Sadda Haq 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and randhir and everyone else is asleep in the lab. ranawat comes in and says who asked you to sleep? when did i say that you can sleep? All you losers care about is rest and fun. randhir says we dont care what you saw us doing. Ranawt says and you have no right to sleep. sanyu says but we cleaned it all whole night. He spills his wine on the floor and says its not clean now. sanyu says you could spill something else why your drink? ranwat says why you cross your limit every time? Every time you say this. no one can clean this college.
Ranawat says i forgot to give you a good news i gave a task to your classmates, the time for it has to be done. but the people who didn’t do the task they will fail. you needed a mentor. he leaves.

sahil says what is he doing? Sanyu

says he is just provoking us, we have to win the competition. lets start working now, we will prove ourselves.
Vidushi says the semester is on going where are you doing? raghini says no where. vidushi says why are you packing then? She takes her passport and says where are you going? singapore? Are you going on vaccations? raghini says i am getting married. She takes her envelop and sees that randhir has paid her bill. vidushi says why is randhir paying your ticket and other bills? Raghini says mind your own business. vidushi says that means they have a secret affair poor sanyu.

Sanyu comes home and sees that sanyu has fainted, thruv is there with her. She is in tears and neighbor says you should take care of your mom. No one was here, Thruv swipes sanyu’s tears. sanyu says the way you are caring for her no one does this. Thruv says take care of her, if she stays like this then we will have to go for a surgery. sanyu hugs anju, she says i was so scared. anju says did you talk to randhir? you have to hurry up i dont know how much time do i have left. sanyu says dont say that, anju says that is the truth i am worried for you. sanyu says nothing will happen to you.

sanyu calls randhir his number is busy, she says whenever i need you, you ignore me. She asks everyone if they have seen randhir, everyone says no. sanyu recalls anju asking her to bring randir. sanyu says you never fulfill your promise. she throws things in anger, parth comes in and says sanyu what happened? why are you stressed out? randhir did something? sanyu says nothing. he says tell me what is it? i am your friend, come on tell me. why are you so upset.

Randhir comes to raghini and gives her the tickets. She says thank you so much, he says your brothers will never know where you are. randhir says i am sending you there so you karan doesn’t have to travel. she is in tears. she says you have done so much for both of us. randhir says karan is like my brother, she hugs him.
sanyu sits with parth she tells him everything, she says maa is worried for me, and randhir never understands. parth says you should tell him everything. He is just arrogant he has a good heart. Don’t give up, everything will be fine. sanyu says you are right i think i should tell him.

Raghini comes to randhir and holds his hand she says thank you i wouold never be able to return your favor. sanyu comes and sees them holding hads.

Precap-sanyu is working, ranawat comes in and says i have been telling you there is no place for losers here.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Me too having d same doubt jaan I hope she survives otherwise sanyu can’t live without her mom

  2. shenaz

    Hey Aisha y did u vanish when v were chating c dat I left many clues for u to understand who Tweety is

  3. shenaz

    Hi varshini hw r u swthrt
    Hahaha jaan dey won’t give us if dey do so hum unki band baja denge so dey won’t jaan

  4. shenaz

    I know tomboy is missing but she will b here soon don’t wry dr I hope she has finished her work n had taken some rest too

  5. shenaz

    Me just chating n watching jamai raja n don’t know where nazia is I hope she cums fast

  6. shenaz

    Varshini u r breaking d rule swthrt
    Well taani here is 1 more who is not sh fan but our sis she is varshini

  7. shenaz

    OK so taani here u go
    I’m shenaz from Mumbai completed 12th n now going for banking n u dr

  8. Aisha malya

    Sorry guys i vanished again … Mr. India aka my dear bhai gave me appropriate name … Miss India jo hamesha vanish ho jaati hai … Vaise m missin u mr.india

  9. shenaz

    Aisha u vanished for some days na so now no1 is new here except taani she came 2dy only

  10. shenaz

    Varshini go n read dr u cum here at 11:00 den priyu will also b here swthrt
    Oh ho Aisha chill yaar

  11. shenaz

    Yes of course swthrt u need it go n rest n aft dat start studying OK
    Oh dat means u r elder to me dr which day of sep taani

  12. shenaz

    Aisha when will u turn 13
    OK varshini
    Hey jaan u said me u will say aftwatds y u said oh really for wt ??

  13. shenaz

    Well taani I eat my every meal very fast I will have my dinner at 12:00 am n did u had urs dr

  14. shenaz

    Varshini now go n rest aft dat go n study OK a/w u will b here at 11:00 agn na so go now dr

  15. shenaz

    Its OK Aisha I’m sure u will manage sometime n cum here dr don’t wry v won’t forget u dr

  16. shenaz

    Jaan aka Tweety said me to say sry on her behalf bcoz she went to make dinner arrangements n den she will eat dinner so she vanished guys

  17. shenaz

    Gn sd tc b safe n healthy Aisha bcoz I think u went to sleep now c u soon dr luv u ummah swthrt

  18. shenaz

    Oh dat sounds grt priyu in a day 5 friends tho in a year or may b less den dat whole class will b ur friend dr

  19. shenaz

    Oh its priyu but no need of breaking d rule dr n in dat name shera d letters ‘she’ is for me only dr

  20. shenaz

    Oh dats grt priyu well I also luved d dress n was about to buy it dr a/w when is ur bday dr

  21. priya kumar

    bye shenaz and tweety I have go to sleep now sweet dreams,good night,I love you,umaaaa..?

  22. shenaz

    Gn sd b safe n healthy c u soon vini luv u dr ummah swthrt sleep well tc v didn’t chat 2dy but its OK dr I know u must b bc in studies dats y dr a/w keep smiling. Smiling queen tc

  23. shenaz

    From varshinis side to priyu

    Gn swt dreams luv u ummah akka well I cant cum to tu so sissy is sending my mgs to u akka

  24. So sry shen d dat I couldn’t b thr when u were thr at 5 pm onwards .I read our comments juz nw actually I got some sudden wrk n posted a gud hi rgarding dat but it wasn’t posted due 2 netwrk r u can v chat nw πŸ™‚

  25. shenaz

    OK I will b here till 2 n den will go if u c dis mgs den cum dr but I think I’m very very late bcoz u left long back but I’m here till 2 I still have some hope Dr

  26. shenaz

    Well nazia she is my sis n frnd too she is Sara u have chated with her before dr she was here as beautiful chudail I don’t know y but she lyk all dis in her ussername

  27. shenaz

    OK sara n did u find any video downloader for me swthrt if u remember I told u long back when my ph was not working properly n so do u remember it swthrt

  28. #SaRa

    oops so sry dr… 1 day I searched dr den I got tube mate bt it ws nt wrkng den I forgot to tel u dr

  29. shenaz

    Oh its OK nazia well d destiny n lyf is not in our hands na its all in Allah’s hands n v can’t do anything in it dr

  30. #SaRa

    oops so sry dr… 1 day I searched dr den I got tube mate bt it ws nt wrkng den I forgot to tel u dr…

  31. The 3rd 1 wz kissu.but I thnk u r not interested in these things .but u guz r talking about something n i’m not getting NY other topics

  32. shenaz

    I know nazia but I need 1 urgently so I’m asking her but not avoiding ur topic too swthrt plz don’t take us wrong dr

  33. shenaz

    Sara ask kyy family rocks who ever it is I think he/she knows 1 I don’t know y plz ask n c dr

  34. shenaz

    Hmm I know dey can’t kiss dr me also doing d same just tp dr n trying to pass my time

  35. shenaz

    Nazia I had a cat named sweety n a white mouse named cheeko but sadly dey both died so I decided I will not have any pets now

  36. #SaRa

    luv u too dr ummah… evn I had a pet it ws a fish bt it died as soap went in her water.. frm den I dnt keep pets

  37. But myn didn’t die .v HV shifted hr recently n coz, they wr feral cats v had leave them In Their surroundings.I lived giving a home to them

  38. shenaz

    Guys Congo to all sandhirians bcoz 2dy sh will complete 400 episode isnt dat grt guys n dis is called sadda haq fantastic 400 for me atlest yes it was fab n wt about u guys

  39. shenaz

    Gm my lovely tu friends n all my swthrts have a beautiful day ahead guys tc I will b here aft 3:30 I have some work

  40. shenaz

    Mine was a tiring day I’m tired now clgs n all
    Hey nazia hw was ur day dr n hw r u swthrt

  41. shenaz

    Oh very nyc 1 tomboy I luved it tk u dr so much for it u always rock dr ummah luv u soooooo much swthrt

  42. shenaz

    Oh but dats really very late swthrt y not on 24th August just a small party can also do na wt bday kay din bhi dat much bc u r

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