Sadda Haq 6th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu gives randhir the cane of oil and says hard luck. randir says still three tasks are left. Vardhan says go and freshen your mind. Vidushi says congratulations sanyu but i will beat you in second task. sanyu gets a call from anju. she tells her how she won the task. Vidushi goes in the room and get current by stepping in the water. sanyu takes her out by pulling her from a stick. Vidushi has fainted. Ishita is smiling. sanyu says ishika you crossed all limits.

Sahil asks vidushi in sick room how are you do you need something? she says no. yoyo leaves. Sahil says parth is about to come, sahil says you skin is pale. parh comes in and says are you okay? She says i am fine. He says please don’t do this. Vidushi says you are in trouble all the time so i tried. parth

says tell me who did this? Vidushi says sanyu will handle her. stay here with me.

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Sanyu goes to ishika’s room. She places bubbles gum on her pillow. Ishika comes and sleeps on her bed. yoyo goes to the girl and says you can issue books on my card. she says dont you want any books? he says i have never used this card. Yoyo says give me these books. He gets them issued for her. He gives it to the girl, she starts studying.

Vidushi is in lab. Parth comes in and says what are you doing? you need to rest, vidushi syas its office work i have to complete it. Parth says but you are in desk job. She says i was bored so i took this project. He says okay tell me what i have to do? she says its bike’s engine and we have to assemble it. He helps her with it. Vidushi gets the call from employer, he says have you completed it? SHe says i am working on it. He says okay don’t tell anyone we have hired you for this job. path asks whose call was it? Vidushi says from office.

Everyone gathers for next task. Vardhan says you to come ths side of track by taking the water. If a little water falls you will need to fetch the water again. Now come on take bowls of water and stand in your position, everyone follows. They start walking on tracks slowly. parth slips aand then sahil. sanyu is about to slip and she falls on randhir. He holds her. Randhir says go and slip on someone else. vardhan says a little water has fallen from your sanyu back to your mark. sanyu and sahil slips again. sanyu crosses the finish line as well. Vidushi says this is cheating she didn’t brink the bowl. Vardhan says i asked you to bring some amount of water the container was not specified so drank it and brought it in her stomach. sanyu is proud. radnhir says will you take the trophy to in laws? i wont let you clear final year and you wont get any job.

Vardhan announces its a fire drill all students come to open area. Vidushi says why are they annoying us at night. All the students come to open area. ishika is cying because of the bubble in her hair. she cuts that strand of her hair. yoyo and his pals are in a party, rana is there as well. they are too endorsed in dancing. Rana says they are in party mood, i will say to kabir the hostel is empty.

sanyu collides with randhir, he holds her. ishika sees them. randhir leaves sanyu and she falls down. he says am i the only one you slip on? And leaves.

Everyone is sitting with fire side in open area. vidushi says when will we sleep? parth says why tasks between internship, sanyu we get so tired. Randhir says then back out. sanyu says who gave you contract to tell me what i have to do? Sahil says stop fighting guys. vidushi says i have a solution. she brings a bottle and drinks from it. Sanyu takes some sips as well. Vidushi says sahil have you seen ishika? SHe was looking like a monkey in short hair. Ishika is so mad. she syas i wont leave you sanyu. ishika sees the party. she goes in there. SHe goes to yoyo and tries cocaine. Ishika and her friend dance as well. Vidushi says lets lets play truth and dare. First is randhir, he takes truth. sahil says what should a gf like? randhir says i need her support, i will do anything for her but all i need is her hand in everything i do. sanyu says in heart my support is always with you. Next is, vidushi. she says dare. SAhil says okay dance but with blindfold. Vidushi says i will look stupid. She dances with parth with the blindfold randhir dances with ishika as well. She gets closed, randhir says dont you even know dance why are you jumping on me? they all sit. next is sanyu, she takes truth. ishika says what you loved most in these four years? sanyu says what u loved gave me most, gave me everything and supported me and its engineering. sahil says i will name my gf engineering. Next is randhir, he gets dare, ishika says kiss the person you love. He goes closer to ishika and is about to kiss her but she faints. Her pal says she needs to go to hospital. randhir says take her to her room. peon comes and says fire drill is over you can go back to your rooms.

That girl collides with a guy. yoyo sees it. yoyo starts hitting the guy he says i collided by mistake. yoyo says apologize her. she says thanks to yoyo. he says at least i got to help you. Can i drop you where you were goin? She nods.

Scene 3
A man gives vidushi money in envelop. His face is hidden. Vidushi says but who you are? he says you needed mony and you got it. he leaves. parth comes and asks who was he? who gives an intern this much incentive. vidushi says company gave it to me what can i say? She says i am going to hostel i will talk to you later. parth wonders why they sent cash in college?

Sanyu’s bra step is visible, a guy says look the kurti should have been more loose. randhir comes and slaps him. He comes and covers sanyu’s shoulder. he says you can’t handle your clothes. sanyu says you are like them too MCP. Vardhan asks them to come to lab.

They all gather in the lab. vardhan says some people don;t even know who their classmates are but they know about people in USA through social media. Your job is t hack friendsbook accout of the person sitting next to you. you have to hack it with your eyes closed. blindfold student on your left side. everyone does. vardhan says one more thing, if for some reason person on left gives up then you will hack th account of person on right. they all start hacking. sahik gives up. yoyo and nikil give up as well, in the end only randhir and sanyu are left. They have to hack each others account. sanyu says it wont take much time. They both hack it. vardhan says the winner is randhir. sanyu sees randhir’s unposted status, i wish i could express my feelings for you. i just wish you had supported me. i know my behavior is harsh on you and you must feel that i don;t care about you but i wanna be with you forever, parth reads it too. sanyu is in tears. randhir says why are you crying? let me win final task you can cry after that.

Precap-Randhir says to vikram not to come to floor he will get sanyu out. Sanyu announces keep working with same speed. sanyu comes to control rool. Gupta gets stuck under the car because of randhir. all the workers start protesting against sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. guyzzz yeh ho kya raha hai….. plzzz yaar koi toh writer ko bolo to add sandhir romantic scenes … i’m dying to see dem together….. bohot hua hate scenes….

  2. Back 4m picnic!
    But missed epi
    Chal koi ni…badme repeat dekh lungi
    Waise bhi aajkal kuch dekhne laayak toh chal nhi raha…huh
    I dont even know wht 2 think
    Plz post spoilers as & when available

  3. Parsh

    I hate this chipakali ishita. Lekin aaj accha kam kiya usne time pe behosh hoke. I want to say biggggggg thanks to chipakali πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. ever

    hi,i am new
    i wonder,if sanyu understood that it was her whm randir mensioned in the status,
    cz these days,she belives anything ,nd all the rubish which randir want her to belive,
    it’s awefull

  5. Aisha

    Hi guys ! HAPPY ROSE DAY !!!!! And good morning …. Ok bye i m going to school …. And hi shraddha di !!!

  6. sanyukta

    as we all want sandhir to b together again i request u all to write d sandhir uniting scene ie how dey would patchup

  7. anian

    Forgetting u is hard to do @>–
    Forgetting me is up to u @>–
    Forget me not, never @>–
    forget this msg but not sender @>–

  8. Kasturi

    Hi guys sandhir r the best
    Wasa sanyu ki aakh mai aasu tha unpost status padke rd ka vasa sandhir still love each other maar asa karta hai ki Jani dushman hau

  9. raghu

    Priya lovya,
    Hame nhi gyath tha ki aapko hindi nhi aati. Hum bht samay se aapko apne dilki baat batana chate the. Aaj humee yah sobhagya prapt hua h. Aap ek bilkul sundar bandariya ki tarh ho. Aapko bhi aapke jeeven me gadhe jaisa jevan sathi mile yah humari vinmar ichaa h
    Aap chudialo ki rani ho aap ke jaisi badi makkar ladki hume aaj dekhme nhi mili.

  10. raghu

    Aapka apna
    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    Happy rose day!!!
    guyz plz giv likes to my love letter
    Wch i gave to miss lovya πŸ˜‰

  11. raghu

    Sabhi log apne apne dil ki baat bol sakte ho
    yaha do special log h ek wo jise.meine kaha h or ek h none odr den max….
    guyzzz today is day of love plzz apne koi bat mat rakho yaha aake apne dil ki baat bata do

  12. raghu

    Lovya dear now dis task is for u
    U can ask anyone here to translate it for u
    Plzzz darling u can do dis…

  13. raghu

    Yes lovya
    may be u r right
    i dont have.any idea abt it
    bt today whtevr i siad is frm bottom of myheart i mean each n evry word. I hope u understand mu feelings

    • lovya

      sounds funny raghu..i clearly don’t have any idea about the written it doesn’t matter wthr its fr bottom of ur heart or tip of ur tongue :)…

  14. raghu

    Kya loser
    waise bhi lovya bura nhi manti wo mujhe ulta jawab de deti bas mazak tha yaar
    tum jyasa serious hogaye

  15. raghu

    Jhagda nhi tha yr bas uske sat mazak kiya
    waise bhi mujhe usse koi prblm nhi h Qki har ek k apne apne view ho skte h

    ohk i m sorry sanyukta
    n ab batao tumhe rose mile?

  16. raghu

    Mujhe bas 5 hi mile πŸ™ waise mera name raghu nhi h ye bhi bas letter ko suit karne k liye rakha tha

  17. raghu

    Loser shayad tujhe jisse rose chahiye tha usse mil gaya πŸ˜‰
    i m rohan n u??
    N loser tum bhi apna mame batao

  18. lovya

    humm m NRI..just came down to india for the occasion ..i got lots of roses fr my friends n cousins..first time received roses fr india!!

  19. shree

    rd puts the life of a worker in danger forcing sanyu to take the blame for it – mon
    kishore fires sanyu from the factory – tues
    sanyu comes up with a solution to solve the factory ‘s production problem – wed
    sayu convinces her brother ankit to give her a desk job in the factory – thurs

  20. Aisha

    Hi guys …. Raghu if u r new then welcome to sadda haq TU …*LOL noopur di where r u ??? Mujhe aapka kaam karna pada*

  21. raghu

    Nhi kisiko nhi diya I dont like all these
    tabhi kahi nhi gaya ghar me hi tha
    Nxt day jaunga har bar k trh

  22. Aisha

    Really … I guess sab chale gaye … No problem … So do u watch any other serial or only sadda haq ???

  23. raghu

    Mere frnds aaye the ghar pe so 3 wo n rest 2 thoda bhar gaya to waha mile
    n aisha only sadda haq dekhta hu
    Hi nitsha how r u??

  24. Aisha

    Its good that u r also here raghu …. Nitisha in which class u read ?? N whats ur age ?? If u don’t wanna tell then its ok

  25. Aisha

    Dunno i m definately not interested in this propose day n all valentine week … Its only waste of time n nothing more

  26. Rohan

    Love is in air
    i mean yaar dil mujhe bhi answer de sakte ho sirf ek se baat karna zaroorri nhi h rightsanyukta??

  27. lovya

    mil.y dun u try rex or kyle as ur user name)stylish rite??i mean of course it ll b betta that name suits ur personality πŸ™‚

  28. Rohan

    Mazak acha tha ya sacha tha loser πŸ˜‰
    DIL hi rehne de loser
    ya aisa hi kch rkh tjhe yad erahega hmsha

  29. Hi guyz
    Any1 der?
    M really scared…kal propose day hain & my frnd is saying there’s ths guy who likes me & he is gonna propose
    I dont like him!
    But i dont wanna hurt him….
    What shud i do?? Plz help oldies!

  30. Rohan

    Sanyukta ab tum kaha chale gayi??
    Yaar me maazak kar rha tha
    sorry yaarr mujhe nhi pata tha ki tm comment karna band kar dogi
    u can come here if u wnt i wont comment

  31. MIl, kal sunday hain, school v nhi hain, but the boy is in my society as well…infact one floor above me!
    How the hell m i supposed 2 avoid him….he is a gud frnd….and i know that he has a huge crush on me…
    My frnd is our common frnd…& i cme 2 know through her tht he likes me….tht also since past 2 yrs…..and tht he us gonna propose. He doesn even know tht i know he liked me! And tomorrow there is agm & dinner in clubhouse….totally impossible to ignore or avoid him..
    Aishu tu kidhar hain? U r younger thn me but u always make me feel better!

  32. Yeah sanyu…
    I dont want a RELATIONSHIP, but i cherish the friendship…..
    I certainly DO NOT want 2 lose that
    Coz it will cause a rift in our grp…
    Argh! This is causing me a headache now
    How old r u, sanyu? Ignore if not….

  33. sanyukta

    But what i prefer is dat u talk to him separately which won’t b dat hard coz as u said he stays just a floor above u

  34. sanyukta

    N he doesn’t know that u know abt his feelings n as u said dat u guys r gud friends so it wont b hard to start a conversation as he would b casual with you like normally he is so dont worry n speak up

  35. sanyukta

    Tell him dat u value his friendship more than anything n cannot afford to lose him as a friend n u don’t have to lie coz watevr u r saying is d thruth so feel free to talk

  36. sanyukta

    N also tell him dat u aren’t prepared nor interested in any such thing now n it is not because of him dat u don’t want to b in s relationship

  37. sanyukta

    Bt u decide whether to tell him beforehand or wait for him to express his feelings it’s ur life make ur own choice

  38. sanyukta

    N pls try to remember how do u know me if u could a hint would be to refer d comments wen u wer abt to leave tu i guess dats d hint so pls check

  39. Rohan

    Happy Propose Day Everyone!!!!

    Dont worry saddahaqrox just go on n say calmly as u cannot afford losing a gud frnd n wht is ur age?? Dont mind… if u r nt more den 14-15 den jst dont get in all these concentrate on ur studies
    speaking as ur elder brother dnt gt me wrng.
    Ohk dear chill n relax
    all d bst…. πŸ™‚
    Good Morning

  40. lovya

    a little breathing space is all that a relationship needs to grow,a little understanding is all it needs to survive ..happy propose day pals

  41. Hu….
    Thnx a lot every1
    Though m still confused i feel a bit more confident now.
    M 13…..i know, WAAY too young 4 all this
    But the said guy has a crush on me since the past 2 yrs, so i was justified in being scared
    Anyways…lets c wht happens now
    Happy propose day once again

    • Chinky

      tumhe bi koi propse kar raha h kyaa? vo ladka andha hi ho sakat h???
      kya joot bolti ho noopur!! sab log DESPO h.

  42. MTS

    Guys help me…i want to ask smth to u….@ all in 2G-E^^,3G-H+^^ then 4G-?network mn kya show karta hai..mob..?

  43. DIL

    Hi everyone c i changed my name m max is loser n from now on i will b DIL … so mr max dis valentine’s week b happy no one’s troubling u unless u create situations for us to do so .All only becoz sanyukta requested all after dat we will c πŸ˜‰

  44. Can i c another jodi coming up in TU??!!!!
    U guyz will b third…after daksh bhai-sanu di&naina di-lucifer
    Chinky i dont care what u think i had a genuine problem and i share evrything with my frnds
    And i got d solution as well so tjink what u want

  45. DIL

    She is right noopur pls don’t judge ppl by d way day talk n if(if n only if) anything is going on u should respect der privacy
    dat doesn’t mean m talking about me n sanyu:(

  46. DIL

    Anyways m here only for my girl ^_^ n i talk sweet to everyone who is gud to me dst doesn’t mean der is something btw me n every girl πŸ™
    take care dear nothing personal

  47. Arrey no re plz dont misunderstand guyz
    I didnt mean dat
    I ws just joking, coz there r many couples here who r just frnds
    And i c both u n rohan as my elder brothers
    Just joking coz today is prps day
    Sorry if i hurt u

  48. Sanyu, i defo dont remember if u r an oldie who has changed usernames, but i can guess by ur name dat u cud b d old sanyu
    And wht offer?? Plz repeat….scene writing…sounds interesting

  49. akira

    U r sanu right???
    happy propose day dear
    i m missing all my old frnds here
    bt my new frnds r also sweet πŸ™‚

  50. roshinicool

    Hey Akira..Long tym
    I had eft TU long tym back..Waise b pehle b koun bohot zyada use krti thi
    Phir toh permanently visit bnd kr diya tha

  51. Yeah
    Akira di se toh saare bandhan toot gye hain
    Sanu di, kafi din baad baat hui aaj
    Jara daksh bhai ko bhi lekar ao….toh maza aa jaega
    Unse toh….ab kya 13 yrs rukvaoge vanvaas khatam hone tak?
    Aisa hain toh mujhe lakshman k jagah par le jaao apne saatg

  52. sanyukta

    Wat noopur
    pls don’t ask me dear m a bit upset dat u don’t even remember me u wer my first friend on tu n wen i returned after so long just to chst wid u u don’t even remotely remember me

  53. Yaa di agar aap user change kar doge toh kyese yaad rahoge??
    Apna user toh bata do na….aise bohoth jan hain&logon ke writing style se unhe pehechaan na mujhe nhi gc di ko aata hain

  54. sanyukta

    Lovya pls dear don’t start it now i request u dear i wanna keep dis atmosphere happy for dis week

  55. sanyukta

    She didnt answer u lovya n now she did nothing dat must provoke u looks like u r foing it purposely all along pls don’t

  56. lovya

    sanyu say hr tak tat crown 4m hr name. den i wil end it? tat crown giv hr attitude more.
    I think hr parents didnt educate hr. poor queen wt can she do

  57. sanyukta

    Actually akira 6 on rose day 1 i got exactly at 12 so i can’t decide whether it was for yesterday or today

  58. sanyukta

    Everyone has d liberty to choose der username neither me nor u have any right to force her to change it n u r purposely bringing her parents in it which u should nevet

  59. akira

    So i think tht rose ws to propose u… πŸ˜‰
    N tumne kisiko [email protected]

  60. sanyukta

    I came back to chat with u dear bt wen i came u wer abt to leave as det is no oldiebn as m not an oldie i thought it is better i should not force u to stay just for me isiliye nahi roka

  61. Haha….i cant participate in this discussion
    Kal main pur din ghrpe thi so no q of any1 giving me roses!
    And also m too young 4 dis na
    carry on girls!

  62. sanyukta

    Lovys pls stop it yaar i knoe u hv problem with her bt dat doesn’t mean u will spoil others mood as well n on d top she is not even talking to you dear

  63. sanyukta

    Lovya u say dat u wanna make new friends bt u know now u r just interested in demeaning her not chatting with ur friends

  64. Ok here goes patchup scene:
    (im re-writing the epi)
    Rd faints near the car & both r critically injured. Rehaan gets scared n brings them 2 FITE hospital. They r both better in the evening but still resting
    Sanyu is sleeping
    Rd gets up frm bed & goes out
    -sanyu wakes up-
    Sanyu: huh?? Rd kahaan gaya??? Abhi toh yaheen tha. Doc ne bola tha he needs rest….
    She gets up 2 go out in search of him
    Parth enters
    Parth: sanyukta! Kahaan ja rhi ho? Doc ne aaraam karne ko bola hain,tum rest karo. Rd kahaan hain?
    Sanyu: pata nhi! Issey hi dhoondne jaa rhi hoon. Uski haalat bohoth buri hain. Plz meri help karo
    Parth: accha chalo aao
    They go to search. Parth goes to boys hostel, sanyu gies near mech.lab. She sees rd there, doing something to a machine. He suddenly stops and its as though he is deep in thought.
    Sanyu is watching frm d window & crying, thinking
    Sanyu pov: Ham saath me kitne kush the. Yeh kya ho gaya hain ab hame
    She goes inside & stands in frnt of him
    He doesnt notice her
    She hugs him tightly and starts crying hard
    Sanyu: Randhir…tumne aaj jaan bachayi meri, thanx. Par kaash main mar gyi hoti aaj. Nahi ji sakti tumhare bina main.
    Pz rd, kya ham sab kuch bhulakar waapas saath aa sakte hain??
    Rd: Sanyu aaj tak meri mom ne bhi mujge utna hurt nhi kiya jitna tumse door rehne par mujhe mehsus hua. I love u so much sanyu
    Sanyu: i love u too, rd
    They r both crying & hugging each other tightly
    Parth is watching 4m d window

    Itna accha nhi hua….anywayz aisa hota toh accha hota.

  65. lovya

    cartton queen i think ur parents didnt give proper blood 4 u. atleast nw u change ur attitude. i wanna c u as a better person:)

  66. akira

    Tum sb gaye kyaaa????
    N rohan same to u n tum pehle wale rohan ho kya?? Kab se gaye the itne time baadd yha aye…
    n queen tum kaha gayi??

  67. DIL

    Usko bhi boht sare roses mile they na isiliye mujhe specially yaad rakhe isiliye mene jyada diye πŸ˜‰

  68. DIL

    I know she will remember me bt right now v r on a break isiliye its like all d proposing stuff is gonna repeat

  69. akira

    Ohh lagta h hm sbhi grls ko spl rose ek se zyada mile h mujhe 3 sanyukta ko 7
    mera wala to bechara ek bhi spl nhi mila…

  70. Well wisher

    Anyway ppl i think no one is der not even my angel so ADIOS!!
    B d same my angel keep spreading love β™₯β™₯

  71. Maine pehle hi wish kiya sabko, kal raat 12 baje, lekin firse karti hu
    Now m going…..4 d meeting. Wish ne luck, he is also leaving now
    Abhi toh ham parents k saath hain…meerung shuru hone pr clubhouse me carrom ka plan hain…. And main ussey itna toh jaanti hi hoon ki mujhe maalum hain…woh sabke saamne prps karega….huh
    Ok byee byee
    Thank u fr ur support sanyukta di

  72. Well wisher

    Finally my angel m leaving dear happy rose day n propose day b happy n keep everyone happy pleased to hv a person like u here

  73. lovya

    seriously….i swear that wasn’t me….some one was forging my user name ..u guys know how i hv had argument with queen….u fake @lovya stood so law.u spineless brat!

  74. Chinky

    Kya farak padta [email protected] u tld al dis wrds before also. nw it was like retelecast

  75. akira

    U knw queen whn u love someone we dont expect anything frm him wo jaisa h waisa hi acha lagta h bt my love is vry caring good looking n a kind prsn he loves me a lot

  76. lovya

    i know the guys in the movies doesn’t exist,,but he needs to make me feel like the only girl in da world@ queen

  77. Thanx a loot sanyukta di
    Aapki wajah se
    I told him wht u said
    And he understud me (!)
    And agreed k v shud just remain frnds fr now as v r both young…and concentrate in studies
    Thank god
    And thank u
    Love u sanyukta di

  78. lovya

    but when it comes to love v don’t fall for whom meant to us…v tend to fall for whom annoys us @queen & akira

  79. lovya

    humm. m not sure akira..i think sofar no….u know what is the best part of having crush…no commitments or conditions@ akira

  80. Sanyukta

    Good 2 c lovya is also chatting with u i was really upset about her behavior today but looks now she is back to normal

  81. Sanyukta

    Mr well wisher i surely do remember you dear n thnx for wishing me happy rose day n propose day to u as well

  82. Leo

    Happy Propose Day Ms sanyukta
    m a silent reader here
    on dis propose day i would like to share my feelings with u
    U really r a kind person n i completely agree with mr well wisher
    I would like to propose u to b my GF
    Pls don’t b shocked i mean a girl who is a friend
    i really wanna b ur friend nothing more at least not yet πŸ˜‰
    please don’t reject my proposal dear itd just a humble request
    d rest is up to u dear sweet angel ^_^ (dis smiley really suits u coz it looks cute as u r from within )

  83. Leo

    Well said miss akira she is my fav too
    miss sanyukta I’ll be waiting for u at 12 coz i know u always come to wish everyone st dat time

  84. Sanyukta

    N pls stop praising me ad if m s grest person n just like u n others ie normal wwell wisher judt krrpd praising me coz he himself is good at heart

  85. Leo

    Thnx miss sanyukta i really appreciate dat u accepted my request
    m not a frequent visitor bt now dat i hv got a friend like u I’ll surely take out some time to cum here wenever possible

  86. Leo

    K sanyukta happy chocolate day dear
    bye its too late i gtg i will at least try to come here to wish u
    sry bt m a bit busy for few days

  87. Gud mrng!
    m third 2 day πŸ™
    Have scul na…kal jaldi so gyi
    Chal koi ni kal toh first aayi thi
    WELCUM 2 TU!!*
    myself-official welcomer
    And u dont have 2 ‘propose’ some one friendship!
    The moment u enter TU v all automatically become ur frnds!
    Though aapki aur akira di ki baat cent per cent sahi hain
    Sanyukta di, aap ho hi itte sweet toh sablog bolenge hi na
    Aap bohoooooth acche ho
    *gives sanyukta di flying kiss*

  88. Sanyukta

    Chill rahul yaha show bhi discuss hots hai u can c i hv sort of started a fun competition of sandhir patchup scene n winner votes se decide hoga if u wish pls participate

  89. Sanyukta

    Akira aaj koi nahi aya coz kal n parso weekend tha n aaj monday hai sab log busy honge school college ya class me

  90. anonymus

    OMG ! Did you guys noticed in the epi when parth taught randhir that by pressing some nerve on the back of the shoulder the person faints…Randhir used the same technique at Ishika while kissing her ! he pressed behind her shoulder so she didnt fainted by herself but randhir made her faint so that he dosent have to kiss her especially in front of sanyu <3

  91. akira

    U r right…
    happy chocolate day
    n im also fyn sanyukta
    n today i got many choclts brownies etc etc nd in noon we all were gathered at my place
    we all enjoyed a lot today

  92. Sanyukta

    Akira kasturi queen shazu lovya chinky leo well wisher dil rohan noopur n others whom i failed to mention here a very happy chocolate day to u all n i just wanna say that i m abt to tske a break from TU coz of my boards so would just come for dis week for wishing u all n den directly after my exams so just wanna say bye ^_^ miss me

  93. Sanyukta

    Thanks akira
    m making brownie for dat special one chocolate to sab d3te hai i thought lets make a chocolate brownie

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.