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Sadda Haq 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat is walkin in the lab. Sanyu recalls him painting. She drops a tool near him and pick it up. Sanyu says Sir i wanted to ask you something. You didn’t tell about your practice and design. He says we dont talk about it. Sanyu says tell us when you thought to become engineer did you ever think you would join a college? He says we are not here to talk about my life. Better ask work related things. Vid asks sanyu what is this? Sanyu says i can’t tell you guys the reaason but I need to know about his past life. Can you guys help me? but dont ask me why. They all say yes. Sanyu says tell me everything about his job timeline and everything.

Yoyo and parth are in ranawat’s cabin. They hide when ranawat enters. Randir says to sanyu did you tell them about secret

group? Sanyu says no i said i cant tell them. He says i feel so helpless when i see young kids. sanyu says we will find a way out.
Sanyu says did you guys get to know everything? Vid says yes almost everything. Vid says he loved his brother and engineering. Parth says he left all the offers and joined a mining company. Yoyo says then there was a blast. Media made it the hype. Ranawat left. sanyu says no one asked him anything? Parth says there is no media statement or anythin that he gave. Sanyu says how is this possible.
Sanyu text randhir ranawat’s blast was done by secret group.Randhir is dazed.

Adda calls randhir. She asks what did you find on secret group’s website. You were checking our blast history. Randhir says i was reading about different bombs. she says what did you study then? randhir says there is a lot of room for improvement. We can use many smalls bombs instead of a large one. She says you can go now.
Sanyu takes randhir to a room and asks what was she asking? Randhir says she was cross questioning. Randhir says ranawat’s company blast was done by secret group. sanyu says should we tell ranaawat? Randhir says we will but on right time.
They try to hack ranawat’s computer. Ranawat says why there is a virus in my computer.

Parth gives vid a gift. She opens its a perfume. Vid says this is not of my level. He says oh this is not expensive. she says why you even try. i dont need middle class life. I need passion that you have forgotten. He says tell me what you want? She says something passionate and intense.

Randhir says to adda i am lucky i have a mentor like you. Randhir says what was your first mission with secret group? She says shut up and focus on your work. randhir says so it was not a good experience. she says it was not experience it was mission. There is no need of emotions. randhir says was it a blast? when you did this? She says in 2001. She says against anti social elements? She says why dont you focus on your work. Randhir says her first mission and ranawat’s blast’s dates are same. Blast was to recruit ranawat sir. Randhir is dazed.

Vid comes to her room. Its all dark parth come and closes her eyes. He makes her sit on the bed. He comes closer. Parth says i love you. She says that wont work. He says i can do anythin for your love. Parth takes out his phone and takes off his tie. He dances with the pole. He takes off his shirt. Vid records secretly. He comes closer to vid and kisses her forehead. Vid says i love you. He says you liked it? She says you look too good.

Adda gets a call. Someone says abhay ranawat was searching about secret group. We forced shut down his computer. Adda says that is not possible he doesn’t remember anything. the man says we have to stop him by any way. Can you do this? She says yes i will do this. He says wont you be weak? she says i can do anything.
Sanyu says adda wont have reacted this way if there is no connection. Sanyu says there is no way to come out of secret group. Randhir says then how ranawat came out of it? sanyu says maybe adda helped him. Sanyu says lets check adda’s past. They search about her. Randhir says they were in same college. Sanyu says i told you there was some connection. randhir says they were friends. Sanyu says or maybe more.

Precap-Randhir says we dont have time we have to kidnap ranawat. Ranawat says on video call to adda do as these kids ask. Adda says randhir and sanyu your game is over. Secret group’s member come to kill sanyu and randhir. Ranawat shoots those killers. Adda says abhy drop your gun now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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