Sadda Haq 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 6th March 2014 Written Update

episode starts with Randhir scolding sanyukta that why does she always thinks of herself so intelligent that she can fool him into something so silly. And he leaves telling everyone that he would not talk to renuka, since all try to convince him for it. But sanyukta follows him trying to confront him, finally succeeding she comes around and asks him why is he so selfish, why cant he just talk to her for dream team’s sake. But she unintentionally stretches the whole thing wayy too far. Finally Sanyukta shouts at him that it’s the way you always treat with your mother and finally breaking his silence, Randhir shouts that renuka is his mother, but sanyukta still doesn’t stop and asks him to talk to her as she thinks it would be much easier, what’s the matter in talking to his mother. Randhir finally

reveals that he hasn’t talk to his mother since 12 years and won’t do so, finally walking out on both of them and warning parth and sanyu to not discuss this topic anymore.

~next scene~
Sanyukta informs everyone in canteen that randhir has refused to talk to renuka, since everyone ask her the reason but as she was going to tell the reason behind randhir’s reluctance PArth stops her from doing so.
Finally parth gives some gyan and convices everyone for joining him to visit renuka all by themselves for convincing her one last time. All of them go to renuka’s office, before leaving jiggy one last time tries his way of convincing randhir but randhir was almost about to beat jiggy up when parth comes between and tell jiggy that it’s ok if he doesn’t want to come, maybe everyone needs to face the fear of their life and the one who faces comes out to be a more stronger person in life.

~next scene~
while they are in renuka’s office, sanyukta asks the receptionist to inform renuka mam that they wish to meet her. but she tells that renuka only wants to meet randhir. Sanyukta tells evryone to camp out in here till she doesn’t meet her. Meanwhile randhir slams his fists on wall instead of his usual stressbuster- punching bag! remembering what sanyukta and parth said to him.
finally making up his mind to meet his mother
on the other hand sanyukta and his friends return back to college.

~next scene~
renuka is staring at randhir’s childhood pic when randhir’s reflection brings her back out of trance. she gets happy to see him but he is in no mood of pep talk and straightway asks her to stop the drama and get to the point, renuka asks him to call her ‘mom’ once and she would never let the funding stop for FITE. But randhir refuses this by saying he never knew if the word ‘mom’ is affordable now.
He asks her for gurantee that she would stay by her words, she assures. Randhir is bout to leave when renuka asks her if he would like to hav dinner with his mom, randhir says he would have but he already lost her 12 years back and leaves crying, renuka breaks down as well.

~~next scene~~
Yoyo and gang have gathered around amny others announcing and cheering on the news of renuka sanyal announcing 200 job posts for FITE students. Yoyo and gang says they could atleast manage a few out of tehse as each company requires some naughty maniacs like us. While sanyukta and parth apporoach them and sanyukta grabs for the newspaper with the news. they are shocked and approach dean’s office.
Dean is already confused as this one sided news has been broken into press by renuka, thereby revealing the condition that the jobs will be offered only if vardhan would be back.

Randhir and parth fight, randhir makes first move by punching parth’s face, provoking him. but before he could make his next move, parth pushes him away by swaying his chest with his palms.

Update Credit to: Gunseerat

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