Sadda Haq 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aister asks yoyo what are you doing? he says i wanna work in this lab today i wanna do all the experiments. I don’t know if i will get this chance or not. Aister there will be labs in other college as well. yoyo says have you applied somewhere? She says yes but i my native city. She says you can come with me. Yoyo says i wont get an admission. What will happen to me. Aister hugs him and says don’t say this. sanyu comes in and says nothing will end. We are nothing without FITE. Aister says everyone has given up already. sanyu says there are still 6 days and we can save FITE.

Randhir is hitting punching bag. All the dream team gets a text come to auditorium. They gather there. Vidushi says everyone is here. Sanyu says the dream team should have been here. Sanyu says we can’t

give up on FITE easily. We can save FITE. Vidushi says are you out of your mind? sanyu says the students can save it. Vidushi says we are not freedom fighters. What are you gonna do? SAnyu says we have to think. Vidushi says keep thinking i am leaving. parth says let her go she will bring our moral down.
Randhir says we have 6 days to save FITE and if nothing happens we will opt for transfer. sahil says but what is seats are booked? sanyu says we wont need transfer. randhir says we will give our best effort. they all say save FITE.

Scene 2
Sanyu comes home. anju is dusting, sanyu says i will do it. Anju says you are so tired. This is your last semester go study i will handle everything. sanyu says should i make a coffee? Anju says yes please. Anju looks for newspaper. sanyu sees the news paper, it has the news of FITE shutting down. anju says give me the paper. sanyu pretends like she has fallen, she throws water on the paper. anju picks her up.sanyu tears the news and gives her the paper. Anju says come rest.

sahil and parth are writing options they can do. Sahil says hunger strike? Randhir says that is not going to work. sanyu says we need to get the attention. of all city students. sanyu is about to fall randhir holds her. Parth says more people more momentum. sahil says why other students would waste their time to save FITE. Randhir says but the students who don’t study much and have respect for FITE will save it. Parth says an the alumni. randhr says yes i know who can help me. Randhir calls virat. He tells him that FITE is about to shut down. Virat is shocked. Randhir says if alumni help us we can put up a fight for it. Virat says i will come for this for sure. Avanti overhears it.
Randhir asks sanyu does your mom know about FITE? Sanyu says no i wont let her know. Avanti calls sanyu and asks how are you and your mom? Sanyu says we are fine. avanti says FITE is closing down? i know you must be hurt. You need me i think i will come as well. sanyu says that’s great.
Avanti says to virat i will come with you. virat says where? She says FITE. He says go by yourself. She snatches his keys and says i am waiting in your car.

Sanyu comes to her room, vidushi says say all you want to say about me. i know you all think i am selfish. SAnyu hugs her and says you are thinking about your future and its natural. Vidushi says why is everyone so stubborn? sanyu says we just dont wanna give up. Vidushi says i have talked to admin of LITS. They have limited seats. sanyu says when you feel alone in life parth will be with you not money. People are not lucky as you. sort out the differences before its too late. Vidushi says we never see eye to eye. For him future is not important. if he doesn’t get it i can’t help this relationship.

Vidushi goes out and collides with parth. She says can’t you see. Parth says you can’t see as well. just think maybe you logical and practical solution is the biggest mistake of your life. her locket gets stuck in his button. She releases it and leaves.

yoyo is writing a poem, aister says give me that. i will read it when i miss you. i am going tomorrow. yoyo says you will forget me. Aister says no i love you. He says we will stay in touch on phone. He gives her the poem.

Sanyu says to yoyo aister is sad like you. think from her point of view. Aister says i feel like my heart is empty. sanyu says i understand your pain when someone close leaves you. think if we save FITE we can bring Aister back. Yoyo says yes you are right i wont let it shut down. he leaves. Randhir comes and says i have seen him so emotional for first time. sanyu says when someone close leaves you, you feel helpless. Randhir says when the same person is in front of you but not with you. sanyu says the person can be with you if you listen to heart.

Precap-Randhir says to sanyu, why are you guru in others life when you couldn’t handle your own relationship. sanyu says you gave me nothing but pain and suffering. Renuka calls randhir. she says I heart about FITE i have confirmed a seat for you in MIT.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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