Sadda Haq 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is in her room She checks her phone. She has 11 missed calls of kaustuki. She calls her and says I was asleep. Sanyu says tell me why you didn’t come witn vidushi ? Kaustuki says why os she there ? Sanyu says papa invited you two for my engagement. Kaustuki says I didn’t get any invitation. Sanyu says how is that possible she said she called and texted you. You couldn’t attend her call. Kaustuki says I didn’t get any call or text.
SAnyu says can’t you come. Its my engagement and I am feeling really weird. KAustuki says how can I come now I just reached home. Sanyu says please try to. If you come I am gonna feel good. Kaustuki says okay I will try to come.

Scene 2
Randhir is dressing his wound. Chacha comes and helps him. Randhir says where

is chotu ? He says he has gone out. Randhir gives books to chahca and says I brought it for chotu. Chacha says thank you. He is the only kid going school he wanna become an engineer like you. Randhir says he will become for sure. Chacha says you help him out. He says yoyu people have helped me even more.

Sanyu goes downstairs and sees that Vidushi and maa are selecting dresses for sanyu. Maa says your friend is so excited for wedding. SHe is helping me out in everything. Maa asks vidushi do you like this dress ? Vidushi says yes. She says you can take it. Vidushi says I don’t have any jewelry. I will look awkward. Maa says our family jewelry is coming today you can buy anything you want.

Scene 2
Vardahn calls the doctor and says how you know he is well ? How you now he is recovering ? I am coming to meet him. he recalls his conversation with maya.

Sanyu comes to vidushi and says why didn’t you invite Kaustuki. She said she couldn’t get any call. Vidushi says I called her that’s not my fault if she did’t get the texts or calls. Why are you blaming me ?
Vidushi says I don’t like you much I but I came here instead of going to my own place. I just came on your dad’s invivtation. I shouldn’t have come. Sanyu says I don’t mean that. I just wanted vidushi to come. Maa comes and says eat something and after that I have called the beautician. You both can get anything done. Sanyu says maa you know I don’t like all this. Vidushi says I am so hungry I am going to kitchen to eat something. She goes. Sanyu sits on the bed. Then she looks at the trophy in her closet. Vidushi comes there and sees the trophy. She says what this trophby is doing here ? Did you steal it ? Sanyu says vardahn sir put it in my bag. Vidushi asks why ? She syas because I couldn’t atten the ceremony and her wanted me to have this. Vidushi thinks why he favors him this much. She says that’s so sweet of him. He doesn’t look this sensitive. Your engagement is on right time. This will keep reminding you that you left college after winning. Now lets go. beautician is here. you have to look best. Sanyu says I know I look best when I am with machines. How people can look good by killing their dreams.

Sanyu and vidushi are getting facials and massages. SAnyu thinks how girls get all this regularly. Visuhsi says I was thinking that I had to go home and now I am here. The beautician asks sanyu to sit there for two hours. Visuhsi says stay here you have to work so much after wedding. Beauticican takes vidushi to ither room fro head massage.

Randhir jumps in sanyu’s room. He bolts the door from inside. He takes the mehndi and holds sanyu’s hand. He says you have got all you wanted . This mehndi and facial it all suits you. Sanyu opens her eyes and says who is this ? SHe is shocked to see randhir.
SAnyu says what are you doung here ? This is my house. Randhir says oh this was your house now Samir’s house will be yours. aNd leave this attitude you will
Why you wasted your seat when you had to leave the college. He gas written s on her hand with the mehndi. He says why was I respecting you, Its better that you took this decision. I told you that girls look better with mehndi on their hands than grease. you should have left this seat for someone else so he could at least complete this degree. He goes out from the same window. Sanyu says in heart how will you understand that girls have to sacrifice their dreams for their parents. They have to give up their passion.
Randhir is hidden behind a pillar and says in heart I will always respect you. Yoyu are doing wrong. You always proved me wrong please don’t do this engagement.

Vidushi and sanyu come out of room. Vidushi says I wish the treatment has lasted for more hours. SAnyu says we don ‘t have time. SAnyu says maa has asked to look for more dresses. Vidushi says you just selected the dress. SANyu says that was for wedding now I have to get one for engagement. Randhir says everything I said has not effected her at all. But there is one person she can’t ignore.

Scene 3
Vardhan is in his room and looking a maya’s record. HE thinks why was she so confident about professor Rao. There is something about her that I don’t know. Some people come in. A lady says we are here for your interview. He says I don’t give interviews.
The lady says they call from saniyal foundation and ask for interviews and then they don’t inform the person. Vardhan stops them and says who called you ? She says Randhir. He told me that you dream team will participate in internation competition and they have made you proud on national level. He wonders why would randhir call them and use his mom’s name. He agrees to give the interview.

precap-Sanyu ays I know this is risky but I will not get any chance to go to team back.
Sanyu and vidushi scream with some cream on their face. Maa ask whats happeneing to you two. Their faces have some allergy and are so red

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG randhir in sanyu’s room :Dsanyu plsssssssssss don’t engage with that CHOMU SAMEER…. randhir is the ryt man fr u 🙂

  2. GOD…randhir and sanyu why cant u both accept that u luv each other……well atlast u both will have to confess u love……..but that self centered fattu samir is not godd for you sanyu…just kick him….

    1. Its not just that self centered fatty samir but also randhir and sanyukta’s ego ……and like you even I wish that they confess their to each other

    2. Its not just that self centered fattu samir but also randhir and sanyukta’s ego ……and like you even I wish that they confess their love to each other

      1. as of now, sanyu ko aisi koi attitude hi nahi hi randhir k taraf…. aur wakth lagegaa……

  3. Just wish randhir’s try to bring back sanyukta turns out Well and plzzzzzzz some how break sanyu’s engagement.


    courtesy :{

    Monday- Randhir goes to sanyukta’s house just before her engagement when she is completely unaware of his presence , he intends to dissuade her from going ahead with engagement..

    Tuesday – In order to postpone her engagement, sanyukta decides to harm herself, . will she succeed?

    Wed- Inspite of sanyu burnt and scarred face, her fiance sameer decides to go ahead with engagement, will she able to convince him otherwise?

    Thrus- Vardhan is worried when he sees randhir violent behaviour as he misses sanyukta.

    Friday- Randhir overhears vidhushi talking to sahil, will randhir find out the truth behind sanyukta engagement???

    1. What if this is not true?????

      1. like all sandhirians, having my fingers crossed!!!

    2. Sameer will reject her!!
      And randhere will put medicine on her face!
      That sounds cute for sandhere! <3

    3. chalo randhir thoda angry/violent to hua..nahi to wo majnu ki tarah gumsum baitha rahta tha & I didn’t like that side of randhir. I want him to be a fighter….fighting to bring back sanyu

      1. haan yaar, aur ek baat – sanyu bhi Randhir ko respect karna chahiye, Randhir k importance apni zindagi me — (eh toh bahut zaroori hai) samajhna chahiye, usko bahoot miss karna hai (jis tarah Randhir, sanyu ko parth ke saath dekkar jealous hotaa taa….), uske baadh hi ♡ hona chahiye…. tabhi teek rahegaa… 1 sided understanding to kisi kaam ka nahi…..

  5. Tdys highlight dialogue : Randhir to himself – He respects Sanyu….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 acceptance straight from the horse’s mouth…….

  6. I hope the engagement breaks!
    Aur sanyu randheeq ke hojaye!
    Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge types!

  7. Thnks for the update atiba. I must say u r doing a great job. Plz give the pics also.

  8. another scene that i loved so so much was when Randhir writes SR using mehendi cone…..

  9. SR soo…♥ly it was ♡. Nd I want pics daily lol

  10. It’s my exam going on & i can’t still stop watching shq. Just wish me luck.;-(

    1. Good luck! & best wishes.. come out with flying colors….

  11. Wow,this is best epi,randhir u r awsme,he wrote RS on sanyu’s hand,bt sanyu didn’t get it

  12. Actually what he wrote wasnt just S. He first wrote R and then just bfore leaving he converted that into an S so it became a sorta sr.
    Anyway,great job atiba,and updates are really fast!

  13. Dont u all think that there shud be a chanel V awards show?we see star parivaar,zee awards,but not chanel V.wat do u all think?

    1. kyun nahi??? aur pehla award SH ko milega… best actor, best actress, best e/thing…

      1. dont frgt best couple onscreen too !!!!!!

  14. all tata sky spoilers ar true ad i hope randhir find the reason of sanyu engagement soon and stop on time

  15. guys plz can anyone tell me the reason behind sanyu engagement plz

  16. plz can anyone tell me

  17. True fans of Param Singh Bhatia aka Randir, visit the foll link…

  18. I just don’t want randir & sanyu 2 fall in luv, i like their cute enimity & fight.

  19. luv u randhir..u’re awesome..finally u hv cnfessed ur respect 4 hr..nw m waitn 4 dat day when u’ll confess u’re luv 4 hr in4nt f hr..keep it up 🙂

  20. @akshara,
    Abolutelly correct!!!!!

  21. plz abhi sandir ki lvu story mat dikhana.abhi kuch dino se lag rha h badala badala sa RD keep changing him .abi to wo sanyu ki value hi nhi samjhta hai.lvu to bht door hai.bas ese hi cute -sweet se scene dikhate it’s enough..

  22. ra8 anamika abhi sanyu ko koi feeling hi ni h ..wo mature nhi h ..

  23. ThankU Atiba for the fast updates
    Randheer kuchh bhi kah lo tum acting bahut solid karte ho boss……
    zara sa try maro aur sayukta ji ko unki feelings ki respect karna sikhao kyoki ab tum to unki feelings ki respect karna seekh hi gaye ho …
    So, sayukta ki dangerous and lajawab koshish ki respect karte hue aap bhi unke samne apna luv confess kar lijiye though of it kamse kam unko thodi akal to aa jaye But now I am seriously saying please confess your love Mr. Randheer Singh Shikhawat………………….

  24. Randhir your acting is awesome u r simply fantabulous

  25. Randhir ne agar abhi luv confess kar diya to sanyu ka reaction alag hpga and rd hurt ho jayega and aur becharasa lagega. Dont want him to get hurt now……..let him show his fighter spirit to bring back sanyu,let him rig up sum more machines to keep track on sanyu,then will see!

  26. thanx for written update today

  27. how can i find jodhaa akbar episode

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