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Scene 1
Sanyu gives randhir the cane of oil and says hard luck. randir says still three tasks are left. Vardhan says go and freshen your mind. Vidushi says congratulations sanyu but i will beat you in second task. sanyu gets a call from anju. she tells her how she won the task. Vidushi goes in the room and get current by stepping in the water. sanyu takes her out by pulling her from a stick. Vidushi has fainted. Ishita is smiling. sanyu says ishika you crossed all limits.

Sahil asks vidushi in sick room how are you do you need something? she says no. yoyo leaves. Sahil says parth is about to come, sahil says you skin is pale. parh comes in and says are you okay? She says i am fine. He says please don’t do this. Vidushi says you are in trouble all the time so i tried. parth

says tell me who did this? Vidushi says sanyu will handle her. stay here with me.

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Sanyu goes to ishika’s room. She places bubbles gum on her pillow. Ishika comes and sleeps on her bed. yoyo goes to the girl and says you can issue books on my card. she says dont you want any books? he says i have never used this card. Yoyo says give me these books. He gets them issued for her. He gives it to the girl, she starts studying.

Vidushi is in lab. Parth comes in and says what are you doing? you need to rest, vidushi syas its office work i have to complete it. Parth says but you are in desk job. She says i was bored so i took this project. He says okay tell me what i have to do? she says its bike’s engine and we have to assemble it. He helps her with it. Vidushi gets the call from employer, he says have you completed it? SHe says i am working on it. He says okay don’t tell anyone we have hired you for this job. path asks whose call was it? Vidushi says from office.

Everyone gathers for next task. Vardhan says you to come ths side of track by taking the water. If a little water falls you will need to fetch the water again. Now come on take bowls of water and stand in your position, everyone follows. They start walking on tracks slowly. parth slips aand then sahil. sanyu is about to slip and she falls on randhir. He holds her. Randhir says go and slip on someone else. vardhan says a little water has fallen from your sanyu back to your mark. sanyu and sahil slips again. sanyu crosses the finish line as well. Vidushi says this is cheating she didn’t brink the bowl. Vardhan says i asked you to bring some amount of water the container was not specified so drank it and brought it in her stomach. sanyu is proud. radnhir says will you take the trophy to in laws? i wont let you clear final year and you wont get any job.

Vardhan announces its a fire drill all students come to open area. Vidushi says why are they annoying us at night. All the students come to open area. ishika is cying because of the bubble in her hair. she cuts that strand of her hair. yoyo and his pals are in a party, rana is there as well. they are too endorsed in dancing. Rana says they are in party mood, i will say to kabir the hostel is empty.

sanyu collides with randhir, he holds her. ishika sees them. randhir leaves sanyu and she falls down. he says am i the only one you slip on? And leaves.

Everyone is sitting with fire side in open area. vidushi says when will we sleep? parth says why tasks between internship, sanyu we get so tired. Randhir says then back out. sanyu says who gave you contract to tell me what i have to do? Sahil says stop fighting guys. vidushi says i have a solution. she brings a bottle and drinks from it. Sanyu takes some sips as well. Vidushi says sahil have you seen ishika? SHe was looking like a monkey in short hair. Ishika is so mad. she syas i wont leave you sanyu. ishika sees the party. she goes in there. SHe goes to yoyo and tries cocaine. Ishika and her friend dance as well. Vidushi says lets lets play truth and dare. First is randhir, he takes truth. sahil says what should a gf like? randhir says i need her support, i will do anything for her but all i need is her hand in everything i do. sanyu says in heart my support is always with you. Next is, vidushi. she says dare. SAhil says okay dance but with blindfold. Vidushi says i will look stupid. She dances with parth with the blindfold randhir dances with ishika as well. She gets closed, randhir says dont you even know dance why are you jumping on me? they all sit. next is sanyu, she takes truth. ishika says what you loved most in these four years? sanyu says what u loved gave me most, gave me everything and supported me and its engineering. sahil says i will name my gf engineering. Next is randhir, he gets dare, ishika says kiss the person you love. He goes closer to ishika and is about to kiss her but she faints. Her pal says she needs to go to hospital. randhir says take her to her room. peon comes and says fire drill is over you can go back to your rooms.

That girl collides with a guy. yoyo sees it. yoyo starts hitting the guy he says i collided by mistake. yoyo says apologize her. she says thanks to yoyo. he says at least i got to help you. Can i drop you where you were goin? She nods.

Scene 3
A man gives vidushi money in envelop. His face is hidden. Vidushi says but who you are? he says you needed mony and you got it. he leaves. parth comes and asks who was he? who gives an intern this much incentive. vidushi says company gave it to me what can i say? She says i am going to hostel i will talk to you later. parth wonders why they sent cash in college?

Sanyu’s bra step is visible, a guy says look the kurti should have been more loose. randhir comes and slaps him. He comes and covers sanyu’s shoulder. he says you can’t handle your clothes. sanyu says you are like them too MCP. Vardhan asks them to come to lab.

They all gather in the lab. vardhan says some people don;t even know who their classmates are but they know about people in USA through social media. Your job is t hack friendsbook accout of the person sitting next to you. you have to hack it with your eyes closed. blindfold student on your left side. everyone does. vardhan says one more thing, if for some reason person on left gives up then you will hack th account of person on right. they all start hacking. sahik gives up. yoyo and nikil give up as well, in the end only randhir and sanyu are left. They have to hack each others account. sanyu says it wont take much time. They both hack it. vardhan says the winner is randhir. sanyu sees randhir’s unposted status, i wish i could express my feelings for you. i just wish you had supported me. i know my behavior is harsh on you and you must feel that i don;t care about you but i wanna be with you forever, parth reads it too. sanyu is in tears. randhir says why are you crying? let me win final task you can cry after that.

Precap-Randhir says to vikram not to come to floor he will get sanyu out. Sanyu announces keep working with same speed. sanyu comes to control rool. Gupta gets stuck under the car because of randhir. all the workers start protesting against sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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