Sadda Haq 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ankit says you will marry my sister? Randhir says he meant you will not let me marry Sanyu. parth says he is drunk, he is so happy for you. Randhir says he has no girl.
Randhir says to yoyo shut up okay.

Sanyu says to Randhir we will get married tomorrow, then you have to follow all my orders. I will miss the competition. He says I never see you competitive. sanyu says you start crying every time i lose you. Sanyu says lets have a competition. Whoever opens the car without keys will win.
Randhir opens it first. Sanyu says congrats for your last victory. Game over from tomorrow. He says what about the gift and comes close to kiss. sanyu runs.
Sanyu is getting ready in vid’s room. Vid says get ready in your room. Sanyu says there are so many other guests there.

she takes things from sanyu.

Sanyu gets a text from randhir, how long will you make me wait wife to be. Sanyu says you are not permitted to complain. You have to bear. Yoyo comes and says pandit ji has said no. Randhir says what? how can he do this. Randhir says do something. Yoyo says my mind is not like like parth that I can remember mantras.
Agarwal says to vid you look so good my daughter.

The dance starts. Ankit dances with Vid. Yoyo trips the power. Ankit goes out to check. They all go to the rooftop. sanyu goes to her room and wears the lehnga. She says i am sorry maa. But i am going to marry the person i love. and i miss you.
Sanyu comes on rooftop. Randhir says i can’t believe. sanyu says i also can believe that this is truth. Randhir says yes we are really getting married. He hugs her.
They dance on a song. Yoyo says lets start the marriage now. Parth become pandit for them. Yoyo says i have downloaded all the mantras.

Agarwal is looking for sanyu. Ankit says its getting late. Her friends aren’t here s well. Agarwal says you stay here I will look for her.
They start taking the rounds. Agarwal is coming upstairs. sanyu says papa is coming.Parth says last round is left. He says yoyo go and handle uncle.

Yoyo says to agarwal uncle listen. This is mirror. Agrwal says what is it doing here? And why do i smell fire? Yoyo says we were doing pooja here. Agarwal says pooja for what? Yoyo says of full moon. Agarwal says where arti? Parth goes out with arti and says uncle he is right. We were doing pooja. Yoyo says yes full moon day, you should pray on it. Randhir says to sanyu i promised you will get you your father’s blessings. He shows her agarwal in mirror. Randhir hugs her.

Precap-Parth says we wanna thank uncle for giving us so much love. Parth says we will get blessings from uncle. They all come touch his feet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. guys on which did sandhir dance

    1. They danced on the song Gerua. They chosed this song as a tribute to SRK and Kajol…sandhir said this in a video posted on fb.

  2. Randhir does it again and yes parth and yoyo u guys r true bestoes what an amazing epi….

  3. Just one word for this episode: AMAZING…..sandhir had the best wedding ever and the most unique one…parthas the pandit was hilariouse….im just sad coz we dont have vidarth anymore but still hoping for their reunion…Sadda haq rockssss….

  4. All sadda haq besties u rock…n sadhir lov u guys…

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