Sadda Haq 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sumit asks randhir what should I do? Randhir says stay around and ask if anyone needs help.
Joy says to Aryan we have complete this. We don’t have much time.
Sanyu says to aryan there is no security in chamber. How is it possible? He says all these guards are scuring it. Sanyu says there is no one there. Aryan says alarm blares if someone goes near it. I can control it for 110seconds. You have to get it from there in that time. Sanyu says I can’t do it alone. You will be here.

Nirman comes to a club and dances. He recalls about asteroid and recalls what menka said.
Madam is working. Sanyu comes to her. Randhir sees them together. Subra says I can’t leave my workstation and go from here. Sumit comes. Sanyu says you were here? He says I heard it. Sanyu says what? He says that you need help. You are part of team I can help you. Sanyu takes him to side and tells him everything. He says this is crazy. Sanyu says there wont be any problem. sanyu turns randhir is there. sanyu you are getting it wrong. Randhir says you don’t accept your mistakes. I knew you would make problems in plan. I know its your nature. I know you are upto something. I will find it out.
Sumit says tell me the plan.
Aryan sumit and sanyu plan everything out.

Aryan starts working on hacking alarms. He says on microphone you have 110 secs. He tells her door code. The lights break down. Aryan’s laptop goes down too. Sanyu says last digit? He says shit. All guards rush in different directions. Sumit says lets go from here. Sanyu says shut up. Aryan says press 8, the door opens. Sanyu and sumit are in only 12 seconds are left.
Sanyu and sumit run out and come to ground they see a body,they scream. Its menka. Kritika comes too.
Sanyu is crying. Aryan hugs her and says I am here don’t worry.

Precap-Sanyu all these numbers are from an equation we have to solve it to make the processor. Aryan says sanyu is expert in solving them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rits

    List n to me guys plzzzz
    I requst u all to dont reply to that shahid..dont take his name.
    Plzz else he willdothis….
    heisdoing thispursposely

      • Sheena

        Even I agree rits..I commented on ystrday’s pg too.. I think he is doing this just to grab some attention..
        Anyways, the episode was okay…I really miss old sh .. spcly vidarth..I still can’t understand why did vidushi marry sanyu’s bro

      • karina

        Yeah i also miss VidArth a lot…im so dissapointed that CV dont show them anymore…i miss Parth and Vidushi…they were amazing together.

    • SHQ

      I think dead or else y shud they scream and y shud sanyu’s sit n cry???I am not sure though…

      • karina

        Hey dear thanks for clarifying that scene coz i didnt get it very well…so Menka is really dead…

    • pia.angel

      Actually when sanyu and sumit comes outside after completing their mission they were very happy… sumit found a chip on floor he asked sanyu can he take it…. he take it…. they was happy and was about to move… a body came down…. sanyu and sumit became feared with it… sanyu was shocked to see that’s mainka…mainka was unconscious and the blood… it was a lot of blood on the floor which was coming from mainka’s head….

    • pia.angel

      Important thing is missing here to whom everyone would love…….
      As many people come near to the body… randhir also comes there he looked at sanyu’s face in terror… it seems like he didn’t see anything except sanyu…. the reason is when he looked at sanyu….. he was about to call her it seems like he wants her to be calm down…. suddenly he said “drama” and about to move……
      (………funny part is…. he didn’t knew why she was in terror he didn’t see sanaya or anyone not even the body that was laid down….???? )
      When he moved backwarsd the guards and police came… and told everyone to move…. randhir became shocked he looked down and found menka’s body…. he also become shocked he looked at the body and then sanyu who was frightened with the incident…. his expressions were like he really wants to calm her down…. suddenly aryan came there he looked at the body and became shocked…. he went to sanyu and told her to calm down she was badly shocked as she Told like …Aryan………vo……..upar se and all…. he told her every thing is fine look at me… be calm and all….. while that happening randhir was just looking at sanyu….. Aryan shook her and hug her to make her calm….. her face…. she was badly frighten she cries in his arms…….. randhir was just looking at her face…. looking her frighten, crying badly in aryan’s arm….randhir was just looking at her……

      • karina

        Thank u so much dear for explaining thise scene so well…i just love SanDhir and im eagerlly waiting for their reunion..

  2. SHQ

    Hrllooooooo all my ftnds here..✋✋
    OMG….2dys epi ws intrsting…..??menka is dead??????I thnk nirman did it…
    Guess I strtd 2 lyk s2 again….??

    Well abut the judge which is nishu….well I guess u hav to make the quize 4 a week or make some awards(lyk most activ membr) or something for this week and post it on this weekend …Hw the idea….??well she have the repnsblty 2 make qstins based on sadda haq…..
    Sorry nishu if I am burdening u that also when u r ill….and d winner vil b d next judje thus fair play….hwz it??plz respond dears….

    And if someone is disturbing u in this tu page nd even tho u rspnded and asked him/her to be quiet nd still tht prsn is disturbing….ignore it nd think tht that is the nature of tht person nd leave it…

    Coz rmbr:we are here 2 spread only positive things….not negetive….

    Sry 4 did loooooonng comment??
    Luv all my frnds here….?!!!take care and Thnk u 4 supporting my suggestion!!???

  3. rits

    Episode was nice…bt is menka dead??
    No yar I didn’t want ali merchant to be shown so negative…
    Bt nw sanyu will definitely provr herself rit n nirman wrong…
    Afcosre aliya we r frnds dear:-):-)
    Liya dear nice idea abt quiz:-):-) I like it

    • Aaliya

      ????????? ooo thks rits….
      I m also not getting, why is happening!!!! Why sanyuu would cry seeing menkas bdy!!!! And what’s abt d security who rushed!!!!? I m confused!!! ??

      • rits

        Dear..I dnt watch it..I just read…cz I live in hostel…I m also confuseed…. By that menka should nt have died…
        I dnt like people to die…real or fake..
        It hurts me..:-(:'(

    • karina

      Rits dear i agree with u…i never expected the CV to show Nirman as a villain coz he was suppose to be the new mentor in S2 but i guess they are unpredictable 🙂 and thats what makes this show so interesting 🙂

  4. shahid

    Hi ritS will u be myfrnd???
    I like it that u r so mature n take everything positively…
    I m sory for all this….
    Plz accept me ur frnd rits..u rso mature n happy girl.I msory

  5. shreya

    Hy guys sorry i was not active frm last few days becoz i met a accident missing you guys a lot specially karu,nishu n yogiraj how r u guys:-) 2days epi eaw rocking when rd saw aryan consoling sanyu.nd why some guys here r insulting girls we all r frnds here n shud respect eaxh other

  6. Aahna

    Is really menka dead???
    Oh my god…now it seems like the story is on track again. Now this whole track raises fans criousity …
    Guys parth is working in is irritating i think he will get more fan following here than there

    • karina

      Yup dear i also miss Parth a lot and also Vids…its such a shame the CV totally ruined VidArth.

  7. vishal

    Hi guys..rits is rit..ignore that person….
    Sh is bcming interesting:-):-):-)
    I amfine karu..u?

  8. Hi friends how r u.
    With a new name rose princess is back
    Hey dhruv I read your comment on my name rose very sweat of u but I don’t reply because I was not rose.
    I m princess of sadda haq family
    Not good episode. Season 2 is very boarding what u think guys
    Boarding kiss
    Boaring stupid mentor
    Boaring task
    Everything going in su is strange like
    Vidushi marry ankit
    Renuka death.
    Just one thing is interesting and it is randhir he is most handsome guy I have ever seen. I wish I can meet him.
    Come on rakshi and ayeesha I m Back. Get back now
    How r u Nishu ,karina,rits,shq,dhruv,vishal,Sara,suranjana,shreya
    and all
    Hi shahid. I think ur name is fake I mean u r one of the regular commentor and u r doing this just to grab attention.
    Hey Nishu how r u very sweat of u too keep shahid as a friend. U r very friendly girl
    Dear Nishu how u know that shahid is Pakistani. And shahid if u really are then very shame of u because I m also from Pakistan. And I know Pakistani are not like that. Please don’t mind
    Ok gud night girls

  9. rits

    Guys..I need to say 1 thng…
    I can’t tell it to my real frnds..they can’t understand..
    Bt sometimes strangers help a lot…
    Guys u must have knon pratyusha banerjee sucide..
    Guys I m feeling very depresed frm that day..
    Can u help me.plz

    • karina

      Hey dear i dont really know what was the full story of her suicide…i just read it a little on internet…but dear u should cheer up…its not healthy to be depressed….its something bothering u ?

      • rits

        Dear..i really dnt kno..
        I just feel sad n depressed..
        N I nvr was a big fan of pratyusha bt it is hurting me…

    • Sindhu

      Hey Rits.. Pls don’t b depressed… Pls keep itself free… Listen to songs etc etc.. Hang out…

    • Sheena

      Oohh Rits don’t be upset..its the part n parcel of life..someone comes and someone goes n leaves just some memories behind…although the way pratyusha went away was shattering, but we can just pray that she gets justice n her soul rests in peace..n if u are upset, just let it out…cry as much as you want..crying makes ppl stronger…even I cried for about half n hr n then I just prayed to lord that she gets justice..

    • pia.angel

      Rits……. first be calm and then take an long breath….. after that once think what make you depressed is it her death or the suicide……??????

  10. Guys could u plz clear me one thing … is menka dead or …. just unconsious… missing vidharth a lot… and by the way hello everyone how r u … nisha.. rits.. karina… vishal.. liya and all …

  11. rits

    I kno guys that u lv positivty here…
    Bt I want to let it out…
    I am feeling depressed so pls guys help me..
    N shahid see I am already verymuch dnt tlk negative here plz not abt me..
    I accept u a frnd…
    Bt respect m n our group…

    • karina

      Hey dear u know u can share anything ulike with us…pls try to cheer up…hang out with ur friends or donno try to listen some music…i know that the news is really shocking but try to not think about it dear…pls smile 🙂

  12. rits

    N ya princess dear..dnt tlk like that..I mean india Pakistan..plz..
    It will create trouble plz…let it be..dear missed r u

    • I fine n u I not meant that I was just confirming that which country does shahid belong
      I m very sorry I always creat trouble in tu. I m really a stupid girl
      I swear I will never come or coment in tu again. Sorry again. sorry shahid
      Miss u all bye

      • And ya before going one more thing.
        I also like indo pak friendship. I love My all friends like karina ,sanahki,Nishu,rits,ayeesha n rakshi. And I thought u all as my own sisters
        Guys please don’t take me as negative love u all bye. Take care

      • shahid

        Hiiii princess:-)
        U r saying sory for no reason….
        Its 4 u princess..
        Nobody can make u happy
        Until ur happy with yourself..
        So dnt say u r stupid..u r unique person. Like all ofus

  13. Aaliya

    Why rits, why r u depressed!!!! I ws also very upset getting tht news… But, she committed suicide bcoz of her bf prbs(as per news)….
    U just think of tht news as a part of serial…. I think u wl get relief….

    • rits

      Ya bt all bad thngs r coming,at same time..
      Suicides n crime idnt like it…
      N it’s so sad to read how she suffered:'(:'(

      • Sheena

        Even I was facing many problems that time …many ppl around me were suffering… My friends sister died at the age of 21…she was an MBBS student like my sister…but do you know what I do during such times?? I cry n cry n cry…I close the door of my room, n cry for a long time, after all if we are upset, then our loved ones will be hurt…so stay strong dear☺?…life is not all about worries n tragedies, its also about happiness, love, friendships n making others happy…so just cheer up n enjoy wat you’ve got coz “zindagi naa milegi dobara”??

  14. shahid

    Thnku dear..
    Sory people..
    Hey dear.rits… It’s 4 u…hope u like..
    Stay strong beautiful..
    Cz things will get better…
    It might be stormy now
    Bt it cant rain 4 smile dear

  15. rits

    N ya many may thng I m weak..
    Bt I dnt care abt it.. I just want to share ot as it realy helps..
    I just want to throw it out of my head…

  16. rits

    Thnku sindhu aliya karu princess shahid..for ur kind words…
    I can’t express how thankful I am to u guys..

    • Sindhu

      Thanks n al nt required… Will b very happy if yu get out f such crap… Keep urself busy.. Watch You tube and learn DIY crafts etc etc… Go out and make new friends… Even my life was very busy when I was in India as I was working der.. After cmg to US its so boring at home…. Wat to do no choice.. So started watching TV… Learning some DIY crafts … Going to library… Yu also do d same.. Go out spend time with kids.. Or Get a pet ..Read some books of ur choice.. Make sure u r always keep busy…so other thoughts won’t Come to ur mind…

      • rits

        Thnku somuch dear…
        I feel better nw..
        It’s only at night I feel sad..whole day I hv clg asignmnts nall..
        Bt at night it’s worst..
        I wish night wont come..

      • Sindhu

        Cool Ritz… Read books while gng to sleep … Yubmay feel better I guess… Hav a nyc day 🙂

    • karina

      No need of thank u dear…we are here for u…and Sindhu is right keep urself busy with books and other stuff 🙂

  17. SHQ

    Liya here…Hello to all my frnds…..??i just eoke up from my sleep…..??
    Well rits dear….plz dnt get depressed hearin that news yaar…always think that liife will be having poitv nd negtv things na…??and ignor the negative things…plz dear…just dont think abt it and try to ignore that news and keep urslvs busy…hopu will be fyn…?
    Karu,nishu,rits…guyz plz tell about the judge idea…
    And shahid glad that u hav becom a part of our group atlast…welcome yaar
    Hi princess and shreya…i am liya…hope u wil include me as ur frnd…i joined this group when u guys were inactive 4 some days…
    Tata…got loads of wrk to do…✋
    Luv all my frnds from my bottom of my heart…seriously guyz….✌✌✌

  18. Chinnari

    Hello everyone . I missed yesterday’s episode can anyone explain about that dead body story

  19. sanyukta rathor

    Hello my all friends

    Hi karu , nishu , liya , shreya , aaliya, princess , and all of u

    How are u all

    Wow what an episode aryan hug sanyu and see randhir’s face
    ooooooo………… very cool .

    BUT menka is died very bad .

    Any ways all my sweet friends Be happy.

  20. rits

    Thnx liya dear..:-):-)
    It means lot tome…
    Thanx karu..very sweet ofu.:-)
    Princes plz dont go..plz.
    Forget shahid..we dnt care even if he is frm Antarctica. 🙂 so chil..dnt get m wrong dear..u r my frnd..n I didnt say u r stupid..chil dear:-) lvu

  21. I think there is going to be some interesting things,i mean with a new entry,nd she is a girl.i m not sure?
    but if it happens, i m ready to grab d track

  22. vishal

    Now sh ison tr.ackk..
    Hey rits dear..come to andheri tomorroww
    .Thereis parrtyuwill enjoy:-)

  23. yogiraj

    epi ws osm..excluding part of menka…she died or wt.? n wt nirman is dng.?
    Gm all frnds…hv nyc day ahead…

  24. Hii guys seeing u back aftr a long time.actuqlly I was in Tirupati so couldn’t contact you.
    Missed u all very much……….

  25. What’s going on here…
    I mean I read all ysterdays comments and I was really shocked………..
    Sry to say bt being honest I dint like yesterday’s fight………….
    Dr ritsss I am glad u r not leaving frm here….I luv ur cool personality. ….

    I think nishu is d crrct judge coz she is d 1 who commented 1st. …..
    Dr Karu hopevu dont mind……….
    Bt nxt surely U…………
    Hello shahid I was a little angry on ur comment. …sry…..

    Luv u all dear friends dis site is fr happines nd sharing feelings……..

    Sry fr a long msg..

    • Evn I lyk Aryukta scenes…….
      Bt not more than SanDhir….
      Fr me Sandhir
      Was d best, is d best, will b d best….
      Loving Aryukta scenes. ….

  26. The scene whn sanyu hugged Aryan……rd was soo jealous….
    Anyways enjoying Rd jealous he looks tooo cuttteeeee, cute, smart, and evn hottttt………….
    Deadly missing Vids. …….
    And Vidhart scenes badly….
    How come Manka is dead….she was d only 1 who could put Nirmaan in depression. ……..
    O think Nirman must hv done this…..
    Dont understant y Sanyu was crying on her death…….

    • SHQ

      I too miss vids and parth…and our vidharth scenes too…i really like our jeolus rd very much…..hoping to see sandhir….
      By the way…i am liya…nice 2 meet u…!!☺☺

  27. Aaliya

    OMG!!!! So many msgs!!! I want also to b a member of ds swwwtttt sh family, like siddarth…… I m a new viewer of telly updates bcoz of my shifting to a house without TV…. ?i m vry mch bent to watch sh my aryukta again!!!!!

  28. Aaliya

    Yeeeedsssssssssssssssss sanyukta!!!
    I’m a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggg fan of aryukta…. Thank God!!! I got one like me!!!! Thanks sanyukta darlng…???????

  29. nisha

    You know what shahid

    I never say that u are from pakistani dear

    I just say please don’t start war here

    and give u an example

    and more than that

    how can I taunt you anyway when I call u my friend dear

    I already loved ur name it is not just unique but I proud of ur name

    and more than that I never call anyone pakistani here by taunting

    because my grandmother , my bhuaji already belongs to pakistan

    my ancestors are from pakistan they came here at the war time by giving their homes to someone and my father also told me that now also our home is safe there

    The family who lives there they properly take care of the house .

    So I love pakistan as well as I love India tooo.

    and more than that

    u know shahid what is the importance of ur name why I proud then read it dear

    love u my friend

    शहीद हूँ मैं …..

    मेरे देशवाशियों
    जब कभी आप खुलकर हंसोंगे ,
    तो मेरे परिवार को याद कर लेना …
    जो अब कभी नही हँसेंगे…

    जब आप शाम को अपने
    घर लौटें ,और अपने अपनों को
    इन्तजार करते हुए देखे,
    तो मेरे परिवार को याद कर लेना …
    जो अब कभी भी मेरा इन्तजार नही करेंगे..

    जब आप अपने घर के साथ खाना खाएं
    तो मेरे परिवार को याद कर लेना …
    जो अब कभी भी मेरे साथ खा नही पायेंगे.

    जब आप अपने बच्चो के साथ खेले ,
    तो मेरे परिवार को याद कर लेना …
    मेरे बच्चों को अब कभी भी मेरी गोद नही मिल पाएंगी !!

    जब आप सकून से सोयें
    तो मेरे परिवार को याद कर लेना …
    वो अब भी मेरे लिए जागते है …!!

    मेरे देशवाशियों ;
    शहीद हूँ मैं ,
    मुझे भी कभी याद कर लेना ..
    आपका परिवार आज जिंदा है ;
    क्योंकि ,
    नही हूँ…आज मैं !!!!!
    शहीद हूँ मैं …………॥!!!!

    love u karu , vishu princess plzzzzzz come sweetheart I love pakistan and u are the first pakistani friend too ,decision is up to u dear , shreyuuuuuuuuuuu, richu sanyu I too love aryukta, helooooooooooooo nadira ayaana , rits love u dear sidharth heloooooooo raj sindhu liya , plz tell what can I do in this game briefly , aaliya, miss u suru, sheena, aparna ena and shahid

    love u all friends

    keep smiling

    • shahid

      Thanx for the poem…
      One girl princess said that I m from Pakistan…
      Bt I m not…
      I like only my India…:-) r u now?

    • SHQ

      Hey nishu..luv u too dear..hope u r fynn…….
      Dear…u jst hav to make 4 or 5 wstins abut sadda haq and post it in this page….then the 1 st one who will ansr all wstins is d winner..and that winner will be the next judge…
      U can make some award liyk mist imp member(male),most imp member(female)
      New face,(male and female),etc etc…and d person eith most awards eill be the next judgee..
      Anything else…its upto ur choice dear…
      Again…sorry……4 burdening u….
      Hoping that ur health is all fyn dear….

  30. dhruv

    Hiiii rits karu nishu…
    Rits don’t be is short dnt waste ur valuable time in thnking who is gone..
    Dont try to find stars..look at the moon dear..
    Ya u read smthng novels.
    N go to party baby..:-):-):-)Mumbai.isfull party:-):-):-)hi aliya Siddharth bro…

  31. dhruv

    Hey rosey princess:-):-)
    Y u r leaving????
    N guys y u all keep on saying I m leaving …
    Everyday 1 person,wants to leave…
    I dnt like this..u cm here for sh n frnds.. when u say by u r hurting them…al wants to go frm here…..
    U,strtted it karu:-P n now all like this game…

  32. dhruv

    Hey shahid bro…ya we r frnds of rits..n we r hre to protct her as a frnd…
    So we r bodyguards in ur language n true frnds in our language..

  33. Guys I was free right now…
    I am willing to share my feelings right now…..
    Actually whn I first started commenting hrre my heart used to free the thoughts…….
    And now I think I am addicted to tellyupdates coz whn I was in Tirupati I would only think of what may be happening here……..
    Really luv ur guys unity…..
    Missed u frm heart……

  34. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooo richu dhruv how r u friendssssssssss

    hey karu where are you dear

    hey princess rakshi where are you.

    hey richu love u dear

    hey shahid well shahid ho yaa shaahid

    both names are precious dear

    but the thing is Shahid kapoor you like then we called you shahid too

    Be happy and keep smiling

    miss u karu

  35. shreya

    Ya rits this forum brought us together even if we don’nt know each other personally’i like this place more dan any social networking site….hey Lia welcome dear nice ofcoars we can be frnds

  36. nisha




    how r u budieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees


    where are you dear

  37. nisha

    I like Rd expression in yesterday episode

    but i want some more dhamaka in sd

    Nirman yogi baba pic what I give you all yesterday afternoon

    evening I understand what that means

    he goes in a club party come to dj and close his eyes start tuning and assuming himself around in white sheets
    sitting like a yogi baba

    seriously cunning yogi baba

    and I am sure he killed meneka


    what she can’t do when she alive she can do when she is no more

    I mean the device.


    in which all the evidences because menaka is forcing nirman to commit all the crimes in front of everyone what he did

    now sanyu watch the pen drive and knows the reality of nirman

    and then the real war begin

    s your take friends.

  38. sanyukta rathor

    Wowwwwwwww so many people fan of aryukta

    Thank God .

    Aaliya , nadira , ayana , thanks yar

    Muzee laga me akeli hi aryukta ki fan u but i am wrong

    I am so happy?????????????????

  39. rakshi

    In strday episode….. sanyu doesn’t spoke Gujarati!
    She spoke in Tamil.
    In tamil- Neengal sooriyanai pola prakashikka vendumaanal
    ☀ mudhalil sooriyanai pola eriya vendum.♨

  40. karina

    Hey Nishu im here cutie….just a little busy…h r u dear ? im missing Suru 🙁 she hasnt come for a long time…

  41. shreya

    Hii nisha fine dear n u miss u a lot guys in hospital coz doc . ws vry strict use hi ni karne deta

    • SHQ

      Wht happened dear…?y r u in hspital?????i mean wat was d accident???hop u r fyn….take care……

  42. Himanshi

    Hi karina di it seems u don’t miss me. Hahaha. . Actually I can’t be here regularly but i watched d episode. My goddddddd rd was so jealous every one was bothered about d body bt randhir was just seeing aryan consoling sanyu amazing yr
    hey sanyukta i m also a aryukta fan but only their friendship.
    Hi dhruv bhaiya u r comp engineer and i m in 12th.
    Hi princess plz dont leave cutie i miss you.
    And a big hi to all my shq family

  43. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friends how r u

    hey karu love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear me too miss suru hope she will back soon

    hey shreyu how r u in hospital . Hope you are fine dear Please reply

    hey sidharth helooooooooooo dear me fine whats up.

    hey himanshi dear how r u . how’s life goinggggggggggggg

    hey sanyu thanks dear love u .

    check out this fun pic

    and this is very cute pic I miss their moments

    hey friends have you heard 2 things

    1st pratyusha banerjee suicide case , Synopsis are saying that his boyfriend is her murderer.

    2nd Bipasha basu and Karan singh grover getting married soon.

    • karina

      Yup dear i also hope Suru is fine…love u too Nishu..

      And Shreya dear h ru ? Why u in hospital dear? Hope ur fine dear take care of urself ok…

    • SHQ

      Hey nishu….I hope u undrstod the game…plz do reply dear…

      And Thnx 4 d news dear…bipasha is getting married …!!
      Luv ya…!!

  44. rits

    Ya shena..ur rit..
    Bt the most imp thng was that…
    I live in Mumbai.n. Some 15 to 20 days before we wwre in mall n we met her fans we took photos with her…she was so happy to meet..sodown toearth..
    I am nvrcrazy abt these peopee..
    Bt shewas so nice person..
    Anyys u r rit dear. Thnx:-)

  45. sidharth

    Hii nisha,

    nothing dear

    Busy in coching dear my AIPMT exam is near
    pray for me pls

    Muzee top karna h

    Hope kar lu

  46. sanyukta rathor

    Good evening friends

    Hii karu , nishu , himanshi, aaliya , nadira , sidharth, ayana , rits , liya and all of u

    How are u all

    Waiting for today’s episode

    Be happy my all friends ???????

  47. nisha

    love u aaliyaa liya ,rits vishu dhruv, richu, shreyu , sanyu karu, sid , himanshi princess

    why you are saying we are angry , I even doesn’t know what happened , why you leave dear

    don’t you know how much we all love u

    come back because Some answers you need to give

    the quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz round dear

    well I have a question

    as liya said

    Coming up soon.

    So my first question is

    may be

    you all are so intellegent yaar

    You alll can guess it so easily i am so sure.

    The name of the song?????????????????????

    when Sanyukta , vidushi, tanya go drunk

    what happened then on which song

    Guess Guess Guess???????????????????????

    • karina

      OMG cutie i loved that scene…i even looked up that song like a mad person till i found it…hahaha..i just loved it…it was Gandhi Bawri…hope i wrote it well 🙂

      • karina

        Sanyu and Vids were hilariouse in that scene…Harshita and Nisha really nailed that scene and Param too…his face was priceless when he saw the girls all drunk 🙂 it was one of my favourite SanVi scenes.

    • SHQ

      Hey dear….!!!well sry bt I din’t understand d qstnt….can u plz be more specific???plz….?

      • SHQ

        Shud we just tell d name of d song only???I lnw d name…its Gandhi bawri….but i don’t undrstnd d secnd qstin…plz tell me yaar…sry..!!!!

  48. nisha

    hey sid all the very best dear for exam

    I know you will top

    and what else you need

    when You already heard this

    If you want to shine like a sun you need to burn like a sun

    hey liya having fun keep going dear keep smiling with your cousinssssssss.

    love u .

    and yeah liya I understand the game

    kunjam kunjam .

  49. nisha

    no no no.

    hurry up guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    karu almost give half the answer

    but karu

    write the full correct name of the song

    common time is running

    and the plot also I ask

    what happened

    narrate the scene a little summary

    common hurry up friends

    let see who win ?????????????????????:):):):):):):)

    • karina

      Sorry dear but i donno the full name of the song 🙁
      And about narrating the scene…as far as i remember the girls got drunk and started dancing in a class room…some boys came and danced with them even Yoyo was there…and then Rd came and saw them and when the boys saw Rd they all run out…Rd stopped their music and the girls got angry and Vids said something like Oye Shekawat and her and Sanyu started laughting…Tanya passed out due to much drinking and Rd got angry and pussed Vids to her dorm room and then he took Sanyu in his arms and walked her in the shower 🙂 thats all i remember 🙂

  50. nisha

    ok ok ok

    its a fun game guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    don’t take it competitively

    I just ask you all to narrate the whole scene of

    as you all know Gandhi bawari once again

    in a short summary

    lets see who will do it in a impressive way

  51. SHQ

    The scene song is ghani baeri from the film tanu weds many returns…
    The girls were drunk and dancing…vishushi also calls Rd ‘oye shekhwat’which was very hilarious…yoyo also was dancing…DAT day Rd picks her up and takes her 2 the shower..
    For the full story look 10 th july 2015 update….I hope I am ri8

  52. SHQ

    Hey..nishu am I r8??isn’t d song ghani bawri from tanu weds many returns???plz tell dear…and also tell if it is true and it happened on 10july 2015…nah???plz tell me….I guess Rd picks her up that day on n8….on that day itself Tanya came 2 d hostel….

  53. shreya

    The song was ghani bawari 4rm tanu weds manu 2’guys m fine wo actually i mate an accident knee nd waist par thoda injury ho gayi thi

  54. Miley

    Guys this quiz thingy is really fun
    Can I ask a question too?
    Well, my question is….
    Could ssumone give me a short summary on how sanyu and rd met??
    Its really easy. Let’s see who gets it.
    Come on buck up guys
    Sorry if I missed sumone

    • karina

      Nice Q dear 🙂 ok so SanDhir met when Sanyu first came in collage and she went to the board to solve Vardhan sir question and Rd came there too…and they had their first competition 🙂

      • Miley

        Thank you
        And yes that is eactly wat happened.
        Any other questions guys?
        We should often ask such questions.

      • Miley

        But let’s see if someone wants to eplain more….
        Cmon liya,nisha, richu…
        Again sorry if I missed antyone
        Also, could someone post todays update plz : )

    • SHQ

      Hey dear.??.yeah karu is r8….
      1st sanyu’s was solving a qstin on vardhan sir’s board and then Rd came…from there dey saw each other and had their 1st comp….

      By the way dear…my name is liya!??

      • Miley

        Yeah that absolutely right.
        Oh sorry I didn’t know that.
        Well now I do. So Liya I think I am making good friends here.

  55. Himanshi

    I also missed u gyss . I think dey forget to update 7 april episode matlab todays yaar. What happened to atiba these days? Anyways thanx for updating.
    I remembered that scene in which rd realised his true love for sanyu and sanyu was holding his hand and was taking him somewhere. And meanwhile he was talking to himself in his mind that what is this feeling …….. oh god that was so magical for me. For me realisation is big than to propose. Randhir was looking soooo cute yr
    he was in purple check shirt and sanyu was in some yellow dupatta and some kurta. After the scene i was like jumping on my sofa and for that jumping my mom scolded me also bt that was d perfect scene of s1.

  56. SHQ

    Plz…plz……do update sadda haq April 7 2016…..plz guyz….i really need 2 know what happened 2day….
    atiba di,plz it wud be really a favour for me if u update 2days epi asap….
    Or else can anyone brief me up???? Plz guyz…I can’t watch the show nowadays…that is why…??

  57. SHQ

    2dayz epi….plz……
    And guyz…..did any one from u watch 2days epi??if yes will u be kind enough 2 post a brief summary abut 2days epi??plz guyz….

    • karina

      Liya dear i couldnt see the video of the epi till now so i can help u but pls if anyone saw the epi pls give a brief update…and TU Team pls update the epi soon…Atiba its a kind request to u to pls update today s epi…thank u…

  58. karina

    OK guys so i also have a question for all of u…lets see who answers it 🙂
    When Sanyu and Rd had their first kiss…which was more like a hate kiss…why did they kissed??? I mean why they were fighting about when they kiss ??? 🙂

    • SHQ

      When sanyu’s was in lab…..Rd came to her angryly coz she has called his dad drunkard…sanyu’s says lyk his fthr HD some misunderstanding coz he ws drunk…..they have an intense argument…and sanyu slaps Rd nd rd kisses her bak

  59. Ramya

    Well they fought over the fact that sanyu had called RDS dad a drunkard to which Rd got curious and kissed sanyu (hate kiss) :,-)

  60. ayeesha

    why didnt they post ystrday epi….
    well it seems that no one remembers me except princess… anyways h r u all???

  61. Aaliya

    Where is updated episode!!
    Guys,anyone of u pls post some pics of d episdes!! I m bent to c aryukta!!!! ?

  62. Aaliya

    I m asking a qstn…
    Which sng was played d nt before drm tm cmpition whn parth, yo-yo insisted sandhir to dañce??
    And which sng was played whn Aryan bid bye to sanyu to isrc fr the second???

  63. dhruv

    Hpy gudi padwa..n happy year frnds…
    Hey vishal bhau party y new year che….
    Ye tu rits sbt:-)
    Rits tula yeych aheeeeeere….:-)
    Hey raj hapy new year…n karu yr….here in Maharashtra new year starts baby:-)

  64. yogiraj

    Hello guys happy new year to all..n happy gudi padwa..karina,Nisha,Dhruv,richu,Vishal,liya,rits,himanshi,rakshi,Shreya..Ayesha,sidharth n all frnds..

  65. rakshi

    hi…..Karina,nisha,richu, dhruv,vishal,sanahki,suru,
    hi princess…I’m back. R u happy?

  66. NISHA




















    • Aparna

      Ya.. .. Sanyu always knws hw 2 get her wrk done by manupulating !
      She trusts rd no matter what ! ?
      Tnx nisha… . ?
      Luv ya too ! ??

  67. NISHA

    Above the link of the spoilers

    Mon: Randhir exposes sanyukta plan to Nirman

    Tue: Nirman accuses Randhir of still loving sanyukta

    Wed: Randhir chooses to follow Nirman instead of sanyukta

    Thur: Sanyukta confront Randhir about betrayal

  68. Where’s yesterdays update. …..
    Still not updated….

    Aliya I dont remember the 1st ans but…

    When aryan left her in isrc it was Soch na sake.

    LUV U SWEETHEARTS. ……………..

    Hey hiii Karu, nishu, liya, rakshi, ayeesha, himanshi, sanyu.raj, aaliya, dhruv,ramya Siddhart, and all

    Siddharth bro all d best. …..
    We missed u rakshi, ayeesha, raj luv u..

    Well going dear karu….
    Plz keep commenting nishu…
    Hii rits……

    Dear Atiba its my humble request plz update yesterday’s epiii,

  70. ayeesha

    hey dhruv… Its nice to be frnd wit u…. Well its nice that u accept me as ur frnd… Btw wat r u studyin now???
    Yup dr rakshi me to having so much fun here….

    • karina

      Hiiii dear…im fine and u ? 🙂 yup the spoilers are really nice…hoping for more sandhir scenes.

      • Aparna

        Hey karu… I’m also fine… ? the fact that u actually reply 2 almost all the cmmnts ! U r soo sweet !
        Luv ya dear ! ? ? ?

      • karina

        Hehehe…love u too Aparna dear 🙂 actually u all are very special for me so i try my best to reply everyone 🙂

  71. Whts dis happening I think dey hv skipped yesterdays epiiii……….
    I hope they will update today’s epiiii fast……
    Plz dont miss it…

  72. nisha

    offcourse ahaana dear

    always welcome to share your heart

    hey I am shocked to read the spoiler friends

    what to say

    just like sandhir fight gonna happen

    Its ok

    but serious fight doesn t want it.

    but lets see in which way it gonna execute.

    love u all

  73. nisha

    love u friends love u aparna


    need to go

    hope atiba update now the written update

    its nowhere available

    • Aparna

      Luv ya too dear ! ? ?
      Yeah i too hope that 2day’s epi is posted !
      Sandhir fights are always welcome .. .. cuz i miss the old cute sweet sandhir fights … The reason y i started watching this shw !??

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