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Sadda Haq 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu says to parth randhir thinks i have done everything. I am stopping him from doing wrong. She places her head on his shoulder. Vardhan announces your final task is ready gather outside the lab. Everyone gather outside labs. Vardhan says there are defective machines in the lab and you have 30 minutes, the one who rectifies most machines will now. Everyone goes in the lab.

Kabir comes to vardhan and says i will get the files from you. vardhan says I don’t have any files. Kabir says still staying in denial.

the floor of lab is slipping. sahil says all the machines are okay what he wants us to fix. Vardhan says there was leakage in oil container on the floor so there is oil everywhere. Sanyu slips, randhir says we will need to repair you. sanyu says the clock is not

working, she takes it out. Sanyu repairs it. She sees the exhaust, and takes it down. Randhir snatches the exhaust from her. sanyu says i took it first, He says whatever. SAnyu secretly binds his laces and he falls down. sanyu laughs. Vidushi gets a text more work for you. she pretends like she having pain in stomach. Parth says what happened to you, she says just a little pain. I think i need to go to my room. She leaves.

Sanyu sees that the door is making so much noise, she repairs it. She says two for randhir and two fo me. I need to do one more. The chair on which yoyo is sitting is also making noise, Randhir and sanu both run towards it. Randhri throws yoyo down. Sanyu and randhir fight for the chair. Randhir binds sanyu’s hand and says keep satnding here. Vardhan says time is up, assmeble in auditorium i will announce the winner.

Vardhan says i was glad to see it was a healthy competition. The winner of this trophy is randhir his time task time was 29 mins 43 secs. SAnyu was 29 mins and 45 secs which means sanyu lost from two seconds. Everyone congratulates randhir, he is about to pick up trophy. Vardhan says i am not done yet. The way sanyu repaired the smallest machines and thought out of the box, she is the winner along with you. Its a tie. both of you come up and take the trophy. Kabir comes and says i have forgot to sign those certificates, he takes the certificates.
Randhir says don’t be happy i won it vardhan gave you this spot in emotion. Sanyu says whatever i will keep the trophy. randhir says i dont like things that i have to share with someone specially with you.

Sanyu looks for the trophy late at night in her room but she can’t find it. she goes to randhir and says you have stolen my trophy? He says i am not interested in your stupidity. Its kabir who has stolen the trophy/ He tries to take out the code from it but finds nothing.

A guy says randhir’s gf is competing her. but sanyu is nice that she still has got randhir in his dad’s company.

Anju says sanyu i am so happy for you. you say if vardhan praises that means something is special about you. Anju says your dad gets so worried about production and all. He fainted once. Sanyu says what? Don’t worry i will take care of him. Randhir is hitting the punching bag in anger. He says i have to kick sanyu out of that factory.

Scene 2
Next morning randhir goes to agarwal and says keep vikram out of floor. I will kick sanyu out if he doesn’t come. ankit says so should we stop production for one day? Randhir says give me a chance. Agarwal says i have given you a chance already. this is your last chance, by this evening eithe you will be here or her. Sanyu is my daughter i want to harm her ego not her. Ankit goes to vikram and tells him that he has to come with them for meeting, Vikram announces among the workers that he wont be on floor but they should keep working. Agarwal comes and takes vikram with him.

Randhir is looking for sanyu on floor. The workers are chilled an relaxed. randhir says she has not come. Ankit says speed up and go back to your work. and you interns there are no tasks today so you will help the workers. randhir will help in painting. Go randhir. Its sanyu, who is announcing as ankit through voice modulation app.

All the workers are in canteen, Sanyu announces as ankit raghu do 10 ups and downs.she says i have to check your strength. now kunal stand on table and from one end to other without falling. She asks randhir to tie raghu and kunal’s shoe laces. Randhir says i wont do any such thing. sanyu says okay then slap them both. randhir sys shut up, ankit says you are so stupid randhir.

sanyu says congratulations kunal you wont this task as well. randhir comes in the office and says what you thought i wont know? He throws somthing on sanyu. sanyu goes out to clean it. she meets a woman. she says i am wife of gupta. Sanyu says he is such a hardworker. why are you looking at me like that. you wanna work as well? She says i would love to work but this factory never hires women that is why i was shocked at your uniform. sanyu says i will try to do something for you.

Rna says do you have affair with that girl aster? Yoyo says no. ran says you will make her your customer now, yoyo says she is a nice girl. Rana says do as i say. when you meet me next time do give me good news that you gave her a packet.

Ishika pastes parth and sanyu’s hugging photos on walls. nikil gives one photo to vidushi. Vidushi says who gave it to you? nikil says ishika. Vidushi says i wont leave her. Vidushi goes and grasps ishika by hair. she syas stop doing this childish act don’t involve parth in it. I have seen randhir for four years, he can never love anyone else.

Ankit announces you have to complete the preprocessing task by today. workers say this was to be done in three days. ankit says gupta go and lift the car skeleton. he says how can i do it alone. Sanyu comes to floors and is shocked to hear announcements. SAnyu goes to office and says what are you doing? dont risk lives of workers. what have they done to you? Gupta falls under the skeleton and screams with pain. All workers start protesting. Agarwal comes and says whats wrong? Worker says go and ask your son. ankit says i was in meeting. Workers say you mean we are lying? We wont work on the floor. sanyu says i did all this not ankit.

Precap-Worker says either she will stay here or me. agarwal says i am firing her right here right now. Ankit throws her out of factory. randhir burns sanyu’s work suit. She says you have boosted my moral now see what i do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    ek ladki ko harane ke liye kisi ki life ko danger mein daalna
    this is non sense
    koi aisa nahi karta

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  10. wow ab lagha hai sanyu rd ke tharah usse panga legi … go on my fighter sanyu but don’t go over load …. sandhir fightstoh bohooth dekhliye ab thoda change toh bnta hai yaar … plz rd ki soft side ko thoda aur dikha diya karo na 🙂

  11. A new FF. Part 1:
    All workers r gatherd 2gether, they r blaming sanyu 4 having no responsibility. sanyu stands there, motionless her eyes fixd in space. Her so calld brother hurling rude remarks on her. Her dad kept staring at her, his face smug. Sanyu knew it ws randhir in guise of ankit who ordrd the wrkrs 2 do that dangerous task forcing 1 of them to take life risk but still she took the blame 2 save hr bro n family name. Randhr was standing in a corner watching ths drama with evil smile on hs lips,finlly he hs made the wrkrs against sanyu n nw they wil force her 2 leave dis job. his dream f revenge will b fulfild. bt still in all ths there is somethng amiss. why ws he nt feeling happy? he lookd at sanyu’s pale face. n for a moment their eyes met n in them there ws pain.suddenly his eyes fel on a wrker picking a stone. “NO!!” N in a spur of a moment he threw his body infront f sanyu, taking the blow of the stone. there ws a suddn commotion. evry1 ws shockd n soon more stones flew.d othr wrkers hv joind.

  12. Wow ! Ahana . Write more . Itz too good . Plz continue ur ff dear .

  13. Part 2:
    Before sanyu could undrstand anything,strong arms caged her. n she ws swept off her feet. she lookd up n saw Randhr’s face inches frm her. it ws a long time since they were ths close. she lookd around n saw they were running. her dad n bro. the stone hurling crowd on their tail.randhr ran through the door 2wards the parking. sanyu came 2 her senses. “Wot the hell. PUT ME DOWN” Randhir ignord her.He ws increasd his speed. Sanyu shoutd once again. “Put me down or i will bite u 2 free myself.” Randhr glancd her n growld ” First we get out f here Sweet Heart.” Sanyu struggld 2 get free. They were nw near the empty parking. Randhir stoppd n put sanyu down n startd looking for his bike. “First u provok those wrkers n nw trying 2 save me. Is ths ur nw drama.” Randhr lookd at her in disbelief. “U think m doing drama? cnt u see i care 4 u dammit.”
    ” Yeah care.”Sanyu said with sarcasm.
    “think wot u want but i’m going 2 take u out f here.”
    “M nt going anywhere.I need 2 clear ths wid the wrkers”.

  14. Its damn gud ahana plz continue soon soon SOON!!!
    Hey….why dont u post it on india-forums?? M sure it will b appreciated a lot….As v r all STARVING 4 sandhir scenes!
    Ps-u read ffs??

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    Lots of luv 2 u.

  18. Part 3:With this she tried 2 turn bt a sudden pull frm randhr on her wrist stoppd her n she turnd 2 face him. “U R NT GOING ANYWHERE”.
    “n who would stop me. u? who wants 2 break me. listen randhir. i knw ur intensions vry well. u broke my heart earlier nw u wnt 2 hrt my self respect n u think by saving my body frm those stones would bring around my love fr u? U may stay here bt m going 2 clear my name n get my haq.”
    “N hw r u going 2 do that mis sadda haq?”
    Sanyu raisd her brows “Thats none f ur business Mr.M.C.P”
    “It is every bit my business. whatevr cncerns u is my business” Randhir said calmly. Both eyes met n there was cmplete silence.

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