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Sadda Haq 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritka says you love him you should forgive him. Sanyu says how much do you know me? Sanyu says I am sorry. Kritika says I wanted to tell you something its really important. You repeat randhir’s name while sleeping. Sanyu says its not possible. Kritika shows her the video of hers saying I love you randhir in sleep. Sanyu says I don’t believe this. Sanyu gets from Aryan, stop thinking about me sanyu. randhir’s dad’s condition is critical go and meet him.
Sanyu goes and wakes randhir up. Randhir says is Aryan okay? Sanyu says your dad.. I got a call from hospital. Few days ago he came here. Sanyu tells him everything. Sanyu says he doesn’t have a lot of time. He just wants to talk to you. Randhir says I don’t wanna go anywhere. He is dead for me. Sanyu

says I am sitting outside waiting for you. If you wanna go to hospital come out.
Randhir recalls his moments with Harsh.

Sanyu comes to Harsh. Harsh says randhir? Sanyu says he is outside. harsh says please ask him to come in. Sanyu says he will it will take time but he will. Harsh says I don’t have time. Harsh says thank you. You dont know what you have done for me. Sanyu says I should have done this before. You are the only family left to him. Harsh says no you are family to him.
Sanyu comes out and says to Randhir please meet him. Randhir says what should I talk to him? Sanyu says he is your dad. His way of showing love is different. Just like my dad. He really loves you. Rnadhir says he wants my forgiveness and I won’t ever give him that. Sanyyu says it will give you peace of mind. Randhir says I shoudn’t have come here. Sanyu says you are brace that you came here. Rnadhir says I okay the way I am. I don’t wanna meet him. Sanyu holds his hand and says please.

Randhir comes and sits with Harsh. he says I didn’t want to come here. But you know sanyu is stubborn so I had to. Randhir says I have behaved wrongly with you. No son should do this to his dad. Fact is that I loved you. Behind my hatred you were the reason. I am your blood. Rnadhir Harsh Shekhawat. Rnadhir says you know when I was in school people used to taunt at me for you being alcoholic. I used to beat them. That is why I had no friends in school. I wish you were a super dad like stories in my head. A super dad a super family. You know what.. I always loved you. I wanted a normal family like others. I wanted my mom to be there when I do homework and you save me from her scold. I don’t remember when we three had dinner together, we will meet again. You me and mom. And we will live happily together. I forgave you dad. Harsh is not moving. Rnadhir says I am sorry too for not being a good dad. He stands up. Randhirs holds his feet and starts crying.

Randhir comes outside in shock and tells Sanyu that Harsh died. Everyone died, no one remained his life. He sleeps in Sanyu’s lap and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap: Randhir brings food for Sanyu while she’s working. She says she’s not hungry. She starts walking away when she slips and Randhir catches her in his arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ye dhruv kahi daksh to nahi he jisne pahle bhi TU pe saboko ullu banaya tha

    1. parsh bhai kabhi kaal mujhe yhi lgta h bt in dono k logo match nhi hote tu shak nhi kar sakte

  2. RANDHIR was so cute today.when he was crying my heart melted like ek mahina Randhir ka ye rup dekhna hai.hope main pyar ke maare pura pagal na ho jaun. Finally Randhir forgave his father . Sanyukta was also good yesterday

  3. show has become boring but today epi was emotional

  4. Well when 3-4 new people suddenly come on a page and have same kind of views…….that could mean that they all are a single person……..

    Nishu……kaha thi aap itne dino se….koi ni milta yr aap teeno m se…..m sh dekhti nhi hu sirf aapke, richu di k nd devu di k liye aati hu……..

    Nd what abt richu di??? D’u kno abt her? Howz she? Wt had happened to her?

    Nd what was yesterday’s comment?? I srsly didn’t git it…i mean i goyt what was said bût!!!!

    Nd abt ur brand name for what u need it?

    Sadda haq rks

    1. Yaa dia i agree….i think it is a single person…n wants attention..

  5. I have three word for u go to the hell with ur vai dhruv .I m not interested tooooo talk tooooo u. because u r blind .vai hi tumhara aur revu ‘ mukti’ Natasha bhi .

  6. tabhi to beech me tum Sab ko akela chod kar chala gaya. and I know WO aayega bhi nahi because he know he is wrorng

  7. aur jab aayega to revti ‘ mukti ‘ Natasha bhi ban jayega . so funny use kitna maza aata hoga to Sab ko fool bana kar.

  8. ya ur ryt ABC.

  9. hi dia tumhe hamare language se nahi pata chalta ki ham same hi ki nahi tumhe answer mil jayega .anyway we r not same .agar koi same hi to hi dhruv’ revti ‘ mukti ‘ natasha

  10. Today’s episode was funny like FITE time

  11. This show is becoming a bore … but liking the way Rd is trying the best to convince sanyu …. but I hated the way aryan went away…

    1. Exactly

  12. ya give me proof tht i m fake..go to tu n give valid proof..who knows u all r same or diff..if u saying this same goes to u..n if u bash me i willl report to tu..wht proof u hv to call me fke..n ya if u hv proof im fake thn show it here..we closed the mater u 2 3 persn who we hv nvr seen are bashing us..u might be all same..n if u again tke my name i will report u all.

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