Sadda Haq 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is working. Randhir sees aryan and says he is supporting her in alternate plan? I will find it out.
Sanyu says the body is yet to be ready and warhead. Stronger than Nirman’s. We want to destroy it.Sumit says where will we get it from? Sanyu says we need to figure a way out.
Aryan says in heart spying wont help you randhir. I will tell you how mind games are played.
Kritika says randhir come here. Please see what is wrong with system.
Aryan says in heart you are under control of situation and I lead it.

Aryan comes to sanyu and says we don’t have an option. Sumit says what will we do now? Aryan says it is high security zone. Sanyu says I already thought about it. sumit says we will steal from there? Sanyu says

yes. He says this is a suicide mission. Aryan explains entire plan to both. Officer comes in and points gun at them. He says freeze. Aryan hides sanyu. He says on your knees now. someone hit his head,its sumit. Officer falls down.

randhir asks madam is there a backup missile in ISRC? She says why?He says for a backup plan. She says tell me what are flaws in yours. Randhir says no no thanks. He says in heart if there is no other missile why was sanyu solving equation.
Sanyu says to officer we didn’t wanna kill you. Sumit says sorry sir. ISRC is creating problems for those villagers. We wanna help them because their lives are at stake. They are humans like us and we wanna help them for that we would need your help. Aryan returns him his gun. He stands up and points at them again. He says enough.This is nuclear weapon you can’t steal it. I can only tell you that thought of breaching national security is stupid. You will get shot there. If I see you I will shoot you there as well.

randhir comes and checks his laptop. He says what is she upto if there is no other missile.
Sanyu says we can’t launch missile without warhead.
Sarpanj calls from agarwal’s phone. He says will you help us? Everything will be destroyed? Sanyu says we are trying. Agarwal says I told her you are working on it. Do your best.
SAnyu says papa trusts me and thinks I will do something. Aryan says he is right. Sanyu says our missile is not even ready. Nirman will launch his mock missile soon. He will destroy lives. And no one wants to stop him. Everyone trusts nirman. He thinks he is the best. They will start doubting him if there are flaws in his mock. Then we will provide him with our plan which will sever as a backup. Sumit says I knew you are a genius.

Randhir is working. He check’s aryan’s software. He says aryan was doing all this on dummy and fooling me. I knew it.
Aryan says you have checked it randhir? Your over confidence is your weakness and my strength.
Randhir tests software and says it is working what are they doing then?

Nirman launches his mock. He tests all teams and they say okay.. Nirman starts count down. Randhir says just a second sir. Aryan says in heart has he detected virus? he texts sanyu.
sanyu and sumit do something in super computer.
Nirman counts 4..3..2.. There is a sound in system, everyone gets distracted. Nirman and randhir check computers.

Precap-Randhir comes to everyone and says I thought a lot and eventually decided I will be with you guys. Everyone says thank bro.Sanyu extends hand and says thanks.He shakes her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Miley

    Okay guys lyk yesterday I am askin a Q again n todays Q is….
    Wat was Aryan called at his office by everyone accept sanyukta??
    Honestly, even I am a bit confused over this 1

  2. Thnx for the update..but I must say tu is very irresponsible…why they are always biased with my sadda haq …sometymes wrong updates or sometimes no updates like 7 April epi…expect sadda haq all the craps and dragging type serials are update reguraly…but only with Sadda haq …what the hell is this?? Why tu website is not properly updated our fav. Show …..sorry for being harsh but plzz next tym be careful withSADDA HAQ…and once again thnxx 4 the update…

  3. Aaliya

    Hey where r u guys!!! Rits, ruchi, rakshi, nisha, dhruv, sid, karu, ayesha, sanyu nd alll!!!!!!!???

  4. Spoilers are here.. ??
    β€ͺ#β€ŽMonday‬ : Randhir exposes Sanyukta’s plan to Nirman ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽTuesday‬ : Nirman accuses Randhir of still loving Sanyukta ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽWednesday‬ : Randhir chooses to follow Nirman instead of following Sanyukta ..
    β€ͺ#β€ŽThursday‬ : Sanyukta confronts Randhir about betrayal ..
    Friday:Sanyukta father and brother came to take her home

  5. Hi karina,liya,Nishu,malvika,milley,rakshi,,ayeesha,sanahki,suranjana,yogiraj,dhruv,shreya,visal,
    Bk,rits,shahid,himanshi and all how r u have a gud night sweat dream
    Ayeesha I m back so let’s chat sorry I can’t reply u yesterday because of some problem

  6. zaroorat song is coming for sandhir maybe as m not sure.m little upset over ds
    i gues it is the right time to choose a perfect partner for sanyu.RD is the best for Sanyu,but trust n support is very important in my opinion.But sanyu is still after Rd…???

  7. These fans r mature enough. otherwise,in fb Twitter, they behaves sooo impatiently.
    if Sandhir is together without any problem,pal where is the love story!

  8. Bk

    Hiii princess……I’m f9..hw r u dear????nice to meet u……….good ni8 2u also……HV a sweet dream……n u 2 good ni8 karina…..Jay Jagannath

  9. karina

    Thanks for the spoilers dears…
    Bk im glad ur back πŸ™‚ Ayeesha Princess Rakshi Himanshi im glad u all are back…
    Aparna dear love u too..thanks for the msg i read it…so sweet of u too say that..
    Liya Nishu Rits Sanyu Dhruv Vishal Richu Shreya Raj and all my lovelly friends have a good night..
    Miss u Suru pls come back…
    Malvika Shivani Miley Abhi Aaliya Sidharth Sheena Ramya Pia.angel Shahid Aahna Sindhu Sara Chinnari nice to see u all commenting here…

    • I think its like sadda badla(revenge)!!!!! Rd again on same unuseful BADLAPUR (REVENGE) track like factory track…..same bematlab ka badlApur track ..ohhh rd :;:;:;once again;:;

  10. Sorry I write all name except aliya piya Sindhu sheena Sara chinari abhi ena have a HUD night u too
    Hi biky I m fine thanks and karina also

  11. rits

    Hiii frnds…I was little busy with, exms hence cant enjoyed the, it was so cool to remember their beautiful moments…
    We will continue it guys..
    Hey karu gn dear..
    Hi r u dear?
    Hi princess Richu nishu dhruv:-)
    Hey vishal whre r u??
    U told me to come n ran awway:-):-)

  12. rits

    Hey miley swarna zarin welcm guys..
    Sindhu dear n Shena wher r u frnds?
    Hi ayana sanyukta we nvr talked bt how r u guys??
    Rakshi ayesha dear misuu..
    Now sh is on track..
    Bt I didn’t undrstand the Fridays spoiler…I mean why her bro n father come to take her??? Pls if any1 knows tell me..

  13. rits

    Bt one good news is that our crazy vids will also come…
    Whts say karu?:-):-)
    I am eager to see her:-)

  14. shahid

    Hiiiiiiii ritssssssssss howruuu???
    Nisha je I can I take part in ur quizs???
    Helooo allfrnds…

      • shahid

        Thanx rits n liya..sweet of u..
        I will ask a question
        Describe character with one word like loyalty,smrtnes.ego..etc
        Aryan shanaya.
        Sanyu Dad
        Plz ans frnds

      • SHQ

        Sry…I am not describing in just one word…??
        Aryan-intelligent,caring,obsessive(only with sanyu)
        Sanaya-peace lover
        Renuka-was selfish.but now I guess caring…

        Hope this was a nice answer…☺☺

      • Sheena

        Hello shahid! Nyc ques..
        My answer wld be-

        Sanyu – ambitious
        Randhir – Intelligent but arrogant
        Aryan – Secretive/ introvert
        Sanaya – dumb (sry to be rude but I find her a bit ugly too)
        Sanyu’s dad – good at heart
        Vids – selfish, Bt sometimes friendly
        Parth – the perfect gentleman
        Nirman – too bossy n devilish
        Renuka – guilty for her deeds

    • Aaliya

      For S1- sandhir – JO TU MERA HMDARD HAY…..
      for S2- sadhir- DIL PHIR MOHABBAT KARNE CHALA TUU ( wit Rd) (of murder 3)

  15. Aahna

    Thanx for the spoiler…
    It was very clear that rd will do somethings like that with sanyu but it will be interesting to see what will sanyu do to execute her plan…..
    And guyzz its nirman NA who kills me ka???
    If it’s Nirman behind her murder then he will surely come after sanyu….
    Maybe at that time rd will realise his mistakes and save her…( my assumption..only if u all don’t mind)
    I want to see aryan and rd doing something together…maybe to save sanyu…

    • Appy

      muhe b lagta hia ki us reporter ko nirman ne hi mara hai. or us din jo sanyukta or uske frnd ko j pen drive mili thi usme niramn ka sara kacha chhita uski sari asliyat usi me hai.

    • Sindhu

      Even I think d same…. Randhir soon realises abt Nirman….Hope New Mentor comes in…Nirman so much attitude…. I donno till wat extent he will tak the team… He does nt even care abt people life

  16. Aaliya

    I hv d same remark, opshora nd Nadira….!!!!!
    I also like Rd, but bcoz of his ego nd revengeful activity nd Aryans caring mature sense, I prefer Aryan fr sanyuu….

  17. ayeesha

    hey guys… gud mrng…..
    hey princess Karina rits thanks for asking…. h r u all??? well spoiler seems really very interesting… I just can’t wait till next monday…. can anyone guess y agarwal n ankit take back sanyu home????

  18. rits

    Good mrng frnds..have a nice day..
    Every morning
    The sun says,wake u like me…
    The sky says,aim high like me…
    The wind says,freshen everybody like me…
    N I says good morning to all mysweet frnds:-)

  19. rakshi

    hi guys…….happy mrng to evryone!!!
    Im xcited of nxt week episodes.
    Ayesha I don’t hav any idea abt y sanyu ‘s father n bro cmes to take her home..

  20. SHQ

    Hey Guys!!wake up with a fresh start and a br8 smile on ur face….!!!
    As it is a good mrng…I wud lyk to post some qstins….(they are easy qstins)

    1.sandhir danced on the song khamoshiyan….when did it happen??
    2.what is the full name of Aryan and sanaya??

  21. SHQ

    Is that true that vids is coming back 2 d show???OMG!!!?????….i was really missing her….I hope it is not a false news……

  22. ayeesha

    hey liya h r u??? well from where did u get this news abt vids???? hope she comes back to show…. really missing vidarth….

  23. Hello every 1
    Actually dis is not a question but to share ur feelings….
    Can u all choose a song to describe al the characters. ….
    I mean it’s fun dude……..
    And also the chemistry of ur fav jodis……

    • SHQ

      Hey richu..!!nice idea dear…
      For sandhir:-
      ke here like duniya chodi do hai,tujhpe hi saans aake ruke,
      Mei tujhko kitna chahta hu,ye tu kabi soch nah sake….???

      • SHQ

        This song is dedicated to sandhir on sh season1(during their wedding tym)not the current sandhir…

  24. rakshi

    thats a cool idea richu…..
    It gonna b lots of fun.
    hi Liya….n dhruv ,yogi!!!
    princess glad u r back!! ☺
    anyone dre in onlne?????????

  25. nisha

    I dedicate this song for sandhir

    for their current equations emotions relationship , bonding with each other

    I loved this song

    and sandhir and you all too

    hey karu how r u dear finally written update friends

    hey raj ayeesha richu rakshi love u all and how r u

    hey liya

    Are you asking the real name of sanaya and aryan

    Aryan- Ashwini Koul
    Sanaya -Shabnam pandey

    and I think khamoshiyan song plays on Valentine day merge between d3 and sadda haq

    hey rits like the poem a lot have a nice day too you too dear

    ayeesha me too thinking the same why they take her back it will be a solid reason for sure.

    hey aaliya dear noooooooooooooooooooooo this quiz is just started by liya idea of liya and they take me first to add question that’s all

    after that liya asked many questions and so many friends also ask after that
    u too ask dear

    its just a way to remember those beautiful scenes of sadda haq

    aahna dear ditto me too thinking about the same and it will be blast on screen if anything like happened

    sanyu in danger of nirman

    and rd and aryan save sanyu killing scene

    hey shahid ji offcourse dear you also can participate and too ask many questions dear love u keep smiling

    hey rits excititng for vids coming a lot dear yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    and also helooooooooooooooooooo sindhu how r u dear

    heloo ayana ahana how r u dear

    heloo princess how ru sweetheart where have you been these days miss u a lot dear

    hey malvika sadda badla awesome title loved it and

    hey zarin sadda pyaar awesome loved both the titles girlsssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey karu belated gooood night dear

    hey nadira dear agreed if they will be each other now then why we watch sadda haq tommroww it takes time to see them as pair till then we enjoy their khatta meetha relation.

    love u

    hey opshora if you are reading this please confirm the same
    is really the (ek villain – mujhe teri zaroorate hai) song is coming for rd-sanyu plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz explain

    love u

    offcourse swarna we are are friends here dear welcome love u

    hey bicky thax for the friday spoiler it is awesome dear and thanx princes for the spoilers dear

    love u both

    agreed ayana rd needs to beleive on sanyu more and we want to see their bond for sure and aryan too likable

    ena why mind dear he is always the villain of sadda haq from day 1 but always the angry Randhir singh shekhawat the cutest villain love u

    heeloooooooooooooooooo shivani shweta gupta abhi aparna, miley, mrunali how r u deareeeeeeeeeeees

    love u all keep smiling

    • SHQ

      Hey dear…luv u too nishu!!??
      Sorry Dear but I asked aryan and sanya full name not their real name….(like sanyukta AGGARWAL not harshita gaur…)
      And yeah….the song was played on valentines day that was aird on 13 Feb 2015 but merged with million dollar girl
      BRAVO..!???u too keep smiling nishu…??

  26. Good going…….
    I want more ans(ur choice)…..
    Plz hury up…..

    Where r u all? Are u there?…….
    I just luv songs….
    Its not compulsory only fr Sandhir can try wid anyone in Sh nd Sh2…..

    Anyone plz reply fast……

  27. Sanahki

    Hi guys I’m back. What is happening with Saddahaq? I think the makers have forgotten about season 1. SanDhir’ loved each so much that they would have died for each other but I really don’t understand Sanyukta and Randhir now. The makers are ruining the only character I like and the only couple I love. What will become of me, SaddaHaq is the only Indian show I watch, Randhir is the only fictional character I love and SanDhir is the only couple I adore. Please they should stop with this revenge thing and why does Aryan always talk in his mind and it seems like he knows everything and everyone, I can’t connect with something that is so unrealistic..

    • SHQ

      Hey dear…for me also that is the same case….but I guess the makers wud surely reunite sandhir coz they are the reason y many r watching sadda haq……I guess the makers are trying to judge our patience….dear v guess we have 2 b patient nd wait…..Aryan knows abt many people coz he is a hacker and the dark shadow….do keep waching sadda haq…….I guess sandhir reunion will take place…??

  28. Aditi

    I was a big fan of Sandhir.but now i feel aryan is prfct 4 sanyu.he is toi good.but RD is behaving lyk doubt RD loves n deserves sanyu but sanyu deserves better dn RD.n that is Aryan who loves sanyu and always trust her.

  29. ayeesha

    hey richu acordng to me soch na sake is best for aryukta n bolna for sandhir….. Wat say guys…. Pls reply

  30. rakshi

    ya…ayeesha… that’s gud.
    bt wen I saw SanDhir nw…. only HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI song only gng through my mind!
    I love deir randhir is bhaving rude wid sanyu.
    Aryan is Gud bt ntt too gud fr sanyu.
    btt I’m feeling fr aryan… his feeling fr sanyu is true…. n on d other side sanyu luves randhir!
    we shld wait fr future epi…… ☺

    • SHQ

      Hey rakshi…!!
      Yeah I agree wid u on sandhir’s current track…eagerly waiting for the next episodes…..!!

    • Hey rakshi and ayeesha did u guys forgot me u r not replying me at mail and even in tu
      Richu according to me mere darde dil ki sifarish for sandhir
      Mujhe Teri lat for aryukta

  31. Sanahki

    Yes Aryan is good with Sanyukta blah blah blah but I don’t want Sanyukta to be unhappy. Aryan will never make her happy despite being a good guy. Her heart beats only for Randhir. All I want is for Randhir to be a better man and start trusting on Sanyukta I don’t know when this will happen but it needs to happen. SanDhir belong together
    *Aryan can support and trust Sanyukta but if theres no love from Sanyukta’s side it won’t work -its not easy to love someone cause u can’t control your heart
    * Randhir can love Sanyukta and Sanyukta loves him but if there’s no trust it won’t work – but itll be easy for him to trust Sanyukta if only he uses his mind!!

    I guess its gonna be a long journey for them to be together again

    • karina

      Hey dear glad ur back πŸ˜‰ missed u and ur bold comments…hahaha…i told u ur like my soule sister…so h r u ?

  32. Sheena

    Hi rits!! I’m here☺
    Sry, I was a little busy with my studies…
    H r u?
    N hello Karina, shahid, princess, sidharth n all sh fans!!

  33. sidharth

    Hii frnds how r u my all sweet frnds

    Hello karu ,sanyukta, nisha , dhurv, malvika, rits, sheena , aaliya, himanshi,sanahki,princess, liya, richu,rakshi , ayeesha, aahna, ayana and all of u

    good evening all

    have a sweet evening

    zarin nice name for this season ” sadda pyar”???????

  34. Hii karu how r u..
    Where wrre u darling…
    All ur songs are really adorable….

    I am perfectly agree wid u sahanki dear. ..
    Es darde dil ki sifarish, bolna humari adhuri kahani ji huzoori r very nice songs to describe dem….

    But there r stil vidharth, ranawat vardhan sanaya and many mor….

  35. nisha

    hey karu and sanahki welcome back

    love u tooooooooooo both

    yes truly consider this truth dear sanahki Sanyukta belongs to Randhir only

    She can love with Randhir only.

    Lets see what cvs had decided

    well Getting bore with the Badlapur track once again after the SAnyu office revenge track of Rd

    same same

    When we gonna see some fresh thing in Sadda haq 2 still waiting

    if not then they need to give u parth or vids we can still manage with it .

  36. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooo sheena nice to talk to u dear

    helooooooooooooooooo sid how r u

    hey sanyu happy gangor to you tooo

    hey richu karu

    love u all

    songs are really making the mood swingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    I so need to see some good scenes in sd

    These days are so ok ok type scenes not so interesting

  37. Sanahki

    Hi my soul sister Karina, hi Nisha!! I’m a Sandhirian, will ever be and that will never change. I’ll wait for them to be together.

  38. nisha

    You know some time thinking

    Dream team challenges are so impressive and


    with this kiddish

    My missile of isrc and space asteroid things

    REally dream team challenges always rememberable

    unforgettable season 1

  39. rits

    Hey vishu dhruv back to the road guyssssss.:-)
    hii everybody..
    Hey sankhi n shena welcm back…
    Hey sindhu dear I m going home so weekend is full of fun…

  40. anda

    Hey Richu i was a little busy so that why i couldnt come πŸ™‚
    Hiiii my cutie Nishu love u too…
    Sanahki dear glad ur back πŸ˜‰

    Hiiii to all my lovelly friends h r u all ???

    • anda

      Hey guys i always see u commenting here…its so nice to see so many sh fans…
      Nishu and Richu i saw ur cimment on my ff and i wanted to say thank u for all ur support and to Karina as well..
      And Sanakhi dear i donno if ur the same person with whom i talked here a few month back but if ur the one then glad to see u again

      • karina

        Hiii dear wow thats so nice to see u commenting here as well.
        I just love ur ff dear pls post the next chapter soon and no need of thank u coz i love reading ur ff.
        So Sanahki dear u and anda talked befor ? thats nice.

    • anda

      oh sorry Richu i think i ve made a confusion u were asking about karina…sorry i thought ur the same Richu that commented on my ff.. sorry again.

    • SHQ

      Hey anda….rrmbr me???I am really a gr8 addict of ur ffs dear….do post asap!!?☺☺

      • anda

        Yes dear i remember u and thanks again for ur support dear. I already udated the next chapter but i guess it will take time till the site will umpload it. Thanks again for reading and supporting me.

  41. rits

    Hey shahid I thnk
    Randhir-intelligent+ attitude
    Shanaya- childish
    Parth- gentlman
    Sanyu Dad-headstrong but caring
    Renuka-over ambitious n guilty

  42. shahid

    What do u mean by it’s randhir princess??
    If u dnt want to ans or don’t hv vocabulary to give perfect names its ok..
    Bt don’t argue

    • Hey what happen I don’t argue I simply answer wrongly to your question by mistake
      I thought that ur question is (which character has attitude or something like that)
      And I answer (it’s randhir)
      Why r u behaving like that

  43. ayeesha

    hey guys song selection is really good… Bt keeping vidarth in mind i think humari adhuri kahani suites the best…. As their story is incomplete….

  44. sidharth

    Hii frnds i have a song for aryukta – Agar Tum Sath Ho

    And for sandhir – aa dekhe jara kisme kitna h dam

    • mrunali

      Hey i think for Sandhir its

      Tum Ko Bhi Hai Khabar
      Mujhko Bhi Hai Pata
      Ho Raha Hai Judaa
      Dono Ka Raasta
      Dur Jaake Bhi Mujhse Tum Meri Yaadon Main Rehna
      Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna…

      What do u think guys?

  45. ayeesha

    hey princess…. Im not angry on u darling…. Was little busy….
    Hey sid h r u?? Hey frndz gud evng….

  46. sanyukta rathor

    Hello friends

    I have some lines for sanyu…..-ye aryan muzee de de sanyukta pls ????????

    • Aaliya

      Saannyuuuu.. I also like to tell sanyukta d same….????
      I really love aryaann!!!!!?
      Pata hay guys, me itni sycho hu ki, jab me SOCH NA SAKE gana sunti hu, mujhe Aryan ke liye rona aa jata hay…. Kyuki , Jo v ho last me shayed sandhir will get together!!!!! Though I hope for ARYUKTA d best!!!!!
      Wht do u say, sanyu???

      • sanyukta rathor

        Ya aryukta is best

        And I love aryan

        Muzee to har song par aryan ki yad aati h

        Mere Tab me mere pic se jada ashwini koul ki pic h

        I wanaa hug him
        I love him soooooooo…… much


      • sanyukta rathor

        Ya u r right

        as we know that last me to sandhir mil hi jaige to i feel bad for aryan

        And worrid that sanaya ko aryan ke sath na jod de i don’t like that

        And i love aryan soooooooooooooooooooooooo… much

    • HI dear !!
      haha !!!! ya true !!! aryan β™₯es her soo much but not exactly the vice versa frm sanyu ! soo y not another girl huh ?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  47. dhruv

    Guys let’s talk abt our frnds…
    Give 1 word for
    U have to give word like friendly sweet fuuny cool headstrong low tempered etc

    • Dear dhtuv I luv u a lot but plz dont mind…
      I cannot consider any one as superior or else……
      For me every1 r equal….
      I would say every 1 is unique in dier own style…….
      U all r very friendly. ….
      Luv u SWEETHEARTS. ..

    • SHQ

      Hey dhruv….i guess all of my frnds here including u are friendly and nice 2 me…i guess all will b having the same answer.frm .e.luving all of my frnds here…cant jst one differentiate frm other…all my friends are just awesome…??

    • Sheena

      Hey guys!!!! H r u all?
      Sry for being so late..
      Anyways, for me, I’ll describe u all as-

      Nishu- Nyc girl
      Karu – sweet
      Liya – friesoul
      Rits – one with a glorified soul
      Visual – Nyc guy
      Sidharth – cool
      Princess – name says it all !
      Shahid – well I think that in real u r a “good person” but u just want some attention that’s why u are always creating scenes..just be cool dude? be urself

      N dhruv, u didn’t include ur name in the list ..but here’s what I think of u – A very good, friendly n likeable person

      But, no matter how I describe u all, for me, all of u are my friends..?

  48. Hey ritss….
    Dear I just did not understand the song tunr jo na kaha…
    Can u explain….

    Woah haa haa sid a dekhe zara kisme kitna hai dum haaaan…
    Very funny but still true……
    Evn I ws thinking d same ayshu…..

    Hey siddharth can I call u sid bcoz siddharth Is a little big same fr ayeesha…plz dont mind..

  49. Bk

    Hey guyzzzz I have a awesome news to all of u……….next week Randhir and Aryan going to fight against each other…….r u guyz excited to watch[] is good,have a look at it!

  50. sanyukta rathor

    Hi dhruv

    Sab ke liye to nhi par kuch friends ke liye one word like

    Nishu – cute

    Karu- perfact

    Liya – nice

    Aaliya – sweet

    Rits – understanding

    Sid – nice guy

    Princees – lovely

    dhruv – friendly

    Sanyukta – it’s me


  51. shreya

    Hiii evry1 ..hey karu,nishu,lia,princess n all my frnds.i ws watching twilight n so the song thousand of years came in my mind 4 sandhir

  52. ayeesha

    of course richu u can v all r frndz….
    hey sid I’m also fine….
    Hmm…. dhruv it seems u don’t consider me ur frnd… even u didn’t reply to any of my cmnts….

    • dhruv

      Ohhhhhhhh soooryyyyyyyyyyyyy…
      Realy dear I m sory..I didn’t remember so many frnds dear….
      Bt I will give us sweet name..
      Ayesha— short tempered:-P:-P:-P
      Ayesha— modern girl with pureheart…:-)

  53. karina

    A big hiiii to all my SH friends πŸ™‚ h r u all ? sorry for not writting everyone s name but u all are too many πŸ™‚ but im so happy that this show has so many fans…love u all πŸ™‚

  54. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi karina nisha n all othr SaddaHaq frndz out here..
    Its been a long time aftr i m commenting..
    I hv no idea abt the show bt its true that the
    song Hamari.Adhuri kahani suits vidarth bcz of their heart-wrenching incomplt end
    bolna suits sandhir..
    And sorry to say,I read some1 here called vidushi selfish.
    Yes she is selfish bt warm n vulnerable as well..a love deprived girl

    • karina

      Hey dear πŸ™‚ im so happy u came…i really missed u dear…pls come here from time to time and chat with us coz we miss u…i know ur dissapointed with the show coz the CV totally forgot about vidarth…i also feel the same but pls try to come here for me and Nishu coz we really missed u…love u dear.

    • Hey Suru its been a long time….
      How r u……
      Do u remember me….
      Whrre were u al these days…..
      I missed u so very much….
      Luv u

  55. Ty ayeesha..
    Hey dear same with me dhtuv u gonna ans dis.
    Hv u forgotten us..

    Chill bro jst kiddin
    I don’t mind.
    I know u all luv me.

    • dhruv

      Dear no I didn’t forget u..
      Bt thereso many people..
      Honestly I get bored writing names….
      Bt I lvu all..
      So sory I didn’t write ur name..

  56. rits

    Hey dhruv for me frnds are
    Karu- caring
    Princess-short tempered:-)
    Vishal- handsomeeeeeeeee dear:-):-)
    Siddharth-nice guy
    Yogiraj-simple n sweet
    In my opinion guys…

  57. dhruv

    Guys it is not like competition..
    We can tell abt our frnds wht we feel..
    N richu it rit bt every frnd is diff so give her her uniqueness..
    Guys if u dnt like no.prblm:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
    Bt it makes us more closer when we appreciate somr1 in their style,..
    Anyways by.I need to go..busy..
    Misu al

  58. hey my sh buddies ! hw r u all ?
    i think nxt week’s gonna be intresting ! omg can’t wait 4 mini world war 3 ! i mean bet aryan n rd !
    soo excited ! what abt u guys ?
    btw lub ya ! β™₯ β™₯

  59. Miley

    Hi guys,
    Bk karina nisha liya princess dhruv sanyukta ayeesha shreya richu sid sindhu
    Again sorry if I missed sumone πŸ™
    So here goes an easy question for uall
    Which was the song dat rd n sanyu danced to on their wedding day?
    This is quite a sinple one so let’s see who answers first

  60. SHQ

    Good n8 guyz…gonna have a long day tommorow….sleep well dears..
    ????….luv u guyz…keep br8nung ur cace eith a smile…

  61. Bk

    Hey richu dear…go to twitter n u can watch Randhir & Aryan fight promo….which is uploaded by harshita gaur Instagram video…only for 12sec promo

  62. ayeesha

    hehehe…. thanx dhruv for nice nick names…. infact im really short tempered…. it seems u know me well…. hahaha….
    hey karu I’m fine dear n u???

  63. Sanahki

    Hi Anda I don’t remember my dear but hope its me. What’s going on in twitter. The fandom is so furious at recent track but I’m so mad at some who are bashing Harshita she’s such a wonderful soul and its not her fault that the track its bad. Hey guys I don’t like Durjoy Datta he’s over himself.. I don’t like his tweets about Saddahaq

  64. niha

    Hi everyone.
    Normally I am a silent reader of TU and SHQ
    But I see that you all are so friendly. Can I join you all as well?

  65. Gud night Karu ,Nishu,saru,Sid,biky,liya,milley,aparna,rits,rakshi,ayeesha,dhruv,richu,aalia,ayaana,Sindhu,ena,anda,sanahki
    Hey dhruv thanks for calling me rosy princess. It’s nice

      • karina

        No Dhruv i didnt forget u….but u all are so many so yhats why i didnt writte any name coz i didnt want to forget anyona…thats why i said gn for all πŸ˜‰ how could i forget my crazy friend πŸ˜‰

    • Leanna

      Yeah, everyone is so close here
      I can’t stop smiling on ur sweet talk and friendship, I luv it in here, its been over months that I appear here.
      So I don’t suppose anyone to know me.
      Well, I have to compliment on ur talks and all.
      Its the second commenting group I’ve seen in telly updates that is so close each other, wow

    • Welcome…akshay dear
      U said it corect leanna……
      Its too fun commenting here…
      Im very eager to know whos d first one..

  66. Gud morning my dear sistere nd brothers. .
    I got a sudden flash in my mind about dosti.

    Agar itni pyaari soch tumhari na hoti
    Mulaquaat yu tumse humari na hoti
    Tadapte rehte sacche dost ke liye
    Agar dosti tumse humari na hoti

    Three cheers for t friendship..
    Happy sunday mrng to al…..
    Luv so so much…….

  67. shreya

    Hey guys i m enjoying my sunday…hey guys its a question 4 u can any1 answer..which song was played when sanyu n rd painted the wall in sanyu pg apartment,when they share a romantic moment..reply fast

    • Aaliya

      Udhar ye gaana sunne k bad hi Maine ise dwnld kr liya tha… ?

  68. NISHA















  69. shreya

    Hey hii richu i thought 2day is sunday so i can talk 2 u guys properly otherwise i have a vry busy life i don’nt have time 4 myself ,even i deactivated my fb account due 2 lake of time.but u guys r really good frnds more than my fb frnds,love u guys a lot

  70. shahid

    Hey. Nisha said I m bad..princess n all say I m bad.
    Now see dhruv flirting…
    People caal him romantic..
    U should kick him out of here

    • rits

      Hey shahid..y u always wants to fight…
      I consider u my frnd even u said such things to me…
      Then u deliberately started fighting with princess n now dhruv…
      Wht is wrong if he is friendly with us..
      He is suh a nice guy..
      We r brothers n sisters plz stop all this

      • rits

        U dnt like us na then don’t comment here. Don’t spoil our frndshp..
        N plz dnt say such thngs to dhruv

    • Sheena

      Shahid dear pls calm down…we all consider u as our friend…i know that u are a very nyc person …pls show us the real shahid not the fake one..
      N dhruv is not flirting with us..we will definitely not kick him out just coz u said so

  71. rakshi

    hi princess….n ayeesha!! I was little bzy nwadays.
    so can’t able to rply ur cmnts properly.
    hi Karina,nisha,sanahki,dhruv,visual,shreya,aahna,Miley,
    shreya,richu,siddharth,liya (CUTE ),aliya,sanyu, rits, suru, shahid….. n all my SH family….
    all forgot me????????
    Sry princess……due to lack of time I didn’t went to send msgs in mail.
    N my 12th lyfe gonna start…so need to study.may b my arrival bcme rare hre!!!
    So guyz plzz don’t forget me…..

  72. Hii everyone. Sory il not be able to contact u guys.actually I am going for a trip phone not allowed. ..miss u luv u dont forget me

  73. SHQ

    Hello gyz,,,,
    Katru,nishu,aprna,rits,richu,sanyu,rakshi,princess,ayeesha,shreya,aaliya,Miley,dhruv,raj,bk,sidharth and all(sry if I missed someone ……hope u all have a nice day)
    Welcome niha and akshay to our wonderful family……!!
    Luv u guys a lot!!??
    Take care!!

  74. NISHU

    3 comments deleted what to say

    Writen something about all


    why me ?????????????????????

    hey shahid I wrote also about u

    always loyal in your words

    but U said I wrote you bad

    No dear why

    I always consider you as friend and from that time I consider you friend I never speak any harsh word always stay smiling dear

    and yeah dhruv is a friend dear , he is just talking to us not flirting

    he really a modest friendly and mature helpful respectful person

    Talk to us more and more and you also

    understand each and everyone here

    we all are friends of course shahid also you are a dear friend of all of us

    You are loyal in word be also kind and soft dear we all love friends a lot

  75. karina

    Hello guys πŸ™‚ h r u all ? sorry for not writting names but u all are so many πŸ™‚
    sooooo my lovely friends h r u ?? U all enjoyed ur sunday ???

    • SHQ

      Hey enjoying from the beach wid my bro and my cuzins…really a good sunday….wbt u dear???

      • karina

        Awww ur at the beach dear…now thats a good life…hehehe…i love the beach…im also fine dear…i spend the sunday with my family πŸ™‚

  76. NISHU

    hey friends can’t chat now or talk

    as coz of moderation comments deleting again and again

    will talk tomorrow.

    hey raj doesn’t forget you but comment deleted above

    love u karu love u suru and love u all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    keep smiling

  77. ayeesha

    hey Rakshi…. glad u came here…. its OK dear when u get time jzt come n cmnt…. hello everyone h r u???

  78. Himanshi

    I will surely pray for you aliya
    hi to everyone h ru gys
    hey karina di, princess, nishudi dhruv bhaiya sanyukta, u know i also feel like hugging aryan he is sooooooooooooo cute

  79. shahid

    Hey u..don’t act smartttt u dhruvvv..
    U dnt hve sister??????
    Nisha ji ap dhruv se bat mat krona…
    Wo muje bola galiyan dunga tuje..
    Karina prince’s aysha aliya rihu yogiraj wo muje galiyan dna wala he ap bat mtkro usee

  80. ayeesha

    hey liya I’m fine dear….
    princess did u forget me?? no msg….
    hey aaliya all the best dear…. even I’m also bipc student bt ur jr… hope u do well in entrance xam…

  81. sanyukta rathor

    Hii how are u friends

    Hi karu , nishu , sid , dhruv, aaliya, liya,ayeesha, princess, ankur and all of u
    where are u guys

  82. Miley

    Hey guys!!
    How r uall??
    C’mon let’s chat! Its saunday we should be chattin a lot! Where is everyone?? Don’t tell me uall r wasting a holiday sleeping at home! C’mon let’s hv fun over here istead!

    N Anasthasia plz reply if ur readin my messeges πŸ™‚

  83. Miley

    Ok guys here goes another one-
    What was the name of the institute in which sanyu taught when she left her house?? Clue- remember prayali???
    I am sure uall can do it πŸ™‚

  84. SHQ

    Gd n8 dears…
    if someone wishes u gd n8 before u go to sleep am sure u wud be feeling special than many other people and feel happier coz u knw that someone still cares for u….
    I hope my messg made u happier…
    Sleep t8 and donlt led the bes bugs bite u…
    Antwys…happy n8..

  85. Bk

    Good Night all of u guyzzzzzzzzz….have a sweet dreams………….jstt 18hours 30min remaining…….thn. Start sadda haq live only on V correct hai…….Jay Jagannath

  86. rits

    Good night all my frnds..see u tomorrow..
    It,feels so sspecial to have,such beautiful frnds..
    What say guys we all r so strangers yet sooo closeeee…:-):-):-)

  87. SHQ

    The problem is not the problem..ur attitude towards the problem is the real problem….

    Its me Liya here!!?

    Good morning guys….???karu,nishu,aaliya,rakshi,richu,rits,aparna,
    himanshi,ayeesha,bk,vishal and all my bros and sis in my SADDA HAQ family???
    ((sorry 4 not writing everybodys name…sorry???))….how are u guys…..(i know u guys will be telling u r fyn but just tell me how u enjoyed yesterday..)
    Hope niha ,akshay and ankur are happy in our beautiful family….
    Guys wake up early and greet the morning with a dazlin and bri8 smil on ur face??….keep having frsh thoughts and keep loving sadda haq…
    Luv u guys a lot…and keep commenting on our tu page dears atleast for sadda haq…
    Bye dears….?
    Luv all my dear friends who always keep showing thier friendly and caring nature 2 me…???
    β™‘ ya…((~ Sadda haq luver!!))

  88. ayeesha

    gud mrng guys….. get up wit a smile n see ur day will be going so….. easy n happy….. always keep smiling…… frndz….luv u all….

  89. dhruv

    Good r mroning frnds..
    Have a nice dayyy..
    Only 12 hours of the epi!!
    Enjoy ur day forget yesterday n live today:-)
    Bye misuall Karu,rits,nishu,liya,aysha,chotu,aliya,sindhu,shreya mam:-),princess,rakshi….

    N nvr ending listnof my dearrrrrrrrrr frnds..
    N guys dont thnk I m flirting with u..

  90. Bk

    Good morning guyzzzzzzz……..a very special morning to all of my TU SH family…..
    1thng guyz…….if anyone wanted to use 4g unlimited data….thnn tell me…………

  91. Aparna

    Gd mrning my dear sh buddies ! ?

    Can’t write all ur names here …… cz the space in the cmnt box is insufficient ⚠⚠⚠ ! ? ?

    Anyways dears ….. Have a gr8 day filled with laughter nd joy ! ? ?

  92. Aaliya

    Thanks himanshi, ayesha, princy, raksh , sanyu di fr praying fr me…..

    Good mrng sanyu di, ayesha, princy, rits ,dhruv , raksh, himanshi , kita, nisha, shared, yogi,aparna,bk, ruchi, shreya, Raj, miley, visual, akshay, ankur and alllllllll……β˜•???
    Sorry if I hv missed writing anyone’s name…. ?

  93. karina

    Gm my lovely friends…have a nice day all of u.. love u all πŸ™‚ be happy and love sadda haq πŸ˜‰

  94. rakshi

    hi….Gud aftrn lovely frndz.!!!!
    I’m fyn shreya mam.
    n ayeesha?? whre r u??? n princess U too….
    hi dhruv, liya,aaliya,karu, nisha dr, sanyu,aparna,yogi(we won’t forget U ),rits, Miley,ankur,shahid… suru, sanahki.. all my SH family memberz…..
    hope dis day brings U immense of happiness into ur lyfe. ☺
    keep smiling alwayzzzzzz…….
    n keep watching dashing sadda haq.!!!!
    love U so much my buddies….

  95. shreya

    Awww thnx 4 calling mam yaar actually 4 six hours i forget my name but being a teacher it does’nt mean i m older thaan u guys m jst 22 n 4 months old abhi to sirf training chal rahi hai

  96. shreya

    And 1 more thing we all know about our frndship n if sonme1 is saying dat u r a flirt then tumne ye phrase to suni hogi”kuch to log kahenge,logo ka kam hi hai kehna”. Luv u bro

  97. Gud morning and hello to my friends Nishu,ayeeshu,aparna,Karu,liya,dhruv,yogiraj,milley,rits,biky,shreya,rakshi,Aliya,ayaana,
    How r u all
    Let’s have a quiz:
    In which song does vidushi and parth dance on valentine day special in which chotu exchange into randhir

  98. SHQ(~liya~)

    Guyz…where are u???do come online….well here is a game….
    Sadda haq s1✌✌v/s ✌✌ Sadda haq s2!!
    ?2Parth …………………..?2)Aryan
    ?3Vidhushi………………? 3)Sanaya
    ?4)yoyo……………………? 4)joy
    ?6)vardhan sir…………???6)nirman sir
    ?7)kaustauki …………..?7)kritika
    Which season season do u prefer??reply fast with a good reason…lets begin the voting guys…!!

  99. SHQ(~liya~)

    Guyz…where are u???do come online….well here is a game….
    Sadda haq s1✌✌v/s ✌✌ Sadda haq s2!!
    ?2Parth …………………..?2)Aryan
    ?3Vidhushi………………? 3)Sanaya
    ?4)yoyo……………………? 4)joy
    ?6)vardhan sir…………???6)nirman sir
    ?7)kaustauki …………..?7)kritika
    Which season do u prefer??reply fast with a good reason…lets begin the voting guys…!!

    • karina

      Season 1 is the best…sandhir, vidarth, yoyo, jiggy, kaustauki, vardhan sir, maya, ranawat sir, tania…they all were amazing…u cant compare the magic of season 1 with anything πŸ™‚

    • yogiraj

      Season 1 is best liya….bt I hope season 2 will also be more interesting..n everybody like it ..lets see wt hppn…..

    • Miley

      I will always be a season 1 fan so I guess I’ll go with
      FITE parth vidhushi yo yo jiggi vardhan sir n kaustuki ☺️?

      • SHQ(~liya~)

        Even i too luve s1….i can never forget fite,and our dream team…luve it very much..
        We can hope cv also brings a gr8 and a wonderful season jst as s1 though the current track is not soo goood…
        Thnk u miley,nishu,ayeeshu and rakshi for replying and yeah….s1 is the current best season..!!^_^_^_^

    • Sheena

      My vote is always with the whole cast of sh 1.. Luv them all..!! N miss them
      N in sh 2 the only new character that i like is aryan…but still if he is opposite parth, my vote goes to parth only

    • first season !!!
      no one can replace sh S1 !!!
      FITE cuz i luv the place …. n every corner of it is filled wid memories especially sandhir ones !!!
      Parth cuz he’s friendly ……….. but i like aryan tooo !! πŸ˜‰
      vids cuz she’s def. better than sanaya …. like she is an important factor to keep the show interesting !!!
      one more reason cuz… i β™₯ VidhArth !!! πŸ˜‰
      yoyo …. cuz he’s funny
      jiggy…… he’s kinda cute …. but a little not fit 4 kaustu …. but still a gr8 frnd of rd !!
      vardhan sir cuz…… he’s the best and none can take his place !!! not even nirman… he trusts sanyu nd he’s a great mentor and has helped in bringing SANDHIR together !!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
      kaustuki cuz…. she’s a good friend ….. and krithika …. ummm…….. friendly but a little too judgemental …… but still likeable !

      I like s2 tooo ….. but i LOVE s1…. i mean USED to !! πŸ™
      it’s like when u see a character 4 so many time u can’t see that one fine day ur fav. character being replaced by sm1 else …… soo….. s1 is the best !

  100. nisha

    The answer is offcourse season 1 liyauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    love u dear

    always love season 1 for its uniqueness

    • Aaliya

      Pics r sprb nisha……??
      But yr pllllssss apne is Aryan ki mari dost k liye aryukta k Kuch pic post kr do!!!!!!11 days ho gaye , I hv nt viewed aryukta!!!!!! Pls yr!!!!!

  101. rakshi

    hlo…. come on let’s chat!
    Anyone dre in onlne????
    karu, nisha,dhruv,princess,ayeesha,liya,……anyone????

  102. ayeesha

    ofcourse its season 1… It has its own speciality for which this season will always remain the best….

  103. rakshi

    ya…..I too prefer season 1.
    it remains alwayz best fr me coz..I started watching dis frm s1. so it’s really spl for me!

  104. sanyukta rathor

    Hii sweet sisters and brothers

    Hii karu, nishu, aaliya, sid, rits,dhruv , ankur, princess, liya,richu,rakshi ,ayeesha,aparna, himanshi,aparna, sherya and all how r u dears

  105. sidharth

    Good eveng frends?

    How r u all my frends ??

    I think so many people are here student of PCB ?
    That’s nice

    Have a very sweet eveng

    Nasta ready h


    Kafi h abhi ke liye

    Injoy it

    It’s a tret for you guys

  106. karina

    A big hugggg for all my friends here…h r u guys ??? Nishu, Suru, Sanyu, Shreya, Richu, Aparna, Rakshi, Ayeesha, Himanshi, Rits, Liya, Dhruv, Vishu, Princess, Aaliya, Sid, Ankur, Miley, Raj, Bk and all the other friends ???

  107. shreya

    Ya i also like season1 more than s 2 but s2 is also good n 1 more thing there is no comperison btwn vardhan sir n nirman,he is the worst character in the show

  108. Miley

    Hey guys!!
    Let’s get to know each other better with this fun activity-
    Describe yourself in 3 words
    Remember 3 words not more than that
    Let’s see who does it the best
    BTW I would describe myself as-
    Crazy Funloving and bossy at times
    Ok now u….

    • SHQ(~Liya~) was thank u not think u
      Thnks to princess and rakshi too….(sry 4 not writing ur name in d previous list)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.