Sadda Haq 7th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
At the thanvi coaching center, the teacher says questions can come from anywhere. You have to work on past papers. A student asks him a question. He tells the them page at where they can find a solution. He writes something on board. A guy says we are lucky to have a teacher like you we want to be like you in future. He says you better focus on present that today.

Sanyu sees the regulations and finds that its necessary to be graduated for the job. She lies and says yes i am graduate. She has to take an online test in 20 minites.

A man comes to teacher and says sir we have these entries. Some of the students extended time just by a little margin. He says no we need a perfect candidate who has solved it in 20 minutes. The clerk says sir please check the list for once we

need a teacher. He says okay bring the list.

sanyu gets a call. She says its been half and hour still no response. She says i have tp wait. SHe can’t see her phone as its on silent. sanyu says i have to stay positive. She checks her phone it hs 5 missed calls from randhir.

Randhir is in liobrary and thinks where is she i have been calling her. she should call back at least. Yoyo come to randhir and says i can be your confident. Randhir says leave me alone yoyo. yoyo says i cant leave you alone. sanyu comes and says sorry. Yoyo syas yeah yeah i have to go now. randhir says cant you pick your phone. She says it was on silent i didn’t see it. He says tell me what vardhan said? She tells him about the one week extension. he says i will arrange the money in one week you dont have to worry. sanyu wonders should i tell him or not? she says i will tell him after confirmation.

Sanyu is waiting for the call. She says its been 6 hours. she gets a call from, randhir. He syas i hae applied in some job portals. She syas why are you doing this? He says till i am here you dont have to be stressed out. He says g and sleep. she says you should sleep as well. He asks is there any problem ? She says no. vidushi syas why dont you both become watchman. Its such an important practical tomorrow i have to sleep. randhir says you should sleep now our final grades depend on that practical.

Scene 2
next morning, sanyu wakes up. She sees anju sitting by her side. she says maa what are you doing here? Anju says cant i meet my daughter? sanyu says of course you can but its so sudden. anju says what you think i dont understand what you are going through. i know what are you facing. Dont worry everything will be fine. I am proud of you =. you are facing this all alone. You never gave up. You never let me down and i trust you. Sanyu is in tears. Anju says i am with you. sanyu says thank you maa you know i miss you a lot. anju syas i miss you as well. sanyu says you know i am so alone here you weren’t even talking to me. I will solve this problem. Suddenly sanyu wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. She sees the family photo and gasps. She says your dream is enough to help me. I cant give up.

parth recalls vidushi’s events. A guy says to parth dont you wanna play? he sees vidushi getting a call. partyh says is he calling you again> vidushi says i dont wanna talk about it go and play basketball. he says why dont you block. you have to talk to him and sort it. Vidushi leaves.

Sanyu says i have only six days left. She calls TCC and says i took your test yesterday and there is still no response. He says you will get to know if your are finalized. he disconnects the call. sanyu says should i think for a better option.

in thanvi coaching centre, the teacher says top ranker should be of TCC. we need a potential candidate dont worry about money. He calls his PA and says where is that file? PA says i am bringing it in a moment.

Randhir says sanyu you didnt even sleep last night come on.

The PA says to the man a girl has solved it. Her name is sanyukta. He says a girl? PA says yes she solved it in 15 minutes. Teacher says I cant believe this. He calls Vikran(the owner) and says we have found the candidate. her name is sanyu and she solved it in 15 minutes. check if the page was hacked.

Everyone is in the lab. yoyo and jiggy are fighting for the table. PKC says iof any of you talks now i will throw you out. he says you will have to take the exam in couple. He puts jiggy and yoyo in the same team. Everyone pairs up. parth looks at vidushi he says no one will pair with her. should i go? He goes to vidushi and says everyone else has teamed up. you can pair with me if you want. Vidushi silently walks in with him. Sanyu and randhir come in. PKC says you are always late sanyu. Why kmaya gave you another chance get back to work. randhir says sanyy i know you are tensed. i have planned something. i thought i would surprise you. sanyu says i told you that.. he says why are you so egoistic. You have no option and only 6 days are left. Sanyu says i know and i havent given up. She gets a text from TCC. SHe syas i have an option.

precap-sanyu goes to TCC and says i wanna meet vikram singh. She goes in his room. He says i cant hear you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Daksh

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    Yar bs 1 frnd ki call ayi thi k itne me ye aaj ka wu post ho gya, my bad luck

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  4. Ha yr mujhe to kafi achhi lgi kahin kahin to bhot touchy ho jati h n sumtime little borin like jaise hum Sh me sandhir k scene chahte h aur vo ni milte to hume thoda borin lgta h

  5. AN

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  8. Daksh

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    full episode nehi hai uss episode ka bhi lekin written update thaa yahaaa par d3 aur woh ek saath hai

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    I m 17 @ AN
    Aur frnds maine SH May ya June s dekhna start kiya tha. Vaise maine wu padhe h bt vo b bs January s hi start h

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    den wo log kisikaa birthday manayaa thaa i think rd uss din un logo nai watermelon ko birthday cake banayaa thaa that was nice

    • Samairaa

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    N frm whr u all ???
    Aur shraddha sherlock homles to movie b h naa abi m bs novel chahta hu jispe movie na bni ho

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  15. meg

    if u guys don’t mind, i can suggest u to read the book of half girlfriend of chetan is the new book published recently..& this book has a nice twist in the end.u can also read,” if it is not forever” of durjoy dutta…….& yeah the book of ravindra singh is also nice.heart touching story…
    don’t mind i have interrupt in your conversation & sorry if any of u have mind it…

  16. Daksh

    And a new author’s book goin on viral before its release name U r password of my life . Dont knw who is author bt its prologue is attractive

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  18. megha

    o please post it…thanks for this newssssss.i gonna buy it as soon as it published.i think u have read the book “safe haven” of nicolas is a superb book

  19. Daksh

    Ok here U go @ Meg

    We all have that one person in our lives in whose absence our
    existence seems utterly meaningless. For some people, that
    person is a friend—a family you choose instead of being
    forced into liking. No matter how much you argue with your
    friends over little things, ultimately you love them for exactly
    who they are. None of those petty, expensive gifts or sweet
    words mean anything if one can’t appreciate the little things
    that matter.
    Rohan was lucky enough to have the best of both: a friend to
    live for and a love to die for. A friend who would confidently lie
    to his parents just to go out with him and a girlfriend who was
    slowly and discreetly penetrating his heart and soul.
    It was the evening of Rohan’s relationship anniversary. Rohan
    had left for his girlfriend Riddhima’s place and his friend Virat,
    too, was on his way. Rohan had made all the preparations for
    a perfect evening. As he took out his mobile phone from his
    pocket, he scrolled through Riddhima’s pictures in his gallery
    for a while, then read the text message he had received, and
    started typing a reply:
    ‘You will look ravishing covered in my kisses. You always ask
    me whether you are better than my ex or not, so let me tell
    you the truth today—no one can be compared to you, my love.
    I love you so much and I wonder to myself why? You know
    what they say—when you know why you like someone, it’s a
    crush and when you can’t think of a reason or explanation, it’s
    He read the message once again before pressing the send
    button. He then thought of deleting the text message from his
    phone. After all, it had only been a day since they started
    seeing each other. He feared what Riddhima would think
    about him. But the best conversations are those that never
    take place, like the messages that we never send.
    Rohan reached Riddhima’s house and knocked on the door.
    She let him inside, though something had changed this time;
    earlier he used to visit her to learn French while now he was
    here to teach her how to French kiss, if the stars favoured
    him. He called Virat to ask him.
    ‘I am on my way. Will reach in half an hour. Extremely sorry,
    buddy. I am still stuck in traffic,’ Virat lied.
    He was not struck in traffic but caught up in another meeting
    —one with his best friend. Its said that a girl can be your best
    friend, your worst enemy, or your worst nightmare. It all
    depends upon how you treat her. Virat treated her like a
    princess but always asked her when would she start looking
    for a guy to fall in love with to which she would reply, ‘I don’t
    need someone so mature that I can’t act immaturely around
    him. What I need is someone who adores my immaturity and
    maturely understands me.’ They’d end up fighting over issues
    like these and would stop talking to each other for days.
    She was supposed to travel back to her hometown that night,
    all by herself. He never liked the fact that she traveled alone.
    But she loved adventures and it was beyond Virat’s control to
    win an argument with her.
    Virat was about to reach Rohan’s place when suddenly he
    took a U-turn in high speed. The other cars came to a halt the
    moment Virat took the sudden turn and sped away. While he
    was waiting for the signal to turn green, he received a
    message. He immediately called on the unknown number and
    before the person on the other end could explain the whole
    thing, he ended the call. Suddenly, he felt numb—like his
    whole world had come crashing down. He couldn’t believe his
    ears. It was, by far, the worst news of his life.
    His hands shivered as he accelerated the car. After a few
    minutes, he got a call from Rohan again.
    ‘Where are you? Stop following girls and come here right
    ‘Rohan, I’m not coming. I am extremely sorry but I need to
    see someone urgently. Please don’t take this the wrong way,’
    Virat said with a heavy voice.
    ‘What happened?’ Rohan asked sensing the gravity of the
    Without uttering a word, Virat disconnected the call and
    parked his car. He got out and started walking

  20. Daksh

    when he
    realized that he’d forgotten to lock the car, yet again.
    ‘How many times do I need to tell you to check whether the
    doors have been locked properly or not? You are so careless,
    Virat. This is unacceptable.’ He remembered her scolding him
    and a tear rolled down his eyes.
    All the crazy moments that they had spent together came
    rushing back like a flashback in front of his eyes. He
    remembered their long drives and the way she tickled him
    sitting beside him in the car. An empty smile, unspoken
    words, and a broken heart; it was killing him. Their
    relationship did not flourish as intended. Perhaps, it got
    better. All the good memories and the precious moments they
    had shared with each other had been scattered in a fraction of
    a second.
    Sometimes we play with our lives, but when the time comes
    for us to get serious, life plays with us. Rohan was expecting
    Virat to celebrate his new-found happiness with him, but now
    even Rohan was worried for Virat. Riddhima was confused by
    the way Rohan was acting and wanted to know what had
    Whenever he faced a difficult time, she would be the first
    person to be by his side. Now he was missing that support of
    hers. Virat was missing the support of his best friend, Kavya.
    If you enjoyed reading it, do share your comments and pre-
    order the book by clicking below! Share it with your friends if
    you love it!

  21. Daksh

    @ Megha
    I hv read message in a bottle , the choice & a bent in the road of nicolas sparks
    Nw I’ll read wht u told me tx

  22. ahana

    well about epi i think it was nice bbut why after their commitment randhir is trying to dominate sanyu

  23. Daksh

    Tx shraddha n ahana
    Me too also find it nice
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