Sadda Haq 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi says to maa can I help you with something. She says no you are our guest,. Vidushi says you call me daughter and now you are calling me guests. Maa says sanyu can help me. SAnyu says in heart yeah keep feeding her.
Kaustuki calls sanyu. SAnyu says aren’t you coming. She says how can I ? even if I get the ticket I won’t reach by tomorrow. Kaustuki asks sanyu to open the TV. Sanyu asks why ? Kaustuki says Vardhan sir’s interview is on air. Sanyu goes out and says come on maa come here. Its vardhan’s sir interview. The reporter asks what is dream team ? Vardhan says its dream to be part of this team. The reporter asks do they take part in competition. Vardhan says yes they have participated and won many competitions. but this time its different. They are

going to participate in an international competition. Its the dream of every student to be part of this team. They chase dreams they never give up.
he says my students have the passion of engineering. THey know they deserve. My dream team will do something that has never happened before. My team knows how to fulfill dreams. Ankit and papa come in. Maa turns the TV off and says I told you your papa is here. Everyone has a different life. Nobody is wrong. He come in and asks what were you people watching? She says nothing was just watching serial.
Vidushi smiles at ankit. Sanyu recalls what vardhan said that its a dream of every student to be part of this team. My team follows it dreams they don’t give up on them. Vidushi sits there.

Randhir says I know you so stubborn like me sanyu. You wil be part of this team.
Kaustuki calls sanyu and says I know you are upset after seeing the interview. Sanyu says I wanna be part of dream. Kaustuki says I wish we could delay your engagement. Sanyu says yes I wish I could postpone my engagement for sometime. Anju hears I and says what are you saying sanyu ? You know what it means for your dad. Sanyu says kaustuki just wanted to attend it. So she wanted me to delay. Anju says oh you scared me. You know what it means to your dad. who delays the engagements for guests. Tell her that ‘shrad’ is starting from next week. Sanyu asks what is it ? She says we don’t celebrate anything in those days. We recall our previous days. SAnyu is so happy to know that. She hugs her and says I love you maa. She says in heart you solved my problem once again. Maa leaves. SHe says wow I just have to delay for one week.

Scene 2
Randhir is trying to hear from the transmitter. Chotu says what are you doing ? He says why don’t you go and play with sonal or study. He says no I wanna hear sanyu didi too. Randhir says what is this didi ? Chotu says why don’t you bring her here. You should tap the phone you are an engineer you can do that I saw in the movie last night. Randhit follows his idea.
He taps sanyu’s phone. SAmir is calling her and reading out different couplets. Randhir says how cheap is her. He says I will stop myself for 5 pm tomorrow then I will be engaged to you. SAnyu says wow your poetry is so good that I can’t find words to express how I feel. he says I will write you some of these after weddings. He says okay sanyu tomorrow at 5 is the time. Randhir says its all over. Its her engagement tomorrow and I am not able to do anything.

Sanyu is sleeping. Vidushi comes and says what are you doing wake up its your engagement today. Sanyu gets scared by seeing bleach on her face. Vidushi says wake me after 15 minutes or my skin will burn.

Scene 3
SAnyu is applying bleach on her face. she says I know this is risky but I won’t get another chance to go to the dream team. She goes to the bed and lies. She is waiting for time to fill in. maa comes and says your breakfast is ready. Whats on your face. Vidushi wakes up screaming. She say oh my skin is burning. Vidushi says I asked you to wake me up in 15 minutes. SAnyu says I slept as well. Maa says wash It let me bring some ice. The clean it with the towel. Maa come in and ask are you both okay ? They come out their faces are so red. Their skins has burnt. Sanju is shocked to see sanyu. Sanyu says look maa what happened. SAnju says what happened to your both. What you did. SAmir is about to come. Has this to happen today. Why you had to do this today. Will you bring this face in engagement. SAnyu says in heart please pardon me maa I had no other way. I can’t see you crying. Maa says what will your dad do and what will say to people.

Downstairs, Agarwal and ankit are discussing the arrangements. Snaju comes and says please come up. He goes up and sees sanyu. he is so shocked and says why you had to do this. Will we bring you like this in front of people ? Ankit says you have to do this today. Agarawal says call that beautician or any skin doctor. Anybody, do something ankit. Sanyu says in heart consider this a task sanyu. THis is the first round.

precap-Samir comes and says I wanna meet sanyu. Maa says boy should not meet girl before wedding. he says engagement is not happening. SO I can meet her. Samir calls sanyu. she says I am sorry Samir. He says thank me we have saved our engagement. Sanyu says what engagement is happening ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Add going on now…..waiting impatiently for it to start……awesum serial hai yaar!!!!!!

  2. Niiiiice trisk sanyu…….chad do us sameer ko……cnt wait to see engagement being stoppd……

  3. Really fast update,atiba!
    I was so relieved that there were no sandhir scenes today… mom came home early,@6:00 but SHQ kaise qurbaan karti?to mammi ke saamne hi dekhliya. Agar kuch aisa waisa hota to abhi mai ye post nahi,balki punishment jhel rahi hoti.
    Srry fr long comment;)

    1. U’ve got gatts

    2. TUM BHI Randhir ki tarah becharai ho!!!!

      1. agar sach much sandhir scenes hote….ha ha ha….. actually u must hv bn hoping there shld b no such scenes tdy….. man hi man keh rahi hogi, hey bhagwan,maaj nahi, kam se kam aaj nahi….

  4. Awsme epi,thanx a lot atiba,precap is interesting,kal randhir kisi tarah se engagemnt rok de,finger crossed,i hate that chomu sameer,i think that sanyu n vidushi both will be in veil n confusion me sameer vidushi ko ring pehna dega wow!!

    1. Oye, in veil??

      1. This ws just my thought,i wish aesa sach me ho jaye

      2. why not???? mazaa aayega, tab Samir toh dekne laayak rahegaa…mujhe toh abhi hasi aa rahi hai,

  5. Hav anybody seen randhir’s mother. She so young and good looking. Now i know from ver randhir got such good looks.रांदीर बहुत cute है।

    1. U mean Param Singh Bhatia right??? asli zindagi me???
      kyuun ki serial me, Aaradhana Uppal, Randhir ki maa Renuka sanyal ki role kar rahi hai….

      1. Ya! Param’s mother

  6. sanyu u really ROCKS…. 😀 well done girl but precap is bad I think Sameer will do the engagement 😐 plsssss sanyu don’t let it happen oooo can’t wait fr tmrrw epi 🙂 randhir kuch karo

  7. chotu, chotu, chotu….. u r cho……. chweet…… Randir ko yaad dilaaya phone tap karne ke baare me…. Can s/one tell me this lil’ lad’s name pls???????
    (real as well as in seria)

  8. ye vidushi bhi kar kisi ladke ko dekhkar infactuate kyuun ho jaati hai???
    kisi ko bhi nahi chodthi…. Parth, LITS boys, ab Ankit aur kal kyaa Samir????

    1. Arre,hope kar ki sameer ko kisi tareh pata le woh….atleast apni sanyu to bach jayegi na us chomu se!
      Btw hamne toh sameer ka naam hi rah diya hai chomu…..i like it!;)

  9. sadaahaqrox i thing tumhe mom se scerd hone ki jarurat nhi h.coz of u r in pri-teenage..nd shq me sandir ke itne bhi intimnt scene ni dikhate.jab kabhi esi situation ho to change the channel.u r sach a great sandir’s ur comment BTW nic epi.good job chhottu.

    1. Ya,actually im 13 now but if u remember,recently ek epi me vo thode drunk ho gaye the…(party ke dauraan) and that was my moms first impression of SHQ so its banned for me npw…actually she doesnt even know the whole story. But mere parents ki situation Randhir ke parents jaisi hai to i can always say that papa ne ha bola,even though papa kabhi ghar pe aate hi nahi hai!

      1. Arey! i’m just 14 year old malayalee girl. Sirf tumse ek saal badi hun saddahaqrox.

  10. aaj samir ka shayari “mein tumhari photo se hi engagement karloongi” part
    i thought “why that’s nt a bad idea” !!!
    cottu is rlly smart and is there any one who started watching sadda haq from beging???????
    & srry 4 the long post!!….

    1. I’ve watched shq from beginning,wen sanyu n hr frnd kannu ws smoking,bt i like it very first time,me n my sis were in hostel wen it ws started,n both were enjoying it a lot

      1. sanyu and smoking???? omg, i missed it… in fact i started watching this serial from january..
        nov & dec 2013 episodes – i still have no idea abt those episodes…. all that i read later on was there was some blast created by randhir or sanyu…..

  11. I dint watch frm beginning but i have watched all the episodes on youtube.Its bin gr8 frm the very first epi itself!

  12. Just hope Sanu leave that chomu why she always has to think of her family

  13. Chomu sameer…..,.,nice tag dude…

  14. Thank you soooo much for writing the updates…. I really love this show not just because it entertains me but also inspires me….. Sanyuktas character is just so inspiring…. Because of my busy schedule I am not able to watch the episodes but because of u I can read them….. Even I want to become like sanyu… So dedicated and determined…… I hope she joins the college again and fulfils her dream……

  15. Luv u rd. Ummah….!

  16. Luv it!
    Thats the most hopelessly inadequate sentence u could find!

  17. Respect ur elders. Mai tumse ek saal badi hun

    1. Okay saddahaqrox pray 4 dis beautieful akshara (achu) for my exam. Im damn scared.

    2. woh kyaa hai naa, saddahaqrox tumse jalti hai……

      1. Whoa,wait wait wait………
        Ye sab kya hai? Didnt understand. Wnh did i disrespect u?
        Jalti hai?

  18. Harshita Gaur aka Sanyukta is 25 yrs old…. isn’t she looking young for her age?????

    1. U know
      krip suri – 28 yrs
      ankit aka parth- 27 yrs

      1. that is news!!!

  19. ek dialogue masth thaa – jab samir, sanyu ko phone shaayri sunaatha hai, tab sanyu sochthi hai – he bhagwaan, kaash mei behri hoti….. lol!!!!

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