Sadda Haq 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Next day, Sanaya is working on her code. Randhir takes her paper from her. He starts working too.
Everyone is busy with their costs. Randhir says my coding is almost complete I will do the rest tomorrow. Everyone says yeah lets go. Sanyu says please we have to complete this today. Sanya says please tomorrow. Aryan says we can complete it if we try. Randhir says now we have to leaders. You don’t own us. I am going. I don’t know about you. We all need rest. They all leave one by one.

Sanyu says aryan they behave like they are doing my stuff? its everyone’s mission. We have to push ourselves. they came here to chase their dreams and now behaving like they are doing me a favor. Aryan says calm down. Cap speed depends on engine capacity. No matter how much you try

you can’t push them. If you wanna increase the speed you have to increase mental capability.
Sanyu gets a text from Nirman. She leaves.
Nirman says wow you are roaming out here. You should have been in lab atm, with your team. Sanyu says training was intense they were tired. Nirman says so you let them go? Why you take it for granted. This place is recreational activity for you? People in past had nothing but they had will to do it. It was more than enough. You don’t have that determination. And you have everything else.
You people don’t have that passion. For you and your team, its a mission. For me it is my life. I won’t let anyone play with it. I will finish whoever tries. He leaves.
Nirman comes and throws stuff. Subri says are you okay sir? He says these people don’t understand how important it is. She says why don’t you replace the team then? You are leading them. We can hire better scientist. Nirman says we can find better scientist but I need idiots. Each one of them have qualities but they are still idiots. For example randhir. he is impulsive he is immature. He is confident. He knows what he is doing. Randhir looks for solutions.
Kritika her mind works like a processor. When all problems and solutions are over. She will come up with a back up plan. Summit is innocent.But he has presence of mind. Arjun,insecure aggressive. He will do anything to prove himself. Joy is robotic master. He is like them, preprogrammed. he doesn’t come with alternate plans like bots.
Sanaya knows how important it is to take care of nature. She knows what energy it requires.And sanyu she is like a race horse, she has to ride. She will run the more you hit her. She doesn’t care what comes in her way. She knows how to manipulate. They are useless as individuals but when they come together and become a team, they are so strong.

Scene 2
Everyone is in lab. They see pictures on wall. sanyu reads she was born where women were never appreciated. She was not allowed to go to schools but she made it to space. She had faith. She was first Indian woman to make it to space. Kritika reads her quote. Sanyu says I hope we all learn from her. She shows another astronaut and says you know what was her motive? She shows arjun’s interview clip, when he said that I was kicked out of airforce because I broke their limits and challenged their thresholds. Sanyu says neither of these astronauts were from influential backgrounds. They did what they dreamed. Aryan says in heart I am proud of you sanyu.
Sanyu says we have all seen dreams. We always had issues in life. There can’t be a better team than this. She takes everyone’s names. Randhir’s too. sanyu says nirman said I can’t be an inspiring leader but you don’t need to inspire a team like this. We have realized what we are part of. I can’t sacrifice this mission for sleep and food. Nirman says thats how a leadership is. Well done sanyu.

Precap-Nirman says there is a bomb in ISRC everyone move out of the building except for the mass mission team. You have to stay in and find the bomb.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    richu,dhruv,bk, sid,aaliya,mayuri,mehek,sheena,cc, dipshika………. sanahki,suru, n all my sh family members!
    hey….ayesha whre r u Dr???? I knw dat u r bzy wid ur studies. missing u a lot my cutie 🙂
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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gosh harshi looks damn cute in this newpic

    love u friends happy mothers day.

    pic posted by channel v India

    and also with a statement

    Almost there! Now use #SaddaHaq #SuperFan and guess which song will be used for this scene in tomorrow’s episode!

    I think the bol do naa zara song is my favourite for sandhir for this upcoming bike ride

    samjhawan is good before but what now.

    guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz u have some song then suggest what do u think which song suited

    see this pic again posted by channel v

    look of harshi and parm on bike

    pain reflect in randhir eyes

    loving this pic and waiting for this moment ,

    1. The last one is sooo damn good…love rd’s expression here !!?

  5. Sanyu…where r u?? All ok?


    my favourite scene in fri epi.

    Kalpana chawla shows in sanyu just The similarity shows loved the capture.

    love u all.

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      U r very cute n very lucky to have a bro like dhruv…stay blessed always n may ur relation with dhruv be like this always…he loves u a lot..
      I’ll miss u dear..
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  11. hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    how r u dear

    I love the story you narrate

    its really funny I am laughing till now.

    the shekhu sanaya scene and the aryan sanyu scene were hillarious

    and bechari mrs subramanium phas gayee shekhu aur sanaya ke beech mein .

    I love the goons weere eating popcorns and seeeing the live show between arhdir

    the boom in isrc equally sb paagal ho gayee

    very hillarious dear after a long time I have read ur words and I must say your charm is maintained till now richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Swaaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg hai ladki kaa

    naam hai titli

    For some one she is devil for some one she is titli

    Swaaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg hai ladki kaa

    naam hai richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    dEar I didn’t get the time to write I want to and you don’t beleive that half part is already written but to complet another half I doesn’t get the time

    when I complete it I surely posted it too.

    you know you can find ameena in manmarziyan destiny passion obsession page

    gauri writing

    aasthu ameena

    and even a girl named natasha is there but I think she is not our naty

    coz the colour is same but the pattern on her dp is different and moreover she is calling her di

    and our naty never call di anybody

    and also she didn’t respond when I greet her.

    so I think she is not our naty

    but amu is ther for sure.

    and also you get another friends too all are here and there roma reaches ther sometime. too.

    shree is there laxmi harisha is not there.

    MOthers day you write our heart dear what a writing

    and I am sure richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bike ride is gonna rock

    the old director of sadda haq is came on board once again of season 1 aijaz shaikh

    and we gonna see some rocking scenes next week love u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    aree oo richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ee dekhoooo

    tumhri aur hmri bhaiseeyaa ki selfie pic

    re ooo bhejat rahee

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    har roj tadkee tadkeee colgate karat raheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    are ehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naheeee

    uheeee kahat raheee

    hmre passs aayeee thee oo colgate wali aunty

    bolat rahee

    ki tumre colgate me namak hai

    tumre colgate me nimbu hai

    Kaali mirch, garam masala, dhaniya powder , aamchur, laal mirch , haldi ajvain

    are are hmri bhaiseeyaa thak gayee

    aur boli are ruko ruko tanek ruko sabji banawat ho kaa colgate kaaa

    ooo ek colgate lee lee

    aur bole aaj kal

    uuuuuu roj colgate khaatee hai re

    are haan u kehat rahee khaana khaake kaa kare richwaaa

    jab colgate me hi itnaa khaana dal det hai sasuree

    saare masala colgate waalo ne hi toh lee liyaaa

    toh sabji ki kaa zaroorat

    ab toh sabko selfie bhejat rahee bhaiseeya aur bolat rahieee

    my teeth is strongest

    aap bhi paas sakte hai strong teeth

    inka raaz

    roz subha shaam colgate khayeyeen mazee baneiyen

    teeng teeng tedeng

    love u richwaaa

    kheep esmilinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  12. hey revu dhruv sheen richu after a long time howr ru

    karu how r u my sweetheart jaldi jaldi aau next week dhamekadar hai

    finish your projectnaheee toh sir kko sadda haq deekhaa do

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    phir unkee sath hi sadaa haq dekhnaa kabhi naahe rokengee

    love u karu

    hey mayu take medicine fruits and daliyaa give your best in exam

    I pray you will get fine till tomorrow dear take rest and keep smiling

    tumhe sandhir ke liye theek hona hai next week sandhir week hai naa theek ho jaao jaldi jaldi

    love u mayuri

    love u princess do tell what other serial you love

    share share

    keep smiilling

    hey rakshi howr u

    hey cc what a lines you wrote loving it dear.

    1. Thanks a lot Nisha :*

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    1. Hey nishu di…even I too luv u so much!!
      Am currently in my aunt’s home with my cuzns…bro is gonna come home…so excited fr that!!?

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    संटू ने कहा, ‘बाहुबली।’

    लड़की, ‘ठीक है, यदि ये फिल्म मुझसे पहले डाउनलोड करके दिखाओगे तो तुम्हें लाइफ टाइम इंटरनेट फ्री मिलेगा।’

    संटू ने कहा, ‘सच में?’

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  15. Guyzzzzzzz justtt check this beautiful pic of parsh with mom………HMD…

    And guyzzzzzzz here z d upcoming bike ride scene pic of sandhir……..

    So r u guyzzzzzzz excited????

    1. Wwwoooaaaahhhh!!!! Awesome pics bk…thnx..
      Param n his mom r soo adorable together..
      N i’m desperately waiting for the bike ride scene !!

      1. U mosttt welcome Sheena……mee too waiting that bike ride scene

    2. Bkmm.I doono how many tyms I wud hav told u Thnk u..but again…A thank u yaar!
      I really wanna see our sandhir bike ride.m waiting for that epi..

      1. No no no… need dear Liya.
        Anyways mee too waiting fr that episode……..

  16. Gd evening frnds..
    Hey shinchan ur so cute dear like shinchan:-)
    Ktni,sweet n mature ho..dear whts ur age?
    N wht u doing?
    Sory a forgot:-P:-P

    1. Hey thnx bro…i’m going to be 17 on 18th may…
      N i’m a pcb student of class 12th..I wanna crack aipmt n then i plan to be a neurologist or radiologist…

      1. So u didnt had applied for aipmt before??
        Cz now it’s neet phase 2..n only for new candidates

      2. Ohh dr Sheena..
        Oh dctr ban gai to bhul nae jaogi na..
        Just kidding dear..
        Std hard n be cool..
        The exm is on 24 july it’s very close prepare n most imp fix some strategy for completing whole portion..
        N also FOR completing the papr..Cz many students know everything bt cz of lack of time management they cant do smthng abt it.

      3. N dear try to solve most of evn if their is negative marking their is logic in setting the question papr. So evn if u Mark 20 randomly 5 will be corct by probability function…
        So u will get 20 out of which 15 will be-ve. Bt still u get 5..
        N u kno ther is cut throt competition…so it’s better to hv 5 then zero..

      4. only dont mark those which are confident of getting wrong…
        Cz by probability its sure tht u will not get all wrong…evn if u mark 100 randomly..25will be corect.:-)so mArk n dnt get frightened..
        Cz most of the peple dnt know logic behind negative marking..n then cz of fear of getting wrong they dnt mark..which is more dreadful..
        So mark as much as possible…

      5. their is

      6. Thre is simple maths Dear bt most of thm dnt know.thts why I told might help u..n I like people who r working hard n hv dreams n focus on them.its good to help thm.

      7. Thank u sooo much bhai …
        But i’ve just entered class i’ll give aipmt next year..but i’ve started working for it from now only..actually my preparation started from class 11th only..
        N yaa u r right bhai..ppl get afraid of negative marking n hence, they also loose trust on their own capabilities n avoid the questions..i’ll definitely follow everything that u said…thank u bro…so sweet if u. I really appreciate it !!
        I’ll have to work hard n try to solve max ques in least possible time..coz i want admission in a mumbai clg coz i have a lot of friends n memories there..n for that, i need to get very good elder sis also helps me…she is also doing mbbs she knows..
        Again bro, thank u sooooo much…

        Say hi to dear revati !

      8. N ofcourse jab dr. banungi toh apko kbhi nhi bhulungi..
        U r so nice n generous n caring.. U have a very positive outlook n very sensible too…me bhi thodi thodi apke jaisi hu

  17. Hey alu m fine.u??
    Litle pari exms ovr na…now enjoyyy:-P

    1. Hey bhai…how r u??n wbt revathi??is she fyn?
      Bhai,..yup I was having full tym enjoyment ystdy that I slept after 1:30…

      1. Ohh cool dear..
        Paru I sleep at 2 or 3 every nit dear:-P
        Bt ya u r little pari so sleep at 12:-)
        N how was exm??
        Dear revati is fine:-)

      2. My xam was gud…I have done my waiting for the results!?

  18. Princess this is for u..

    I nvr thought u would say this n do this……

    Listen In life WE cnt dare to forget
    Two things..

    U cnt believe bt it’s true..



    Can forget ur brother or sisy,???

    No…n u r 3 In 1….
    So missed u…..


    My cute sis misedd r u? :-):-):-)

  19. Hiiii frnds I m back..exms ovrrr….how r u all???
    Karu nishu sanyu richu dhruktiiiii yogiraj sharon liya aliya mayuri shena shivani Shreya prince’s ayesha rakshi anu mehek n all lovely frnsds…I missed u a lot..

    Hey bk thnkuuu for spoilers n pics.. Thnku so much…

    Hey liya my exam also fun:-)

    Karu al the best for prjct..sory it’s little late..

    Hey revatii helo ur Dhruv sis na:-)
    Hey dhruv I dnt kno anythng bring her back..she is cute na…lovely princess:-)
    Revu dnt wry ur bro Will listen to me n u will be back:-):-)

    Hey raj whre r u???


    1. Mayu ri get wel soon..n al the bst dear:-)
      Lvu all frnds…
      Meet u tomorow guys

    2. Hey rits…!!
      Was missing u dear…
      And u too have masti dear…..

    3. Hi rits..missed u sooo much..
      How were ur exams??

    4. Hii shena liyu shivu..I too missed u.. exm was very good…now I m going home..
      Now enjoyment till june. 🙂
      Hey sheena al the best for exm dear:-)

      1. Thanks dear..but as i told, i’m in class 12th now..i mean i’ve just passed i’ll give neet next year..

        Enjoy ur vacations !!

  20. hiii everyone liya nisha krina rits mayuri seena..

    hey mayuri get well soon..

    hey revati wht a cute name u hv..

    hii everyone can i be ur frnd.i am big fan of sandhir

    1. Hi akshay !! Of course u can be our friend..welcome here

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    2. Hello akshay..!!
      Ofc,u can surely be our friend .. welcome!

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  21. Yes baby doll I am a boy…
    Why asking such a question?????

    1. I mean my name tells who I am

  22. Hi Vai, rits…..
    Good night frnds….

  23. can I ask something and share something??

    1. Yep dear

    2. Yaa of ourse u can..go ahead..

      1. Sry, i meant ofcourse

    3. when a person loves unconditionally and doesn’t expect that love in return and still he/she is humiliated in return what should he/she do .it’s personal but still I am facing same situation

      1. I think that person should move ahead..i mean if the other one doesn’t respect u, he neither deserves u nor ur love..
        This was just my point if view…i hope u dont mind.. 🙂

      2. Go n slap tht tht u dnt care…y shd u care for a person who Dnt respct u..
        Show tht u r unaaffected…
        Find a person who care for u n not who disrespect u..remember selfrespect most imp..evn if any person is imp to u..remember tht urmost imp for u 1st..

      3. This comment is deleted.

      4. you know my parents also think I am good for nothing I can’ t cry infront of anyone

    4. Hey shivani dear the mistake u made here is u thuoght wht to do…
      Wht u shd hv done is when tht person humiliated u at the same place same time in front of his own eyes u shd hv reiterated..evn if u lv tht person u love urself more..
      Bt now also u shd show him tht I am not the girl to mess with…

      How dare any person humiliate u..who is he humiliating u..ushd show him tht I dnt care a shit n I dnt care..
      Cz love is smthng which has respct trust….
      If its not there is no placr for love…
      So dnt get sad n show him tht I will not allow anybody to treat m like this..

      Show him girl be strong if needed slap show him tht I. M not a girl to mess evn if I had feelings thts not my fault…

      Shivani tht persn dnt deserve u so kick him out of ur life

      1. thanx mukti dear

      2. I love your brave nature

    5. thanx akshay vishal sheena

  24. Hey guyzzzzzzz gd mrng…………iss khubsurat Subha ko aur khubsurat banane ke liye meri taraf se yeh chota sa tohfa aap sabke liye……(in English words…..karu di this pic z 4u also)
    Just fr sm fun

  25. gud mrng………… hi Sheena,Liya!!! I’m fyn….. luv u yaar.
    hey….princy! whre r u???

  26. Hey sheena no need of thnx dear..
    U r llike mysister I want to see my sister to succeed in life..
    N if I say tht u r my sis . Care for u as I care for revati..its My attitude n nature..I nvr lie.

    1. Thank u sooo much means a lot to me..i don’t have a brother but i found one in u..thank u so much for this..

    1. Hey richu !!


    the video of season 1 bike ride to season 2 bike ride

    I loved it .

    hey friends howr ru all

    hey ritsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    where were you dear exams and all.

    Need to say sweetheart welcome again you just vanished from here.

    Love u dear be here and keep smiling always

    hey karu where are you dear

    hey revati dhruv whatsup buddies

    hey sanyu missing girl

    hey richu helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jaanemann

    hey akshay nice to meet u dear must say your name is just very cool Make me remind of whom you know The akshay kumar . lovely name and welcome dear here .
    keep smiling .

    hey sheenuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaliyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rakshi liyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how r u all love u frendsssssssssssssssssss

    raj were missing from here vishu is missing maddy mukti all missinggggggggggggggggg

    miss u guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    hey bicky thanx dear for the pics mothers day pic and bike ride pic

    loving it dear

    Keep sharing bicky and yes HOw can I forget Jai Jagannath

    love u friends keep smiling

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…….. U most welcome Nishu………..JAI JAGANNATH

  28. for them who doesn’t get to open the link above

    here is the fb link

    love u friennds keep smiling

  29. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys today tu will post… Best show on 6.30pm.. Pls vote and comment.. For saddha haq… Hope u all welcome me here. Shall I join u???

    1. Of course dear…ur most welcome to join us..

    2. Yes !! Welcome here !!

    3. Welcome here



    damn cute loving it.

  31. Helo frnds…

  32. hey shivu the questioned you ask has various answers dear

    It depend on the relationship actually

    If you are talking about the relationship if it is friendship or in love

    than yeah first option is that leave that person

    but the second option is different actually

    coz if u love truly that person than you need to make him/her understand the situation of urs feelings that u are hurt of his/her actions

    and if he/she loves u a bit even then they understand it and if not then you need to understand that ur relationship is not strong and you need to let go that person from your life.

    but still I said it depend that how much you love that person

    coz it is so easy to sit on the chair and tell someone to leave someone even for me too when I didn’t even experienced the situation .

    but still if u didn’t get the respect dear earn the respect by hook or by crook coz it is the matter of being a girl and being ur self respect.

    Make them realize ur love towards them as well as you also deserve some respect.

    that is the time of celeberation you could done this .

    I am telling u with my experience love u shivu always with u

    keep smiling dear

    welcome Ranaji , here in sadda haq yes upcoming week is the exciting week a head

    I see ur comments in vishkanya , I think you like that show tooo. Interesting plot but doesn’t suited the time to watch . but still welcome here in our group.

    hey vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    I wrote ur name today and ritsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu name too and you too came

    I am so happy to see u after so long

    HOw r u and where have u been these days.

    Keep smiling both vishu rits hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    how r u my sweethearttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    love u guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. thanx nishu sometimes I think there is no place for pure love in this world.relationship is just a status no one understand deep meaning

      1. Hey shivu can I ask u 1 thing dear..
        U r talking abt the prblms of bf or parents or frmd dear..if u tell I promise u we can help u better..
        If u want tell dear..

      2. Shivu dear it’s not like tht.pure love is everywhere dear…betwn u n ur parents..
        Betwn u n ur real bro or sis..
        Dear if u talking abt bf relationship then dear trust me u hv not found good person till chill dear…u will find it…
        N abt parents Dear they love u a lot dear..they only wnts ur happiness safety.they wnt secure ur future dear.. Cz the only reason they live is u..
        Dear ask thm talk to will help u..tlk to thm dear..

      3. dhruv bhai relationship m talking

      4. dhruv the matter is not bf but bond which we share I don’t want anything frm him but atleast expect respect

      5. the thing I can’ t hurt anyone even someone does bad

    2. Nishuuu dear missedd uuu too sweetheart:-):-)
      Dear I had exms..Iraq finished I come here everyday..:-)
      See na frm so many days we didn’t tlk..I m missing u n u were the one I talked with 1st time…
      Dear how ru??,
      Everything is fine na??
      Dear see shivani is talking so negatve.I thnk we shd cheer her up..I dnt like this..we need to cheer her..

      Dear lvu n dnt wory now I will come everyday.:-)

  33. Hey shivu..look…self respect is very not tolerate disrespect, not even from urself..u need to have confidence in u. Don’t lose ur self respect trying to make ppl love u when they dont deserve that love…dont ever let anyone dull ur sparkle ok?…
    N parents always love their children shivu..its just that some parents don’t show it or we may not be able to recognize their love…if according to u they think that u r “good for nothing”, i think u shld talk to them …
    Cheerup girl !! U r sooo nice n sweet, u make me smile so how can u be gud for nothing huh??
    Just lighten up ur mood…talk to ur frnds, listen some good music, watch some comedy shows n watch sh !!! U’ll feel gud..

    1. you are so friendly and understanding

  34. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    My intro. My name is Narendran studying +2.. Commerce group from Tamilnadu.. Coimbatore.. If u want introduce ur self. Let me know. If personal don’t want.

  35. NO shivu it matters dear true love exist

    but it depend on the relationship how much two persons matter for each other

    how much they need for each other

    how much they understand each other

    Care for each other love for each other

    and how much the person depend on you also.

    there are many things in a relationship which make the relationship pure love .

    Its not a magic trick

    the love is increasing day by day slowly.

    you have to give so much to get so much into a relationship.

    love u shivu always with u dear

    I never told u to share something which u are not confortable .

    But yes , how much I understand , I will try to be with u in each and every aspect. love u shivu keep smiling sweetheart

    and be strong life is short keep smiling

    1. thank you so much luv u

    2. nishu you are ryt love exist but fake people has made existence of love impossible


    Refereshing iv

    parsh dance rehearsal on monsoon special with the interview

    must say it they look awesome fantastic offscrean as well as onscreen

    they looks damn cute and same dress code match perfect.

    love u shivu karu love u friends richu keep smiling

    hey mukti what’s up dear howr u

    1. Param looks so nice here?

  37. Hello rakshi I’m fine and u

  38. thanx sheena akshay nishu vishal muktii for your support

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