Sadda Haq 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Hiii guys…
Here is a brief update of todays episode…I didn’t watch the episode completely…so there might be some mistakes,..pls forgive me for that..

The episode starts with the team working out the plan.On the other side sanyukta is also working for her plan.Sanyu is trying hard for solving an equation but she couldn’t.Aaryan comes there.Sanyu says him that she is trying a lot still not getting the right solution.One guy who is helping her says then how can we execute the plan.sanyu said only one person can solve this equation..Randhir.That guy:But will he help us??
Sanyu:I have an idea.
Aaryan says if sanyu has an idea then she will surely execute it..
sanyu smiles.

Sanyukta comes to the place where the team is working.
Randhir is helping someone.
Sanyu says to a girl that what she is doing wrong and this is the right equation(showing a paper).
They have an argument.Randhir comes there.Randhir asks What are you doing here?Sanyukta says i was helping her..what she is doing is wrong.This is the right equation.Randhir takes the paper from her and writes the right equation.Sanyukta smiles.Randhir says the equation you showed is wrong n what we are doing is right.So please leave from here.Aaryan and Sanyu looks each other and smiles.

Nirman is talking with two people in Skype.They said him that it is possible to destroy it before it falls to the earth.Nirman said its not possible.The other person said that one girl from your group has a plan .her name..sanyukta.sanyukta Agarwal.Nirman says that plan will not work.

Randhir’s team completes the plan and he is explaining his plan to nirman.Suddenly while saying the equation he remembers sanyukta’s argument related to the equation.He thinks oh!so it was her plan..Dont worry sanyukta i will not let you to execute your plan.

Guys…i only watched that much..

Randhir thinks that sanyukta is trying to destroy his plan..Actually nirman is making all the misunderstandings..know guys??

Credit to: Your friend

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  1. Thank u very much dear……???
    U really helped me….Thnk u again ….

  2. Thank u dear for the brief update.

  3. Its my pleasure that it helped you guys…?

    1. U updated it???Thnk u abhi so much….

      1. Yes..i did it..??

    2. Thanks Abhi…. ?

  4. After that nirman asked randhir if he is ok…… randhir says yes in low volumn…. and aryan said he is not ok… iski ego jo hurt hui h… air an ye sanyukta ko hurt krne ki koshish karega… jo mai hone nai dunga

  5. After that randhir thinks why sanyu wants to solve equation…. he recalled sanyu talked to Mrs Subramanian and went to her and asked if there any spare missile in ISRC….she thinks whether he got to know about sanyu’s plan…??? She refuses him by saying nai koi spare missile nai h….
    Then randhir again thought why she wants to solve the question… what she wanna do..???? He thought she had done something to his missile and find everything ok…….
    On the other side…. after lab aryan reaches his room and inform sanyu and sumit… who were already there a bad news that there is no spare head in ISRC that they can use…. he further said….there is one place they can get the head….is……

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