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Sadda Haq 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
At the thanvi coaching center, the teacher says questions can come from anywhere. You have to work on past papers. A student asks him a question. He tells the them page at where they can find a solution. He writes something on board. A guy says we are lucky to have a teacher like you we want to be like you in future. He says you better focus on present that today.

Sanyu sees the regulations and finds that its necessary to be graduated for the job. She lies and says yes i am graduate. She has to take an online test in 20 minites.

A man comes to teacher and says sir we have these entries. Some of the students extended time just by a little margin. He says no we need a perfect candidate who has solved it in 20 minutes. The clerk says sir please check the list for once we

need a teacher. He says okay bring the list.

sanyu gets a call. She says its been half and hour still no response. She says i have tp wait. SHe can’t see her phone as its on silent. sanyu says i have to stay positive. She checks her phone it hs 5 missed calls from randhir.

Randhir is in liobrary and thinks where is she i have been calling her. she should call back at least. Yoyo come to randhir and says i can be your confident. Randhir says leave me alone yoyo. yoyo says i cant leave you alone. sanyu comes and says sorry. Yoyo syas yeah yeah i have to go now. randhir says cant you pick your phone. She says it was on silent i didn’t see it. He says tell me what vardhan said? She tells him about the one week extension. he says i will arrange the money in one week you dont have to worry. sanyu wonders should i tell him or not? she says i will tell him after confirmation.

Sanyu is waiting for the call. She says its been 6 hours. she gets a call from, randhir. He syas i hae applied in some job portals. She syas why are you doing this? He says till i am here you dont have to be stressed out. He says g and sleep. she says you should sleep as well. He asks is there any problem ? She says no. vidushi syas why dont you both become watchman. Its such an important practical tomorrow i have to sleep. randhir says you should sleep now our final grades depend on that practical.

Scene 2
next morning, sanyu wakes up. She sees anju sitting by her side. she says maa what are you doing here? Anju says cant i meet my daughter? sanyu says of course you can but its so sudden. anju says what you think i dont understand what you are going through. i know what are you facing. Dont worry everything will be fine. I am proud of you =. you are facing this all alone. You never gave up. You never let me down and i trust you. Sanyu is in tears. Anju says i am with you. sanyu says thank you maa you know i miss you a lot. anju syas i miss you as well. sanyu says you know i am so alone here you weren’t even talking to me. I will solve this problem. Suddenly sanyu wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. She sees the family photo and gasps. She says your dream is enough to help me. I cant give up.

parth recalls vidushi’s events. A guy says to parth dont you wanna play? he sees vidushi getting a call. partyh says is he calling you again> vidushi says i dont wanna talk about it go and play basketball. he says why dont you block. you have to talk to him and sort it. Vidushi leaves.

Sanyu says i have only six days left. She calls TCC and says i took your test yesterday and there is still no response. He says you will get to know if your are finalized. he disconnects the call. sanyu says should i think for a better option.

in thanvi coaching centre, the teacher says top ranker should be of TCC. we need a potential candidate dont worry about money. He calls his PA and says where is that file? PA says i am bringing it in a moment.

Randhir says sanyu you didnt even sleep last night come on.

The PA says to the man a girl has solved it. Her name is sanyukta. He says a girl? PA says yes she solved it in 15 minutes. Teacher says I cant believe this. He calls Vikran(the owner) and says we have found the candidate. her name is sanyu and she solved it in 15 minutes. check if the page was hacked.

Everyone is in the lab. yoyo and jiggy are fighting for the table. PKC says iof any of you talks now i will throw you out. he says you will have to take the exam in couple. He puts jiggy and yoyo in the same team. Everyone pairs up. parth looks at vidushi he says no one will pair with her. should i go? He goes to vidushi and says everyone else has teamed up. you can pair with me if you want. Vidushi silently walks in with him. Sanyu and randhir come in. PKC says you are always late sanyu. Why kmaya gave you another chance get back to work. randhir says sanyy i know you are tensed. i have planned something. i thought i would surprise you. sanyu says i told you that.. he says why are you so egoistic. You have no option and only 6 days are left. Sanyu says i know and i havent given up. She gets a text from TCC. SHe syas i have an option.

precap-sanyu goes to TCC and says i wanna meet vikram singh. She goes in his room. He says i cant hear you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    In the coming episodes, gear up to see Sanyukta meet a major issue in her life. Sanyukta, who has taken up a place on rent, will soon find herself homeless. The landlord will come to her place one fine day and tell her to vacate the place due to non-payment of dues.

    States a source, “The landlord would get to know about Sanyukta’s family problems and with her having no money; he would decide to throw her out of the house. Sanyukta would be shocked to know this but would not know what to do next.”

    As the landlord would be rebuking Sanyukta and asking her to leave, our hero Randhir (Param Singh) would come and he will have an altercation with the landlord. He would tell him that he cannot throw Sanyukta out and that he (Randhir) would pay up the house rent.

    What will Randhir do now? Will he manage to pay the rent?

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