Sadda Haq 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
randhir says sir we wana save FITE. we need your help. SAnyu says we would like to have access to college server. Parth says we will ask alumni to joi our petition. PKC says i would love to tell you but police has it for investigation. If you try to hack it, it will be like hacking server of cops. Be careful. He leaves. Randhir says lets start it. They start hacking the server. Randhir says there is only 10% battery. They hack it, when they open it all the alumni contacts are removed. Yoyo says this means they erased the data. Vidushi says in heart let their hopes die then i will tell them about FITE. sanyu says there must be some record of social media. We will gather information from there. Randhir says i have a solar project panel that will help us to charge our phone and laptops.


all start working on the solar panel. Its working. Vidushi says they didn’t give up. Parth says lets take this wire to audi where we will hack.
They start working on hacking. Randhir asks sanyu what are you doing? sanyu says i am making a page to save FITE. We will ask students to like the page. Yoyo says this is good to support.Randhir says okay lets start hacking. You will hack the primary database of websites and forward me the data and i will make a mutual database. Randhir says the database is made, make sure but all of them like the page. randhir says we have got the start. Sahil says we have to find more of them.
Virat and Avanti come. sanyu asks Avanti you came with him> Virat says she hung with me. yoyo says hi avanti. yoyo says tell us what we have to do. Virat says i have solution for you all. This pen drive has information of seven batches and you can contact all of them. You have to call them and asks them to like the page.

They all start using their laptops and making calls. Virat says to avanti in the end my idea worked. Avanti says it has not been successful yet. Vidushi says i will give them good news when they give up. They start convincing the alumni. Randhir says to someone don’t forget whatever you are today is because of FITE. sanyu says you should talk to him humbly. Avanti says chill and focus on work.

Vidushi calls Mr. Sharma and says i will get the forms filled but don’t forget about my internships. Sahil says we need 2 days to get more likes. Avanti says why are we calling everyone personal. We have to make a multiple chain. We will call one person and ask him to convey his message to his pals. virat says so others will do our work? Avanti says yes. Avanti says guys will call girls and girls will call guys. sanyu says we will also call the people who want to come here and are in school. Vidushi peeks in and says they are not giving up? I have to do something. She sees the wire and follows it. Sanyu goes out to attend anju’s call. Anju says i have been calling you since long. sanyu says i was talking to my batchmates. Anju says did you have your food? Sanyu says yes. anju says you can’t lie to me i know that in college.. SAnyu says what in college? Anju says you have been on call how would you eat. Sanyu says i will eat it don’t worry. SAnyu says i will come late and talk to you later.

Vidushi puts water on the solar panel and says now it will generate 0% power. i wont let you be in trouble part. SAnyu sees vidushi going from there. sanyu says why don’t you help us if you are so curious. we have made online petition you can support us. Vidushi says no thanks. Sanyu says people from banaras have come here to save FITE. Vidushi says they should know its useless. Vidushi says fill up the form of LITs. SAnyu says no thanks. sanyu goes back and gives water to everyone. they are all busy with calls and the solar panel is shutting.

Precap-vidushi call head of UGS, she says who gave you bribe to shut FITE? We are coming to your place. They go to his place, he says there were drugs being made in that college it should shut down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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