Sadda Haq 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 7th March 2014 Written Update

Sanyu wonders what’s wrong with everyone. First Vardhan, then Randhir, and now Dean. When he’s supposed to celebrate, he’s getting nervous. She takes credits for making Renuka continue the sponsorship and offering 200 jobs so that way Vardhan must return to mentorship, not just for the dream team, but also for other students. Parth makes her realize that it’s Randhir who did this, not them. Renuka didn’t even want to talk to them. He further says, Randhir is not a bad guy, he just pretends to be one. It makes sense to Sanyu now. She asks Parth how he’s so good at everything. She thinks for Randhir and goes in search for him.

Randhir is sitting alone on the stairs, recalling his meeting with Renuka yesterday. Sanyu comes and thanks him. She says Parth made

her realize that how difficult it must be for Randhir to go in front of his mum after 12 years. Randhir gets more angry. He tells her that he didn’t do anything for her. He did it for himself and the dream team. He warns her not to discuss his personal life and leaves in anger from there taking Parth’s name. Sanyu realizes he might fight with Parth, so goes after him.

Parth is telling other students that everything will be fine now. They only have to bring Vardhan back now. Randhir comes and starts pushing Parth. He asks him not to discuss his personal life. Parth tells him that he’s crossing his limits. Randhir asks what he will do and pushes him again. He then punches him on his face. Parth still doesn’t do anything. Randhir tries to punch him again, and this time Parth defends himself. He blocks him and then pushes him and Randhir goes 10 feet away. Randhir and everyone else are shocked to see such side of Parth. Randhir runs again to beat Parth, but Sanyu comes between them and stops their fight. She asks Parth to leave from there and then turns to Randhir. Randhir tells her not to say anything to him and leaves from there. Parth too leaves. Sanyu seems shocked seeing new avatar of Parth.

Randhir is hitting the boxing bag in anger, and other hand, Parth is doing some type of yoga to take out his frustration. Some girls are watching him and they say he’s so hot. Vidushi comes and asks the girls what’s going on. She asks them to focus on their studies. After the girls leave, she watches Parth and smiles. She then goes to him and says she wanted to learn Karate from long time and now she thinks she found her teacher. Parth says he doesn’t think so because what he’s doing is not Karate, that’s Tai Chi. Vidushi still tries to stick around and tells him to teach that to her. Parth says he doesn’t know enough that he can teach it to someone. He puts his shirt on and leaves. Vidushi is not happy. She wonders if Parth doesn’t understand her signal or doesn’t want to.

Dean tries to convince Vardhan to stay for the students, for the college, but in vain. He then tries to blackmail him saying he’s Dean and he can forcefully assign duties to college professors. It backfires on Dean as Vardhan says today is his last day in this college, tomorrow he will come just to get his stuff. Jiggy and Sahil hear this. They tell this to other students. Sanyu says they will protest.

Next day, Vardhan is in his cabin. All students protest outside. Vardhan doesn’t come out till hour. Parth takes Sanyu with him to see what Vardhan is doing inside from a window. Vardhan burns the paper and throws it out. Parth and Sanyu find a piece of it and there is a poem written on it with the same hand writing as diary that they had found. They read the poem and Sanyu says it means Niharika left him and that is why Vardhan got upset. Parth says this is not the meaning of the poem as ending is missing. Vardhan comes out and asks all students to stop protesting. They are on their own now. He goes to Dean’s office to finish some formalities. Parth asks Sanyu to bring diary and meet him in the library.

In library, they try to know the full poem, but they can’t find it anywhere in the diary. Randhir comes and asks everyone to search for some book. He says to himself those two geniuses can’t think anything in little stress. He finds it and Sanyu takes it away from him. The book is written by Niharika. Sanyu asks Randhir how he found out about it. Randhir says when everyone was wasting their time by protesting, he heard librarians talking about this book. They find the full poem in that book. Parth explains its meaning to everyone that Niharika left Vardhan, but in end she returned to him. They figure Vardhan just got part of that poem and he thought Niharika left him. Niharika has also attached a CD in that book so Vardhan can understand its meaning.

Precap: Vardhan is leaving the college when he hears Niharika’s voice reading the poem and its meaning. He turns back and all the students are standing there with a CD player.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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