is coming or not. mom wants to meet him before her surgery, thruv says but you can’t trust that he will come or not then how can you live your life with him? She says he will come. he says i will keep your mom safe.

Precap-randhir says i want to tell you something raghini, karan is dead, she is in tears. She loses her mind, anju says randhir should give you importance. I dont know whats your place in his life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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