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Scene 1
Sanyu says to randhir why you called me so late? He says my life has become adventure life. Sanyuu says everyone is here. What if someone sees. randhir says we will go for shopping tomorrow. buy a dress for your wedding. Sanyu says what are you saying? Randhir says i am not going to get enough of it. we will follow all rituals. Parth will arrange pandit. You will do all that a bride does. You will put on mehndi too. Randhir says I love you I promised you I’ll make it happen for you. I promise. Now you have to promise me that you will make it most beautiful bride. He comes close to kiss.. Yoyo and parth come in. Yoyo says sorry. Parth says why are you both so tensed? SAnyu says randhir wants it with all rituals. How will we arrange it. Yoyo says we can let randhir enter here then

we can arrange all this here. Do ask we ask.

Sanyu shows vid mehndi designs. sanyu says its all about celebrations. Vid says yes I would like to. Sanjyu says ankit is allergic to mehndi. if it was my engagement I would not have compromised. Vid says if I ask ankit he wont say no. I shouldn’t miss out. sanyu says I came to take this box btw.
Vid calls ankit and tries to convince Ankit.

The mehdni starts. Vid is putting on mehndi. Bua says sanyu put mehndi you too. I want you to get married after ankit. Sanyu puts on the mehndi. A little girl pinky comes and says i want to put mehndi as well. Randhir says let them do this, we better dance pinky. she says i don’t like this song. Randhir says Dj change the song. Pinky starts dancing, randhir joins her.
Bua says this guy is so nice. The kids are so impressed with him. Agarwal comes in as well. The girl asks sanyu do you want me to write any letter? sanyu says R.

Randhir takes sanyu to a side. She says show me my name on your hand. Sanyu says after it dries. He says no show me. i am so excited. sanyu says go. He says how will you fight with me today. I can do whatever I want today. He comes close to kiss, sanyu says papa and runs.

Sanyu sees vid wearing the lehnga anju gave. Vid says i know your mom gave you this. But ankit said i can wear it. Sanyu says to ankit why you gave my lehnga to her. Ankit says go talk to papa.
sanyu says to randhir this is not done. papa is giving my stuff to her. Randhir says let it go. sanyu says i will wear it. Yoyo says then what will vid wear? Yoyo says don’t worry you will get it.
Sanyu says to vid can you make tea for papa? Vid says yea sure. Yoyo and parth come in. They try to find the lehnga. Vid says why you locked the door, sanyu says i was changing. Vid leaves. Parth finds it.
Sanyu recalls anju saying I am always with you.

Vid comes and says where is my lehnga? sanyu says how would i know? vid says please return it. sanyu says i dont even know where it is. Vid says no you are getting it wrong. if you have kept is safe then give it. sanyu says you must have kept in room. Vid says i am not so careless. Agarwal says take money from ankit and buy and new lehnga of your choice. Vid smiles.

Yoyo and randhir pretend to kidnap ankit. Ankit says are you out of mind. randhir says we thought we should have you bachelor’s party. They all start drinking. Yoyou makes ankit drink. yoyo takes out a razor and says you should get bald. yoyo says i consider you mad. You dont even know whats gonna happen. parth says yoyo you are out of your mind. yoyo says randhir is going to marry sanyu. Ankit is dazed.

Precap-Randhir dances with sanyu. He says to sanyu I can’t believe you can look so good. sanyu says i am scared but papa is around. They are getting married on rooftop. Agarwal comes up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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