Sadda Haq 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is worried for the money. She gets a call from anju. She sys is she okay with me now? Anju says what is this? Our daughter will ask for money liek this. sanyu says i am not begging from anyone. I am teaching. Anju says, you have already insulted us in the family. Thank God ankiy showed me the video not to your dad. Sanyu says i have to face this because of ankit. Sanyu says he withdrew my fees and i needed money. anju says i am not happy to know that he just wanted you to come back. You have to delete that video. I will transfer money to your account. Sanyu says i dont need any money. anju says your name is already related to us and we cant let yourb ruin our name, sanyu says okay i will delete the video if that hurts you but i dont want any money from you i will manage it myself.

Randhir comes to his room in anger. He hits the punching bag and says she has a problem with everything. Parth comes in and says you cant impose your help on her. she cant take help from on anyone. Randhir says dont interfere. parth says you are interefering her. you are hurting her self respect. randhir says she is my gf. parth says she is feeling weak and you have to make her feel better. you have to support her and let her do something by her own. I know you wont her hurt her and tell her thaty vardhan’s option is still there. randhir says in heart what was i doijng? parth is right. i was suffocating sanyu. i have to help her morally.

Randhir goes to sanyu and says sorry. i reacted too much. how many collections have youb got? SAnyu shows him the text. Its anju’s text she says i will transfer the money, Sanyu says i dont want morny from her. randhir says we have no other option. there are not much online collections. sanyuu says i left the family why should they pay my fees in fact i am not ever mad at ankit now. He was right. Why should they pay my fees? Randhir says if you didn’t pay my fees from the scholarship money you wouldn’t be in this trouble. Sanyu says if it was not about your fees i would never have won it. its just about my ability that i can sustain my decision. randhir says i will alwasy be there for you. A man comes and says your time for fees over. your notic period is ending tonight so you have to leave the room by evening. Randhir says what is this? this is how you treat students. randhir says you dont have to leave the room i will do somethings.

SAhil is talking to his parents. he says yes i have paid the fess. Parth submits the book. Librarian says why is the cover torn? I will fine if it happens next time. he sees vidushi sitting alone in thoughts. Parth goes to vidushi and says no questions or anything i am just studying here. vidushi gets a call from varun. parth says if they are the same people ask them not to disturb you. i can talk to them if you cant. Vidushi receives the call. varun says you know i am getting married. my fiancΓ©e’s parents came to meet you. what did you say to them? vidushi says i didnt say anything to them. go get lost you can do anything youb want marry anyone you want i dont care. She leaves parth follows her.

Sanyu is looking for a hostel that doesn’t asks to pay in advance. Admin calls sanyu and says you have to leave the room. You have one hour but we cant gove you more time. She says i know you have to follow the rules. Its okay. she says what will i do? Should i ask randhir to hack that website? No never. a man comes in and says i have to check this room if there is some damage. He says there are a few things damaged. He gets a call and says what? He says to sanyu you dont have to leave the room? sanyu is dazed. she wonders who paid her fees?

Sanyu calls randhir but he doesn’t receive. she finds him in the lab. she says i asked you not to do that? he says i didn’t do anything. sanyu says who paid my fees then? He says i didn’t. Sanyu says who else did then? He says i dont know. Randhir says vardhan did. Sanyu says who told him? randhir says i did. he says i know you would never ask anyone’s help. Sanyu syas i didn’t want to take helpl. i would have asked you if i wanted help.

SAnyu goes to vardhan. she says i wanted to thank you for paying my hostel fees. he says what are you talking about/ He says i am your mentor not your sponsor. you thought i will help you? You have taken decision to live on your own. Life is the real test. I have not paid your fees i have just got you one day’s extension. You have to pay for yourself. She says thank you sir. he says you are an engineer you can solve any problem.

Sanyu comes to her room. vidushi says you? are you back? you had to leave the room. i always wanted to live alone and thought finally i am alone here. sanyu says i have a week and have to pay the fees. vidushi says you get good luck in free fund. And the one who needs it never gets it., sanyu says dont curse your luck it wont come whehn you need it. Look at me how much i need luck. Vidushi leaves. sanyu says another challenge. how will i do this? She finds a website who need tutors and they pay good fees.

Precap-andhir says why are you so egoistic. You have no option and onlyu 6c days are left. A man’s employee shows him the list in which only one candidate has solved the question. He tells its sanyu. The boss says a girl?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Daksh

    Ha yr ye to ab kuch ni krta bs bat bat pe muh fula k baith jata h.
    He is a topper , rank 1 while sanyu is rank 2. He is far better thn her bt nowadays Cvs r jst playin wid his character n makin him gud 4 nothin

    • Samairaa

      i may sound rude but no i am just smiling as we completed such a big target we and we can complete big target also

  2. saddahaqrox

    @ sayionika n @mehak,
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!!!!
    hey btw u know my neighbors name also mehak! where r u frm???
    and kal kya hua??? 6 century ke liye bas 10 kam??? arey utna kar dete!
    a/wayz, epi luks interesting…hv 2 wait till 9pm to watch. Told u na…stupid dance class! I prefer 2 call it ‘dunce’ class in my mind…full of dunces, inc the teacher. just hate it
    a/way, enough of my rantingss. hows u all???
    smart boy nahi aaya na aaj?
    *looks right*
    *looks left*
    nahi. good.

  3. smart boy

    jane se pehle mai aap logo ko ek baat bolna bhool gaya tha.i said that girlz IQ is 0….bt want to correct it..girlz intellgnt bhi hoti hai aur smart bhi.
    aur aisha aap ne mujhe bandar bhi kaha tha..mai bandar bhi nahi hu..bandar ko einstn k bare me kaise pata hoga..

  4. Can any one tell me in simple term whts exactly is precap written in telly nagar … Randhir is really a genius guy … Bt they are nt showing him doing some great work like something amazing in ysa he made the project one step better then sanyukta bt b coz of his attitude and egoism he didn’t win … Pls show some geniusNess work of randhir , he is always behave like short tempered , egostic many of the time

  5. Hello daksh !! N smart boy we told u na that we have forgiven u then why u want to leave ?? I mean its ok with us if u comment here …. N hi samairaa di n shraddha di !!

  6. smart boy

    problem mera nahi aap girlz ka hai mai ne to sorry bol diya phir bhi aap log to mujhe devil samajh rahe ho…yes i m nt sweet like a suger factry pr bura insan bhi nahi hu.bye

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  10. ECJHACTLY na samaira di!
    Kal se nhi aaye….m missing gc di n achu….
    Me too luved memphis….didnt read full yet!
    And haan….aap aur tamatar! Puh-lease….just said d truth
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    hehe….lines copied from TIM fanfic,bas randhir word ko afra di se replace kar diya….
    AISHA, GC DI IS NOT 11….wo kya hain na, she thinks that the tag di spoils her COOL usernm……and that day she was pulling ur leg deah….

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  24. saddahaqrox

    chalo ab third century pe attack maarte hain. Kal jo 6 century incomplete rakha tha who hame aaj poora karna hain
    waise aajkal yeh olden goldies kahan chale jaate hain?

  25. afra

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    tabhi se i fell in love with cannon doyle’s novels

  28. saddahaqrox

    im impressed guyzzz….srsly, I am impressed….
    u did 300 in 1 hr! good….that’s gooooood……
    a/wayz, I have more then 500 books n still counting, I hv read them all n I m currently mixing up my 2 passions-sandhir n reading, in form of fanfics so if no1 is there I wl get back 2 my passion….im as passionate abt tht as much as sanyu is abt engineering n randhir

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  35. saddahaqrox

    hey any1 here 2 chat ke main about:blankhia chali jaau ff padhne waise I cn chat…..ff pe irst slot reserve karke rakha hain…. πŸ™‚

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    i missed u too dear… exams hai
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    baad to mai khud ko rok hi nahi
    ye wala

  37. afra

    hi vandita
    mujhe kal hi pata chala ff ke bare mein
    wahan parsandhir ke fans apni own story post (karte they write by their own) and those are based on sanyukta and randhir
    i hope u got the answer

  38. [email protected] changer

    ff-fan fiction

  39. [email protected] changer

    where r AN,nid,akshara,afa,samaira????

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  52. Daksh

    Hey shraddha n vandita I jst wanna knw dat is my age matter Here ??
    B frank thn I’ll tell u cz abi to mujhe b tum dono ya kisi or ki age ni pta O:)

  53. No daksh age doesn’t matter here cuz when i joined here i asked the same question but then noopur di told me that age is not necessary here …

  54. Abhijeet

    Died Laughing….

    There was a 100 metre race going on…
    Referee said ‘1,2,3 GO!’…
    Everybody started running except Alia Bhatt.
    Referee – Y r u not running…?
    Alia – My number is 4…
    SBI Bank: Our bank is giving loan without interest….
    Alia Bhat: If you don’t have interest in giving loan then I don’t want it….
    Once there was a mirror that killed anyone who lied..
    FRENCH : I think I dont smoke (died)
    AMERICAN : I think I love my wife (died)
    ALIA BHATT: I think.. (died)!!
    Alia bhatt and Varun Dhawan are walking on a road, and they find a 1000 rupee note lying down.
    Alia – What should we do now?
    Varun- We’ll take 50:50.
    Alia- What about the remaining 900?
    Alia Bhatt: Let’s go for movie .
    Varun: Shit, I’ve got a doctor’s appt today.
    Alia Bhatt: Just cancel it. Tell him you’re sick.
    Alia reading newspaper….
    “Indian athlete lost gold medal in long jump”
    Alia comments:
    Idiot !! Who told him to wear the gold medal while jumping
    Alia bhatt went to shop to buy Indian flag for Independence Day….
    Alia told something and the shop keeper fainted.
    Guess what did Alia say ?

    ‘Show me some more colors in this’!!!
    Alia bhatt: Hey dad, what plans for the weekend ?

    Mahesh bhatt: Income Tax Returns

    Alia bhatt: Hey first part kab release hua tha?

    Mahesh bhatt: Jaa meri ma, tu shooting pe jaa!!!
    Deepika Padukone : I have more Fans than You..ξ€Žξ€Ž
    Alia Bhatt: Big deal? I have AC at Home.

  55. Gc di main aapse guss hoo kyunki maine reply to kiya thaa na baad mein ki mai bhi yahan aa rahi hoo aur aapko laga ki main nahi aa rahi hoo aur aapne mera vo comment bhi nahi padha !

  56. Samairaa

    main yahaa hoon mai toi dher gayab hongi as i want to read the update of fanaah sorry see u all after reading that

  57. Lets start the discussion but usse pehle mere question kaa answer do – who is ur favourite batsman ?? Mine is shane watson ….

  58. Samairaa

    mujey bhi shraddha di mainey mujey nehi bataa thaa ki cricket mai ek din lagtaa hai jab mainey tv mai ek poora match deykaa tab mujey pataa lagaa

  59. Samairaa

    mai sabko meri taraf sai maafi magnaa chathoon as jab kisi kaa naam “a” sai katam ho taa mai usmai double “A” daal dey thi hoon mujey kidh nehi pataa kiyu

  60. Samairaa

    mujey hindi teek sai nehi ataa hai isi liyey galtii hotaa hai mai yai bashaa nehi bolti hooon mai dhivehi speak karthi hoon so i dont know the difference also

  61. afra

    hum jab yaha se wahan bhag rahe toh mujhe apne school ki yaad aagayi thi
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    • Samairaa

      who mai mai ladki hoon lekin football ki craz sab sai ziyaadhaa bercelona kai liyey kiyuki neymar aur messi hai wahaa par

  62. Samairaa

    yeah right afraa di in fb there was some one who posted that he didnt eat well so he did his breakfast

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    aur ab thoda pasand hai

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  68. @intakhab,
    They r not sharing any personal info here, i cn assure u that. I understand u r concerned….but i know all of them. They r lovely ppl but they know their limits too…..dont take tension, yahaan kuch unsafe nhi hoga

  69. Samairaa

    hi sharddha di i was thinking who is this parsh read ur comment and got it
    i want clear all ur doubts i am a girl