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Sadda Haq 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyu looks at anju’s picture and says you always supported me in all my decision. This is the biggest one and I have no one by my side I feel so alone. Papa is here but not with me. Since you have left I feel like I have no family. At least I will get his love this way. I hope you will understand I love you.
Tania comes to abhay he says whatever happened that day. she says say whatever you want. He says i dont wanna hurt you but I am not ready for a relationship. She says sorry? no say I should say thanks. She giggles. She says i thank you thank god it was casual i am so relaxed now. He says me too. They shake hand. She says can i get my hand back. He saysv sorry. She says i have to go? He says where? she says lecture. He asks is it important? Tania says yes. He says i have to go somewhere

as well. He comes back and holds her hand. Abhay kisses her.

Agarwal says we shouldn’t care about rival company we should care about our position. Sanyu is overhearing him. Agarwal eats the dinner and closes his eyes. Ankit says what happened? Agarwal says it reminds me of Anju’s made food. Agarwal says raju keep this money you made such good food today. Raju says madam made this food. sanyu comes in and says papa i made your favorite desserts. she puts papers on the table and says taste it one. Agarwal looks at the papers. He is dazed. Sanyu hugs agarwal and says nothing is more important than you and your love. I can do anythin for your happiness. I dont want any shares. please consdier me your daughter, agarwal hugs her back and says i knew one day you will trust me. I am proud of you, i love you.

Late at night sanyu says to anju’s picture i will always take care of papa maa. Agarwal comes in and hugs her, he says i have a daughter like you how can i be alone. I am proud of you, now sleep.
Next morning, sanyu gets ready for college, she says good morning papa. I am leaving for college, he is busy with his papers. Agarwal says driver is on vacation. sanyu says i will take cab. agarwal says i will drop you. I was reading in newspaper a girl was travelling alone in auto, the driver mugged her. I am going to office i will drop you. Sanyu says he is dropping after so many years.
In the car, agarwal buys sanyu a corn maze. Agarwal asks sanyu how is it? she says its so good.
Sanyu comes back to college she is so happy she hugs everyone. The song ‘naye raste’ plays in background.

Randhir comes to his workplace, adda is there. randhir says how are you here? She says you are our member no secrets i am here to show you something. She shows him machine and says super harbor engine for you. This is your welcome gift by masosn. randhir says its not starting. She says you will learn when the time comes.

Randhir takes sanyu’s notes in the class, Pkc says both of you get out right now. He says show me the notebook, when he sees sanyu has written i love you papa so many times. She says are you jealous? He says yes, sanyuu says very good.
tania says to abhay i am gettin married next year. He says i knew i saw this ring the day you came here. She says you noticed the ring how boring. She says relationships are boring, same fights and expectations. He says so you want us to be friends with benefits? She says you are clever. He says do you love me? She says not at all. they kiss.

Abhay comes to room, he hits randhir’s punching bag, randhir says relax champ. I learned one thing in life, dont get frustration out so easily. Abhay hits the punching bag. They both hit it repeatedly. parth comes in and says relax guys, let sports be sports. Abhay says some people never understand. Randhir says meet me in ground. Abhay says on right time. Randhir says i thought you must have grown up but no change. Parth says why you provoke him. Randhir says he is a cry baby.

Randhir stops sanyu, sanyu says punish do i have now>? what do you want? he says you. She says lets go for movie, he books the ticket sanyu says but hurry up i have to go home early. Agarwal calls sanyu and says i was leaving from office i have bbought your favorite ice cream. Sanyu says to randhir i have to go home, he says you can go after movie. He says booked the tickets you will ignore me for him. Sanyu says he is first man in my life. I can’t ignore you i hope you understand, she hugs him and leaves.

Precap-The mason’s agent says dont take it lightly. randhir says i feel lucky to work with you people. Sanyu comes in and says what is all this randhir. She says how long have you been doing this? I thought you share everything with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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