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Sadda Haq 8th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat sees his photos in sanyu’s hand. Sanyu says to ranawat I have always looked up to you. I wanted to know about your college life. So I found this. Sir who is this girl? she looks smart and intelligent. Ranawt says i dont know. sanyu says college authorities said her name was sohani and she was your library and study partner.
Ranawat finds a virus in his laptop. He says how is this possible. Ranawat says why dont i remember what connection do i have with this girl? He comes and stares at notice board. There is a laser light on his back. Adda sees it and takes him aside to save. She says i slipped sorry. he says why i feel like you rescued me from something? She says i was about to trip. Ranawat says adda? He says do i know you?He shows her the college photo and says

is that you? Sohani? adda says no this isn’t me. you have some confusion.

Sanyu says randhir we can’t endanger ranawat’s life. You know what adda can do. Randhir says nothing will happen to ranawat trust me.
Adda gets a call from someone. the man says why did you save ranawat? are you double crossing us? She says i know we have to kill him i will do it on right time. If he dies whole plan can back fire. Randhir and sanyu will shatter. If randhir doubts we are behind ranaawat’s death he will be out. We have to respect the situation. he says after this mission you will kill ranawat? She says okay and hand up. Randhir and sanyu overhear all this and see adda cupping her head in her hands.

Randhir says to sanyu we have endangered ranawat’s life what will we do now. We can’t back off. Sanyu is in shock as well. Randhir says what are you thinking? Sanyu says there is a solution. Adda loved ranawat. She was his junior. She loved him and got in recruited in secret group. When ranawat left the group the adda plead them not to kill him. They deleted his memory. adda still has feelings for him or she wont have saved him. Randhir says we have her weakness now. Sanyu says this is risky. he says we dont have another option. sanyu says what if we tell ranawat everything in detail.

randhir takes sanyu to library. sanyu says what is it? he says we have one option only. Randhir tells her the plan. sanyu says no we can’t do this. he says we dont have a choice. sanyu says this is risky.
Parth takes vid to library and says i love you. She says someone will come. He says you asked me to strip now i want to do something. I came when i was busy as well. I go out of the way for you always. She says dont count it now. He says i wont make you count anymore. Parth comes in his room in anger and says she only thinks about herself.

randhir says sanyu we have to kidnap ranawat. sanyu says we can tell him. Randhir says he will try to solve everything on his own. sanyu says listen to me. he shoves her sanyu falls down. he picks her up and says try understand. If you dont support me i will do this on my own.
Sanyu locks randhir in his room. She says we have to tell ranaawat. but this is right. Randhir open the door don’t do this. sanyu leaves.
Sanyu goes to ranawat and says i want to tell you something. She tells him everything. She says this is situation and we dont know what to do.
Ranawat says sit here. he says you did what you had to now my turn. Randhir hits his head with a rod. Ranawat faints. sanyu says what have you done? He says you made me do it. sanyu says what now? he says we have to keep him in store. We will rope him there. They take ranawat to store room. Sanyu says to randhir you will blackmail adda? he says you wont involve yourself in this plan now. Can I trust you on that?

Randhir says to adda secret group didn’t do this. I kidnapped ranwat. She says why? He says i know who was keeping him alive. Your game is over. Adda says secret group will kill you. Randhir says when they find out that you love him they will kill you. Adda says you have no idea of secret group’s power. Randir says i had fit a tracker in your body? here are your movements. i can even kill you. I put a chemical in your blood i have the particle’s radiated energy in my hands. Now you will live in secret group and work for me. Dont try to control sanyu and ranaawat’s brain. He says postpone the blast. I dont want to do this. She says i have committed to them. Secret group never postpones missions. randhir says because till now ranawat was safe. Adda says you wont harm him. Randhir says try me.

Precap-randhir says 3 pm was your deadline. He is about to hit ranawat. Ada says i am ready to do anything you want. Adda says to sanyu your game is over. She shoots sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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