Sadda Haq 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

sanyu says if your bike stops then take out sparkcloak from it. You can tell from its ring’s color that its faulty. If its brown it is faulty. Otherwise its now. Since in this bike it is black. We have to replace it.

Kunwar says if you get one ice cream before the first one ends. Same is with sadda haq. He welcomes param and harshita. Harshita says i am really excited for it. Kunwar says what will it be? Param says it will be a surprise. sanyu says it will be something totally unexpected. Kunwar says tell me what what happened when you got this role? Harshita says my mom was really happy and she was really proud. I really miss her and share everything with her.
Kunwar says same is with you reel life. sanyu says yes I had same bond with my mom in the show.


Anju says to sanyu your dream doesn’t cause me trouble. Go live your dream. sanyu says papa will be mad. Anju says you are different. You have dreams in your eyes. You won’t be happy if we tie you up. Go fly and find your happiness.
Another scene: sanyu shows her class, lab and library to anju. Anju says your campus is amazing.
Kunwar says lets welcome mam here. anju comes here. Kunwar says this is sejal ji who played with sanyu’s mom. Harshita says we share a very good bond off screen as well. Kunwar says tell me your relation with mom param. Param says I am from Mumbai so i meet her daily. She is the boss and i am mama’s boy. Harshita says he is really pampered.
Kunwar says when your mom needed you most? harshita says when dadi came and everyone ignored her. Then we mutually decided and left the house. anju says she was my strength in those moments.

Amma says to anju everyone works you are not alone. I wish i had a good daughter in law. But I see this house now, its because of you. Sanyu comes and says yes this is all becuase of maa. Papa got all success because of maa. anju says to sanyu go back to your room.
sanyu says to anju i wont let you live here. Anju says i wont leave this house. sanyu says i can’t see your being insulted and what have you done? They have not bought you.
Ankit says maa where is the breakfast. Mai says she wont listen. sanyu comes and says she must be busy. And you can make breakfast yourself. anju comes with a bag. She says I am leaving this house. Mai says where will you go? You should thank that my son tolerates you. Anju says i dont need anyone when I have my daughter.
Mai says you are doing wrong. Anju says i have faith in my daughter. sanyu and anju leave.
Another scene: Anju is in hospital. She says sanyu dont worry everything will be okay. Thruv said i will be fine. Why didn’t you go to college? You had a competition. Go and focus on it. sanyu says i am not going. Anju says so you will sit here and stress me out. I wont like it if you don’t go. sanyu says and who will take care of you? anju says i will take care of myself. now go please. sanyu says no. anju says please for me you have to go. Sanyu hugs her.
Another scene: sanyu comes to anju’s dead body and says maa wake up its your birthday. I have brought you a gift. Please get up maa. She screams. Sanyu says maa please get up. you can’t leave me. Randhir comes in. sanyu says you had to see me succeeding. You can’t go. Randhir comes and hugs her.

Harshita says this last scene was really emotionally. Sanyu was someone who always understood her. And now when she doesn’t have her, she felt like she lost everything. It was difficult to act a death scene. Because my real life and reel life bond is equally good.
Anju says sanyu had to perform this scene. For me this was a real surprise. when she got to know that she has lost mom. I didn’t know she will perform so well. I was about to cry. Kunwar says when there are real emotions in acting it goes out of this world. Anju says she has really grown as an actress.

Kunwar welcomes a fan mom and girl. The girl says we could relate to sanyu and her mom’s bond. He asks did you get a boyfriend. Harshita says share it with your mom when you have one. Kunwar says I give you a chance you can make sanyu do anything. She says sanyu act like your mom. Randhir says I will be agarwal. Randhir says anjuu.. this is what you have taught your daughter? She wants to be an engineer. SAnyu says but its her dream. Randhir says your daughter should marry, he leaves.
Kunwar says when param was acting her dad, his hands were so stiff. Anju says i will call him and tell him.

Kunwar says thank you for coming to our show. They take a selfie with fans.
Kunwar says this episode made me really emotional. This show is about moving towards season 2. I will see you again.

Precap-PKC says i think this cake is for me. He eats and coughs. Param comes and says this has spices. Parth says his dialogue is I do swimming and TT.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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