Sadda Haq 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to randhir’s room and says randhir get up. she throws water on him. He says are you out of your mind. Sanyu says why wont you come for demo? He says I just slept. I am not attending any demo. sanyu says ranawat want whole team there. Sanyu says if you dont come to lab in 15 minutes then forget your co-driver seat. Ranawat comes in lab and says enough time wasted. Where is whole team. Randhir comes in. Randhir says my work was only paper work. Sanyu starts the engine but it doesn’t. Sanyu says it was working last night. Randhir laughs. He says i can’t control myself. You asked wrong man to do paper work. If i had checked the machine it would have worked. You have made a mistake. Sanyu says i haven’t. And i wont do more documentation. I see where team gets

without me. Sanyu says i will see how you don’t. Randhir leaves.

Sanyu says to tania he should respect me, he calls my decisions wrong. You should see how he behaves with me. tania says be mad this is going to cause trouble to team. and you will be calm in a while and he will take you for granted again. Sanyu says it wont happen this time.

Scene 2
Parth goes to those ladies house. She says we have been waiting for you. We have never waited this long for anyone. Parth says i can’t wait either. she says i told you, you will like it too. Parth takes off his shirt. She says what is that? Parth says its a microphone whatever you said is recorded. Parth says just imagine if your family hears it what will happen. She says how you know about our families. Parth says you consider me kid but I am not. She says what you want? Parth says delete my videos or your family and world will know your reality.
Parth calls randhir and says plan successful. Their faces were worth seeing. Randhir says awesome, come back now.

Randhir comes in lab and says to sanyu why didn’t you call me. Sanyu says because you were not needed. She says i am not your gf in lab, i am captain. Now leave. He says why should i? she says because i am captain you have to obey. Randhir sits and says i wont. sanyu shoves him out of lab and says get out. SAnyu says to parth we are a team here, he has to respect team decisions. We are here for team not for ourselves.
Ranawat sees randhir and asks what are you doing out? Randhir says sanyu asked me to get out. Ranawat asks sanyu did you ask him to stand out? Sanyu says yes. He needs to learn how to respect team and decision. she says let him come when his punishment ends. Randhir walks in. Ranawt says you can come when sanyu asks you to. Randhir stands on door. Ranawat says i want to see you work as a team. No more fights. Solve this. where is vid? Parth says she has gone to her family for sometime. Randhir comes in and says i wont accept punishment. And i wont do documentation. Sanyu says then why are you here? Go out. Randhir says okay do what you want. He is about to leave, he stops and says tell me what to do. sanyu says you have to come in pink shirt. Randhir says i wont do that.

Sanyu is in library, she says you are such an amazing captain. You handle team so well. Randhir is in his room. He wears a pink shirt and comes in college. sanyu says you can work now. Randhir says if someone taunts on me, i will beat him down. Rishab says i am so touched to see two girls argue like this. Randhir starts hitting him. Parth stops randhir and says not now. Randhir leaves the lab. Randhir sees his photos in pink shirt on walls. He hits the guy who laughs. Parth says to sanyu lets go, they see the photos and randhir tearing them apart.

Precap- Parth says rishab is so immature. If you had listened sanyu it wont have downgraded your self respect. sanyyu says i miss him. She comes to him room and hugs him. randhir says why are you here? She says to meet you. What if warden see dream team captain here. She says i am your gf. He says you think i will melt, i dont wanna talk go. She says you sure?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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