Sadda Haq 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritka says you love him you should forgive him. Sanyu says how much do you know me? Sanyu says I am sorry. Kritika says I wanted to tell you something its really important. You repeat randhir’s name while sleeping. Sanyu says its not possible. Kritika shows her the video of hers saying I love you randhir in sleep. Sanyu says I don’t believe this. Sanyu gets from Aryan, stop thinking about me sanyu. randhir’s dad’s condition is critical go and meet him.
Sanyu goes and wakes randhir up. Randhir says is Aryan okay? Sanyu says your dad.. I got a call from hospital. Few days ago he came here. Sanyu tells him everything. Sanyu says he doesn’t have a lot of time. He just wants to talk to you. Randhir says I don’t wanna go anywhere. He is dead for me. Sanyu

says I am sitting outside waiting for you. If you wanna go to hospital come out.
Randhir recalls his moments with Harsh.

Sanyu comes to Harsh. Harsh says randhir? Sanyu says he is outside. harsh says please ask him to come in. Sanyu says he will it will take time but he will. Harsh says I don’t have time. Harsh says thank you. You dont know what you have done for me. Sanyu says I should have done this before. You are the only family left to him. Harsh says no you are family to him.
Sanyu comes out and says to Randhir please meet him. Randhir says what should I talk to him? Sanyu says he is your dad. His way of showing love is different. Just like my dad. He really loves you. Rnadhir says he wants my forgiveness and I won’t ever give him that. Sanyyu says it will give you peace of mind. Randhir says I shoudn’t have come here. Sanyu says you are brace that you came here. Rnadhir says I okay the way I am. I don’t wanna meet him. Sanyu holds his hand and says please.

Randhir comes and sits with Harsh. he says I didn’t want to come here. But you know sanyu is stubborn so I had to. Randhir says I have behaved wrongly with you. No son should do this to his dad. Fact is that I loved you. Behind my hatred you were the reason. I am your blood. Rnadhir Harsh Shekhawat. Rnadhir says you know when I was in school people used to taunt at me for you being alcoholic. I used to beat them. That is why I had no friends in school. I wish you were a super dad like stories in my head. A super dad a super family. You know what.. I always loved you. I wanted a normal family like others. I wanted my mom to be there when I do homework and you save me from her scold. I don’t remember when we three had dinner together, we will meet again. You me and mom. And we will live happily together. I forgave you dad. Harsh is not moving. Rnadhir says I am sorry too for not being a good dad. He stands up. Randhirs holds his feet and starts crying.

Randhir comes outside in shock and tells Sanyu that Harsh died. Everyone died, no one remained his life. He sleeps in Sanyu’s lap and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap: Randhir brings food for Sanyu while she’s working. She says she’s not hungry. She starts walking away when she slips and Randhir catches her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Sheena

    Hey guys!!! How r u my lovely frnds???

    Mukti, i know u r really hurt ..i can totally understand…n dear, i think u n bro need to tlk..just tell whether u really love each other or not…n sorry to interfere but i genuinely wanna help u…
    Just tell the truth guys….

    Hi shantanu…haha i’m so happy to see ur name coz i’m a big fan of shantanu maheshwari aka swayam from d3…welcome to our fmly πŸ™‚
    N look shantanu, u were asking about girls naa…i think if a person really loves u, he/she wont leave u…until there is a damn serious reason…n not all girls use boys for timepass…only some self-centered girls do that…n i think u shld not leave ur current gf…she deserves u more than ur ex…n most importantly, U deserve ur current gf. But bro, ultimately, its ur call…just make the right choice …i hope i helped… πŸ™‚

  2. Aastha

    as i opened tv a msg flashed

    ” insuffecient balance ”
    hey bhagwan half n hr baad y msg nhi aa skta tha kya.

  3. Their is a humble request to all present here I have posted a ff on our favorite Sandhir it’s titled “Just because of you “.Please grace it with your reads .views are heartily welcomed and even criticizm will also be cheerfully accepted but please do give it a chance

  4. mukti

    u know shenaa sia mayu richu shivuu natasha said if i live with dhruv she will cme to my house n beat me..she threatened me..idnt undrstand who is she..a very bad cn she threaten me..her eeyes looks scares me

    • Sheena

      Really?? Did she really say this?? Omg!! Mukti, i think u shld stay away from her…how can someone threaten anybody?? Gish this is getting really complicated…u n bro just clear ur equations…bt not infront of natasha…n mukti, no need to get scared..

    • shivani

      tell her if she has courage than face me.muku you are brave don’t tolerate utter nonsense, go give her ans in your way and show her you are not scared

    • Mayuri

      Muku dear … Really !!
      Gosh the matter is getting complicated … You must confront Natasha in front of dhruv bhai .. Because no body can threaten us .. Dear don’t scare we r there for support u …. And dear don’t get too involved in it because she looks quite dangerous … Be careful dear and we r there for u πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Yaa mukti, i think shivu n piku r right…u shld confront her infront of dhruv bro…or if u r not comfortable with that, take along a frnd with u….coz she sounds a bit dangerous…i mean maybe she doesn’t wanna hurt u really i think she is just threatening u so that u stay away from bro…but still, be cautious…

    • mukti

      ya i realy thnk now tht i shd get away frm both dhruv n her…i called dhruv when she threatened me aur usne cut kiya…shena i lv dhuv u kno shivu said rit l realy tht natasha she wil change him..i kno dhruv lv me bt us natasha ne uspe kya jadu kiya jo wo muje hate karne lga..n he dnt even call me yr..n whn she threatened me he cut the fn n said ur lying so i will come n tlk to u…bt sheis realy dangerous..dhruv etna acha hai..use usme kya dekha

  5. Mayuri

    Guys … Yeah !! I m going to Ahmedabad then Mumbai … I will meet u shivu , muku , revu and dhruv Bhai πŸ™‚ …
    Yeah !! I m coming πŸ™‚

    • shivani

      you are most welcum in ahmedabad mayu .but if you are coming by flight beware pre paid taxi driver they will charge u more

  6. v k sruthi

    I was watching it from tis yr only and I didn’t c sandir collage life . So I supported Aryan. Can anyone tel me tat randir love for Sanyo is real or not

    • anjali

      sruthy.. its true.. randhir and sanyu love each other a lot.. they were also married.. season one was full of sandhir moments.. if you want you can watch those episodes on hotstar..

  7. Aastha

    update fast … how much time it will take.
    10 baje update padne se accha koi 10 baje repeat na dek le

  8. abi

    I’m happy and sad at the same…happy becoz Aryan is not there in yesterday and today’s epii… BT sad for Rd.. He already lost his mom and now his dad…

  9. DEVI (devil )

    Randhirrrrrrrr……….. aka param u r doing a great job……… I when I saw you crying…I’m also crying I forgot where I am……… really love you parammmmmm and SANDHIR is the best……… nd I think nirmaaan ka story kuch aur hi hai …….. i think he’s like vardhan sir in shs2……. nd ali merchant is doing well…….. nd guys I wanna be a part of your sweet sadda haq family……

  10. mukti

    u know na frnds i was so happy to hv dhruv back we even went to picinic to spent time …bt this natash came n destryed everythng…y alwz i hve to suffer..n how can dhruv trust hr more thn me..n she is so bad…i know if i dnt get away frm dhruv she will definitly do smthng..she is like tht type of girl..she is too obsesive i wnt dhruv yrrr shenaa shivu mayu hlp me

    • shivani

      dear I commented previously that be patient you have loved him by heart so he will realize soon dear .have faith in your luv dear

  11. Sia

    How one can say that…if u stay with dhruv I will beat u i mean what everyone has right to stay with anyone….mukti I’m with u don’t worry…. Mukti u are form which state and city???..
    And don’t worry… All will be okay

    • mukti

      i m from mumbai dear.maharashtra….ya i was saying tht only how can a girl thnk of doing such thngs??????i will show her..this is ths dhruv..if he believes me na he will kick her out of our lives bt he thnks she is inocent lovey silent girll..n y shd i lie yr tell me wht will i get yr i m not like that

  12. d

    there was a blind girl who hated herself jus because she was blind..
    she hate everyone except her loving boyfriend…
    hes alwz there for her..
    she said that if she could only see the world she will marry him..

    one day someone donated her pair of eyes..and then she can see eveerythng including her bf..
    now the boyfrienad asked her”now tht u can see the wrld will u marry me???”
    the girl was shocked when she saw tht her boyfrnd was blind too…and refused to marry him..
    her boyfrnd walked away in tears and later wrote her a letter saying

    • Radhika

      Why he didn’t give her one eye?then they would have one eye each to see the world.huh?

  13. d

    once a bf gave his gf a challenge to live a day without communications at all n said if she passed it he will love her forever.
    the gf agreed..she did not text him or call him whole day..
    without knowing tht her bf has only 24 hours to live because he was suffering from cancer
    she excitdey went to her bf house next day n screamd happly i did it baby..
    tears fall as she saw her bf lying on the coffin with a not on the side..
    ‘You did it baby now do it everyday… i love you……..

  14. Ena

    mean look na!they dies and sandhir gets a chance…
    And tatoo??backless dress main to nei dikha..suddenly… aab rd ki family member main sanaya baci hai.let her die…they will get another chance… whole month baki hai yaare?
    but they said right, Aryan geya,Nirman geya,Harsh geya,Mars mission geya
    aaabb baki keya hai sadda haq main????

    • Natasha

      hii ppl can i join u plz..i m a fan of sandhir mostly randhir n unfortunately a girl is defaming me so i have to come here..
      actually i dnt wanaa spoil ur frndshps bt miss mukti….n ya guys i m not if u want i would like to be ur frnd n to show someonet thtt she cnt run away frm me…
      n mukti i know wht u do….guess how…

      • Natasha

        i m so sory richu i replied it to u….its nt for u was a generl comment..hope u undrstand miss…

  15. Radhika

    Okay you don’t wanna update? Thats fine my tv got signal again now I’m going to watch repeat show.

    • Aastha

      hi di ….after watching it plz tell me in short what happened bcsuz atiba is nt going to update.

  16. Mayuri

    Hey mukti dear … I know it’s getting critical … Now if Natasha ever threaten u try to record everything in your phone … Or if possible make a video recording ….
    That will be the best proof of your innocence … OK dear and don’t reveal everyplan here because in this website anybody can read so as Natasha …
    Dear I think this idea might help u πŸ™‚

  17. Radhika

    Next update-
    Randhirr’s dad wakes up and say sorry for everything. He says I lost everything in my life because of my faults but you don’t make same mistake keep your gf with you. Sankyukta is a good gf. Randhir says she’s not hisgf anymore. His father says get her back then he says Randhir to hug him..they hugged each other then his father died.

  18. Radhika

    Then Randhir gets out of that room with sadness. Sits near sanyukta and say he died.he says cryingly Nobody is there in my life anymore and keep crying. He puts his head on sanyunka’s lap and crys. Sankyunkta also hides her crying by covering her mouth.

  19. Radhika

    And precap was awesome guys. Randhir comes to sanyu in the ISRC lab and says her to eat something. He says I know you haven’t eaten.sanyunka refuses as she is sad(I don’t know why). Randhir insists so sanyu gets up to go away but falls and my sweetu rd holds her.they keep looking in each other eye.

    • Mayuri

      Thanks a lot πŸ™‚
      Precap is awesome πŸ˜‰

    • Sheena

      Thank u soooo much radhika for completing the update…i was so restless that was is gonna happen…..n woowww!!! Such a great episode…i mean i’m sad for harsh but really happy for sandhir !!!!

  20. Radhika

    OMG guys is my heart still inside me? No it’s not there.where is it? Oh I got it, rd again stole it

  21. mukti

    now wht this stories means..tum apne emotionss kyu chupate ho..n tell me ab hamne brkupkiya to tum natasha ke pass kyu nahi ho…why u said no to her…i know u wont receive my callls so i asked here plz tell na..y u dnt go to her..y somuch egoo yrrrr….wht i did…

    • natasha

      mukti maine to suna tha ur very smart…bt tum to….n ur frnds also….foolish…. recording…..hahaha …dhruv trusts me n lvs me nt u…he only used u till i come..n now i m bck so ur out…..out of our life..
      look rd n sanyu r made for eachodr…n aryan he was with sanyu till rd comes n sanyu used him n whn rd came she kicked him out of hern life..wht a coincidence babe..ur lucky uhv exmples..
      n miss shivani u thnk i am scared of facing u…

      • shivani

        ohh really miss natasha you know you are big fool who thinks dhruv will love u .you think you luv him no you just want him by hook or crook .don’t u dare to talk wrong about mukti .people like you use kind hearted people very soon you will get exposed now get lost

    • Radhika

      Mukti you are a brave and good girl dear. I don’t know what people learnt from Sadda haq but what I learnt is self respect, achieve goals and of course love. If somebody is not in love with you you should leave him. I know it will hurt but self respect is there sweety, don’t through your self on anyone. You are precious and you deserve a good partner. And try to solve your matters don’t post it publically.

  22. natasha

    mukti dnt create scene here.ur so immature tht u share ur persnl prblms with ur so calllrd frnds…n ya if necessry i n dhruv will togdr….hahahaha

    • Radhika

      Dear stupid Natasha you are a fool person who came here and trying to torture don’t know how much good and nice friends she has here.when they all unite then you are going to regret your decision of commenting here darling. Hahahaha Hahaha

    • mukti

      uuuuuu u came here…n dnt u dare to tlk abt shivani n mayuri…takeuur dhruv with u dn tease me.go away frmme both of u

  23. Mayuri

    Dhruv Bhaiij !!
    Comeee hereeee and sort out everything and muku chill everything is gonna be fine we r there for u πŸ™‚
    So keep yourself calm and don’t do anything in anger which can be regretful dear … Think and then take action πŸ™‚

  24. Priya

    heyyy sryyyy mukthi dearrrr… i would lyk to give u suggestion bt im nt ur frnd… im just a silent reader… sooo dnt take me wrong…… dearr…

    sharinggg ur personal feelingssss nd fighting wid ur bf in d public siteee… s nt gud dearrr….. haaannnnnn i can understand dey al ur frndzzz.. nd u want sum1 to sharee ur feelingzzzz.. bt dat sum1… y cant be ur bf?????…… dearrr im givng suggestion thinking as ur my frndd.. dnt take me wrngg daaa…. u hav to talk directly abt dizz to dhurvv daa….. nd if he doesn’t listen meanss… dnt wryy justt.. type d msg of collecting al ur feelingzzzzzz… whether he reply or nott… dnt expect anythngg…. just thnk lyk…. ur feelingz had reached himmm dearrrr… tat makes u more relaxedddd… or a vce msg s evn…. moreee ovr a gud suggestion… bttt sharing ur luv fightss in a public siteeee s wrnggg daa (in my POV)….. becozzzzzz v just gve suggestive nd… d moree ppl.. involveeee.. d moree it become complicated to solver dearrr(evn frndz fight)……… so justtt relaxxxx nd talkk to dhruvvvv

  25. ankita

    mujhe lag rha hi dhruv attention pana chahta hi .tabhi to apna personal problem yaha per discus kar RHA hi. mujhe lag RHA hi dhruv ki koi gf nahi hi ye sab uske frnd hi Jo yaha per attention pana chahte hi .

    • Mayuri

      No ankita … Dhruv is not an attention seeker … We know him from a very long time … We r like his sis … So he is just asking the solution and just sharing his feeling … And nothing at all …
      And Natasha came here .. So we can’t blame mukti and dhruv …

    • Sheena

      Hey ankita!! Dhruv bro is not a faker….n neither is mukti…u donno much about any of us naa thats why u r saying all this…n dear i understand ur point yr….but they r facing problems so they just shared their feelings as they consider us frnds…n we all share a very spcl bond with both of them….hope u understand

  26. Priya

    Haannn… sharing ur feelingssss wid urrrr frndzzzzzz il make u more relaxed dearrrrrrr.. bt sharee widddd ly toooooo urrr buddyyyy.. whooomm hold urr hands at any crisis….

    Holding d bird… nd thnking thattt the bird s hapieee… s wrng prediction dearrr… itz justtt was ur assumption daa… do u realy want toooo knw abt that bird???? makee the bird flyy daaaa… if it s realy hapieee wid uu… watevr it il cum back tooo u.. at any costttt…

    If u hav confident on urr luv… dnt justt pressurizeeee himmm daaa… s thaat ur luv tat week?? Tat ur afraid of taking ur hand frm him???Β  leav his handd.. nd let him make d decision… to whom he wantt tooo holdd???Β  Haaannn it il b tough for u… bt trust me dearrrr… if dhurv s in ur destiny.. thnnn no one can snatch u frm him… if nt take a move onn dearrr… it may b toughhh.. bt it il b a righttt decision… lyf s ful of surprise package dearrrr… itz always surprise  (shock) u… wid a jerkkk… bt dnt try to luk aback… just face itt……

    I hearr tat u r a strong gallll??? ???so strnggg.. nevr fal week… v r galsss daaaaaaaa.. show ur strength on facingggg d factt.. n on ur luvv??

  27. ankita

    mai aisa aise hi nahi kah rhi hun pahle to Natasha to tu page pe nahi thi phir WO bhi aa gayi .agar in ko problem discus hi karna hi to apne ghar par discus Karte yaha pe aake sabka attention pana change hi.

  28. ankita

    guys sorry if I hurt u. but see ye tu page hi hame serial me baare me baat karni chahiye . na ki dhruv’ mukti’ Natasha ki.

  29. Priya

    Dhurvvv..Β  yaarrrr plzz takee d decisions fastt brooo… i can understand ur in dilemma… nd ur tangled wid emotions… bt dizz z the rgt tym….. just follow ur heartttt…

    Haann…. d world il address u as a fooll for trusting ur luvd1s… bt dΒ  wrld doesn’t knwww… how truthfulΒ  ur luv towards dem.. nd wat relationship u bothhh havv?….. sooo just leav d wrld behindd… nd trust the 1…Β  whom u want to choosee….. dnt ask any1.. justttt ask ur hrtt…….

    Sryy yaarr.. if i talkk to muchhh… nd if i peek my nosee in ur prsnl mater… meanss sryyy

    Nd dnt share ur prsnl thngs to every1 dudee… itz nt at al gud paa

  30. Mayuri

    Dear …. Somebody should go and complain about Natasha …. She is bashing over here … And we don’t know her and still commenting … Miss this is not your own website u can’t comment anything wrong about us … Mukti ho and complain …

    And u miss Natasha don’t dare to comment about me and anyone of us …

  31. Mayuri

    I totally agree with u priya … Mukti believe dhruv whatever he will decide will be best for u and move on … U will get hundreds of obstacle but that doesn’t mean that u should stop or something …
    And yeah !! Be a brave girl πŸ™‚

  32. Mayuri

    Shivu … I m in Gujarat πŸ™‚
    Almost in ahemdabad … No dear I m coming from train and dear where do u live not in exact but society or locality …

  33. Sheena

    Look, natasha, i dont know about u thatsnwhy i never commented about ur traits or anything….but the way u r talking to mukti here, n the way u r teasing her frnds…its not good….i donnomwhat is goung on here …see, when u left dhruv, mukti was there to support him…she stayed by his side…so u cannot say that mukti doesn’t love dhruv….n i’m not saying this bcoz mukti is my frnd, i’m saying bcoz mukti is a really nice person….u joined us recently….so maybe u donno about the bond we all share…i dont mean to hurt anyone here…i’m just saying that if mukti n dhruv bro brokeup, then why r u still taunting her??? N its natural yr…she just brokeup with the person she loved…n its natural to react in such way…n she didn’t say much about u …infact she once said that she knows that u n bro love each other so she is thinking to go away from dhruv bro’s life….so i request u dear, pls dont blame mukti…she sacrificed her love for u both…..i hope u get my point

    • Sheena

      N yaa natasha, we all mukti’s frnds n also dhruv’s sisters…so dont comment on any of us ok? U r most welcome to comment on sh but pls dont taunt anyone….Neither on mukti nor mayuri, shivu or anyone of us…n i seriously think that if mukti n dhruv bro brokeup, there is no need for u to tease her now…she is going through a difficult time so !et her be….u r a girl so hope u wld understand…Its not easy to sacrifice ur love…but mukti is so strong that she sacrificed her love for ur n bro’s sake…

  34. xxx

    this place moreover looks like a chat hub than a serial WU site some people have made it a social networking site …………… kids are kids all kiddish blabbing ………… no show talk here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    all small crybies and now will bash me for reminding them that this site is for discussing shows….
    carry on!!!!!! all are welcome bashers

    • priya

      ankitaaa… i didn’t mean to hurtt any1 ovr heree or interfering.. i just thought offf sharing my POV… sryyyy if i did anythngggg… wrnggg hopee… u dnt minddd…

  35. nisha

    hey friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    how r u all.

    Really missing u all so much

    Do agree visit here sometime

    but this is the place of my heart

    so at last Came here by running with a smile and love for all of you my sweetheartssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey karu misssing u a lot dear how r u dear

    its been a long time talking so much missing u dear all the time u told me cutiepie

    Hey sweetheart even I didn’t find u today where are you sweeeteepie

    love u karu

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    are ee kaa jab hum purana pagewaa check karat rahe

    tab pata chalat kee

    humraaa bhoot uhaa par rahet raha

    are kaaa tum beleive naahe karat rahee

    samee dp same commentwaaaa talking just like me

    first I thought that my soul came here for writing comment totally confused waa

    but then I know who it will be I saww named richa and I know

    my sweetheart devil

    wow even I can’t differentiate the difference between your and my comment

    when u wrote richa then I know she is u

    wow .

    how r u my poky richu missing u a lot

    and yeah where is your life turnouts missing that fun too a lot when u writing dear love u

    hey diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    how r u dia reporter

    aajkal aap offduty hai kyaa

    samachar pracharan samapth ho rahe hai

    cameraman commentbox bhi sustaa rahe hai aapke intezar mein

    kuch toh sunayein aap aapke charankamal pade toh hum aaj dhanya ho gayee

    hardheek dhanyawaad aapka

    aapki priyaa sakhi


    bahut bahut prem aapke liye reporter dia

    love u
    hey firendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss howr u all

    hey Miss rathor how can we miss u dear

    rathor ayee aur pata na chale aisa nahee ho sakta

    miss sanyu love u dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    hey mayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how r u dear love u mayu missing u a lot dear howr u

    hey mukti dear LOve u so much dear

    Sweetheart mukti u know we all love u so much and I really care for u as friend dear and

    I want to say something to you I know u have been are so strong girl dear

    but for your friends no one is strong more than you

    and the same you need to do for yourself too


    being a friend of u if even u are offline

    than also I told u as

    please don’t share ur personal talk here

    as mukti and natasha

    u both know that u are attached to one person

    instead of sitting together and sort this matter out

    u both have open your heart here

    this can be dangereous here and making this matter stretched more

    and more and more opinions attached

    which defame

    one of the name of you all 3

    one can be defame

    I don’t want to write any name here

    coz I care for u alll.

    this is the matter of all 3 and make it sort it help you all to live peacefullly and stay happpy

    coz if u talk here with this matter

    the silent readers and guests here and anybody can take a chance or advantage of the situation

    and make a fun of this situation between you alll.

    Please understand the situation I don’t want anybody to make advantage of this situation here on this page

    end the convo with a good note

    I am so sorry I say something wrong

    I just shared my heart as a caring friend of you all 3

    sorry natasha I don’t know u at all.

    but once or twice read ur name in your friend convo and I know about you all by d

    and yeah happy to have you too as friend

    I too have a friend named naty

    my best friend she is like a darling friend heere in tu

    love u all friendsssssssssssssss keep smiling

    and sorry i say anything wrong

    hey shivu aastha howrb u dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    love u so much my sweetheartsssssssssssssssssssss

    hey aalu richa, where are you

    hey vishu maddy , yogi , heloooooooooooooooooooooo to all

    sorry if I forget name but why tension came here and we met love u all.

    keep smilingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    some days left guyszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    make it memorable for all of us

    love u all.

    keep smiling


  36. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Hi guys…… Welcome all the new members of our family…..??

    Really guys,,,, randhir made me cried yesterday….???

    Hey mukku and dhruv vai,,,,, kya chal raha hay aap dono k bich????? Plsss yrr dnt fight…. Vai,,,, pls dnt mind interfering in ur personal matters…..Natasha to aapko chorke chali gayi thi Na!!!!!! To ab phirse aap,,,, kyun….??? Again Vai,,,, plsss dnt mind….. Wht we all can c in mukku,,, why u can’t??????she is really hurt now!!!!!

    Pls Vai and mukku dnt mind if I hv written anything wrong….. Bohot dn se bate kr rahe hay aap logo se,,, so wrote……. Pls dnt mind….

    • Sheena

      What? U r calling us idiots bhai???? N now u r leaving?? Ohhh great!!! We all support u n u call us idiots…as u wish..its ur choice. Maybe u’ve changed….i really donno what to say….but one thing bro, if u dont like us, then atleast dont call us idiots…coz we respect u..

  37. ankita

    ya u r ryt xxx specially dhruv hamesha uski life me problem hoe hi .and see uski problem kya hi uski gf .I think uski koi gf hi nahi .ye Sab uske college me fend hi Jo uske gf bane hi.aur dhruv kiska hi is bare me lad rahe hi. jaise dhruv koi superstar hi .disgusting.

    • xxx

      seriousslyy i think this place is to solve personal problems an open forum for personal discussions…………..

  38. mukti

    guys im sorry i hurted u lvuu somuch..lets frgt tht dhruv n natasha..n pla ankita i m not fake..i m here frm long time…guys lets tlk abt sh…

    • Sheena

      Yup mukti !! Lets just forget about everything that happened in the past few days…
      It’ll take some time but u’ll be fine soon…dont worry πŸ™‚
      Just keep smiling…coz abi toh u r very young na…esa sab hota rhta hai…zindagi abi baki h mere dost πŸ˜‰

  39. Sheena

    Look, xxx n ankita, if u wanna tlk about the show then u r free to do so…n we all take part in discussions related to the show….n miss ankita, dhruv, mukti n natasha r not fake ppl…they r really facingvthis problem we all r really close here…like a fmly…maybe u wont understand this spcl bond coz u donno us….n u both r saying that we r not tlkng about the show n just chatting here, so let me tell….u guys r doing the same right? U both r also not discussing anything related to the show..r u? Tell me??? N mr/miss xxx,,why do u think that we r gonna bash u? Do we know u??? Infact i saw ur comment for the first time n that too, not concerned with the show….n let me tell u, we all dont bash anyone, infact we try to avoid ppl who bash others….

    • xxx

      dont say that i’ve been reading the comments here since long some of your friends overreact sheena that’s why i said that some are good polite and understanding the’ll cut off their chat but some are rediculous and if you ask something about the show someone hardly reply just busy in teir kiddish chats i think only kareena replies here rest just chat
      i dont have any personal issues with anyone just want that the motive ofthe ite is servedand if we miss or discuss about theshow it dont get loss in the silly kiddish chats and we get a good reply..

      • Sheena

        Its not like that….maybe u haven’t read our comments…coz we always comment about the show…infact u r the one jisne abhi tak ek bhi comment show se related nahi kiya…may i ask why?? Chalo, i admit that we were not talking about the show for sometime, but atleast we have a genuine reason…dhruv n mukti r our frnds n they were in problem so were helping them out….but u r supposedly not their frnd right??? So why r U so interested in their life?? Hahaha u alll r telling us that we r not tlkng about the show, but check all the comments, only WE r talking about the show…not continuously, but once or twice, we have commented about the show…n u ankita, sutie n ada, u all did not comment anything related to the show or the track of sh… Hmm…don’t u think its something that u need to ponder upon….
        So b4 pointing fingers at others, first look at what U r doing

  40. dhruv

    hey i was nt saying u was for mukti..n ya i nvr shared so much..this mukti created a hungama here..i only asked shena n thn i didnt reply to anyone..u girls are blaming me??????look at mukti 1st she shared everythng not i….n i dnt kno who tht natasha is…maybe mukti frm fake acc.n yes miss ankita if u dnt know me dnt tlk rubbish…
    n its not my fault tht mukti shared this..i was nt evn tlking with her…i just asked shenaa n mayuri..tht mukti strtded this rubish still i didnt cmnt anythng…n i m not evn intrested u mukti u manipulate pppl smartgrl..kushagra was rit..u defamed me..idiot …
    shena i didnt say u idiot..ok
    n dnt blame me….by

    • Sheena

      Sry dhruv bro…it was just a misunderstanding…..i hope u’ll forgive me…i didn’t mean to hurt u at all…sorry agqin…

  41. Aastha

    anyone plz tell where i can download yesterday epi..
    plz donot say hotstar or youtube …tell me any site..
    I knw no public site can post epi so fast bt still if anyone hav any idea then reply.

  42. Aastha

    And i saw yesterday epi pics
    randheer was fab
    best scene of s2
    now the real fun began in this show.

    • Sheena

      Yup aastha, i hope they show some good sandhir scenes….n i also wanna see mission mars being successful…n i also wanna see parth, vids, yoyo n kaustu…i hope all my wishes come true

    • xxx

      thanx for the support and i think maximum agree alll kiddo teenagers fed up of FB ? ? or culdnt just cope up there , also they dont realise how much time money they waste here on useless things , and the aftereffects too,

  43. Ada

    All are just attention near…mukti natasha dhruv all are fake…how can natasha came to tu suddenly that mukti is on tu site..only by chance she today came to know..only when mukti mentioned her name..i can definatwly say that this mukti natasha and dhruv these all are just one person..attention seekers..plz stop all this nd lets discuss about sh…

  44. dhruv

    n ya priya thnx for ur i hv not asked u..n i hv not told ppl to talk.its ur own wish…i dnt evn reply to anyone aftr my one cmnt which was on last update..mayuri shena n shivu r my frnds so thy cn tlk bt not odrs who r tlking rubbish…n dnt blame me see who created hungama…

  45. Aastha

    sheena di …mayuri ..mukti di …and all just stop it

    unknown ppl are commenting on ur prsnl life ..its nt gud…. thats why i am saying this .
    it was a small sis suggestion
    and for mayuri it was big sis suggestion.

    • Mayuri

      Yeah !! Dear !! We will close the matter because some people r commenting rubish about us πŸ™‚

  46. rits

    hiii frndss howru????
    n u all new cmnters for ur kind info dhruv is an old cmnter of not only sh bt on dnt say such thnngs..ny u are invovling urself…dnt read those comments ada priya radhika..hmmm all are cmnting n the same time span…i thnk this is only a single peson cmnting frm odr accs….
    anywz guys i m busy bt i will come frm 12 june miss u all tc..

    • Radhika

      Hey I never involved your name or anybody’s name that who is fake or not or blah blah blah. Then why the he’ll you are saying I’m fake. If you have freedom of speech then other people also have. If you apply your brain then you can find we all have different mind sets.I don’t have that much time that I will comment from 4/5 different accounts.

  47. ankita

    ya u r ryt ada .I m 100% sure .dhruv hi revti’ Natasha’ mukti ban kar comment kar RHA hi .uske paas 4 gmail account hi

  48. ankita

    Sheen dear mai yaha par comment nahi kar rhi thi but mai dhruv ‘revti ke comment padti thi . pata nahi tum logo ko Kaise nahi pata chala ki ye log ek hi.mai aise hi nahi kah rhi hun bahut din she ye Sab dekha but ab aur nahi mujhe laga ab tum logo ko bata hi dena padega ye Sab ek hi hair.

    • Sheena

      Achha !!! Look, ankita, if u really read dhruv n revu’s comments then u must b aware of the fact that they both r real brother n sister….n dhruv asked revu to use his id so that she is safe….now stop doubti g everyone here…

  49. ankita

    ab tum log believe karo ya na karo ye tum logo ke upar hi.mujhe Jo sahi laga Maine kah diya .

  50. Mayuri

    Ankita how can we believe u may be u can be xyz or somebody else …
    I have no intention of hurting anyone but … Don’t comment any ill if u don’t know … I know them so please don’t comment about those whom u don’t know …

  51. nisha


    sheenu never forgetting u dear

    u didn’t post the comment of urs at that time

    naaa me waitinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    love u dear

    how r u sheenu

    even shreyu and also so many friends gaayab where are they

    hey dhruv buddy whats up

    missing old times when we all talk freely and also enjoy a lot

    Now a time

    this page is getting a low profile

    why ???????

    where are the interesting talks

    and interesting topics which make this page brilliance

    yesterday episode is just flawless

    I love both of them parsh are fantabulous

    Once a time harshita says that

    when her on screen mother dies she cried a lot and at the time of shooting her real emotions came in cause she lost her mother in real too some time I don’t know about that

    but she said that she actually cried at that scene even when she give that shot the whole team give her a clap and too the on screen mother also see her real tears

    and now param this act

    some where he also act this time real

    coz I never saw his father anywhere in real not in any pics nor anywherer

    he give his real emotions onscreen

    the acting which is nearer to real

    it gives the best shot of their life

    I actually felt at the time of watching

    love the yesterday scene

    and also

    love u all friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    love u sheenu shivu

    richwaaa richu karu devga masakali, dia

    mukti love u dear

    keep smiling

    keep smilinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  52. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Sabse accha hoga agr hm is topic pe bat krna hi bandh kar de!!!!!! This will b the bst solution….. Thn new commentators ko v prblm nhi hoga , Na dhruv Vai ko aur Na mukku ko bashed hona parega!!!!! Okay guys??????

  53. sutie

    Ajeeb baat ye hai ki, when you ppl know each other so well.. When u guys have complete trust on who is fake n who isn’t.. Then why this discussion here… I mean sab ek dusre ko itne achey se jaante ho…itne saarey messengers hai.. Create a group chat n go there na.. At least the ppl involved in the triangular love story here, they will be having phn numbers of each other.. Then why here!!
    Yahaa sadda haq ke story se jyada aap logo ka siyappa is getting more attention! Lol ..

    • xxx

      sutie aisaq kuch nahi hai kisi ne group banane ki koshish ki thi par idea kuch had tak chala hai inka 1 group jisme apne marzi k logon ko shqmil kiya hai inhone , par yahan ek insaan kai kai accounts se comment karta hai ? ? ? ? zada commenters hai hi nahi aur sab pakahand hai dosti show off!! se nahi hoti sab ke saamne yahan dilasa dena apni personal life ko openly btana huh itna bevkoof kon hota hai hamesha ek hi insaan k peeche sab kyu pade rehte hai? roz naye commenters same way me hy kehte hai aur chale jaate hai……………. fir drama aur ladai hoti hai ladai wale chale jate hai ……… naye commenters hai borle hai aur fiir se ladai….. pta hai kai logo ko befazool ke drame karne m maza aata hai kuch bechare bevkoof bante hai, baki maze lete hai aur karne wala friends ke saath comments padh ke khilli udata hai…………..
      woh maze llotta hai aur baki pareshaan ote hai………………..

      • xxx

        jab koi account change karke comment karna bhool jata hai na aur bakwaas krta hai baad me sympathy k liye kehta hai …… main nahi tha , my account was hacked . BLAH BLAH……………… agar TU ko contact karo toh pta chalega saare comments same IP address and location se aaye hai…………………… believe me i have contacted and laughed at may peoples foolishness and also pity some innoscent souls who come in those creepy fakers talk…………

    • xxx

      sacchi inke siyappe aurrrr drame khatam nahi hote serial se zada inki life m hai problems . create bhi yahi karte hai troubleshoot bhi , aur yahan batane se kyaa hoga , virtual life is alll fake

      • sutie

        Yar inke bakwaas mey phasna bhi kisko hai…serial ka update lene aate they iss website pe…inke nonsense ka daily update milta hai..hahah πŸ˜€
        Guys! Go get a life! Kuch asal mey karoge toh aise kurafati ideas nhi aayenge dimag mey :p
        Khaali dimag shaitan ka ghar! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  54. Sia

    Like seriously so much of rubbish is going on so…pls don’t discuss here personal matters let’s only talk about show….
    Nothing personal

    • xxx

      right , u know if some crazy people reach their house then the’l understand …………..

  55. nisha

    hey xxx you seems to like an intellectual person when it comes to virtual

    hey friendssssssssssss

    guyz i know u don’t like personal talks

    but I need help will u help me

    can u suggest some brand names I need it

    need a fresh brand name

    with initial R

  56. Radhika

    I agree with you sutie. Jab sab ek dusre ko jante ho toh phone pepersonal baat kar lo. Ya phir fb pe. Yaha pe karne ka kya matlab hai. Air jab aap log itna Sara personal msg karoge toh sabki nazar usme jaegi yaar, sabka thinking same nahi hota. Aap bazar k bich jaake apni baat kahenge toh log different different reaction denge. Aur ye SH ka page kisika personal fb wall thude na hai Jo surf Aap apni baat bol sakte ho aur koi aur bole toh wo galat ho jata hai. Abhi take mujhe koi fark nahi padta that bachho me fight me ghusne ki but you are saying I am fake? Are you nuts?

  57. shivani

    guys I am leaving bcoz whoever come and.bash people and make fun of our situation.they think we are fakers doing this purposefully

    • xxx

      listen shivani no one is making fun of the situation , you people yourself make fun of yourselves by bringing out all in open and then making funny chats , fights etc….
      everyone laughs just that some do it openly

    • xxx

      purpously all rubbish kiddo you people are so fickle minded , be optimistic and analise the situation , grow up kiddo

  58. nisha

    hey xxx dear

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for helping so much so kind of u dear

    but raymond is already registered name I am finding some fresh new name

    one name which is patent by the company according to government rules can’t be copied

    so finding a fresh names

    and I just came here to help still searching

    do u know any site or any link by which i can get help

    please friends really need help

    • xxx

      i am not trying to be rude but nisha you yourself agree that no talks besides the show so just read that you use net for searching for all show related stuff cant you search for your own purpose , you are doing like others all i n open…..

  59. ankita

    hi mayuri Maine pahle hi kaha hi believe karna hi to karo .otherwise its ur choice .tumhe apne dhruv vai pe believe karna hi to karo.

  60. ankita

    tum logo ko dhruv fool bana RHA hi aur tum log ban the ho. WO hi revti ‘ mukti’ Natasha hi.

  61. ankita

    tum logo ko in Sab ke language ek jaisa nahi lagta .koi change nahi in Sab me language me .Sab ek jaise comment karte hi . revti to kabhi kabhi bhool jati hi ko WO ladki hi .aur janti ko janta likh deti hi because WO dhruv hi hai.

    • xxx

      haahaaahaaaaaaaaaa ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? maza aa gyaa ye dekh ke ki koi aur bhi jagruk hai
      waise bhiiii rehne do yaar maine aur bakio ne bahut try kia par in sab ke aankh par patti ai bevkoofi ki , leave it or the’ll bash u

    • sutie

      I miss Aryan yar.. Ab randhir nhi pasand…season one was different… But season 2 mey not randhir..cheh…
      But one thing is good.. Writer very beautiful gave us a msg through randhir’s character that ego destroys everything.. And if u genuinely want something in your life.. You should keep your ego away.. Life is too short for grudges…agar uske itne grudges n ego issues nhi hote n if he knew what forgiveness is.. Toh aaj uske paas bhi ek complete family hoti…n sanyukta is slowly coming back to him bcz it’s a story… Real life mey aisa nhi hota.. Ppl with ego are left with nothing in the end

    • sutie

      Hey sorry ankita.. That came as a reply for your comment.. I had to comment separately.. an error

  62. Sheena

    Hey xxx, look, we never bashed u n still u r tlkng rubbish about us….n u were blabbering something about fake ids right???? Ok, so if u r saying the truth then tell the names of ppl who r using multiple ids??? N u know what?? This is such an ironical situation…coz u n sutie r such hypocrites…hahaha…i mean, we all decided to drop the matter but seems like u both r very much interested in our lives huh….didn’t u see, we all were asking to drop that topic n tlk something about sh instead…but u both r still stuck there…awww poor kiddos!! Haha…
    Look mr/miss xxx n sutie, i dont fight with u guys but if u r doubting my identity, n making fun of us, then i’ll have to react in such way….i dont mean to hurt u but pls dont create a scene here…
    N if u r really telling the truth, then reveal the names of ppl who r using multiple ids here…can u do that??

  63. nisha

    naaa naaa

    dear xxx

    you have taken me wrong dear

    I just thought by reading ur comments to take ur help

    u are right I am able to search it out

    and I will too dear

    but can’t be able to find something suitable for branding a name

    its important for me dear that is the reason for the first time I tried to take help from here

    I am not forcing u to help me

    i just think that may be you know more vitual more than me and may be you know some site

    from there I can get more stuff of brand names taking a fresh brand

    if u know any site than kindly tell me and if u don’t know then also

    its ok

    chill its the last comment if u have any stuff realted brand name then share if u not then its ok

    Nice to meet u

    and thanx for helping

  64. Sheena

    Okkkkk guys!!! Stop all now!! No one talk about topic…its tneir personel matter n they r pretty mature…they will handle it themselves…
    N xxx, ankita n sutie, its really bad of u make fun fun of someone’s problems….dont repeat it ok?
    N if u all r saying that ppl here use multiple accounts, then pls comment with proofs…tell us the names…

    Okkkk my lovely frndzzz!!!! First of all, revu, where r u? Missing u yr…pls come
    Piku, dhruv bro, mukti, shivu, richu, aastha, rits, karu, aalu, nishu, dia, bk, raj, rochelle, tara n the newbies (haters included)….hmm..the atmos here is getting damn serious naaa….so lets do something..
    Give ur suggestions…
    I think we all shld name each other on the sh characters…like – mukti as sanyu…n so on…
    Pls share ur ideas too….i really wanna lighten the atmos here…

    • sutie

      Hey Sheena…mera bas itna hi kehna tha ki apne personal matters ko yaha nhi discuss karo apne personal group chats mey karo… This is obvious na..but agar koi yaha aise baat kare toh koi bhi mazaak udaiga..
      Mera yaha kisi se bhi koi dushmani nhi hai..but ek alag person ki tarah drkho who has nothing to do with someone’s personal stories.. That person comes online to check for some good comments, spoilers, ffs etc… Jar roj if u find lambe lambe comments saying tumne ye kiya woh kiya u r fake she is fake blah blah n all…sach bolna won’t you feel irritated?
      The so called haters according to u…ye sab hamare irritation ka hi result hai ki we r commenting like this… Agar yaha personal baatein hi nhi hoti toh hum kuch bolte bhi kyun!?
      Chalo I’m leaving all this…
      All concerns to me is Aryan chala gaya… πŸ™
      ARYAN πŸ™ πŸ™

  65. Radhika

    Kal ka epi kitna Fab that but what are we discussing here? Just don’t give a damn if anybody using diff accounts or one account that doesn’t matter. From now on who want to chat about personal matter they can chat but don’t expect everyone to be sweet. and who want to chat about SH they are also free to say their opinion.
    Me: aaj ka epi acha that SH page jaake dekhti hun logon ko kaesa laga.
    Sh page:
    Fight fight ….fight rubish talks…..fights…he is fake….she is fake…blah blah

    • Aastha

      parsh bhai kabhi kaal mujhe yhi lgta h bt in dono k logo match nhi hote tu shak nhi kar sakte

  66. Radhika

    RANDHIR was so cute today.when he was crying my heart melted like ek mahina Randhir ka ye rup dekhna hai.hope main pyar ke maare pura pagal na ho jaun. Finally Randhir forgave his father . Sanyukta was also good yesterday

  67. dia

    Well when 3-4 new people suddenly come on a page and have same kind of views…….that could mean that they all are a single person……..

    Nishu……kaha thi aap itne dino se….koi ni milta yr aap teeno m se…..m sh dekhti nhi hu sirf aapke, richu di k nd devu di k liye aati hu……..

    Nd what abt richu di??? D’u kno abt her? Howz she? Wt had happened to her?

    Nd what was yesterday’s comment?? I srsly didn’t git it…i mean i goyt what was said bΓ»t!!!!

    Nd abt ur brand name for what u need it?

    Sadda haq rks

  68. ankita

    I have three word for u go to the hell with ur vai dhruv .I m not interested tooooo talk tooooo u. because u r blind .vai hi tumhara aur revu ‘ mukti’ Natasha bhi .

  69. ankita

    tabhi to beech me tum Sab ko akela chod kar chala gaya. and I know WO aayega bhi nahi because he know he is wrorng

  70. ankita

    aur jab aayega to revti ‘ mukti ‘ Natasha bhi ban jayega . so funny use kitna maza aata hoga to Sab ko fool bana kar.

  71. ankita

    hi dia tumhe hamare language se nahi pata chalta ki ham same hi ki nahi tumhe answer mil jayega .anyway we r not same .agar koi same hi to hi dhruv’ revti ‘ mukti ‘ natasha

  72. This show is becoming a bore … but liking the way Rd is trying the best to convince sanyu …. but I hated the way aryan went away…

  73. mukti

    ya give me proof tht i m fake..go to tu n give valid proof..who knows u all r same or diff..if u saying this same goes to u..n if u bash me i willl report to tu..wht proof u hv to call me fke..n ya if u hv proof im fake thn show it here..we closed the mater u 2 3 persn who we hv nvr seen are bashing us..u might be all same..n if u again tke my name i will report u all.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.