Sadda Haq 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhri tucks strand of hair behind sanyu’s ear. He comes close to her, song ‘ek pal yehi’ plays in background. He is about to kiss her. Sanyu steps back and starts leaving, they recall their relationship time. Sanyu turns at him and leaves.

Randhir is in his room, Renuka calls him. He cancels the call. Renuka calls again, Randhir says don’t you get i don’t wanna talk to you. Renuka says please listen to me. I heard about FITE, I am really worried for you. randhir says i didn’t know that trustees get the news in the end, oh you must not have time. Renuka says i always have time for you. I have confirmed a seat for you in MIT. Randhir says MIT USA She says yes. Randhir says i don’t run away from problems like you. She says please don’t

do this. I will send you the tickets. Randhir you didn’t help me when i was dying. Renuka says why are you risking your future for FITE. Randhir says i am doing this for myself and FITE. Don’t call and don’t waste your money next time. He hangs up. Randhir sees sanyu’s earring on the floor.

Sanyu is thinking in her room. She says two days are over, Randhir says 4 days are left. Sanyu says help me God i don’t wanna go away from FITE and randhir. Randhir says i hate her but i wanna stay with her.

Vidushi gets a call from LITS. The man says we know the value of students of FITE, we want to offer a seat in LITS. Vidushi says thanks for opportunity. When do i have to join? He says you have to bring all the dream team members. FITE is shutting down they would all come. Vidsuhi says they want to save FITE i want to come alone. He says i will update you later and hangs up.
Randhir gets a call from LITs, the man says FITE is shutting down.. we offer you a seat in LITS. Randhir says FITE is not shutting down. SAnyu gets a call too and so does parth. they all say no.

yoyo paints aister on his floor. randhir sit with him and says what are you doing? Yoyo says aister is leaving, she has packed her stuff. Randhir says why don’t you stop her. Yoyo says she will stay happy in her house. Randhir says sanyu told you this stupid logic? yoyo says she might get a better guy than me. Randhir says don’t become loser like sanyu, i wont leave her.

Randhir goes to sanyu and says are you a teacher or what? why you said yoyo that he doesn’t deserve aister and all that. You couldn’t handle your relationship. sanyu says you gave me nothing but pain and suffering. And i didn’t say yoyo that he doesn’t deserve aister. Aister is going because she has to and yoyo is letting her because he loves her. but you wont understand. randhir says they love each other and they should stay together. sanyu says why didn’t you know this at your time? randhir say aister is not stubborn like you she is a nice girl. She should stay with yoyo. Sanyu says when did i stop them? why are you spilling out your guilt and frustration. she leaves.

Aister is about to leave, she texts yoyo, wont you meet me last time? He replies i wont be able to control. She texts god bye yoyo. she orders a cab. Two guys start teasing her. Nikhil sees her. He calls yoyo. Aister says let me go or i will complain. they say whom will you complain> Yoyo comes and starts hitting them. He takes a rod, they run from there. Aister says are you okay? Yoyo says what would i do with this life without you. He says come i will drop you to airport. she hugs him and says i am not going anywhere. She says my future is with you here in FITE. Lets go in now. yoyo says that means you will never leave me alone? he says yes. Randhir comes with the two guys who teased her. they say he was about to kill us, randhir says i owe you guys this one thanks a lot. sanyu sees him. sanyu says and you call me love guru. why you always hide your feeling? he is about to leave, sanyu says can we start our planning before virat comes. He leaves.

Vidushi gets a call from LITS. He says the only sensible and practical one in dream team is you. The other members are risking their future. Vidushi says they don’t understand. He says you have to make then realize. That they have this opportunity. You have to convince them. vidushi says they wont even listen to me. Deepak says if you convince them you will get special preference in placements and bonus as well. She says okay i will do something. Vidushi says i have to flop this protest.

Dream team gathers in hall. Sanyu says there must be 25 alumni of FITE. some of them must be in government, randhir says get the list of all of them and send them a common mail. Sanyu says lets go to admin office. They see PKC there. randhir says we wanna save FITE sir, they share their plan. sanyu says we need your help.

Precap-PKC says police department has college server and they wont give it to anyone.yoyo says if someone hacks it. PKC says you know how risky it is. randhir and the team hacks it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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